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.Friday, June 30, 2006 ' 4:09 PM Y
It really is fast. One whole week's almost over just like that. Next Monday's going to be a public holiday for all students because of Youth Day, but I may still be going back for DNT. Just to update my folio. That is, if the school's going to be open. I'm actually feeling very sleepy now; I've only been sleeping for like 3 hours for the past two nights trying to finish up my folio. I'm not complaining. After all, it IS my fault that I didn't do it beforehand. But the stupid thing is, Mr Lee didn't even check! Instead, I was the one who asked him to check my folio. Haha. I guess I should be thankful to Mrs Vijay for changing the sitting arangement, so that I'm no longer wedged in between Jeremy, Wen Jie and Jun Jie. Although I'm abit more talkative now, I feel its better than not talking in class at all. And I don't always feel that sleepy during boring lessons anymore. Big change. The E.Maths class has been split into two. Some of the us now fall under Mrs Lim (with 4F) while the rest are still under Mrs Koh. The first lesson was a nightmare. To me, that is. Can you imagine yourself literally hiding away at the corner while everyone else were pulling their tables together to sit with their friends? I thought I was immune to all that already. Boy, was I wrong. It simply sucked to be sitting there. Hey. Don't blame me for being anti-social okay... I saw the looks they threw. It was just so obvious that I was unwelcome. So FINE. I let the garden outside the window keep me accompany for the whole hour. Luckily the other lessons so far were better. Because the teacher divided us into groups. All the teachers are really panicking now. Especially Mr Lee. Even though he smiles and jokes and laughs, I can sense it. His worries and anxiety for us. Especially since he'll be going for a course from next week until around November. So we're left with Mr Tan.

I'm being plagued by problems again. My oversensitivity disease has arisen again. I don't think I want to elaborate yet since its just something minor. For now. Lets just hope that it doesn't develop into anything major. And I really can't go on typing anymore. The words are starting to swim in front my eyes... I think I'll probably update again either later at night or tomorrow.



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