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.Thursday, March 27, 2008 ' 11:37 PM Y
Part 2 of the MINT photos as promised:

Michael Lee's 1st doll- 1946
(Sorry I couldn't rotate the picture)


2nd doll-1948

And if you're wondering who Michael Lee is...

The dolls look scarily real, if you ask me. And there are even scarier ones.



My phone's paranoma shot. Pardon me, 'cause I'm not very good at it. Yet.

Huan Zhu Ge Ge era. Lol.

Ancient bridal costumes

Mickey Mouse storybook

Old movie posters:

The Sword in the Stone


Cinderella (MY favourite)

Snow White

Salt and Pepper shakers

Err... blackheads?

Batman String Puppet

Popeye the Sailorman! Toot toot!

Popeye Super Tank or something. There are only 4 of these in the world. Cool huh?

Popeye's wife. Or was it girlfriend?

Tintin. Super old.


Finally done with the pictures. These are just a select few that are more interesting than the rest. Hope you people enjoyed them!

Moving on to the next part of my entry for the day:

I watched Horton with Dear on Tuesday morning. We had the ENTIRE cinema to ourselves. Imagine that. And yet last Friday when we watched The Orphanage at midnight, the back half of the cinema was filled with people.

Anyway, movie reviewing time. Oh before that, please do take note that Golden Village has increased all its NORMAL ticket prices by 50 cents. Which means you're going to end up paying 10 bucks a ticket on weekends. All prices remain the same for any promotions and students.

If you want cheaper tickets, go for Cathay. Check out the price chart at this website below (not posting up the picture because it would either be too big for my blog or too small for you to read):


But then there's also this current promotion going on that lets you buy tickets at $6 even if you are not a student. Provided you pay by Nets or selected credit cards.

Aren't I an angel? Bleahs. xP

Alright. First up, The Orphange.

Its a Spanish horror flick about this girl Laura who is an orphan. She gets adopted one day and then the movie suddenly fast forwards to about 20 years later. She's married to a handsome doctor and have a really cute adopted son Simon. They build a house on the site of the orphanage where Laura once stayed at and live there. Laura intends to take in special children to take care of them, but weird things start happening.

Her son Simon keeps talking to imaginary friends (like me, lol) but its not just phase he's going through. Because he can actually draw out what his "friends" look like. And one day, he suddenly disappears when Laura is giving a party to let the special kids and their parents acquaint themselves with the environment. Or at least something along that lines.

Simon's disappearance leads to an investigation, but the police just can't find him, so Laura takes things into her own hands because she refuses to believe that Simon is dead. She starts hearing strange noises and seeing weird stuff around the house. She even invites a medium to "make contact" with the spirits. From this point on you have to watch the movie yourself to find out what happens. If I continue on, I'll be spoiling the movie. Hehs.

In all honesty, the movie isn't really that scary at all but the effects are pretty good. And the actress playing Laura is very good. She brings out all the right emotions at the right times and you actually believe that she screams because she's scared and not because the director asks her to. Not bad at all.

Next up, Horton. Now that's what I call hidden messages in a film. Don't look at it as some dumb elephant cartoon. Its more than that. The whole movie is actually teaching you to respect others for who they are and not try to command power unreasonably. To quote the movie, "A person is a person, no matter how small" and that is one of the truest quotes I've ever come across.

In our world today, so many times we only care about our selfish whims and forget that the people around us are humans too. Competition is everywhere, over everything, until sometimes friends can just turn into foes. Its really scary.

I digress. Basically the movie is quite entertaining, though a little kiddish (but can learn moral values eh). The comedic part is okay, but Horton will delight all the kids for sure. So if you are a kid or want to pretend to be a kid (a.k.a act young), go catch Horton. But maybe not on weekends, because I don't think its worth 10 bucks. =)

I know you people are going to freak out at the sheer length of this entry. Sorry lah. Haha. It was actually blogged over a few days, because I kept stopping to play Cabal. Haha.

Let me just update about today and then you're spared okay?

Well anyway, Dear and I went to meet up Ed's friend, Jovan at Raffles Place today. Jovan is working at this private school (Brookes) at 11 Beach Road and he was kind enough to arrange a special appointment for Dear because we couldn't make it down for the seminar last Saturday. So anyway he basically let Dear know about the psychology courses offered, the prices and all that.

My sister, who came down with us, then suggested him to look in on SMa, which happens to be around that area as well. So we went in. Dear asked about his psychology stuff, which turned out to be cheaper than Brookes. And so, he has decided. Haha.

Dinner was at Han's and the food sucked. The Grilled Fish Dory was so oily and so small a serving for 8 dollars! I think even I can cook better than that luh. Its a miracle that they haven't gone out of business yet.

Shopped around at Bugis area with Dear for awhile (My sister went to give tuition), then sat down to chill at McDonalds. For some weird reason the 2 of us just started discussing about our future. Haha. I'm happy today. *Gigantic smile*

**If everything runs smoothly for me, my whole course of life might just be altered by this one decision on my part. I don't want to let on too much yet, until everything is confirmed, but I can safely say that this move is definitely something that no one will expect, and something that few people can understand. But I'm excited. I'm looking forward to it. Now I just need 2 nods from my parents. And I am prepared to fight for those 2 nods.**

Okay lah. Wrap up. Time to sleep. Long day tomorrow, with gym session with Dear in the morning and 3 tuitions to give. By the way, what do you think of my movie reviewing skills? Haha.


.Tuesday, March 25, 2008 ' 3:29 AM Y
I've been SO busy lately that I simply haven't been able to find the time to blog. So pardon the super long entry today. Haha.

Agenda includes random rantings, my brand new LG Viewty, my trip to the MINT Museum of Toys (I know! Finally!) AND catching my FIRST midnight movie (not including the Death Note marathon). Not to mention the HUGE amount of pictures.

To randomly start off, I finally hauled myself to the gym today. With Dear. Haha. Spend close to an hour before we walked to Khatib to take bus home. We rotted the WHOLE afternoon away taking turns playing CabalSEA, which is a truly cool game. Much better than MapleStory, except for the fact that those Maple kids are starting to infiltrate Cabal as well. Fucking irritating. Some people should teach their kids to stop being so selfish. Urgh!

Anyway, today was my IS selection and I choose Understanding Relationships for the first term and Basic French for the second. Hope I get my choices. I wanted Social Psychology pretty badly but it was all taken. *Pissed*

During dinner today, Dear and I were discussing about the problems I seem to meet whenever it comes to dealing with people. I know I should try to be more confident and stuff like that, but sometimes I try so hard that I end up screwing things up worse. And then my confidence just gets crushed even more. And the way the present world is, people DON'T give you second chances. Not everyone anyway.

On the way home in the bus, I just kept replaying Dear's words and everything else that's happened over the past 1 year and suddenly I'm afraid of what the future holds for me. Bloody cowardly yes, but everyone has fears, no? At least I'm not running away luh.

Moving on to happier stuffs... I got my new LG Viewty last Friday. $278 just flew out of my wallet. Heart abit pain. Haha. But anyway, I didn't get the Samsung G800 because I still can't get over the thickness of it. Before I start worshipping my new phone, allow me to bitch about the guy from the M1 shop who served me when I was upgrading my handphone.

Instead of double checking with me to show me the protection film for the screen, the stylus, whether the memory card and adaptor and other separate parts like the charger and everything were safely in the box, guess what he did?

He showed me how to open the cover of the phone, where the battery and memory card was to be placed, and how to turn on the phone.


And if that's not bad enough, he made me put the phone back into the box, go to the cashier to pay first, before I could take it out to start using it.


He pissed me off so badly that I almost complained about him to the manager. Almost.

Kind ol' me merely rated his service as "Average" when I replied that service rating SMS. In actual fact, his service was definitely poor. He didn't even speak politely, for God's sake. Someone should just FIRE him. IDIOTIC ASS.

More about the Viewty: it's pretty thick and big too, but at least its light, AND its touch-screen. Haha. Which means I'm using the exact same phone as both Dear and my sister. Haha. I can charge my handphone when I'm gaming in my sister's room on her desktop, when I'm blogging in my room or when I'm napping the afternoon away at Dear's house. Haha.

Oh by the way, to digress a little, Dear's in the midst of clearing his leave. Which means that from now until he ORDs in mid-April, he can stay and home and ROT all the way, provided his campmates don't bother him. Which is literally impossible.

Haha. I'm like a kangaroo. Jumping from one topic to another within seconds. LOL. Back to my new phone. The good thing about it is that its got a huge screen, so its easy to sms through the touch-screen thingy; there's a cool stylus; they give you a FREE Micro-SD adaptor for the mini-SD; and its even got this freaking cool thing called flight mode. When you activate it, the phone becomes signalness. Wonderful for avoiding calls. HAHA.

And the camera is ULTRA good. Witness it for yourself during the next part of the post. But for now...
Stylish packaging...

LG Viewty box

Awesome phone

Few pictures, yea. But trust me, its definitely worth the money.

Moving on to my trip to the MINT Museum of Toys. I finally got to visit the place after bugging Dear for so long. I was really surprised to find it wedged among rows of shops. Its a really small place! But the collection of toys are so ancient that its pretty cool. Check them out:

(Part 1 of Mint Museum of Toys pictures)

Ancient Tom-cat.

The Beatles' signatures (when they first started out)




Charlie Chaplin toys

From Germany:

Korean Doll

Toy modelled after Louis Armstrong

So cute!!!

Ancient police car

BC's ancestors. xD


Part 2 will be put up tomorrow because I'm too tired today.

All pictures were taken by my Viewty's 5.0 Megpixel camera, through glass display cabinets, which explains some of the "lines" for the pictures.

Clear right? Except for some, because my hands kept shaking. Haha. And there's a paranoma shot function as well. Hehs.

Technically speaking, this entire post is so long because of so many pictures. But this is just a starter. More to come tomorrow. And next week or so Dear and I are hitting both the zoo AND the Night Safari so expect ALOT more pictures.

Would you guys prefer it if I compiled all the pictures in to a slideshow? Please tag me can?

*Complain* No one tags whenever I ask them to. Just type a few words to tell me yes or no so difficult meh?!!! I spent two hours doing up this entire entry you know??!!!

Now I finally realise how hard it is to "cheer up" your blog. I wonder how people like Xiaxue and Kenny Sia "tahan" the troublesome-ness. I need to get to bed. So tired, yet have to wake up in 4 hours' time. You people better TAG! Just tell me whether you prefer one-by-one pictures or everything combined into a slideshow.

Good night.


.Friday, March 21, 2008 ' 12:59 AM Y
Yesterday, I met with my Viwawa mahjong kakis, Edmund (Old Man) and Carel.

Because we were still in the "shy-shy" stage, there are no group photos. xD

Ed and I met up at Lucky Chinatown at about 3 plus for Kbox. Carel was supposed to join us, but she "aeroplane-ed" us and didn't turn up. So end up there was just Ed and me.

We call Ed Old Man because at 28, he's 10 years older than me and 9 years older than Carel. So can you imagine us singing karaoke together? Angela Chang and Rainie Yang vs Andy Lau and Huang Pin Yuan. Weird combination luh.

Well anyway, the real fun started when Carel joined us for dinner at around 7 plus. I couldn't believe how bad the traffic at Chinatown was until I saw it for myself. Ed's car got stuck at the same traffic junction until the traffic lights changed thrice.

Picked up Carel along the Central Mall area (red zone! And Ed was using his handphone without the handset) and then headed to Boat Quay area where we had dinner at this Chinese restaurant called Golden Cafe. The food was quite yummy lah, but Carel was in a rush to get to work.

We accompanied her to Lighthouse, where she was working as a waitress. Its my first time visiting a pub, and its super different from what I expected pubs to be. Firstly, its not as sleazy as some media portray them to be, neither is it as noisy as clubbing. I know sound like some mountain mushroom already.

The HUGE difference between a pub and club is that instead of dancing, the patrons SING. Like a mini Kbox, just that you have to be 18 to get in, and you are singing in front of dozens of strangers using a wireless microphone and looking at lyrics on a smaller television screen. Haha. And guess what? I sang too!

2 days ago, if you suggested that I sing in front of a stranger, I'd NEVER dare to do it. But yesterday I just let go and sang in front of everyone at the pub. Maybe it was the beer that made me loosen up. Haha. By the way, Carel sings VERY well.

At a rate of $10 per hour, her job is to wait on her customers, chat, drink, play dice or cards and sing with them. Quite a relaxed job, just that she's got to drink ALOT and sing alot. The latter of which I wouldn't mind.

I drank more than I've ever drunk yesterday. Close to a jug. I know its probably peanuts to some people but to me, that's considered quite alot already. And I didn't get drunk. Hurray! Haha. Okay lah. No more words. Just a few more pictures and some captions.


What Raffles Place looks like at midnight on a weekday.

And last but not least, I saw FOUR of these posters around the lift lobby at my block:

I'm no Hitler, but please preach your religion somewhere else can? What do you guys build the church for?

P.S Sorry about the alignment of the captions but I just couldn't get it right and I'm tired. xD


.Wednesday, March 19, 2008 ' 9:54 AM Y
At this moment, its 6 minutes away from the time when I can start selecting my timetable for the upcoming semester. Most of my other peers have selected their timetable yesterday, but I'm only allowed to do so today because I ended up repeating BLAW.

I don't really mind repeating, but why, oh why, does it have to be BLAW? The most irritating, cell-killing subject EVER. I wonder how those Law students at TP survive.

Later on in the afternoon, I'll be going to Kbox with Carel and Edmund. Friends I got to know from Viwawa. They're super nice and funny. Especially The Old Man, named thus because we decided that since he's 10 years older than us (me and Carel), he's close to being an LKK. Haha.

And counting today, it'll be my 3rd trip or so to Cineleisure within such a short span of time. And to think I normally hit town less than once a month.


Alright. I just came back from messing with my timetable. Somehow, I end up with only 1 class on Wednesdays. A little dumb lah, haha. Now I can only pray that my IS modules are all in the morning. And everything will be PERFECT.

The only imperfection is that I think to make way for BLAW, I can't take BCOMM this semester. Not that I'm really that enthusiastic about the subject, but its a required, and I can't graduate without it.

Which basically means I'll be lagging behind by 1 module. Bloody damnation. Can't they just let me do one more module? I can take it lah please. Hmmm... Maybe I should appeal to the school.

Oh by the way Ben, I may end up being in the same tutorial class as you. MAY. It depends on which semester you will be taking first and, of course, which class you get into.

Back to my gaming. Haha. But more about that another day. Because I have just a few hours left before I have to go out. Ciao~!


.Tuesday, March 18, 2008 ' 3:01 PM Y
Rules of the game : Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things, habits or little known facts about themselves. People who get tagged must write in their blog the ten weird things, habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end, you must choose five people to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs (:

Alright. I was literally forced into doing this, although I really don't know WHY. The whole idea of such tags is to pass it on, but who else do you think I can pass it on to? The ghosts? =.="

Okay. Start.

1. I'm weird because my mind is always full of rubbish thoughts. It gets so bad that sometimes I think it might explode.

2. I'm a Scorpio and I love being one.

3. I'm trying to be less anti-social.

4. If I ignore you, it means you're not worth my time. So back off.

5. I have the most wonderful boyfriend in the universe. Haha.

6. I'm interested in anything of historical significance. Maybe that's also the reason why I seem to have difficulty forgetting past events.

7. I keep contradicting myself somehow. Although almost no one knows what.

8. My body health is perfectly fine, but mysterious pains always come and go. Its fucking irritating sometimes.

9. I prefer to keep personal emotions, well... personal.

10. I love singing so much that if I had the choice and ability, I would nothing but sing all day long.

The five people I'm going to tag are... Celeste, Eunice, Carel (sorry babe!), Gabriel and whoever else reads this entry and has not done this dumb dumb quiz. Wahahahaha. I'm so mean.

There. I had a real hard time thinking of people to tag okay... Got other stuff to blog about, but not now. Haha. Maybe tonight...


.Friday, March 14, 2008 ' 12:48 AM Y
Saw this poster on the wall beside the lift today while I was on my way home:

MAY I know how I'm supposed to catch the parrot even if I see it? Apparently it escaped by FLYING off right? Am I supposed to fly after it?

I suggest the mister find another new parrot to train (according to my mom, who has seen the owner training the parrot on certain occasions, it can actually mew like a CAT).


Its been raining pretty heavily for the past few days. It so freaking cold that I'm totally dependent on my jacket. But, is it just my imagination or did the rains look like they were being sprinkled out from shower jets? Like filming Meteor Garden like that.

I was going to tuck myself nicely into bed, stuff myself silly with chips and finish up my book this afternoon but I fell asleep and only woke up at 5pm.

Lets see, I finished tuition at 12, Dear's dad came to pick me up at about 12.30, and I reached his house at around 1pm. After forcing a light lunch down my throat and surfing the net for awhile, I fell asleep at around 1.30pm. Which means I slept for almost 4 hours.

On any other day, this would be normal, because I'd have been up through the night, but yesterday night, I fell asleep the moment I reached home and didn't wake up until 10am this morning. And counting that I reached home at about 10.30pm, it means that I've slept for close to 12 hours! Someone is performing black magic on me and turning me into a pig!

But I'm still very happy even though the rain were pouring like no tomorrow.

Serves you right for trying to LIE to me. Or should I put it as the "Error of Omission"?

Well, too bad, because obviously the heavens were kind enough (to me) to foil your plans. And now that I've seen through your true colours, I won't ever believe your lies again. Good riddance.


.Wednesday, March 12, 2008 ' 2:15 AM Y
A few days ago I came across this advertisement in 8Days about this online auction website Tatarah.

Its looked pretty cool so I went to check it out. And I liked what I saw.

There are all kinds of products for people to bid, all brand new. And the best thing is that, there's a maximum cap on the highest bid so you will never ever have to pay equal to or more than what the item is worth. Everything is at least half price of the original amount, if not less.

Payment is by credit or SMS, and you can accumulate T-points which you can use to substitute for cash. For example you have 10 T-points and you wanna buy something at $20, you can get it for just 10 bucks. AND!!! Every new member gets 50 T-points! Haha.

No harm checking it out huh?

Here's the website again: http://www.tatarah.com.sg


.Monday, March 10, 2008 ' 1:41 AM Y
Been hooked onto Kelly Poon's 在世界中心 album recently. Most of the tunes are quite catchy and easy to sing along too. I know its abit "outdated" since the album was released last Semptember, but STILL, its not that old yet right?

Anyway, I did not get to vist the MINT musuem. Angry!!! Yesterday was spent at Van's house playing mahjong. Been quite some time since I touched real mahjong tiles. Haha.

And there was the part when we were about to stop and go home- Van's male tenant just happened to come home and we all thought it was her mother, so Ben, being the ever *polite* boy he is, turned around and called out, "Auntie!" just as the tenant walked past Van's room.

For some reason we just started laughing and laughing till our backs hurt and there were tears in our eyes. Don't even ask my what was so funny, because now I don't know. Lol.

Today was spent accompanying Dear to M1 to get his new phone. He initially wanted the Sony Ericsson W960i but it was way too expensive, so he settled for the LG Viewty. Its like, half the price of the former lah. So now he's using the same phone as my sister, just that his is silver. Haha.

Next week is my turn to get my new phone. I wanted the W960i too, because I think its pretty cool. BUT my mom refuses to fork out a single cent, so where the hell am I going to dig out 600 freaking bucks? So now I'm in a dilemma. Which phone to get?

I'm considering the Viewty too, but I'll up using the same phone as both my sister and Dear. Couple phone arh? Lol. Then there's the new Samsung G800, but its so fucking thick. I thought thick phones had long ago been outdated! Urgh. And last but not least, the SGH-i450. Its pretty cool but I'm not too sure...

Feedback appreciated, although I'm not hopreful. xD

Pictures of the 4 phones in case you don't know which one I'm referring to:

LG Viewty


Basic features: 5.0 MP camera, Fully touch-screen, 112grams, 3.5G, 100MB internal memory with external memory up to 2GB. With M1 plan, its $398 with a free 1GB memory card.

Samsung G800


Basic features: 5.0 MP camera, 3.5G, 150 MB internal memory with external memory (maximum size not specified), 129 grams and VERY THICK (to me). $388 with M1 plan.

Samsung i450


Basic features: 2.0 MP camera, 25MB internal memory with external memory, 3G, 104.5 grams, with external music speakers. $298 with M1 Plan.

Please feedback. Thanks. =)


.Saturday, March 08, 2008 ' 2:51 AM Y
Being too busy the past few weeks, I ended up missing quite a lot of movies that I wanted to catch. I even totally forgot about Boogeyman 2. Damn.

This few weeks I'm getting into the flow of work and boredom, and Dear's having more time on hands, but the movies that are hitting the cinemas don't suit out tastes. At least for now. Double damn.

Anyway, I'm just updating for the sake of updating. This weekend, by hook or by crook I'm heading for the Mint Musuem of Toys. I've waited long enough. Hopefully I will remember to take pictures. Haha.

Till then. =)


.Thursday, March 06, 2008 ' 1:35 AM Y
Something is wrong with me. I actually fell asleep at 10.30pm last night. That is the first time I've ever fallen asleep since secondary 1! But then I kept waking up every 3 hours, my mind telling me to start my normal routine of surfing the net till the early morning, but then my lazy body couldn't find the energy to.

And today, I fell asleep again at the early hour of 11pm. But then I just woke up 10 minutes ago and decided that I had gone long enough without touching my laptop. Haha.

By the way, because I do read quite a few Malaysian blogs like Kennysia and Cheeserland and read newspapers, the Malaysian Elections are starting to sound more and more ridiculous to me. This is not a political blog, but I can't help giving my own two cents. Lucky I'm Singaporean, or else I'd be downright embarrassed at what the politicians are doing just to garner votes.

First, some party (I forgot which) promised things like free education throughout primary school to university and highly subsidised fuel prices. One wonders where they're going to find so much money, because when we think Malaysia, we think: poor. Nevermind. Let them settle their finances on their own. Just don't borrow from Singapore anymore okay? Unless its on a 500% interest basis. =)

Then, when the rallies start, each party, namely the BN and the DAP, start resorting to childish ways to attract people to vote for them. Typically, when a political party tries to win votes, it tells the people that they are the missionaries sent by God, or in this case, Allah, to tend to their wants and needs. But in this very pathetic case, the parties are spending time, effort and money busy trying to "suan" each other. In Singapore, that would be defamation. But in Malaysia, it is okay, because it is all for politics.

Maybe across the Causeway, this method is effective. I don't know because I don't keep up that much with the election progress. But if Hillary Clinton and Obama had resorted to the same methods I think the Americans would be throwing rotten eggs at the both of them.

I wanted to post some videos, but its all in Malay, which I myself don't understand, so forget it. But...

Read the following articles:




Shameless. Spitting at each other like two wildcats. And these are supposedly full grown adults with the ability to THINK. Erm... a little hard to believe.

All I can say is, if you want to jeer at your opposition party, go ahead. But at least be more discreet and ensure that the whole focus is still on your own policies can? All these childish tactics only serve as after meal jokes for your "neighbours". I am utterly disgusted. Eww.



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