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.Saturday, May 23, 2009 ' 2:23 AM Y
Work is... confusing. There are so many new things that I'm coming into contact with for the first time. Whoever said that admin was an easy job? No way man~ You're in charge of literally EVERYTHING and you have to have the information that your other colleagues need at the back of your mind and be able to call that info. up anytime.


After waking up at 6.45am everyday for the past four days, I'm feeling totally weird. I haven't been waking up at such ungodly hours for almost 3 years. This is so gonna take some getting used to...

Doing so many darn things at a time.

Juggling my new job, and in the midst of planning for my tuition thing with YY (Yue). Its the second time I've attempted to set up this whole...... thingy~ And hopefully this time, everything will work out. I've got so many things on my list to buy, and so limited a budget that its frustrating~! Anyone who's interested to be a tutor or has siblings who need tuition, please drop me an email @ tough_jennifer@hotmail.com.

I'm also doing this freelance headhunting thingy, so if you or your friends are looking for jobs, feel free to send me a copy of your resume. Please state the kind of jobs you are looking for, as well as the areas that you're willing to work in, and I will try my best to do job matchings for you. Resume should also include date of availability, current & expected salary. Please send in your resumes to rubytst@gmail.com.

Now you know what I mean by SO MANY DARN THINGS. LOL. Suddenly it seems like I'm embarking on way too many "firsts" all at the same time.

I totally miss spending time with Dear, and hanging out with Yuu and company. Suddenly 24 hours seems to be too little. Won't be online much on weekends from now on, because I shall be busy accompanying Dear and taunting out at various places. Busy busy busy bumblebee~!!!


.Tuesday, May 19, 2009 ' 1:28 AM Y
Another new job, another bout of nervousness.

Only this time, its no more a temporary job. And I'll be doing something I've never done before: work office hours in an actual office with office-related duties. LOL. Really really really damn nervous wondering how everything will turn out.

I'm so gonna miss late nights out with Yuu and Dear and sometimes Xiuhui, and I'm gonna miss staying up late at night just to aimlessly click on random links on the internet.

I'm so gonna look forward to the pay.


.Thursday, May 14, 2009 ' 2:34 AM Y
I officially start at my new job in Ubi next Tuesday. *Nervous* Hope everything goes well. At least for the 2 months that I am bound to commit.

Accompanied Yuu to her job interview (recommended by yours truly~) today, and did alot of chatting. About TKDJ people, about the upcoming DrumZout and about some other miscellanous stuff. And spent the rest of the time not chatting trying to irritate each other. LOL. Anyone know where I can buy a toy hammer?

XH has quit Zone X too~! Wahahahaha. Everyone should just quit the damn company and let it fall~! Arcadia rocks man! Taiko 12 is coming out soon!!!

Suddenly lost all mood to blog. And that's like the 100th time this has happened in the middle of a blog post. Sians. I'll just end off here. xD


.Friday, May 08, 2009 ' 2:24 AM Y
I'm so lucky that I think I might just win the 1st prize for 4D.

First day of work at Robinsons and I managed to "kind-of-dislocate" my knee within 3 hours of starting. I don't know what happened either. One moment I was so happy that I have another interview lined up next week and the next thing I know, my knee went "CRACK" and I was sitting on the floor. It was so freaking painful I couldn't even stand up for close to 5 minutes lah.

And now the pain is still there. My sis wanted me to go to A&E, but I think that's a real crazy idea.

Working at the Ladies' Shoes and Handbags department is both an advantage AND a disadvantage. The plus factor is that there aren't many people, and customers usually come with just one or two items, but I get tempted by all the shoes and bags. I really don't wanna end up giving all my pay back to Robinsons. LOL.

Looking forward to my off day next Wednesday. Outing at DTE again~!!!


.Monday, May 04, 2009 ' 3:34 AM Y

My favourite designs from Love & Co. xD


.Saturday, May 02, 2009 ' 1:15 AM Y
Totally fed up with Ice's "emo-ness". GROW UP AND GET A LIFE LUH~!!!

Don't pretend you don't care about scores when you keep ranting about them. Stop acting as though we are the ones who decide to ostracise you; reflect on your own words and actions. GRRRRRR.

Its so weird luh~ Like, just years back, I was almost as bad as him, but now, seeing him going about acting as though the world has failed him... it just pisses me off. And now I finally understand how freaking annoying my attitude was. Oh well. At least I'm game enough to admit it. xP


Finally visited the Kangxi exhibition yesterday. There wasn't much to see, but I'm totally fascinated by the paintings and literary works. And I find it such a pity that after so many thousand years of majestic reign by the Chinese emperors, the communist people had to step in and literally try to destroy all that history. Real sad.


I received the weirdest sms from my cousin today.

He was like, "Mothers' Day is coming. You wanna hold a joint celebration?"

Now if this were anyone else's cousin, such an sms would probably be deemed normal. But you see, the relationship between me and my relatives is one such that we don't see each other unless out of forced neccessity. Like Chinese New Year for one.

So in a still-very-stunned-state, I asked him whether he had sms-ed the wrong person.

Nope. He just got the idea and is trying to put it into action.

Cynical me is still very suspicious of his motives, even up till this point, which is like, hours after we've finished texting each other. I mean come on! This is totally way way WAY out of the blue. And super abnormal. And I don't like his mom. Definitely W-E-I-R-D.

But okay lor... since I've got no better ideas, can't say no without appearing bad (aunties sure to gossip one luh) and he agreed to do all the planning. So I just have to sit back, relax and turn up.

Although I'm not too sure about the "we the children do the cooking" part. I mean, can any of them actually cook??? xD

Last two days at PL tomorrow and Sunday. After that its off to Robinsons. But before that, I've got an interview at Scotts Road and if I get that job then screw Robinsons. Let's keep our fingers crossed.


I love you too, my dear. XoXo.


.Friday, May 01, 2009 ' 2:32 AM Y
Recently there's been all this debacle over the new and old AWARE committees.

As on Facebook, I pledge my support to the old committee.

Because I believe in supporting people who are truly dedicated to their cause; in supporting people who know what they are doing and why they are doing it. Not a bunch of conservative religious freaks who think they are superior to everyone else. These people are the main reason why non-Christians hate Christianity so much. As if its not enough to preach to every single person on the road regardless of whether they already have a religion or not, such groups of people actually try to dominate groups like AWARE, just so they can weed out things that are not to their liking.

I hate vegetables, so the whole world must not eat them, plant them or sell them. I love durian, so you better love it as much as me or you're one big FUCKING sinner.

To all those retards who still don't understand this simple fact: Homosexuality is not a CHOICE. Its something you were BORN with, and it doesn't make you any different from anyone else. You're still a HUMAN BEING. Its just like how we don't choose whether we were born black, white or yellow; its just like how handicapped people didn't choose to be born this way.

The whole world talks of racial equality. Of being considerate and kind to the handicapped and the less-fortunate. Then why ostracise homosexuals just because they are another group of minorities?

Equality: the state or quality of being equal; correspondence in quantity, degree, value, rank, or ability.

So who went and gave those god-damned people the right to do as they please in the name of religion? Who gave them the right to just take over an organisation that was doing damn well and try to turn it topsy-turvy, when said people don't even understand what are the core values, the vision and the mission of that organisation?

For a society that's supposedly so modern, we sure have lots of people, ideas, social stigma and what-nots that are truly backdated. We've still got lots of "growing up" to do man...



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