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.Wednesday, October 29, 2008 ' 1:25 AM Y
Its really the most wonderful and amazing thing in the world, to know that somewhere out there, someone who knows you more than you know yourself. Who can guess and understand your every little thought and feeling without even having to communicate verbally.

I never thought that it would be possible to find such a person, but Dear proved me wrong. Honestly sometimes its as though he can read my mind. Like one moment I'm lamenting that Terry's quitting and how work is going to be less fun without him and the next, Dear's telling me that its okay because I can always call him out in future. Somehow, he just knows that I'm referring to the fact that I'm afraid of losing a friend.

Like, what the hell~! Its as scary as it is sweet, to have someone echoing thoughts and feelings that I couldn't even bring myself to express~

Its just as well that his Internet is down for now, because it'd be weird if Dear read this entry. Just... way too mushy. Haha.

I don't know if its a good or bad thing, but even though I now know what human nature is really like, I still get the urge to be overly nice to people whom aren't even that close to me. In my logical world, as long as a person is nice to me, I give back as much as I can. Thing is, in most cases I still suck at sensing whether people are really being nice, or whether they're just pretending. I don't want to be too oversensitive but I also don't want to be taken for a fool. What a mess. Haha.

Sometimes I find myself thinking that maybe innocence isn't such a bad thing. After all, what you don't know can't hurt you, isn't it? But too bad. My eyes have been "opened", and its hard to ignore that fact.

Oh well~ Whoever said that growing up was an easy process?

Anyways~ Finally watched Blindness today. Contrary to the bad reviews, I found it really meaningful. Maybe the reviewers were too shallow to catch the hidden message about what basic human nature really is like. I found it a little too "in-my-face" for my liking though.

In times of helplessness and danger, human instincts are selfish and we put ourselves before anyone else; some are even inhumane enough to exploit other people for their own gains. Yes, all this is true and there have been plenty of stories to support this point. We all see selfish people on the streets everyday, and read about news of inhumane assholes who do all sorts of crazy stuff, but can you ever imagine yourself like that?

Could you ever bring yourself to allow your family and friends to sacrifice themselves, just so as to have a teeny weeny bit of food to survive on?

Alright alright... Going off-point here. But that was really what the movie was about. I still can't accept the scene where the bastards in the quarantine ward tried to take control (think Stalin and Lenin) and forced the people in other wards to exchange their women for food. I don't know... the very idea of this is just sick. Perverse. Disgusting. If I were the female lead, I'd have killed the bastards right from the start.

I know I'm being a little confusing at this point, but watch the movie, and you'll get what I mean. I'm too lazy today to explain further. Still have a book to finish up so, Ciao~! A word of caution though- if you think you're going to be too stupid or too shallow to understand, or even be able to interpret, the message of the movie, don't even bother watching it. You'll just hate it. Swear.

Oh and... Blindness is M18 by the way. =)


.Monday, October 27, 2008 ' 1:54 AM Y
Amazing how many people bought tickets to the Sneak Preview of The Coffin.

Strong publicity, interesting story background (lying in coffins for good luck? WTF?) but weak story development. It wasn't really all that scary-no need to cover your eyes-and the show was a mix of English and Thai. Made the whole movie a little unnatural. Haha. But Karen Mok speaks wonderful English. Good enough entertainment for a weekday but save that extra 2 bucks on the weekend tickets.

Still have yet to catch Blindness because all reviews so far have been bad. Rec sounds nice, but isn't showing at Cathay. Double sians~

Working 3 same shifts with Dear this week. What a record. Good news is, we're about to hit our sales target for the month and that means extra money~!!! Not alot, but who cares?! Its $$$ we're talking about. No amount too much. Haha. One thing though~ I absolutely fucking HATE CPF. It cuts my pay for this month by more than a hundred dollars and thats a freaking HUGE amount of money~! Well, at least for now... But STILL!!!!!! I honestly think the government should consider abolishing the compulsory CPF rule for those under 18. Or even better, under 21.

Yes yes yes I understand that CPF is good and will help me retire happily but WHY THE HELL should I wait 40 more years to enjoy my hard-earned money?!!! By then I will have saved up quite a large sum of money, enough for me to travel the world and not worry about funeral expenses. My dream!!!

Honestly! The only people who are completely dependent on CPF are those stupid assholes who have too pathetic a brain to understand savings and investments, and don't know how to establish their future in an upside-down world. Oh. And those frivolent people who can't seem to hold onto money. My~ Wouldn't I love to hold their money for them. LOL.


.Friday, October 24, 2008 ' 11:54 PM Y
The Times Warehouse Sale was freakingly disappointing. All the crappy unheard of titles by unheard of authors. Maybe I'm not exposed enough to the literary world, but what happened to Stephanie Laurens, Nora Roberts, Christina Dodd and all?

Bought just 3 or 4 books and 2 pens made from recycled newspapers. I'm so environment-friendly. =P Total of $34. Okay lah, not too expensive.

Headed to Tampines Mall after that. Dear wanted to look at some REAL self-help books (instead of the junk we found at the sale) at Times and that's when I found out the organisers for 2009 are out~!

Don't ask me why but I just have a huge obsession with organisers-formal and informal ones. Headed over to Lovely Land as Century Square to get my $18 organiser. I just love that series of organisers. Very easy to plan and record my schedules. Very cutesy too~! ^^ Spent over $50 in a day just like that.

Just added two more products to my wishlists- the Fujitsu L1010 and the Canon Powershot E1. I don't exactly know how well they function, but to me, design comes before specifications. Haha. I mean, as long as I can surf the Net, play games and watches movies, any lappy is fine, just as long as it doesn't lag. And a camera is even simpler. Just to take pictures right? I'll delve more into specifications the day I pick up photography courses. xD

The L1010 has this purple-coloured one that looks uber cool~ My favourite colour~!! You've seen the Vaio and Dell in all sorts of colours but have you ever seen purple colour laptops? The fucktard thing is, the inside design looks very similar to that of the Vaio. Way to similar. Same designers? Or out of fresh ideas? Hmmm...

So many new albums out this month-Jay Chou, Kelly Poon, JJ, S.H.E, HSM 3 soundtrack. So many songs to-*ahem*-"search for on the Internet". Haha.

Oh yeah. Watched Tropic Thunder yesterday. Freaking bad day. First the popcorn combo went up a dollar just after ONE day and the staff told us it was a PROMOTION. How can it be a bloody promotion when it actually costs MORE than usual?

Forget it. Its only a dollar. The real bad thing is that the movie SUCKED. I fell asleep just half an hour or so into the movie and throughout the rest of it, I totally couldn't get what was going on.

If you're intending to catch Tropic Thunder, drop the fucking idea. Unless you like cold jokes and even lamer dialogues. I don't know why the box office almost sold out during the sneaks-likely due to the impressive cast-but it wasn't even worth a $6 cheapo ticket. THAT BAD.


.Thursday, October 23, 2008 ' 1:15 AM Y
Another "rojak" entry:

Its really amazing how a simple supper at McDonald's can turn into 5 hours of chit-chat. And that's exactly what Terry, Dear and I did on Monday. Freaking crazy lah, the 3 of us. First, because I ended up doing closing and we all played Maximum Tune until like, 12.30am. Went to McDonald's for supper and talked and talked until the wee hours of 6am when Dear's daddy came and gave us a lift home. Reached home and KO-ed on my bed. Haha.

Thanks to Terry for agreeing to exchange shifts with me tomorrow so that I can go for the Times' Warehouse Sale. =D

Read Jinwen's blog; I'm glad she's learning to stand up for herself now, but bosses still cannot offend one luh. LOL. Oh yea... Sorry that day when you came I didn't have time to go and find you. Quite busy luh. Next month go sing song again? Get your friends to join in also lah. The more the merrier. Hahs. I asked Terry and Jane too~

Happy to announce that ALL debts will be cleared by the following month AND we can finally start buying our needed supplements. Our DS, Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP no.2 will have to wait again. =.=

ANYWAYS... Watched Max Payne today and found the movie not too engaging. 1 star for taking another dig at US politics, 1 for a pretty good story and another half a star for a quite-handsome male lead. Hyuk hyuk. Total rating: 2.5 stars. Now I understand the not so good reviews about the movie. I totally agree.

Some parts of the movie were really redundant; like when they slow-motioned the bullets flying around. Its from the same people who brought you Matrix so I guess the fetish with such stuff is understandable.

Need to get my too-long-fingernails trimmed or something. There're interferring with my typing~! Haha.

Okay lah~ Bedtime. Morning shift tomorrow. *Yawns* Will update tomorrow with a whole list of books I bought. WAHAHAHA.

P.S Kelly Poon and JJ's new album's are out already~ Quite nice lehs~!


.Monday, October 20, 2008 ' 1:33 AM Y
I am officially writing in to SPH to rant about the service quality of SBS. Waiting half an hour for a feeder bus is fucking ridiculous. And at midnight when there are so few passengers waiting to board to the buses at the bus stops, I don't understand how it can take so freaking long for the bus to come. What makes it worse is that the 291 service keeps on going towards the West Loop queue. Super duper pissed off~!

Today was supposed to be my off day, but stupid Hong Yi took MC for a HEADACHE and I had to stand in for him. I am so gonna kill him tomorrow.

I haven't been able to gym for two straight days now, and I couldn't catch Max Payne with Dear today.

Yesterday night was the first night I totally lost my temper and shouted at the customers. There's this bunch of retards who always stick themselves at the Maximum Tune machines for hours on end and refuses to stop playing even when its already past the closing time. Yesterday night was the worst, because at 1.50am, they were still playing and we close at 1.30 on Saturdays. After working for 16 hours straight (full shift), I was already damned tired and they had to piss me off even further. Assholes.

I don't know why all of a sudden I just like working. I even told Joanne to put me down for work on one of my off days next week, and I didn't even mind when Joanne told me to extend all the way until 1.30 yesterday.

Looking forward to this weekend. Times will be having a Warehouse Sale at the Singapore Expo. I really wanna go for the Members' Only preview on Thursday, but I'm down for the night shift. Need to psycho someone into taking over my shift. Haha. Finally can get new books to read~!!!

List of movies to catch over the next two weeks:

Tropic Thunder
Apparition - English version of "Tale of Two Sisters"
Lake View Terrace
The Oxford Murders
Shanghai Baby

Sing to the Dawn
The Coffin
Soul's Code


.Friday, October 17, 2008 ' 2:00 AM Y
I saw today, how bad peer pressure could get, and I'm so fucking glad that I'm don't belong with that crazy circle of morons anymore. I thought such things only happened in TV dramas or appeared in magazine articles, but I can't believe that its actually happening to people around me. Atrociously shocking! How can cigarettes and drugs EVER be deemed cool? How can people be so STUPID to fall for such influences, even after all those YEARS of education? There is seriously no hope left for such people.

Negative stuff aside~

Watched 20th Century Boys with Dear today. I'm rating it 4 stars for an engaging storyline and taking away the last 1 star because it was too draggy. Many times we thought the movie was gonna end, but suddenly there's more. Too much of anything will make one sick. But I liked the little girl who played Kanna. Super cute!!! Haha.

Looking forward to the next 2 parts of this trilogy, but in the meantime, I'll be busy getting addicted to the manga. I highly recommend people who have not watched the movie to read a bit of the manga to get brief idea of what the whole story is about, because the start of the movie was pretty confusing. Back to my reading~ Ciao.

POST NOTE: Okayyyy... Even the start of the manga is draggy. Maybe that's because I've already watched the movie and the introduction was quite different. xD I should mention though, that the director/scriptwriter followed the manga QUITE precisely, except for some sequence of events which were switched around to better suit the movie. ^^


.Wednesday, October 15, 2008 ' 7:34 PM Y
Kind of "stumbled" on an "interesting" blog today. Another source of entertainment on my list on blogs to hop around. Haha.

I can't believe I actually missed the last 291 today. And it wasn't even my fault. It was the stupid 969 driver who stopped the bus so bloody far away from the usual spot where passengers alight. So I had to walk all the way home from the bus interchange. 30 minutes, and it felt like I had done an entire workout. Super shiok~! Haha. Thing is... its kinda creepy walking past a temple in the middle of the night. I know its supposed to be holy and everything, but the kind of "aura" that the place gives off just doesn't make one feel all that comfortable. *Ahem*

Its a bit late, but Dear and I have started scouting around for a custom workout for me-mainly weights and cardio-and a suitable diet to follow. Quite enthusiastic about it now, but I'm not exactly known for my self-discipline... Haha.

I have no bleedin' idea how I'm going to stick to the same foods for such a long stretch of time, but the Whey Protein looks rather appealing. Keke. Very expensive though. 2 pounds at $45 and 5 pounds at $85. I can already see the blue notes flying out of my wallet~ Any who knows where I can get healthy food (preferably not vegetarian) for reasonable prices, please email me.

Anyone willing to sponsor me a 5lbs bottle Whey Protein is also very welcomed to email me. LOL. I want Chocolate Fudge flavour~! So hungry now... =(

Alrights~ Time for bed. Need to get my biological clock working normally. Hehs.


.Tuesday, October 14, 2008 ' 12:55 AM Y
I lurve New York New York's calamari sauce!!! Haha.

The calamari itself still isn't comparable to Fish & Co, which, in my opinion, serves one of the best fried calamari I've ever tasted to date. But the sauce was yummy! Abit like satay sauce, but slightly sweeter, richer and spicier.

The main courses weren't that impressive either- Cheesy Chicken for me, Juicy Beef Tenders for Dear. The latter was disappointingly bland, while the chicken tasted like spring chicken from the coffeeshop near Dear's house.

But the dessert-Harlem Chocolate Mayhem Sundae-was simply sinful. Lots of chocies and whipped cream. *Drools*

Enough about food. Dear introduced this super funny Japanese gameshow to me today.

These 4 people take part in this programme where they become students at a high school for one day. The moment they step inside the school, they are not allowed to laugh AT ALL, until their "graduation ceremony" the next day. Whoever laughs get his ass whacked by a bamboo sword each time he does it. Sounds pretty harmless, except that the show producers arrange lots of funny events to make them laugh. Absolutely hilarious luhs~!

Its a super long series with lots of other parts where they go to spas and all sorts of crazy stuffs, but I'll just link one part that cracked me up like no tomorrow. Enjoy~! And if you like it, go to Youtube and search for Gaki No Tsukai. Cheers!

One two three four five six seven eight nine ten..... ten-ten! LOL>!


.Friday, October 10, 2008 ' 10:26 PM Y
Its a miracle I'm actually home before 11pm. Stupid Terry MC-ed again today. Good thing it wasn't all that busy as yesterday and Joanne stayed behind to help. She's got to be the most hardworking manager ever, because I've never seen her slack before.

Working with the new guy today was pretty stresful. Its the first time I've had to help train others when I myself aren't that sure of everything yet. Its also the first time I've ever seen Joanne literally shout at our own staff. That's how bad it was. Its cruel, but I don't really sympathise with him; we all had our responsibilities and he simply wasn't performing his. Oh well...

Regarding QR's posts, I don't know what the hell you're trying to shoot at, but if my previous entry made you accidentally reflect and you didn't like what you found out, then its really too bad. Because I don't really remember making any personal attacks. There're many things that are obviously one-sided thinking but let's just drop it. No one is wishing to go back to the past, and its no big deal what you all wanna talk about me behind my back. I don't really feel lacking in the department of friendship, and I definitely don't need to be surrounded with lots of people just to feel secure. End of story.

I don't think there's a need to totally denounce every single relationship I've had with the entire group of them sine its a part and parcel of who I am and used to be. I don't deny that I do feel more mature than before but that's something worth feeling proud, isn't it? If the rest of them feel that there is no more friendship simply because one person said so then I'm fine with it. Apparently it seems individuality doesn't come by that easily. Feel free to be offended if you think you're also someone like that.

Oooh... I feel so CHILDISH by even bothering to blog about all that, but let's move on to other stuffs.

I've finally cleared at least half of my debts~!! Woohoo. Overdue laptop loan- Check. Gym membership- Check. Nice~!

For some reason, I suddenly became super interested in all the articles by Pook and Interceptor on SoSuave. Admittedly, some of the stuffs are really extreme, but what they write really makes you think, reflect and understand. In a way, its like free psychology lessons.

The "LS" auntie at the arcade could definitely take some lessons on reponsibility. I've never seen a mother who can be so engrossed with catching soft toys that she does not care where her children wander off to. Sure, there are many other regulars who will help to keep a lookout for them, but they're your own children, for goodness' sake! If you can't take care of them properly then don't even bother giving birth to them in the first place! Shocking kinds of people out there in the world.

Off to continue my reading. Tomorrow's shift is going to be utterly long and boring, and I probably won't get to play MT again. Miss working with Jinwen... Can't see myself slacking with either Hamidah or Christine. ROAR!!!


.Thursday, October 09, 2008 ' 11:49 PM Y
Freaking busy day. All the kids have nowhere to go after exams is it? Why must everyone visit the arcade and the cinema??? And its the first time in my life that I've ever seen people queueing up to take neoprints. What is this world coming to? Apparently the global economic crisis isn't really hitting us that hard, since you get MANY kids who spend all sorts of unneccessary money on games and such. Oh well.

Tuesday's KBOX was really fun, although I'm still pretty pissed off with the staff for bad service and refusing to change to a bigger room for us. The room they gave us was so small that we were sitting just one or two metres away from the TV. Which is bad for our eyes okay. It wasn't as though there were that many people using their rooms so I really don't understand why they couldn't just give us a bigger one, especially since we requested it. The KBOX management really needs to look into their service standards or just take away that 10 percent for service charge.

Anyways, since Dear mentioned it today, I've started rereading all my entries over the past two years and I honestly cringed at myself when I read my very first few entries. Was that even me??!?!?! Okay lah. I can remember being that way, but really that bad huh? So "emo"... so depressed, as though the world was going to end. In a way, I was no better than the then Mr.Ego, whom I criticised so harshly on my blog. But I do not take back my words, simply because I don't see the need to.

But I think I can also see the gradual changes in myself as my character grew, especially in that few months when I totally stopped blogging. I honestly hope that I will never again become what I was in the past.

Looking back, there really was something badly wrong with my mental state, and I'm surprised I wasn't hauled in to IMH for medication or something. Dear once told me that any living thing's natural instinct is to survive, and the fact the I was contemplating death nearly every single moment at that time was a sign that I was mentally ill.

Hell, I was so holed up in my self-proclaimed misery and depression that I couldn't even listen to my instincts. I'm fucking glad that I'm no longer like that, and never will be, because that sentence is forever etched into my mind.

I don't what made him so bored that he had to go dig up my past, but I'm glad he did, because now I love myself (a little) more than I did just a few days before. Its a wonderful feeling. No more stupids posts ranting on and on about insignificant stuff because that chapter of my life has officially been closed.

One thing I miss though, was the starting of poly days when TA02 got along super well and Regina, Shawn and I used to hang out together everyday. But good things never last, especially not when people purposely create misunderstandings. Even the friendship between us 3 suffered the moment we got to different classes. In fact I don't think they even know who I am anymore, now that I'm no longer even in the same school as them. I haven't even been in contact with Celeste for quite some time now.

I understood from the day I chose to leave, what I was giving up from my life. I don't have any regrets, except that I can't use the wonderful library and gym at NP now. Haha. Miss lectures and tutorials, rushing from classes to classes and lunching at the different canteens. But I stand by my choice. Its just too bad that the few friendships I managed to establish there amounted to nothing in the end.

Enough of ramblings for a day. Bedtime for an early day tomorrow. By the way, for whoever is interested: My sister will be selling lots of shoes and accessories that you will NEVER be able to find elsewhere in Singapore, at E!Hub (downtown east) between 10-15 October. Feel free to head down and lighten your wallets. ^^

P.S Hurray~! I think I don't have to go to Shenzhen!


.Tuesday, October 07, 2008 ' 2:32 AM Y
Kbox tomorrow! Perfectly wonderful day to forward to, except that I GOT THREE STRAIGHT "DUNNOS" FROM JANE WHEN I TRIED TO PSYCHO HER TO GO TOMORROW.

Excuse me but I DO NOT normally say please just to get people to join in for some outing. Well. Not since quite a long long time. But the very least you can do is to say yes or no, right? I even offer to help you pay first (not so angelic to treat you lah, but still...) and you keep telling me "Dunno, dunno, dunno." Its super frustrating okay? Just make up your damned mind lah.

And if you do come across this post, please do not misunderstand that I'm bitching about you, but friends also have times when they cannot put up with each other right?

Anyways... Current date is down to Terry, me and Jinwen. I will force Terry to sing or I'll change my surname to Ng as well. Haha.

Looking forward to having a good talk with Jinwen. But you know what girl? That whole chunk of words you told your friend about is a HUGE step forward to standing up for yourself. Now you just have to work on the part about fighting for the appointments. Why let other people earn YOUR money? As for being upset about people changing, let's just say that in your entire life, it is impossible not to come across such people. All of us wear masks when we interact with people. It is just how good we are at stopping these masks from sliding off our faces. ~~

On the bus trip home today, I did quite abit of self-reflection. Just when I was feeling super pissed off and angry at my mom for calling to KP me about going home late everyday, never staying at home during my off days and all the usual shit, suddenly some voice told me that, Hey! I'm only engrossed in being angry that I've never stopped to think in her shoes. But if her idea of showing that she's worried about me is to call and scream at me all the time, then heck, I do not need such TLC.

Regarding the trip to Shenzhen, I still do not want to go. But if my parents can convince me properly, then yes, I might consider. If they think they can literally force me to go, then think again. Because I think its time that I showed them that I'm no longer some 8 year kid for them to control like some robot. I super hate it when people try to do that to me, no matter who they are.


.Monday, October 06, 2008 ' 1:08 AM Y
I don't wanna go to Shenzhen! Don't ask me why, when I finally have the opprtunity of going overseas again. Somehow, the idea of going on a trip with my family doesn't sound that appealing. And I don't like the feeling of being manipulated. Like I have to go just because they dictate it so.

I have the feeling that I'll be forced to go no matter what, but that doesn't mean I have to give in without a fight, right? If they can't start treating me like an 18-year old and respect that I have MY life and MY ideas, then don't expect me to respect them back. Not even if they're my parents. And for goodness sake, they have TWO daughters, not one. So stop listening to every single thing one says and ignoring the fact that the other actually has a brain too.

OMG I've so freaking frustrated now that I can't blog coherently.

Good movies-Painted Skin, Eagle Eye, The House Bunny- have been exhausted and nothing interesting seems to be coming up next week. Boring~ But YAY! Pay is coming in 2 days and I'm going singing! Plus, I have TWO days off next week. And I have my eye on a new jacket.

Happy thinks, but I STILL don't wanna go to Shenzhen. Can they STOP forcing their will on me? Just because she's behaving like the model daughter and I'm slightly different doesn't mean I'm immature and stupid. URGH!!!!


.Wednesday, October 01, 2008 ' 12:35 AM Y
I'm such an angel. 5 minutes after hotfooting it home from the bus stop in the heavy rain, I head out again armed with umbrellas just so that my sister can have a dry trip home. Life isn't fair; not at all. People get all the drama in their lives while I get the boring routines.

Apparently some auntie tried to steal off some 'Ah Beng' at the arcade today and there was the "Police-&-Thief" debacle. Except I had the day off, went home early after dinner, and missed out on all of it. How bloody perfect. How come nothing interesting ever happens on MY shift?

To top it off, there's the fucking weather today. Weird how there was not a single drop of wetness during F1 and today whoever up there-God, Jesus, Buddha, Whatever- decided to literally shower us with their love. Wonderful. How merciful, isn't it?

Like, on Sunday, the Man goes, "You've got F1? Holy shit! Alright then, I'll hold it in then." And then yesterday He thinks it over and decides that its crappy enough that we have to start the whole week all over again so we get another dry day. But Tuesday? No excuses people!

Alright, yes, I came up with that lame script, but you gotta credit me for my creativity. Haha.

Speaking of F1, it seems that Mr Ferrari Boss is in a big hoo-hah about how the Singapore Grand Prix has humiliated F1. Funny how he's the only one with such an opinion. And what a coincidence that Massa -racing under Ferrari- missed out on the trophies. So did Raikkonen. Hmmm... The grapes are sour 'coz you can't reach them, mister.

"Montezemolo, appointed this month as the first chairman of the Formula One Teams Association, said before the race that street circuits and the lack of overtaking opportunities were not the right way forward for the sport."-Yahoo! News

Since its that bad, why did they still choose to enter the race, I wonder. Its not like anyone forced them to take part. I'm no expert of F1, but it doesn't take much to get the big picture. If today Massa and Raikkonen had managed to clinch a spot in the top 3, do you think Monty would still have made such statements?

That aside, I managed to catch the news on TV Mobile. I know people like to say "Keep your damned opinions to yourself", and so that's exactly what I'm going to do -- by blogging about it.

Alot of people refer to the Chinese saying that in times of danger comes opportunity, and together, that makes up the word 'crisis', which is exactly what the USA is facing right now. Apparently banks and other financial institutes are going down as the days go pass, and just in today's New Paper, some idiotic top banker guy killed himself by jumping in front of a moving train. Leaving behind his wife and 2 year old kid.

All because he got affected by the crisis and reportedly lost money himself. So now we all know top bankers put money above their family. Sure you still wanna climb up that ladder and become that heartless?

It is in times like these that you can clearly define who are the clever people and who are the stupid ones. Geniuses with foresight would know that around now would be a good time to start scouting for great investments. Stocks are dirt cheap, the government wants to lend a hand, so you're bound to earn, somehow or other. After all, US can't possibly just let Wall Street crash, can they?

Of course I have sympathy for those who lost shitloads of money, but we all have to pick up our lives somewhere, right? Wish I had money to invest... I'm thinking now would be a good time to try my hand at property trading. Of course again, I haven't done any proper market research so all that talk ain't credible but I don't think its all that impossible.

Next up you have another NS guy dying during training. I know I'm supposed to be all sympathetic or just shut up. I'm a girl, I don't ever have to go through NS, so I know nothing, but seriously, are our guys that weak? Call me heartless or whatever shit you want, but our fathers probably went through much tougher training. Do you see them whining? *Shakes head* ~~

Some other stuff about 29k people being banned from the soon-to-be-opened casinos in Singapore, which is pretty hilarious. We're talking 29,000, not 29. How the hell do you prevent 1 out of 29 000 from trying to sneak into the place? And it seems that you can also submit applications to ban your own family members from being allowed in. Hmm... No comments. Just alot of laughter. HAHAHA. Excuse me.

Whoever said that teenagers don't watch the news is a retard.



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*cOntAct hEr at tough_jennifer@hotmail.com -


*a New laPpY
*tRaveLs aRouNd tHe wOrLd
*vOcaL lEssOnS
*a KeYbOarD
*to LivE in RiChmOnd,B.C



-=*QiU rUi*=-
-=*ShAo QiU*=-
-=*LaY fEnG*=-

> -=*Gabrylo*=-



-=*AlEc Su*=-
-=*JiMMy LiN*=-
-=*LeO kU*=-
-=*ShOw LuO*=-
-=*KiNgOnE wAnG*=-
-=*KeLlY pOoN*=-
-=*RaInIe YaNg*=-
-=*RuBy LiN*=-

-=*JaCk NeO*=-
-=*LaO zHa BoR*=-
-=*Mc KiNg*=-
-=*KeNnY sIa*=-

Past AcQuainTanCes

Past Acquaintances

-=*ShYaNg LoNg*=-
-=*JaSmInE tAn*=-
-=*RuI cHeNg*=-
-=*JiAn WeI*=-
-=*JuN mInG*=-
-=*LiAnG hAo*=-
-=*JiAn XiOnG*=-
-=*XuE yInG*=-


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