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.Monday, April 30, 2007 ' 2:13 PM Y
I've added the slide show. Its under the new section called "memories". Hope you guys enjoy watching it. I'll be adding on more pictures as time goes by.

I've also added a section called "special links". Yes. It is the authentic Jack Neo. Lao Zha Bor is the auntie from Just Follow Law. Haha. Drop by and have a read. Jack's entries are mostly (and I mean MOSTLY) in Chinese but LZB's entries are in English. Happy reading! =)

Here's a rap MV from laozhabor.blogspot.com. Very nice! Lols. (I think it will take quite awhile to load so please be patient. Must on speaker okies?!) Imagine your grandma rapping like that too!


. ' 1:52 PM Y
This is going to be such a busy busy week. I've got to work today, tomorrow, Wednesday, as well as Saturday and Sunday. 5 days. That's alot you know... Haha. I'm trying to push off schedule for Wednesday, because I have some kind of orientation for NP Ambassadors and I think Nana's going to kill me if I "pang seh" her again. Keke. But then again, if the managers really don't let me off, I don't have a choice either... Haix. So troublesome. Anyways... Friday is going to be a long day. My last lecture ends at 6pm and I've got HopNite at 7pm. Haha. Then after that I'll be rushing off for BBQ with some of our guild members. Phew... Rush here rush there. Haha. I guess its that way when one has to juggle studies with work. Stress~ I still have 3 projects due. Supposed to be working of at least one of them now, but here I am blogging away happily. Lol.

I'm having lots and lots of fun in school. Haha. The whole TA02-excet Roslinda who had to go off- went over to SIM for lunch just now. The food was AWFUL. Nana, me, Ruishan and Tarin tried the Jap food. None of us could finish our Bento set. I think I'd very much rather pay an extra 40 cents for Tori-Q. =.=" After lunch we went to the Life Sciences block to take our class photo. Not everyone was in it though. Hasinah, Shu Hua, and Roslinda went off already. Haha. But the whole process of photo-taking was long and tedious. Thanks to Elvis, whose camera couldn't stand without the suport of an eraser. Haha. There were quite alot of blooper shots before we finally got one that satisfied all of us. I'll be waiting for the "cameramen" to send me the photo(s). Haha.

I'm in the library again now. Blogging. Haha. Everyone is doing something. But NO ONE is doing the project. Except for Cindy. Haha. I'm procrastinating as usual. But I really should get down to doing my projects. Now that I'm juggling work and studies, free time is quite a luxury. Shouldn't neglect important stuff. LOL. I'm actually lecturing myself! I high liao lah. Haha. Anyways, I visited Evelyn's blog during BSTA tutorial today and saw the slideshow thing that she posted. Super nice lah! Therefore, I decided to create one of my own too. I'll be posting it on the side bar I think. Or at least someplace where it will stay permanent. Watch out for it kies? Hehe.

I'm in a huge dilemma over what to wear for HopNite. Its a half-formal affair, so I suppose I'll be wearing something like what I'm wearing today (spaghetti top with black jeans). I hope that's a suitable outfit. Haha. Then can wear to BBQ as well. Don't have to change again. Sheesh. I'm so lazy lah. Haha.

Nana promised me to accompany me to GV on wednesday morning to look for a job! Haha. Please oh please let me be successful. I really don't think I can carry on at Fish & Co for much longer.

I just realised something. My blog entries are SO random. Its like, I'm jumping from one topic to another without any links in the middle. Keke. Don't get confused okies? I'm just feeling super duper happy. And super duper tired. Zzz. And Dear says that I'm very blur. Because everytime we talk on the phone and he suddenly change the subject I cannot catch on. Keke. I'm an odd ball lah. Keke. Ok lah. I better get down to work already. Or else be prepared to fail my first project of the semester. Keke. Faster complete my stuff then maybe can catch a short nap before I rush off for work. Haha. I'm THAT sleepy okays...


.Thursday, April 26, 2007 ' 1:42 PM Y
Just felt like blogging. Don't know what to blog about though. Haha. Please pardon me for the randomness of the things I choose to talk about. I'm blogging in class now. Haha. Only half paying attention. Later need to do some introduction or something. Not really sure. Lol.

I watched 200 Pounds Beauty last Sunday. Its really really really nice. Better than The Host. 200 Pounds Beauty is funny, meaningful and super touching. I cried watching it. Its been a long time since I couldn't control my tears while watching a movie. Keke. I'm not going to go into detail about what the movie is about, but trust me. Its worth every cent of your ticket. Haha.

My thighs are aching real badly. We had our first Hip Hop lesson during S&W yesterday. I never thought Hip Hop practice could be so tiring. But the moves were really interesting. The female instructor got really soft bones or something. She can bend ALL the way down like its nothing. None of us could do it la! Haha. Had to do alot of half-squatting positions. Now my legs are aching like hell whenever I bend them a little. Haha.

Ok lah. I think I better go and try to pay attention to the tutorial. I'm hoping to do well in Poly this year. I don't want a repeat of Secondary School where I fail miserably in many subjects. Haha. Will update again tomorrow.


.Monday, April 23, 2007 ' 1:58 PM Y
We're so crazy la... Me, Shawn and Regina... Haha... Never pay attention to CIP tutorial... Instead, we went to Regina's blog to anyhow tag and tag and tag... Lols... Pretty stupid la... We're just sitting next to each other then still have to post out comments on the tagboard. Lol... That is the true meaning of SPAM man... Keke... But I'm having lots and lots of fun though. Keke.

So tired... Later still gotta go to work. Anyways... regarding the SQ saga, I think we all know that the whole thing is a misunderstanding. I'm still pissed that he cannot phrase his words nicely, but I no longer care anymore. QR... I saw your entry. And yes I must say that to some extent I don't care anymore. Why should I? Yes... 4 years of friendship. But the drift between us is so wide that we cannot see each other clearly anymore. I'm not cutting off any friendships; I'm taking a break from thinking here and thinking there. For what? At the end of the day, I only bring myself pain. I know its rude to hang up on people, but at that point of time I knew that whatever words I use will not be able to explain my feeling. Instead of quarrelling over the phone, I choose to hang up. I choose to let myself take a breath. To say something childish, I think you guys out there have also hung up on others at some point of time in life. I have a stubborn temper. I'm ultra-sensitive. Yet I don't understand how is it that everytime I say something, it gets interpreted in the way that I'm trying to start a quarrel. Like I'm so free. I'm not confused. I'm just disappointed. I'm not angry. I just don't know what to say anymore. Through this incident, it has just shown me even more clearly where all of us stand. Clearly, we are no longer on the same path. How much do we really understand each other now? I know its cruel of me to say that. Its going to hurt, but I think we all know that too many problems have caused us to drift further and further away from each other. Maybe you're just going to say that I'm being too dramatic, or that I'm just making a big deal out of nothing by saying all this. Like I said, I'm just numb. So many things have happened, yet not once have I ever felt any form of support from anyone of you. I learnt to stand alone. I learnt to protect myself. So that I don't start getting upset because of your neglect.

Even as I'm typing all this I don't really feel much. Even if there's feeling, I also don't know how to describe. QR... please don't say that you're dumb or that you're always the first to apologise. I think both of us have given in to each other too. You may think that I'm always too stubborn to listen to you, but all I can say is that, many times, I shut myself up simply just to avoid quarrelling. But this time, I really couldn't take it. Its as though everyone is ganging up against me. Its like all of you guys now stand together on an island, whereas I stand alone. This is really how I feel. Its not just now. Its been like this since a long time ago. BC knows. Because I've mentioned it to him before. Maybe our friendship is really shallow to the extent that it can only survive when we're in the same school. Is that really it? 40 years... I also want. I used to envision myself travelling to different countries with you guys. But that vision is so blurry now. Haha... I'm not talking sense man...

Don't ask me what I want. Because I think I also don't know. But if there is a way to resolve all these conflicts between everyone, I'm willing to give it a shot. If there is any way that we can really and truly bare our hearts to one another without both parties getting offended and walking away, I'm willing to do it. The question is. Is it even possible? I seriously doubt it.

You believe that you've done nothing wrong. So do I. And I feel so very wronged. But if that is the case, then why are we quarreling? Why do we confront each other over every single comment. Not only between me and QR, but also between each and every one of us in this so-called group of friends. What has gone so wrong that we can no longer tolerate each other?


.Sunday, April 22, 2007 ' 1:40 PM Y
-=[Entry has been deleted due to a misunderstanding, so lets all "fuck off" the whole topic]=-


.Saturday, April 21, 2007 ' 3:52 PM Y
Cut my hair today. Nothing fanciful. Just a little 3-inch trim and getting a shorter fringe. Going Somerset later to watch Nightmare Detective with the Sentosa gang. Haha. M18. Do I look 18? Lets hope we don't get caught.

Anyways, I'm officially on the hunt for a new job. Will be going down for an interview with some telemarketing company on Monday after lessons. Wonder whether Regina would be interested. Lessons start officially from Monday onwards. Tutorials, workshops, lectures...... So far I'm coping really well. Even better than Secondary School. Really. Credits to Regina, Evelyn, Shawn, Eudora, and Jacinth. Haha. Especially Regina. She's in almost all of the classes that I'm in so we move around together alot. Not to mention going to school and home together. Haha. Like a new best friend. But cannot leave out Evelyn and Estella and Dennis. Haha.

Yesterday we had a four hour break between MIEC and INFA lecture so Regina and I went to the clubhouse for lunch with Shawn and his friends. After that we went to the library to watch "The Little Princess". Next time have to book the bigger room when watching movie liao. The small space we were sitting at was designed for 3 people. That would be me, Regina and Jacinth. Then came Shawn. Following next was Eudora and Evelyn, who brought her two other friends. Imagine 8 people trying to cram themselves into a small corner that can only fit 3. What a tight fit. Haha. We managed to finish watching the movie just in time to rush down for INFA lecture. Haha. The lecturer looked quite boring at first, but I guess the lesson was okay. Quite a breeze, especially for me.

Haven touched MapleStory for the past two days. Because lessons start early on Thursdays and Fridays, resulting in me waking up at the unearthly hour of 6am. =.=" I had to work last night, and Dear's PC is having problems again. So for now he'll be using my Acer laptop while I use my sister's one, except for Wednesday nights because I need the Acer for my BCOMM lecture on Thursday.

Speaking of MapleStory, my page has finally reached level 66. 4 more levels to 4th job. But sad to say, from this month onwards, Dear and I willing be "chionging" our main characters instead. Level 100 here we come. Not one but TWO characters okay.... Next up will be his Chief Bandit. Then the page. Haha. QR also reaching 70 soon. Keep it up. Haha. I'm so crazy... Playing so many characters. I still have a level 21 female bowman. Going to chiong level on her soon. Haha. My aim: Reach level 70 in 2 months. Sure can one. Haha. Wish me luck!

-=[Modules I am taking this semester (1.1)]=-
* INFA - Introduction to Financial Accounting
* BCOMM - Business Communication
* MIEC - Microeconomics
* CIP - Computing and Information Processing
* BSTA - Business Statistics

This is just so that people reading my blog will not get confused by the short-forms I use to refer to my classes.


.Thursday, April 19, 2007 ' 1:21 AM Y
Oh man... I have to wake up at 6am later and yet I'm still blogging. Haha. Lessons start at 9am. So I'll be meeting Regina at 7. Haha. She's SOOOO crazy about McDonald's breakfast. Tomorrow is only Business Communications. But have to go for lecture, tutorial and workshop. So will end at 5pm. Zzz... Luckily lecture is with Evelyn. Me and Regina are in the same class so we'll be together the whole day. MUST BRING LAPTOP!!!

I'm working on Friday and Saturday. Haha. Finally have abit of schedule. But it also means that I won't be able to go for the Adventure Seekers' BBQ. Sorry Regina and Estella. I think I finally know what's the problem with my job at Fish and Co. Don't know how to describe. Let's just say that I feel that Leigh is a little biased. I went down to Fish and Co today after to give my schedule. Haha. I had too much time on my hands, so instead of asking them to put down my schedule through the phone, I specially made a trip there. Settled my dinner there as well. Actually Ben was supposed to join me, but he said his mom don't allow. Zzz. Van and BC both can't make it for their own reasons so I ended up being alone. But surprisingly I didn't mind. Its been a really long time since I've been totally alone on my own. As in, walking around, travelling around, dining, and spending almost the whole day alone. I realised that I sort of missed that feeling. I'm not anti-social. Don't know how to explain.

Anyway, here's what I ate for dinner: a Seafood Platter for 1 and a Hot Fudge. Quite alot. But considering that I didn't eat much for the whole day, I guess I can forgive myself. The Hot Fudge was simply heaven. Warm chocolate muffin with a scoop of ice-cream. They even gave me a bigger scoop than normal. Haha. Today's staff on floor (for night shift) included Maggie, Corrine, Natasha, Yong Hui and Lizel, the manager in charge. My favourite manager. Haha. She's very kind, although a little blur. Haha. I only paid $5.80 for my meal because the other $20 was covered using airport dollars. Man... Don't I just LOVE those vouchers. I'm going to try to put in a few more days so that I can get the vouchers at the end of the month.

I'm starting to adapt to Poly life. The journey to school is long, but at least I have Regina to accompany me. And I just found out today that INFA lessons will be like retaking POA. Haha. I ended up teaching Regina abit of the POA concepts and the accounting equation on the MRT today. Can't wait to start doing accounting again. Its what I love and I will never ever regret my choice. I have the next 5 years of my life mapped out. I can't let myself do anything to disappoint myself. The best thing about NP is that 100% of the students get to go overseas at least once. I don't know if it applies for other schools, but to me, that's great news. But the catch is: Going overseas can mean as far as Australia or as near as Johor Bahru. =.=" If really end up going to JB for attachment then might as well don't go... Haha...

I think i'll be joining ice-skating as a main CCA. Outward Bounders and Aventure Seekers I will only attend when they have major camps and activites. Haha. I think the training is quite boring. And I finally get to learn Hip-Hop. Its now part of my lesson thanks to IS. Heh heh. Sports and Wellness is fun!!!

Last thing before I head off to bed. I've seriously decided to take off my tagboard. Its quite a useless thing sitting there. Makes my blog seem more lifeless than it already is. Haha. Starting tomorrow, that pink and purple box you see on the right side of the page will no longer exist. Carpe Diem tagboard. It was nice having you around! Haha.

*Dear dear finally going to see doctor about his knee this Sat. I hope its nothing serious. But then again, if the doctor says he cannot play soccer for a few months doesn't it mean he'll have more time for me? Heh heh. I'm so evil. But to be serious, I really hope its just a minor injury

**Looking forward to 10 May. Pay is coming~!


.Wednesday, April 18, 2007 ' 4:51 PM Y
Just finished lessons. Heading down to airport soon to give my work schedule. Guess I'll be dining at Fish and Co. Unless I don't feel like eating. Which is most likely to happen. Because I still don't have an appetite now my appetite has been spoiled. Good what. Save money.

I should learn from Evelyn. Don't put tagboard. Haha. So that it feels more personal. That kind of "who-cares-whether-anyone-reads-this" feeling.

Signed up for Hip Hop for Sports and Wellness. Put my name down for Outward Bounders, Adventure Seekers as well as ice-skating. Which one should I choose???

Hope Regina's mom agrees to the "tuition proposal". Then if its successful I will finally be able to quit Fish and Co. *Fingers crossed*


.Tuesday, April 17, 2007 ' 5:14 AM Y
I'm so happy right now. After many repeated attempts, Spira finally managed to defeat the Guild Quest boss at 3.33am. Even better. Gray and I didn't die at all. Heh heh. And Happy Birthday HUBBY!!! Muahahaha.

Okay la... I was talking about MapleStory. Keke. Now I too high to care about maintaing my usual way of blogging liao... My left eye keep hurting.

After 3 days of orientation, school has finally started. The timetable is quite confusing. Up till now I still can't figure out how its supposed to be read. Haha. Didn't go to school yesterday though. No tutorials and workshops for the 1st week. Anyways, I don't feel like talking about school, because there's really nothing much to talk about. I'll just post some pictures of the orientation later.

Sunday was fun. Went to Sentosa with QR, BC, SK, ZH, Ben, Van and Hubby. Water and Benedict from Spira came too. We spent the whole afternoon at Siloso Beach playing basketball, beach soccer, and soaking ourselves in the sea. Fun fun fun. But now I have a patch of itchy rash on my left calf and a very badly burnt shoulder. Ouch. There were points of time where I was really quite pissed off. Or should I say, wronged. Nothing related to the whole trip to Sentosa. Just some snippets of the conversations we all had. 1stly what I'd like to say is that please stop blaming me for flaming SQ. Stop saying that I started this quarrel or that quarrel. Regarding his tagboard, I just would like to clarify that I made that comment with no intentions of starting any quarrel. So STOP blaming me for it okay? STOP saying that I shouldn't have tried to start a quarrel. I did NOT try to start anything and it is NOT my fault if he decides to interpret anything I say negatively. Come on man... If today I were to go up to him and say Hello, he'd probably think I was trying to be sarcastic. So would that be my fault for saying Hello to him? Just because I don't sign off with a "Haha" or a smiley face does not mean I'm picking a fight. And as for the entire post dedicated to flaming him, that was eons ago. If both of us have called a truce, why bring that up?

Another thing I've been wondering about for these two days. What do people really see me as? What do the people around me really think of me? Is it because I'm bigger sized so I look like a giant who only has brute force and no gentleness? Just because I have more strength than other normal girls, does it mean that I cannot control my strength? I admit that during play I tend to overexert my strength. But I thought the whole point of playing was to give it your best shot? Apparently, it doesn't look that way to me now. I'm always accused to hurting this person and that person. As though I purposely meant to hurt him/her. Is it because I'm not the kind of girl who faint at the tiniest prod? That's why I'm regarded as a dangerous character who will cause the people around me to be injured easily? If so then next time should I also pretend to be weak; to be fragile, so that people will also see that I'm not made of metal? Pushing me to one side because I have accidentally knocked down someone hurts more than scraping my knee. Pointing fingers at me hurts more than just punching me back. I don't deny that somehow, I never seem to get hurt, but is that my fault too? I'm just really confused and hurt by some of your actions. Stop jumping to conclusions without even giving me a chance to defend myself. I know I don't mean anything to you, but at least consider my feelings as a human can? Oh whatever. I'm so acting like an attention seeker. Bleahs. The bottomline is, I also hurt too okay? But it doesn't matter. Like what I said to QR, I really believe that time heals all wounds. Not by letting you forget, but by letting you move on. No one can ever really forget the past. But we all learn to get on with life. Okay I'm so going out of the point.

I'm getting really tired already. Still have school later so I better get to bed. Here are the orientation pictures I promised:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Me with Regina. SO act cute. Haha.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Me with Evelyn. Chio BU!!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
ME with Estella. Keke.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Dennis, with a mouth full of food

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The five of us joining our fingers together to form a star

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
eating at Taka on the last day after the orientation

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Jing Yi (a.k.a Mr Babylon) and Dennis.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
My boyfriend.

OOOPS. Wrong picture. Haha. The picture don't look very nice because 1. I didn't photoshop them, and 2. I was too lazy to resize all of them
properly. ^.^!


.Thursday, April 12, 2007 ' 1:33 AM Y
I find it really amazing how jealousy can cause friendships to be destroyed easily. There have been many people who have walked away because they understood that because of that one person, the texture of their friendship has changed. But there are still people who continue to stay on. Is it because they really look up to that person as a leader? Or is it simply because they don't have their own minds, and have been lulled into a sense of security? Do they really believe that by staying on, they are safe because they have each other?

Don't ask me why I'm starting this topic. I just suddenly thought of all these because of one SMS. Its not up to me to disclose the content, but it just set me thinking. If even someone like him, so slack and always giving a "I-don't-give-a-damn" face, can make a statement so true that struck a chord through me, then why is it that so many others cannot understand the same logic? That so much trouble brews from one person's jealousy?

Its ironical how someone can be trying to act like a strong leader when deep down that person is just a coward who's afraid of facing himself and his own feelings. Someone who gets put down by the slightest setback. And yet people continue to let him "take the lead". Awww come on guys... surely you people can do better than this??? I'm so absolutely disgusted. Yet I have to admit that certain things happen without any understandable reasons.

Okay that much was probably crap since I don't think anyone really knows what I'm talking about, except for a selected few. Anyway... Just to do a little update on recent going-ons. Had my poly orientation these few days. Every morning have to wake up super early in the morning. Its quite stupid actually. Like today. The people ask us to meet at 8.15 when the program only started at 9.15. So we spent one bloody hour in the Convention Centre watching Tom and Jerry chase each other around. Hello?! Childcare Centre ar?!? Next up are lots and lots of boring speeches. I know its important stuff and all, but when you have to wake up at 6 and be forced to sit through all that talking, all you can think about is SLEEP. Somemore got aircon. Heard from Estella that one of the photographers actually took a picture of me sleeping away. Zzz... This kind of photos also nice to take... Too much film/memory space is it???

After that was games. Had alot alot of fun. Especially the first one. I forgot what its called but we're supposed to split into 2 groups. There's a so-called "screen" in the middle (two trash bags taped together), a pail of water, a "shield" and a chair on each side of the "screen". The game is simple. One person from each side sit on the chair, hold on to a cup of water and your "shield". On the count of 3, the stationmaster will pull down the screen. You look at the person sitting on the chair opposite you and if you scream his/her name first, you get to splash him with the water. Have to be fast, or else he can block. So no more fun. If you call the wrong name, the other person can just splash you. My group was quite hilarious la... Because towards the end of the game they just anyhow splash each other once the "screen" was pulled down. Joel was the worse. The stationmaster pull down the "screen", then he look at the other guy (I think it was Dennis) and scream "OH MY GOD!" Then he splash that guy. =.=" Didn't know his God had brown shoulder length hair. Haha.

The rest of the games were quite borderline. Not say boring, but just teamwork teamwork and more teamwork. Quite simple. I cheered so much that I'm starting to have a sore throat. Just recover from a flu and now a sore throat. GREAT. Tomorrow having cheer competition. Don't know why they bother to waste time and effort. Of course Babylon will win what. Common sense. =P Atlantis also not bad. But their cheer so boring. "We will win the war! We will win the war! We will win the war!~" Everytime repeat that one. Zzz. New lines from the SCs: "You can mop the floor! You can bang the wall!~" Two thumbs up for SCs. You guys rock man!

Anyway, I have to go to bed already. Although tomorrow don't have to meet so early but still have to make up for the lost hours of the past few days. Good night guys! ~Its gonna be a fun but tiring day tomorrow!~

P.S. My laptop has arrived!!! So chio man~ WOOOOOO~!


.Sunday, April 08, 2007 ' 3:49 AM Y
I suppose its finally time to stand out and admit. Yes. This is a sad blog. A pathetic one that no one likes to read. But its okay though. Because it displays my emotions the way I want them to be displayed.

This entry marks a very important chapter in my life. So important that I don't know where to start from. Let's just say that from this day onwards, I am officially erasing myself off where I no longer belong. If anyone is curious to know, YES this is about the "SQ saga". I don't know who thinks what of me, neither do I care anymore. Suffice to say, I've gotten a clear view of where I stand and I've finally found my answers on the true meaning of friendship. I've finally understood that it is time to move on. I have been stupidly standing still while the world continued spinning. I have been desperately holding onto the past, deceiving myself again and again that everything will one day go back to what it used to be. I have been a fool.

It is time for me to start opening up my world and my heart to others; time to let others have the places that were once reserved for only certain people. It has come to point where we understand each other so little that minor comments turn into a sparring of words, where civilised conversation is no longer possible. Who is right and who is wrong? Does it even matter anymore? It is time for me to force myself to move on and accept reality as it is, no matter how reluctant I may be. And reality is that close friends have turned into mere acquaintances and nothing can change that fact anymore. Time to wake up and stop dreaming about what will never happen again.

4 years is a long time. Long enough for anything to change from sweet to bitter, from right to wrong. Once upon a time we meant the world to each other. Once upon a time we were inseparable. But our worlds have changed. And now the presence of each party means as little as their absence. It has been a long time since I've felt this numb, as though there're so many emotions whirling through me that I can't even identify what they are. I'm smiling through my tears, so am I happy or am I sad? Worse, could it be self-pity?

I can't say I've lost everything, because in truth, I really haven't. But I'm sentimental. I will miss the past memories. One day I will look back and regret letting go. I might hate myself. But for now, its time for everyone to cool off a little and take a breather. I can't say I've never been unhappy in the past 4 years, but the happy times are worth remembering and treasuring too. I could never regret that, neither would I ever.


.Friday, April 06, 2007 ' 3:03 PM Y
Pardon me for that sort of crude post earlier this morning. I just absolutely hate it when people misinterpret your words and try to make it seem as though you starting a fight. Like... PLEASE dude. Do I really have to do that? I mean, the kind of life you're leading now is already pathetic enough. I don't see the need to screw you further. I also have my sympathetic side one okay...

I guess that's just the problem with oversensitive assholes who cannot differentiate the kind of tone that has been used. Its okay. Really. Because these kind of people are the ones who get a kick out of blaming people for everything so that they look like a sad little victim of foulplay. Fuck you. These are also the kind of people who love to whine about everything and anything under the sun. Especially when their "girlfriends" are dumping them. Oooh... How sad. I'm practically sobbing my heart out. Right.

Someone needs to educate people on the way they manage their finances. I mean, if you're working a normal job and getting a decent salary then of course you can brag. But if you're working your ass off and only earning a meagre salary every month, then its an entirely different story. Bloody hell you try living on $300+ a month, paying for all your own expenses like me? But then again, for people who can slack their life away flirting with girls and going clubbing here and there on their parent's money, they probably don't understand. I really sympathise with their parents. I mean... how would you feel if you see your kid spending your hard-earned money like its just a piece of plain paper? Heartache~~~ Heart totally broken man... But I suppose some people just cannot stop for a moment to spare a thought for others. They only care about how they're in a bad mood, how their lives are going wrong. Hello. African kids out there still starving la... Do you see all of them sitting down and whining everyday about why they're so unlucky to be born so poor? Now that would be a pretty amazing sight. But no. We have pathetic bastards mourning over the loss of a girl who he barely knows.

True love? Please... Even true love also will have rocky steps. If you watched Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3, Ziwei also slapped Er Kang. Xiao Yan Zi and Yongqi almost break up. In the end also happy ending. I know that's just drama. But don't people always say "Ren Sheng Ru Xi, Xi Ru Ren Sheng"? It just basically means that life is full of drama. There are ups and there are downs. If the first step of a relationship already starts to have cracks, then its just not meant to be.

Okay okay lah... I need to stop and prepare to go to work already. Have to earn more money. If not I very scared my friends also will start saying that I "spoilder" because I "always have no money". Now that would be a sad day should it ever arrive. I seriously hope this sort of thing never happens to me. *Sends a prayer up to the heavens*.

By the way people. Sorry if you're upset that I start "shooting" certain people again. I just don't see the need to bottle up my anger. I'm fat enough already. I don't need all that extra "air" to make me even fatter. Although I wouldn't mind if it meant body slamming certain people and seeing their bones break.


. ' 5:05 AM Y
Today's post is going to be super different from normal. Why? Cuz I am damned pissed off and damned stressed. So many problems lately... I also tired. How come no one give a damn? Start of the week fall sick... Then these few days chiong work like I beggar in need of money lydat... I also dunno why la... Here and there got problems... Family, friends, finance. All the Fs la... and along comes another freako who CANNOT interpret words and tone properly, thus turning nicely phrased sentences into "picking a fight". Nabei... Just cuz u and your gal got prob dun mean u anyhow anyhow scold me okay... Cheebye la I also got problem OK? Ya i got PMS la... Big fuck. I haven SIAO yet ok? I not eng enough to go your blog and try to find problem la... If i really wan to find problem I can start by picking on your writing itself. Use brain and think can? Don't be so oversensitive can? BE A MAN LA NABEI. Don't just give stupid excuses like "I lazy to explain" la... U don't owe me an explanation. U owe your buddy an explanation. If ppl leave u out den u kpkb say ppl bo jio... hurt la.. sad la... sai la... imagine how other ppl feel? Forgot... you only think of yourself. Asshole.

Next week all 7 days no nid rest liao... monday morning go course... early morning sun haven shine muz wake up prepare to go NP. Stupid ppl always muz set the course so early... Pay me cab fare la? Afternoon chiong back IKEA take pay, then chiong down to Fish and Co start work again... Wah liao... den next 4 days orientation... again tuesday same thing start at 9. no nid slp lor... go there with panda eyes play panda game lor... ZZZ... Saturday and sunday work again. FUCK.

Family... No more liao la... Majiam strangers. u work i slp u slp i come home. Simi family? In name nia la... Haix...

Dear dear stress work i see liao also sim tia... Sorry i always quarrel with you over minor things but sometimes i also need abit of your attention ma... i noe u tired... next time help u massage longer okie? Don't think so much about camp la... One more year. U can one... if your understudy that kind also bo dai ji (so far) den u surely also can safely ORD de. Don't so stress la... T.T!!! As for THEM... forget it la... Trash will always remain trash. I think even dalton they all more worth treasuring la... They same kind of bird as ur understudy one la... Bo chap can liao.

Who read until here buay song what I say can come find me. If "lazy to come find me" yet still wan to kpkb just fuck off k? Lao niang bo eng entertain u. SIAO ONE.

(I not PMS ok? I just feel indignant to the extent that if those words had been said to me in person I'd have slapped the speaker straight away. My hands are still itching.)


.Thursday, April 05, 2007 ' 1:55 AM Y
The happening of certain events have led me to ponder over the true meaning of friendship. What are friends? Are they people who fade in and out of your life like passers-by? Or are they permanent imprints who actually leave a mark in your memory? So that even twenty years later, you look back at a certain period of time and you recall that these are the people who have made your life more colourful than ever. What are the responsibiltities involved in being a friend? These are the questions I pose to myself and to all of you people out there.

To me, being a friend means being a listening ear. Being a friend means that although you cannot be there every single second of the day, you never turn others down when they ask you to be there for them. Being a friend means that no matter what, you make sure that no one is left out. Most importantly, being a friend means that you do your best to fulfill these responsibilities as a friend, and not shrug them off with a mere "Its not my fault, I didn't know."

I will not be shameless enough to say that I am a very good friend. Neither will I say that I have fulfilled my responsibilities, for they are never-ending. However, I do think that I have played my part adequately as a friend. I dare to say that I have never planned a group outing/gathering and unintentionally left out anyone and not even feel ashamed of myself. I would never have allowed myself to "forget" to invite any one of my friends to any huge event. And I would definitely NOT be able to forgive myself, let alone ENJOY, should that happen. I suppose my first instinct would be to immediately call him/her up and invite him/her down, or at the very least, offer a profuse apology. Would you guilty if you allowed yourself to enjoy yourself all the while knowing that your buddy of a few years has been left out? If you judge yourself to be innocent, then, may I ask, what kind of friend are you? Or perhaps you feel that by telling everyone, including yourself, that you didn't know that he/she'd been left out, you are then absolved of any guilt? SHAMELESS. I really think that its time SOME PEOPLE sat down and did some serious self-reflection.

**Harry Potter and the Death Hallows is now available for pre-order at all Popular bookstores.


.Tuesday, April 03, 2007 ' 4:47 PM Y
The worse part of being sick is not the bitter tasting medicine. It is the feeling of not being able to sing properly. The feeling of listening to songs that I like but cannot sing along. Although I can't resist the temptation to belt out the lyrics along with the music, sadly, I can't carry a tune properly without being interrupted a coughing fit every now and then. Exasperating. But what can I do? Now I finally understand how much music means to me.



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