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.Tuesday, July 31, 2007 ' 3:09 PM Y
My cough is getting worse. How? Every single kind of food that goes into my stomach hurtles right up again because I just can't seem to stop coughing. Today in Uncle's car on the way to school, I was practically coughing throughout the whole journey. Damn embarrassing can, especially in front of the b!tch I hate so much. Damn you coughie. Stop it can anot? =.="

Anyway, was just surfing around Yahoo! looking for random pictures when I found this:

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Source: http://www.coordinatescollections.com/photopost/showphoto.php?photo=1654 Click for original size of picture

Sweet, aint it? And the person who posted that picture is known as DebbieC. How coincdental! Haha. Anyway, regarding that top debacle about the 7 most disgusting bloggers in Singapore by Xiaxue, someone by the name of
Jayden apparently created this other video dissing the one that Steven Lim made to insult XX back. First, let's do a recap of the original video made by Steven Lim:


"Hilariousity". Don't you just LOVE internet cat-fights? And of course, the results from external parties as well. Makes the whole blogosphere so much more lively and interesting. Okay lah. I'm b!tch too. Haha.


Just headed over to
QR's blog and read about her latest entry regarding not being able to express freely what she wants to on her blog. Hey, I'm not trying to start a quarrel or something. I'm just relieving boredom by giving some of my unwanted and unwelcome views about that "topic". As of this point, anyone who thinks that he/she will a) get fired up by whatever I say, or b) be very pissed off and want to kill me, can jolly well navigate your cute little arrow a.k.a CURSOR to the "X" button at the top right hand corner of the page. Please, do not force yourself to digest what you cannot. I WILL NOT offer any apologies or sympathies to anyone who 1) vomits blood or 2) hperventilates from excess anger and dies. You have been warned.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
For idiots who cannot find the "X" button, here are some "directions".

Being in a relationship does not mean that you are being scrutinised or judged. Inevitably, your words and actions WILL affect your other half, especially if he/she is more sensitive. If your partner chooses to tell you about how he is feeling unhappy about what you said, it should be taken as good sign because 1) It shows that your words make an impact on him. If he didn't love you, whatever you say would be just plain bullshit to him. 2) Its better than having him keeping everything to himself. Its unhealthy for the relationship. In QR's case, she feels misinterpreted and wronged, but perhaps, she too has misterpreted and wronged the other party too? Maybe what has been said was meant to be a sharing of thoughts and feelings, and not meant as a hurtful remark? People often judge others by what they say and what they do. How often do we judge ourselves? We always say that so-and-so has been a f*cker because he/she was too insenstive and hurt my feelings. What about the times when what we said hurt others too? What may seem as an innocent remark may seem like a knife through the heart to another individual. At the end of the day, it is how we perceive the single comment. I, too have been on both the giving and receiving end of hurtful commets. Sometimes, we just need to sit down and talk things instead of quietly walking away.

Yes, we are each our own individuals, and we often feel that we own the right to freedom of speech, and of our actions. But if each individual were allowed to say and do whatever we want, wouldn't the world be in even worse chaos than it already is? And if all of us speak and act without considering others, wouldn't we become unfeeling beasts? After all, it would become a world where all of us think "I'm my own person what. Why do I have to care about what you think or how you feel? Don't restrict me." Love does not neccessarily mean loss of freedom. Hanging out with your loved one can also feel free and unburdened. For me, I'd gladly accept the whatever burdens from my dear that falls on me. Like the way I want to be love and accepted for what and who I am, I too have to be willing to love and accept my partner for what and who he is. We don't give too much or take too much from each other, because we compromise.

I know what I've just said seems as though I'm trying to act like I know everything. But believe me or not, I'm simply putting across my unvalued and unappreciated comments. I just felt the urge to express what I feel. If you don't like it, then I'm sorry. There's probably nothing you can do anyway.


While lunching at Canteen 2 with some of my classmates just now, it suddenly dawned on me that the way they treat does differ somehow from the way they treat others. Not all of them lah, just a few. But to me, it speaks volumes. Because now I know how they feel towards me. I'm saddened, because I've been trying superbly hard to convince myself that finally I'm no longer the Outcast. I guess that's the kind of disappointment one gets when you try to deceive yourself... I just got to learn to accept facts lah.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the doctor. Because I really can't stand coughing so much anymore. And partly also because I can see that Dear and Regina really care about whether I'm well or not. They're probably the only ones left who care, but I have to learn to be contented. Haha. I'm not being "emo" lah. Facts are facts. Fate IS fate. Bloody damnations. Haha. Random curse. =P

Oh, and last but not least, big THANK YOU to
Gabbie a.k.a Gabrylo for tagging the most often. Haha.

(Yes, Emotionalism!)

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.Monday, July 30, 2007 ' 2:09 PM Y
CIP LESSON! So boring... Morning was FUN FUN FUN! Came to school WAY early because we all thought got BSTA tutorial. End up the whole class was mistaken. WHOLE CLASS okay. Not just a few. With the exception of Elvis, who was still at home sleeping, and Chien Wen, who went to the library to study, the rest of us went to I.R.C Lan and Pool Hall. Its beside the Beauty World Centre, which is just 3 bus stops away from NP and best of all, its open 24 hours! The pool rates there is standard lah. $6 per hour. But its more expensive during weekends, at $7.80 per hour. In total, we opened 2 tables and play for 2 hours plus. Total bill came to $25. Oh yea. Forgot to mention. You have to be a member to go and play. Membership is at $2 for 1 year, and you have to pay a $20 depsit for each table you open. At the end of the day, the total amount you spend on playing is automatically deducted from that 20 bucks. Pretty okay I guess. Well anyways, besides playing pool, some of us also played the Photo Hunt game on the machine at the front of the pool hall. $1 for 2 credits. Not bad huh? The best thing is, we MANAGED TO BEAT THE TOP SCORE! Cool huh?! To prove that I'm not lying, here's a picture we took:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Too small? Here's an unedited one:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We are name TAOTWO, because their name input "keyboard" doesn't have any numberings. We are 1st, 4th and 9th. And whats more? We even beat TBIIIZ, who is probably another class from NP. Woots! Happy! Haha. Are we clever or are we brilliant? Keke. Super happy now. It feels as though I've accomplished some huge feat or something. Haha.

I'm trying to buy a photoshop software package but I'm quite tight on budget. Any recommendations anyone? The guy from the Helpdesk told me about this online software that's downloadable, but when I went to the site, I couldn't find out how to download. I'm noob lah. So if anyone has the software or if you know where I can buy the software for a reasonable price, please please please tell me. Ok? Thank you very much! Here's a wide thank you smile! ^........^! Okay I know its ugly. Quit laughing.


. ' 2:33 AM Y
I think I'm getting a new student soon. Haha. Primary 3, teaching English, Maths and Science. Means that I have lesser time for Dear. But I know he'll understand. =)!


Is it my imagination or is there a bout of flu virus going around again? Seems as though everyone's getting sick. First Cindy, then Regina. Now I'm affected too. Nothing serious lah, just that I keep coughing and coughing like some terminally ill patient. Dear gets irritated by my constant coughing. Haha. He says its very noisy. Like I can control whether to cough or not. +.+! Actually I've been having coughing fits for quite sometime already. Ever since I got sick during the class chalet; my cough never really recovered. Its like, almost every day, I will have a strong bout of coughing fit. Cough and cough and cough, but just lasts for awhile. I guess the little sicko virus decided to strengthen itself... Just vomitted too... Zzz... I am NOT going to the doctor. Don't have the time lah. What with school and tuition and tests. And private clinics cost way too much. So I'm just going to tahan it out. Haha.

Hmm... Enough about coughs. Suddenly have the craving for Ya Kun again. Heehee. Ever since that time I ate it for the first time with Regina at Toa Payoh (yah lah I know I very "sua ku"), I've been hooked on their Kaya Toast. Super yummy can! Keke. I'm in a very hyper state right now. Too tired I guess... Anyways, I'll be posting up some long overdue photos pretty soon. Really. But I have to find time. Haha. I'm a busy girl k... Lol. Considering joining competitive netball as CCA either next semester or next year, so I have to do some major rearrangements to my timetable. Duh... So envy all those people who can get a normal allowance. Oops. I'm going offtrack. Main point is, I hope I'm able to manage a CCA like everyone else. Otherwise I'd feel too dependent on my classmates, because I don't have any other friends. Haiyah. See how it goes lah.

Sorry for the randomness of all my posts... And the lack of pictures. From today onwards I'll be bringing my camera with me wherever I go, so if I see anything interesting, I can take a picture and post it up. Then maybe this blog can finally shake off its brooding aura of boredom. Haha. Okay lah. I need to go to bed already. Lessons are still on tomorrow; I'm seriously suffering from lack of sleep. Goodnight everyone! (^.^)!


.Saturday, July 28, 2007 ' 2:32 AM Y
My 100th post! And its going to be super random. Just the usual update about what's been going on lately. Which is pretty much nothing interesting lah. Haha. Monday's BSTA tutorial was okay, but didn't really listen. Just couldn't concentrate. And the shitty retest is just NEXT WEEK. Like, what the hell. The last time I checked Mel, I was like, "Wah. 2nd August. Still long leh. Can study." Then yesterday I suddenly looked at my planner and I almost hyperventilated when I realised that the retest is next week. Okay lah. Exaggerating. But really very very very very "jialat". Somewhere inside me, I'm already mentally preparing myself to retake the whole freaking module already. I hope I don't have to lah.

Tuesday was pretty short a day. INFA in the morning. Play game all the way. Haha. I LURVE my lappy can. Don't know what I'd do without it. Cannot survive INFA arh! Lol. I'm not arrogant or what lah, just that the way the tutor teach arh, really cannot digest one. I rather study on my own. Haha. After that while heading for CIP lecture we saw some Mediacorp crew filming just outside LT26. I only recognised Chew Chor Meng. And he looked DAMN NERD LAH! Uncle! Lol. Got a few other females, but all never see before. Keke. The funny thing is, they were still there at the exact same place 1 hour later when our lecture ended. And the camera was rolling. So the crew motion for us to walk past QUIETLY. Stupid lah. Don't want people make noise don't film there lah! =.="

Anyway, attended INFA lecture, so that I wouldn't have to go today. Then on the way home, saw them filming again. I was like, "They're still at it arh?! NP got nice scenery to film meh?!!" But anyway the scene was at the library staircase lah. The girl stand at the middle, then CCM stand at the bottom, then have to shout his lines to her. Looked pretty dumb. But I guess that's acting for you. And of all places they choose that staircase. I think they should be cleve enough to edit out the two funny banners hanging at the side... Headed down to Chai Chee to teach tuition after that. URGH. Grew a few more strands of white hair!

Let's fast foward to today lah. Haha.Wednesday and Thursday was BORING. Went for lessons, teach tuition, go home. Routine lah. Has anyone realised just how frigging cold it is today? The whole day I was bundled in my jacket lah! Really zip up all the way leh! Still can feel cold somemore. Crazy weather. RAIN WHOLE DAY OKAY! Lucky never bring lappy. Sure get wet one. Lessons ended at 1. I think I'm going to miss our MIEC tutor loads. She's really super nice lah. One of the nicest tutors and lecturers I've yet to meet in NP. Mr Phua also not bad. At first I thought he was that kind of heck care heck care tutor, but when he actually showed concern about my BSTA results I was quite touched. Anyway, went to the library to study after lessons. Booked a room from 1-5pm. Got me, Jun, Cindy, Tarin and Celeste. Jun using lappy all the way lah. Listening to songs. Then the other 4 of us gossiping about our boyfriends. Haha. Topic --> Guys and their weird connection with sports. As in, how they can be too tired to go out with us but if you ask them to play soccer or bball, they're suddenly full of energy. *Pouts*

Okay lah. I got to end here. I know this post is pretty crappy. But at least tag and tell me what you wanna read about lah. Haha. Oh yea. For your own amusement and entertainment: Anyone read
Xiaxue' blog post about Singapore 7 most digusting bloggers? Well, Steven Lim, who was at the top of the list, retaliated with this video in which he tried to insult Xiaxue.

http://www.xiaxue.blogspot.com. Also available at http//www.stevenlim.net

Hilarious eh?! Ugly face combined with LOUSY ENGLISH. I hate people who can't speak English properly, but still want to flaunt their language. PLEASE LAH!

Well, obviously Xiaxue isn't the only one who finds him disgusting. Somehow, someone "idolised" him so much hat they created this remix song especially for him:


Hope you guys had fun as I did laughing at him! LOL.

FYI: Steven Lim is the yellow underwear guy from Singapore Idol, and he calls himself the "most handsome man in Singapore". If that were true, I'd rather be a nun.


.Saturday, July 21, 2007 ' 10:50 PM Y
There really is something wrong with either Blogger or my lappy. Can't open the "New Post" page properly sometimes. Urgh! Want to blog also cannot. Pissed off.
Anyway, I just had a BCOMM presentation, where each of us were supposed to present about one overseas destination place. I chose Barcelona. Haha. I'm pretty proud of my powerpoint, but my overall presentation wasn't really that great. MUST IMPROVE!!! Haha. The infuriating thing was that today is actually supposed to be a practise session for the presentation only. But I was misled into thinking that it's the real thing. THEN I WEAR UNTIL SO FORMAL LAH! Like, early in the morning I woke up and frantically started going my sister's wardrobe (I don't have any formal wear, whereas my sister's wardrobe is super extensive) looking for a nice-looking-enough shirt to wear. Found it too! Haha. This time I won't promise photos. Keke. Because I'm a lazy panda. =P


Haha. Above's entry should also have been posted very much earlier. Think is because I tried to blog in school, that's why got so many problems. Anyway, I'm at the MacDonald's at Tampines Mart now, trying to finish up our CIP project. Stupid Shawn don't want meet me and Regina. And then today started off SUPER BADLY can. First I had to cab down to Chai Chee to tuition my Primary 1 student. Do 5 short pages of Chinese need to take 1 hour. Exasperating. After that actually was supposed to meet Regina at airport for lunch and project, but I couldn't find the bus 24 bus-stop so ended up taking 17 back to the TPJC bus-stop to meet Regina then go together. Ended up waiting for her for HALF AN HOUR. Sit there and watch bus 34 drive off three times, all the while getting more and more pissed off. Zzz... Then finally she reached and we went to airport. Lunched at Fish & Co (very full!!!), then found out that the wireless connection there is under Starhub; need some stupid Hub id or Gee Id or whatever. Don't have lah. So came back to Tampines Mart. Now cannot open the file. I'm so pissed off that I feel like screaming at everyone can.

As for the Science Centre trip, I think I'll most likely be going on my own. Or maybe with Dear. If I try anymore to ask other people along, I think I'll never get to go. So sien. I really want to go for that exhibition. I'm really that interested.

I'm sorry if for most part of this entry I've been sounding so angry and spoiled and pissed off ad everything negative. You know, its just those kind of days when you feel that everything ain't going right and you're angry at the whole world. Teenage blues lah. Haha.

I think my school is DAMN COOL lah. For next semester we get to choose our own timetables. As in for ALL our classes. Yes, that means that our class will most probably be split, but still... At least we won't have to be stuck with all those crazy timings eg. Lessons that start at 1 in the afternoon and end at 5. The whole day cannot do anything else already. Stupid right? Now that we can choose our own time slots for lessons, at least we won't get stuck with so many wasteful hours in between. Then afternoon can go shopping. Or go home and sleep. Good right? Hehe. But it also depends on whether you're lucky enough to get the timetable you chose lah, because there are alot of other people vying with you also. Wish me luck! (Although that's still like, 2 months away, which is coincidentally, Dear and I's 1st year anniversary. Heehee.)

Last thing before I sign off. I'm serously tempted to get a PSP for myself too. Dear got his last week already. I tried some of the games. Almost vomitted blood over the Need for Speed Carbon or something. Yeah lah. I'm lousy can. Cannot control the car properly.


Entry continued 4 hours later...

Haha. This post is so divided into three parts lah. One part which should have been posted a few days ago but wasn't, another that I should have published just now but I didn't, and now this part. I'll cut it short. Haha. Regina and I managed to finish doing the project. For your information, I DID MY PART TOO OKAY? Grrr... Say until as though I never contribute anything. Then like that next time I do everything at home then send you lah, then no need meet. Since to you, that also means "doing his part". Whatever. =.=" Need to relax a little.

As I'm typing away, Dear is on his way home from Marina. He's down for NDP today and the next 2 more Saturdays to come. Sien. Lucky I got IKEA lobang. Or else I'll be rotting until I stink can. Anyway, just now went to Tampines Mall with my mom. Bought 2 new shirts (formal wear) from G2000. Very nice one! But one of them very transparent. Haha. Which also means I have the excuse to shop for new tank top/spaghetti top to wear underneath that shirt. Keke. After that, came home already. I know lah, very stupid. Go out to buy 2 shirts then come back, but I didn't have any mood for shopping. Napped for awhile after reachin home, then bathed and sat down to finish blogging. BORING day right? *Sighs* At least tomorrow finally can see Dear again. Haha. Happy!~


.Monday, July 16, 2007 ' 10:45 AM Y
I got back the results for my BSTA test. Emotions running through me right now consists of shock and disappointment and a hinge of surprise. Because I miracally scored a 11/100. I totally expected it to be a big fat ZERO. That's why I'm surprised. Over the fact that I even managed to score any marks at all. Disappointment because I know I'm the only one in class who did this badly. Disappointed in myself for not studying hard enough, for not being clever or intelligent enough to understand this kind of mathematical stuff as easily as everyone else. I won't exactly call myself stupid, but sometimes I really wish that I am better at Maths and Sciences. Maybe then, I wouldn't be having such a hard time over my studies. I won't grumble and complain and go all "emo" about this test lah. Do feel a little frustrated with myself though. I want to cry man... But its okay lah... I guess I'll just have to mug my guts out and give my best shot at the retest. Even though no matter how well I do its just going to be either Pass or Fail, if I can do well, it also means that I'm 60% prepared for the end-of-semester exam. Please wish my luck. Anyone volunteers to be my tutor?


.Friday, July 13, 2007 ' 5:30 PM Y
I'm at the National Library with Regina and Shawn right now. So tired. Just rushed over from work. We're trying to finish our CIP project within today because we have to present it on Monday. So many things to catch up with. SO unlike CATS. Don't really know what to blo about. I'm so tired and sleepy and hungry that I can't think properly. And I miss my dear dear... =( Will be seeing him later though. Hahas. Shawn and Regina are doing the Powerpoint and proposal for the project respectively. And me? Haha. I'm slacking. Because I'm done with the research part. So now I'm helping Regina with the points needed in the proposal. Feel abit bad, as though I never really contribute much. Guess I'll just update again tomorrow AFTER I come back from my long-awaited steamboat dinner. YUMMY! Keke.


.Thursday, July 12, 2007 ' 12:15 PM Y
I'm so sleepy and tired. Stayed up chatting with Dear until about 4am this morning. Haha. And was almost late for school. Had to take cab (shared with Regina) all the way from Tampines to Clementi. Cost us about $19 bucks in total.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
image from

I still haven't studied for my BCOMM test later. Hais... BSTA lecture today went pretty well. At least I listened. But I really have to buck up already. I seriously don't want to have to retake the whole module next semester. I'd die. So now I have to really mug like I'm taking O levels all over again. Freak man...

Anyway, I got another tutee! Haha. A Primary 1 girl, whom I'm supposed to teach English, Maths and Chinese to. Lessons are 3 times per week at 1.5 hours each lesson. The mother will pay me $120 after every 8 lessons. Now I can officially cut down on working at Fish & Co. FINALLY. Heh heh.

Plans for this Saturday are as follows: Ten Tons in the morning with TA02 darlings (tentative), then steamboat dinner at Marina South. Wanted to ask QR to come as well, but she's not free. Sunday I have tuition lesson with my Sec 4N girl before I'm free. Feel like playing pool. Keke.

Dear will be getting his PSP soon. Keke. And I'm really happy because I know that he'll be happy. *Blessed smile* And then I can play too. LOL. I think if I can get a good bargain, I may buy the Nintendo DS. Then I can play Pokemon! HAHA. I really want to play okay. I completed the Sapphire version on PC, using lots of cheats like infinite rare candies and master balls. Haha. I'm such a cheaterbug. =P

I'm planning for a trip to the Singapore Science Centre(SSC). Haha. Because while taking 74 to meet Dear at AMK Hub yesterday, there was this commercial on TV Mobile advertising this exhibition about the inventions of China over the past 7000 years. Or something like that lah. So yeah. It got me interested. Some useful information I found at the SSC's website:

Information about the exhibition : Click here

There's ths package where you can explore the science centre, visit the China exhibit and watch a 40 minute IMAX movie for just $14! And if you're a "Civil Service Club, HomeTeamNS, PWS, SAF, SAFRA and NTUC card holder", you can enjoy a 10% discount off Science Centre admission and 40min IMAX Movies. COOL! And each card presented can discount up to 5 people's tickets. Haha.

Opening hours: Click here

Are you persuaded to go? =D


. ' 2:42 AM Y
I watched Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix today! Haha. Pretty nice a movie, but the freaking idiots cut out so many chunks of the actual story that I was quite pissed off. I'm not going to spoil the show for the others who haven't watched but I think for rating wise I'd only give it a 3.5/5 at most. And that also means that on my rating list, Transformers rates higher than Harry Potter. What a shame; I was really looking forward to the movie. Disappointment. Hais...

Just a short entry today. Just had a very long heart-to-heart chat with Dear. Haha. Suddenly so in love with in all over again. Haha. Too mushy. Sorry. I have a BCOMM test tomorrow. So got to sleep early. Goodnight.


.Tuesday, July 10, 2007 ' 1:00 AM Y
Update on my BSTA test:

I handed in a blank paper. Okay. To be exact, I scribbled some stuff. But I am 100% sure that whatever I scribbled is wrong. Because its just a bit of writing here and there. *Sighs*. There's going to be a retest, but this time, its going to be a test of all of the chapters from the start all the way up to Sampling Distribution. Freak lah. I think I really have to "chiong" already. Hate hate hate hate hate BSTA. Hate hate hate hate hate myself for being too stupid to understand mathematical formulas and stuff. URGH! Language good so what? The world doesn't recognise that enough. "Speak Good English", "Speak Good Mandarin". So what if you can ramble on and on so fluently that people look at you open-mouthed. If you can't do Maths and Science you still won't get anywhere. Because thats what schools are focusing on. Reality is so harsh that sometimes it really sucks.

Anyway, watched a video about this Human Tetris game that's played on a variety show in Japan. Anyone who's interested can watch it below. Haha. I got it from Yahoo! since I was too lazy to go back to Youtube. Enjoy! =)


.Monday, July 09, 2007 ' 3:15 PM Y
I've got a BSTA test later. Super dreading it. Its worse than taking Emaths paper, because its so much more complicated. And I'm sure you guys know how much I absolutely hate all that mathematical and formula stuff. Its 2.51 now. Test starts at 5. Approximately 2 hours left. I'm so freaking jittery lah! Can't concentrate properly. Hais... WHY DO WE ALWAYS HAVE TO STUDY THIS SORT OF FREAKING SHIT LAH! I want to cry already. =(

Anyways, I pretty enjoyed myself yesterday at Escape, just that at the end of the day, I had a minor headache. Didn't dare to play Cadbury Inverter and Yakult (a.k.a superman). I turn gidd super easily. The last time I went to Escape with my primary school friends and I tried the Yakult ride, I was so giddy for the rest of the day that I didn't play anything else except for Blaster Boat. The one in a pool or something and you get to blast each other with jets of water. Haha. That's ho ultra-sensitive my head is. The Pirate Ship was down for maintainance. Stupid lah. No Panasonic, no Pirate Ship, no more fun. Except for the Wet n' Wild, there wasn't much else interesting. Even the haunted house was a flop. I think they should seriously revamp Escape Theme Park. Maybe expand the place and put in bigger and more interesting rides. Otherwise, I wouldn't be surprised if it closes down sooner or later. Dinner was MacDonald's, then headed off to Tampines Mall to slack. Bought a new deodorant spray (Adidas' Tropical Passion for me, Blue Challenge for Dear) and 2 pairs of new socks. All paid for by Dear. Keke. I'm sorry I had to spend so much of his money, but payday isn't here yet and I'm broke already. =(

Friday was OK lah. Haha. Waited for 3 freaking hours to meet up with Van to go some KTV club at Chinatown. I'm too kind for my own good man... =P Anyway, the place was cheap. Haha. As in the price lah! LOL. $10 per person, sing from 2pm-7pm. With free flow of drinks and a free bowl of soup each. Where else can you find such a great bargain? Definitely not KBox. They charge way too much for way too little. Yes, their song lists may be very updated, but I don't think their service is satisfactory enough, based on the past few experiences at Marina Square. EH. City area okay. That's not the kind of service one expects at city areas where tourists are milling around. If you think I'm trying to be a bitch, find one day, go to the Kbox branch at Marina Square and find out for yourself. First, they take 3 hours just to get your order for your drinks. Then, they take another 1 hour or so to get a waiter to take your order for your second round of drinks. And then they kick you out before your time is up. I mean like, we booked the room from 2-7, yet they can kick us out at around 6.30. CRUDE. And its not just that once.

Okay. Enough complaining, although that did take my mind off the test. Just for awhile though. I'm back to worrying about it again. *Sighs*. I don't ask for anything. Just as long as I can pass the bloody thing, I'm a happy girl.

I'm trying to cancel my schedule on Saturday. Planning to go for steamboat at Marina South with Dear, Van, Ben and maybe QR and her boyfriend. Gotta see whether I can get a replacement first. Suddenly have a craving for Marina Steamboat. Yummy... Haha. Most likely it is going to be one of the last times that we eat steamboat there. *Sighs*

Fine fine. Signing off. I know I write too much at one go. Haha. Pardon me for the long lapses in updating, but recently I've been pretty busy enjoying myself and thrashing out my schoolwork. Procrastination is my name. I've got to lean to kick that goddamned habit.

-Feeling a little sad today-


.Thursday, July 05, 2007 ' 2:39 PM Y
I''m happy to announce that this blog has finally reached about 800 hits. Haha. Pretty pathetic. But at least it shows that there are people who read. Heh. Anyways, I'm blogging in class again. Using Celeste's lappy, because I absent-mindedly forgot to bring mine. Haha. Don't blame me for not paying attention. I don't think any one of you can stand English lessons either. Especially those where the teachers just use the powerpoint slides and then expect you to know everything. Plus, since when have I ever been good at listening to teachers? Lol.

Till today the class still hasn't replied me about the Escape tickets. By this Sunday if I don't use them, they'll be considered useless. I'm wondering whether it would be okay to go with my friends. Would it be like betraying my classmates? But then again, I really did ask them if they wanted to go. I know I was supposed to be the one to organise the outing, but I really don't how to squeeze everyone in when each of us have our own different schedules. Feeling quite undecided now...

On a happier note though, I've decided to go for this hair package thing at a hairdressing salon near Dear's house. Its a cut+colour+treatment thing for about $49. I asked the person and she said for my length, she'd charge about $64. I think that's considered pretty cheap, compared to other salon prices. I know I'm like a cheapo lah, but I'm on a really really tight budget mah... Besides, there are so many other things for me and Dear to worry about right now; I don't want to spend too much unneccesarily. Maybe next time when things have stabilised down, I'll considered going to Jean Yip to do rebonding. Haha. In the meantime, I really want Dear to have his PSP.

I'm having another BSTA test next Monday and I haven't studied lah. My worse subject. I have less than 5 days to study. And tomorrow I'm still going KTV at Chinatown with members of Spira. So naughty of me, but I just can't find the motivation to study... Hais...

Been feeling pretty down lately. With so many negative stuff going on around me, I wouldn't be surprised if I started being depressed all over again. I really hope that things will start picking up soon. AND. I think I'll try to get a second tutee ASAP. Then I can cut down on working at Fish and Co without worrying about insufficient money. Anyone who's interested in teaching tuition can ask me also. My agent still looking for tutors. Sadly, the assignments that she have don't suit my schedule. Alternatively, you guys can try http://www.hometutors.com.sg too. Haha. Speaking of which, I'm off to try and find some new assignments from there. LOL.


.Tuesday, July 03, 2007 ' 4:10 PM Y
I'm a hardworking girl today. Instead of going home straight after INFA tutorial, I'm here in the school library doing my E-Portfolio, part of my CIP E-Learning assignment. And surprisingly, I've actually enjoying myself! I'm not exactly an IT whiz, but I really feel that the knowlegde of simple HTML can help to make a normal webpage look alot nicer. Haha. Anyways, here's an update of what I did for last weekend:

Friday was a short day. Ended lessons at 1pm. Went to Dear's house to change, then met up with Van and Ben at Downtown East. Linner (lunch+dinner) was Sakae. Fantastic food. But bad service. We asked for ice water and had to wait 15 minutes. We ordered a can of Pepsi and it never came. And some other stuff to grouch about: The restaurant is small, just about the size of my house, maybe a little bigger. And if you think its air-conditioned, man... you're SO WRONG. There are definitely airconditioning units. But for show only. No wonder customers looked pretty few. What was definitely the worse thing to happen was the billing thing. Those who have gone for the buffet thing at Sakae should know that there's a free portion of dessert for each person right? Van, Ben and Dear wanted to change theirs to the Mini Bud's ice-cream instead. But it costs $2.30. So we asked the waitress if we could change and top up the 40 cents difference, since the free dessert originally costs $1.90. The waitress told us yes, so we happily changed 3 portions of free dessert for the Bud's ice-cream. After that when we went to pay for the bill, they charged us the full $2.30 of the Bud's ice-cream. So obviously we had a "discussion" with the manager, who told us "Cannot! Cannot change one!" The waitress also came out to tell us that she didn't say that we could top up the difference. I was seriously pissed off by this point of time so I told her "It is a fact that you DID say that we could top up the difference to change the dessert. All 4 of us were present, all 4 of us heard the same thing!" And she was like "No... I never say..."

I'm not making all these up okay. Van and Ben can vouch for me. Haha. So anyway after we settled everything (not going into details. Lazy lah.), we went to play Zone X. Had fun squeezing around the PhotoY2k game, and shoving our fingers against the screen to point out the differences. For those who don't know, PhotoY2k is a game where they show you 2 pictures with some minor differences and you're supposed to spot them. I must say that the 4 of us have gotten pretty "pro" at the game. We can progress from stage 1 to around stage 17/18 with just one credit. Haha. I'm addicted to the game lah. Me and Dear played pool too. The counter guy not good one. Check IC so Ben couldn't come in. Then Van, being a very good friend, sacrificed her chance to play just to accompany Ben. Hehe. Went to Mac after that and played Big 2. Keke. Dear introduced us to Poker and we started playing with imaginary money. Haha. Super high stakes okay. Thousands and millions. Because we keep thinking "Aiya, also not real money..." Haha. Played until about 11 plus, then Van headed for her cousin's chalet, Dear went to take 39, me and Ben took bus 3 home. I really enjoyed myself alot. Haha.

Saturday was boring lah. I worked the whole day. Nothing interesting happened, except that there's this new guy at my workplace who supposedly used to be from Centrepoint. But my colleagues told me that on Friday night, his mistakes were so numerous that it was humiliating all the staff of Fish & Co Changi Airport. Even I admit defeat. How many times have you come across a waiter that can make a customer so angry that he stands up and shout FUCK OFF so loud that the whole restuarant is shocked? POWER... Haha.

Sunday was better. Morning went to slack at Dear's house, then watch Transformers with him, Van and Ben in the afternoon. Man... that show can almost rival 300. No kidding. What I love most are the parts where the cars and other machines are changing into their true forms. Reminds me of Power Rangers. LOL. After movie, we went to eat Family Feast at KFC. Yummy! I love Miso Crunch. Haha. Stayed there playing Poker with Monopoly money (provided by Van) until about 9 plus, then headed to Dear's house again because I accidentally forgot to take my handphone (for about the 50th time). Played a few rounds of card games, then the 3 of us shared a cab home. Haha. Didn't really do anything much, but enjoyed myself very much too.


Okay I realise that I should update more often. Because my entries are way too long to engage anyone's interest in reading. Haha. Sorry lah. I really really am a very lazy girl. Unless Blogger comes up with a "copy-and-paste" thing for pictures, I don't think I'll be diligent enough to post photos. Except for the occasional interesting ones. Haha.

Anyways, if anyone's interested, here's the link to my E-Portfolio. Haven't done much, but please comment and tell me how I can improve it. I would really appreciate it very much. Its quite boring since its supposed to be for school. But I'm hoping to make it look as nice as I can. Wish me luck kies? =)!



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