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.Thursday, March 26, 2009 ' 3:25 AM Y
So lazy to continue posting photos. Wait another few months luh~ Hahas. Random post to suit my random mood today:

Looking for buyer for my PSP~! Black in colour, its the 1st version, fat one but super new in condition; modified, with 8GB memory. The protector for the metal ring on the back of the casing is still there lor!!! Email me to offer or to find out more. xD Don't send me crap though. Thanks for that.

Had fun on Monday at DTE with Yuu and Sky. Dinner was another hilarious joking session, with poor Sky bearing the brunt of it all, and all because he went and converted himself into a Christian. No religious offense of any sort, but as Yuu put it, we aren't exactly "hong kao" people. Or is that how you pronounce it? No idea. LOL.

I don't know why every single time Yuu and I meet up, we end up laughing like secondary school girls, becoming public nuisances and generally causing embarrassment to everyone else around us. And seriously, its not my fault~!!! She's the one who starts laughing for no reason okay~! But its nice lah. Like she said, we're sure to forget any troubles whenever we're in each other's company. Don't think Dear approves too much though. Keke.

Today's lesson was postponed to Saturday. I almost forgot, and thought I forgot to go for lesson. 2-5pm, on a freaking Saturday! Can't go for Drumzout practice again. Albeit only as a spectator...

If you still haven't guessed, I'm not working at TKA anymore. Quit after my 3rd day. No wish to elaborate, because I'm sick of repeating myself, but in short, there was NOTHING to hold me. Absolutely NOTHING. The people there are seriously C-R-A-P, with permanent PMS and piles screwing up their assholes. Wish I had been posted to AMK, but NOOOO they said no choosing.

But some lucky bastard got AMK, and then tried to mess with me when Dear and I were there yesterday to play LAN. "Sorry, can't give you that computer 'cos its not on", with that fucking face. I told him to turn the damned thing on with the same fucking face. LOL. I enjoy pissing off rude service personnel.

Oops. Time for bed. I still haven't visited the damned musuem; keep putting it off 'cos its really out of the way. But my love for history will triumph. Mwahahahaha~ Update again on Friday!


.Monday, March 23, 2009 ' 12:10 AM Y
I've got so many pictures to post that I'm not gonna bother with too many words. Read the captions yourself. xD

In order from the "oldest" pictures onwards:

11th November 2008: Celebrating my birthday @ Kbox Marina
From left: Terry, me, Chu Bin and Angie =3 Featuring Jinwen as our camerawoman.

They insisted on a solo picture, so... here you go.

Darling Jinwen, who planned the entire "I sprained my ankle and couldn't come" sob story. Pissed me off, and then made me smil. Thank you girl. XOXO

9th January 2009: Taiko session @ DTE with Yuu
We spent the whole day there, and literally booked the entire machine. LOL. Oh. Saw Slyvester, CK and Mint too.

FC (full combo) of 拜启,於学校 aka 拝啓、学校にて (haikei, gakkou nite) by Yuu. One and only time throughout the day, even though she tried a lot more times.

FC of Seasons of Asia (Coded)-Yuu

FC of Kagekiyo with new high score-Yuu

FC of 黑船来航 (kurofune raikou)-Yuu
All FCs by Yuu because Dear and I just aren't good enough. Lol.

3rd March 2009: Terry's pre-enlistment BBQ "celebration"
With Jinwen and Terry. The poor guy looks so sad. Lol.

Me and my darling. xD

8th March 2009: Outside Nebo Cafe @ Amk Hub, waiting for Dear and XH to knock off.
Me, with Yuu. I forgot who was the photographer. Think it was XH. This is also the night we ended up sitting at McDonald's telling ghost stories until 3am; all because we wanted to take a photo of 3 of us when Hamidah walked past and started telling us about ghosts. Apparently, if you take photos in odd numbers, "something else" will appear to even out the number of people. Damn that woman. Lol.

Strangling Yuu's beloved kapibara keychain. See that thing the red arrow is pointing ar? Yeah, that's it.

4 of us~! One of the rare instances where Dear actually agrees to take a picture with us. Photographed by the kind security guard uncle. Haha.

9th March 2009: Kbox session with Terry and Jinwen @Kbox Marina
Is there something spooky about this photo? How come there's an empty spot? Lol. I went to check the timer and then it went off, so that empty spot was originally for me.

Take 2. With me included~ Oops. That makes 3 people. !!!!!!

Fake celebrity acting cool/cute. xP

14th March 2009: DrumzOut practice at Kebun Baru Community Centre
Poring over the scores and brainstorming on how to make the entire 3 parts harmonise properly. Hmmm......

Don don don don kat, don don don don kat... Err... how arh? xD

2 big drums for Yuu and Brandon and 1 "Mu Yu" for Slyvester.

I took 2 friggin' hours to edit and post all these photos that I'm tired now. The rest, I shall leave to another day. *Stretch and HUGE yawn* Goodnight~!


.Tuesday, March 17, 2009 ' 2:09 AM Y
Maybe I should take up lessons on how NOT to procrastinate. I realise I tend to do that VERY often. I totally lack self discipline man. And that's not a good thing, because I'll turn into a lazybones. And even after lambasting myself on this blog now, I know its gonna remain the same. Where is motivation and determination when I need it most?!?!?!?!

You guessed it~ I completed NOTHING on my agenda for today. NOTHING. Please excuse me while I drown my "sorrows" in honey stars and milk. xD


.Monday, March 16, 2009 ' 4:15 AM Y
1 more day before I officially start work and I can't believe how many things I suddenly have to do. There're videos of Drumzout practice to upload, both onto TKDJ and onto Youtube, pictures to transfer, edit, post up and send to Yuu, payments to CAT and ACCA and 6 more episodes of Flaming Butterfly to finish up. Don't know why they had to name a drama Flaming Butterfly, but the storyline is pretty okay. At least to me lah. LOL.

Super dread receiving mail nowadays, because its either my pathetic bank statement from OCBC or another envelope from ACCA hounding me for money. In POUNDS somemore. I need to stock up more on Panadol.

Went to the IT Show today with Dear, Gias, Kio and my sister. FRIGGING CROWDED. And we ended up walking in circles because Gias insisted on taking us on some shortcut, which turned out to be staff entrance, which was blocked by some stupid security guard. So in the end we had to jostle with the crowd too. Hmmm...

Anyways, the IT Show wasn't really that interesting, especially if you consider the fact the Dear and I aren't exactly swarming in dollar bills right now. Planning to get our lappy during the next IT Fair though. Keke. And we also saw this Bravia 32" LCD TV going at only $749, inclusive of some $50 Choice voucher. Dear was practically salivating lah~! LOL.

Went back down to Taiko with Yuu, Skyne and XH after that, ditching my Sis with Gias and Kio. LOL. So bad of me, but... who cares? xP

When men say that women say things and don't mean it, they forgot to look into a mirror themselves. On the train Dear was saying he didn't want to play for too long, and we ended up Taiko-ing until closing time, and then waited for XH for supper. Camwhored with Yuu's kapibaras and the cinema standees while waiting. Then Yuu came up with the bright idea of catching a movie and we ended up watching Coming Soon at 11.50 PM. Got scared a few times by the sudden appearances of the "ghost", but Dear claims he wasn't scared at all. Asshole. xD

Had McDonalds for supper and then my daddy drove us all home, except for Dear who had to cab home alone 'cuz Yishun was out of the way. Haha.

Sorry this post is turning into one huge, boring commentary about my entire day out, but I don't always do so many things in one day, so please pardon the ranting. Hehe. Hanging out with Yuu always makes my day.

Agenda for tomorrow: CAT payment at CPA House ($65), send in NTUC giro form, gym with Dear, then slack at his house until time to come home. Videos to get from XH and upload, pictures to post and beauty sleep to clock in. And then I officially start work. Someone kill those butterflies in my stomach for me, please?

Other agenda: Payment for ACCA. Been weighing on my mind since the day I got the letter. Damn sians luh! And after this payment, I'll be owing more than 200 to my Sis, because its all on her credit card, and which includes my books from Amazon, WHICH HAVE YET TO ARRIVE. Pissed off~~~

P.S @Yuu: Next time don't PM me with the title "Za Bor" lah~! Don't crack me up at 4am in the morning luh~


P.P.P.S If you're looking for a job, I've got a few lobangs. Non-guaranteed though. Just doing it as a "顺便" since I've been on the lookout for Christine. =)

P.P.P.P.S I've been logging in to Facebook more often these days. Too bored I guess.

P.P.P.P.P.S I should stop PS-ing and get some sleep. xD


.Friday, March 13, 2009 ' 9:18 PM Y
I watched Watchmen with Dear yesterday. And I HATED it.

Its just some freakshow that's overhyped by media and the fact that it was deemed "unfilmable". Well, now that it has been proved to be "filmable", I can only say that it was bullshit. I haven't read the adaption- neither am I tempted to- but by watching the movie, I have absolutely no friggin' idea what the story is supposed to be about. I only know its supposed to be set in 1985, USA, with Richard Nixon still the President, but other than that, what the HELL is the director/scriptwriter/producer trying to portray? That back in the 1980s there was this bunch of retards walking around in funny costumes?

Okay, in short, I just don't get what the whole movie is about. And I wasted my ticket and popcorn money. I would much rather have watched Coming Soon. I mean, yeah, it might end up to be another lame horror movie, but at least you're bound to get scared by the effects at some point of the movie. And that's the whole point of watching horror movies, aint it?

Alright. Enough about movies. Poor Terry finally enlisted today. I didn't sms him any good luck wishes though. So bad of me right? LOL. But its just NS luh. Its not as though he embarking on some highly dangerous mission or something. xP

Blogging from Nebo Cafe at AMK Hub. Their computer screens are so bright they hurt my eyes. Another late night out today, and I'm actually feeling pretty hungry already. xD

I'm officially starting work in 4 days. So OMG nervous!!! Haha. And I've already thought of a gazillion things I wanna buy once I get my first full pay. And the subsequent ones lah. Lol. I've got a laptop to buy, a new handphone to change, CableTV to suscribe to, and a billion other things that I have not though of yet. Dear is so gonna kill me. LOL. I told him he can go earn his own PS3 because I've got other things to spend my money on. xP The idiot's Xbox360 is a money-eating device already and he wants to get another.

I hope Dear gets a FT job soon so that he can finally start studying. With both of us getting full-time pay, we should be able to afford ALOT more stuff than we used to. Hehe. So excited about $$$. xP

Will be attending Drumzout practice tomorrow, even though I'm not in the competition. Haha. I realised getting a proper job and earning my own allowance and saving up is more important than starving to join some drumming competition. Absolutely no offense towards Yuu and BLYX and the rest in the competition. Let's just say that we have different priorities right now. I'm not someone who can sit still when there's only $300 left in my bank account, even though another part of me badly wanted to be in with them. xD Still, I'm not too stingy with moral suport, even tomorrow will probably be my last free Saturday. Hehe.

Gotta stop blogging already. The delicious smells floating around the cafe aint doing any good for my rumbling stomach. Haha.


.Thursday, March 12, 2009 ' 2:26 AM Y
I'm friggin' pissed off right now. Either something is fucking wrong with my internet connection, or its just Tudou that's sucking real bad right now. And I truly suspect its the latter, since my other windows are working perfectly fine. Grrrr... Can't even load and watch a show properly. !!!!


.Wednesday, March 11, 2009 ' 1:49 AM Y
3 weeks ago I left Zone X and almost immediately embarked on a new job hunt. And I found one already! Next week, I start full time at TKA at Bugis. Don't know where that is? Its the Virtualand arcade at Parco, Bugis.

Don't ask me why I chose to go back to the same industry; I just like the jobscope, that's all. What's more, the pay is appealing, with confirmed OT pay each week. My weekends are gonna get burnt, but hell, I'll just put up with that for now. Abit nervous though, since its my first full-time job ever. Good thing is, with this job, I might be able to start getting NTUC funding for my CAT and then I'll just have to pay 20% of my course fees. Heck. I can even afford to pay some of it on my own and stop depending on my parents.

I've also stopped teaching tuition entirely. Like, finally got rid of the Hougang student even though it was the mother who sms-ed me to say she wanted to terminate. Weird luh. 2 months ago I told her I wanted to stop and she practically begged me to stay, then now she wants to terminate. Funny woman.

And I seriously have no freaking idea why people keep saying its difficult to find jobs. If you're willing to lower expectations, it's pretty easy to get one, especially if you're experienced. I'm talking about people who are about 20+ to 30, starting to enter the workforce lah. A simple search on Jobscentral turned up quite a few interesting jobs offering pretty good salary. Is it because they're lazy and just taking their own sweet time searching or is it just an excuse to sit around and NOT work? Whatever.

Went KBOX with Jinwen and Terry yesterday. For some reason, by the end of the session the 3 of us were quite shagged. And we didn't really sing alot. Even for me. Lack of sleep maybe. Dinner at Pepper Lunch while Jinwen and I scared Terry with ghost stories of NS. LOL. He got startled by the cleaner setting down the "Section Closed" sign and we couldn't stop laughing at him.

I'm dragging Dear to the Asian Civilisations Musuem to see some Kangxi exhibition this week. Haha. I'm such a sucker for history related stuff.

Off to TKDJ. Just a recommendation: If you own a DS and are looking for some nice RPG, try Blue Dragon Plus. Its a sequel to Blue Dragon on Xbox360, but I don't think its very much related so its "try-able". LOL.

P.S. Looking forward to a new lappy in another few months. Woohoo~!


.Thursday, March 05, 2009 ' 2:59 AM Y
I can't believe I actually found a baby cockroach near my handphone's "charging station"! Like what the hell, my mom cleans my room almost everyday okay!!! Stupid pests. I hope it dies of suffocation among that pile of books and other junk stuff on the bookshelf. Bleahs.

And yeah I just logged in to blog about a baby cockroach. Damn bo-liao, I know, but I'm feeling really bored right now, even though I've got a book to finish, 3 more to start on and one session of notes to look through. Did you guess it? I skipped my very first day of lesson for P2~! Nothing to be proud about, and I can feel a nagging guilt weighing down on my conscience. No more skipping lessons, at least for a while. LOL.

Did I also mention just how fabulous the Yishun library is? Or currently is. Haha. The selection of books is awesome~! I've never seen so many Catherine Andersons, Stephanie Laurens, Lisa Kleypas and other favourite authors of mine in one place. I mean their books lah. Normally at the other libraries, all these titles are either on loan, or are repeat titles that I've read before.

But on Monday when I went there with Dear, I picked 6 books off the very first shelf that I was browsing through and then proceeded to pay off a total of $28+ worth of fines just to borrow that. Let's not harp on the amount of the fines, shall we? xD And Dear and I were supposed to be there for dinner at the cafe, not to borrow books.

Speaking of dinner, the food at Cafe Galilee (is that how its spelled???) was yummy enough, just that the portions weren't that worth what we paid for. To top it off, the waitress there sucked big time. Gave me attitude while taking my order and kept walking off in the middle of my ordering to check on stuff. Like, WTF??? And you know the worse part? Dig this: Dear and I order teriyaki chicken as our main courses, and after we'd already finished our food, the waitress came up and said, "Excuse me, is the chicken cooked? 'Cuz I saw some reddish part; thought it looked like blood." OH MY FREAKING GOD. When have you ever seen a waitress ask her customer such a question??!?!

What to do? Just smile politely and say everything's fine luh. Should have asked for refund yeah? Hahas. But we're not fussy people lah. Still, we're never going back to that cafe again. The Beef Patty omelette rice at the Japanese-themed foodcourt tastes much much better. *Drools*~


.Wednesday, March 04, 2009 ' 2:54 AM Y
Ahh... First proper post in a while. Just some random updates. Let's see...

Went for Terry's BBQ today at Pasir Ris Park. Kind of like a send-off thingy, since he's enlisting next Friday. Might be going for KBOX next week, either on Monday or Tuesday.

School's progressing real slow. Initially I wanted to sign up for both Paper 2 and 5 this semester, but it seems that the next fresh intake for P5 is only available in May so I can only take P2 this sem. At this rate, it'll take me double the calculated time to complete my CAT. Drats.

My addiction to Taiko has turned into a kind of passion. Its really satisfying to see myself improving and passing songs that I've failed countless of times. Songs that I've played so many times that Yuu/Dear always complains whenever I choose those songs. And because of Taiko, I've got 5 blisters on my left hand and one more on my right. Even when they hurt, I still play on. Just like how Dear can manage to ignore his ankle or knee pains during soccer.

That day during supper, Xiaohui was commenting that one day I'll regret putting in so much effort for Taiko, only to have my hands "disfigured", but I honestly think that I won't.

Yuu keeps asking me to join them for the DrumzOut competition coming up at NTU, but I'm not confident. I mean, I'm keen, but in my whole life I've never played any form of musical instrument, not unless you count the recorder in primary school. Will decide after this Saturday's practice, I guess...

Watched Marley and Me and Suspect X last week, and they're really good movies. M&M is funny and touching, while Suspect X is interesting, though a little too predictable and not mysterious enough. Hehe. Looking forward to Watchmen, opening either tomorrow or Thursday.

One last thing: I've completed almost everything on my to-do list. Resume's updated and sent, job status pending, nails trimmed super short, met up with Kat, stuff re-ordered on Amazon and mahjong session fell through.

Dear doesn't want to go for the play so that's $68 saved, and Yuu's already watched Pink Panther 2. Now to rebond my hair next next week at Marsiling with JW and my list's complete. Hurray~!!!



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