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.Tuesday, January 26, 2010 ' 11:55 PM Y
Haven't updated for some time now, but there's really nothing interesting lately.

I'm most probably getting the iPhone afterall.

Yeah, go ahead and laugh.


Funny meh?

I know I swore I wouldn't get it EVER, but I gotta think for Dear's hp bill more than anything. So there. Still aiming for Lollipop though, so maybe 2 phones. =P I know I'm such a spendthrift. Shoot me.

Kbox this Saturday. Like, FINALLY! After so damn freaking long... Surprisingly, its going to be with QR, Elle and Gabby. The weirdest mix ever, considering the 3 of them actually don't know each other. LOL. Hope there aren't any cancellations. Going to get jeans from DP in the morning first.

Read through the past few months of my entries and I can't believe how much I've been whining. Perhaps because I was feeling so stressed out and all that I didn't realise, but now I do, and I've really got to stop.

No yeah. I'll try to keep the complaints down, even though I still got to reiterate that this is my effing blog and I'm not obliged to follow any set of rules. =P!

Alright! Off to continue watching TVB dramas.

And here's the reason why I became hooked onto HK dramas:

Handsome not?????? You say no, I'll SLAP you.

I don't deny I'm VERY outdated. He's been popular in HK for years and I've only recently realised who he is. A few months ago, you tell me Kevin Cheng and I'd have given you a "HUH?!" face. Somehow, its friggin' difficult to find glam photos of him, but I think this one will suffice. Off to ogle him on the TV screen! =P


.Sunday, January 17, 2010 ' 2:04 AM Y
The time's come to decide on which handphone I wanna switch to, but for some reason, I just can't decide! Initially I wanted the Aino very much, but after testing and re-testing both the live and dummy sets, I find that I don't really want it that much after all.

Not to mention that I've suddenly developed this distaste for smartphones. Or rather, I just find it not very practical to spend that kind of money. I mean, I've got an iPod Touch for my music and videos, a tablet PC for both that AND to surf the net, and a DS to game on, so I don't really need anything else except for the basic functions of a phone. Maybe a decent camera would be nice, but I'm looking to get the Olympus E-Pen, so I can forgo that on a phone.

Currently, I'm setting my sights on the LG Lollipop, but its not due to be released in SG yet. Will be, but not just yet. Which means I've got to wait. And then wait some more for the price to go down. Drat....

So anyways, let's leave that aside. Things are gonna work out somehow.

Life's been pretty boring. Waiting impatiently for payday 'cause I've got some outstanding bills to settle, new phones to get and rebonding to do. Haha~ Dear's decided on the iPhone by the way. Was hoping we'd get the same phones again but I swore I would never get an iPhone so... Nada~

Somehow I keep going back to the topic on handphones. SO sickening of me right? xD Alright then... Off to watch POKEMON! Heh heh. Dinner with 5th aunt and family again tomorrow night. Another incredibly boring 2 hours to sit through. *Sighs*


.Wednesday, January 13, 2010 ' 11:39 PM Y
Am totally addicted to watching HK dramas for the time being. I'm SUPER outdated, 'cause I'm only watching the ones that have already aired YEARS ago. And I'm slowly picking a bit of Cantonese from there.

School's started and OMFG its DAMN shag. The time between knock off and the start of each lesson is just barely enough for me to reach school and grab some light dinner in between. And that is if I manage to hitch a ride from Simmy to Bedok MRT. But nevertheless, I'm determined to complete my entire CAT (exams included) by end of this year.

Had a quarrel with my dad yesterday night regarding my late nights out. Firstly, I seriously do not think I reach home all that late. Except for some weekends where I get home at close to 5am, the rest of that days I'm home by 12. I don't know lah, but I seriously think there's no big deal about it. Like come on lah... such a small thing and he makes such a big fuss. He should seriously thanks his gods that I'm not the kind of hardcore clubber. Sometimes parents should really learn to appreciate their kids. Sometimes I just wanna scream at them to open their fucking eyes before they start comparing their kids with others'. Geez...

So damn pissed that I'm not bothering to reply to their nonsense right now. Call me childish or whatever, but I don't feel like bothering to explain the facts to people who refuse to open their eyes or check their facts out before making random accusations. HATE BEING WRONGLY ACCUSED OF THINGS. Besides, it really doesn't bother me if you wanna sit there and wallow in unreasonable anger, so TA.

Off to finish watching Under the Canopy of Love. 2 more episodes and I can move on the to next series~!


.Thursday, January 07, 2010 ' 4:11 PM Y
Was in super "emo" mood yesterday. I spent half the day reading the Flowerpod forums and I came to the very upsetting realisations that 1) getting married is an affair that will set you and your fiance back by like, close to $100k, and 2) that Mont Blanc ring I'm salivating after costs like $6-$7k. EMO!!! And apparently the current hot trend is for wedding couples to do their photo-shoots in Taiwan. Total turn-off. My old annoying trait is acting up again.

Before you ask, NO I'm not getting married lah. Just that I suddenly had this crazy obsession with Mont Blanc stuffs and while Googling for the estimated price of their rings, I came across this thread from Flowerpod and just kept reading on from there.

I'm STILL bent on getting that Mont Blanc ring though. Here's a picture of it:

Chio right?!?!?! There's another one with the gold band, like the one Chen Qiao En wore in Fated to Love You, but I think this is so much nicer.

Pardon all that gushing but I'm totally in love with all their stuffs. I'm dragging Dear down to their outlets at DFS Galleria/Changi Airport just to feast my eyes, even if I can never afford anything. Muahaha~


I've been racking my brains to come up with a nice sounding username for a new WordPress account, but to no avail. No, I'm not moving there, not for the time being. I still have no idea what I'm going to use that blog for but I just wanna create it first.

After calculating and re0calculating, I've decided that next week would be a safe time to put in my order at GAP and VS. One extravagrant splurge that shall last me until about... March? Keke. There's still this pair of really pretty boots I'm eyeing, but its bloody expensive. I really can't imagine shelling a hundred over dollars for a pair of shoes but I'm very tempted. xD

Ahh~ I want to continue blogging but its time to knock off! Just enough time for a toilet break and pack up! Bye all!!


.Saturday, January 02, 2010 ' 12:04 PM Y
Happy Belated New Year to everyone! xD

Am rushing through this blog entry 'cuz I'm meeting Dear at Iluma soon and I still have yet to bathe and change! Haha~

Finally, I can blog! Hurray! Because remember in my previous post I said I wouldn't be blogging until 2010? I wanted to stick to them so I had to let my fingers itch like crazy and not do anything!

The whole reason why my fingers were itching so bad was because one day after I did up my EOY, the news came that my funding has been APPROVED!!! Mwa-fucking-HAH! This means that I'm gonna save up more than 1k for my final level of CAT. Not including the training allowance and the NETF that I WILL get for sure because I won't let that slip out of my hands. *Dancing with happiness*

All in all, the new year kicked off to a pretty great start. Apart from my funding being approved, Dear's pay came in just in time for us to have a pretty good New Year's Day and we both went to pamper our hair yesterday. Haha. He dyed his while I did treatment. Too bad he had to go to work today.

I also have this really bad hunch that the cheque for my pay has bounced. Because its impossible that the cheque for my 13th month has cleared, but not the one for my pay, because the latter was dropped earlier! God knows how long I'm gonna have to wait for everything to be settled so I can be reissued with a new cheque, but the lucky thing is, Dear and I will be able to scrape through this month just fine. ^^

Alright, off to bathe now, even he hasn't called. BOO. Just go get ready first luh~ Happy new year once again!!

OH OH OH! Forgot to mention that Dear and I managed to catch the Marina fireworks!! From his house window. LOL. And the best thing is, we could also see the fireworks from another countdown place. I think it was Suntec or something. Doubly spectacular! Who says you have to go squeeze with the crazy crowd to enjoy New Year's? I enjoyed mine with my hubby~ xD



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