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.Monday, December 28, 2009 ' 10:31 PM Y
Okay I'm FINALLY gonna start doing my EOY. No idea why I'm so obsessed with it, but I guess its going to be useful in future when I read back and discover the things I did in the span of one year. Be prepared for a SUPER DUPER long entry today.

So to start...

In January, I finally started my CAT after an entire year of break from studying. Back then I was still at Zone X with all the cool peeps like Terry, Chu Bin, Jinwen, and so many others. It feels like such a long long time ago that I'm finding it hard that its actually less than a year ago! This was also the time when Dear and I started taking an avid interest in Taiko and spent a lot of time hanging out with Yuu and company. Haha~

February was relatively boring, except that I quit Zone X (fucked-up management), slacked around for a few weeks, during which I spent a lot of time with the aunties, playing mah-jong and all. Its weird how distant we are nowadays. Sad too. =( Its also too bad that I had to quit AFTER CNY. After putting up with those "oh-you-work-in-an-arcade" snide comments and side glances from my relatives during CNY. But the upside is, Valentine's Day made my pockets bulge happily. Also spent a huge
portion of the month camping in A.M.K's McDonald's with Yuu, Dear, Xiaohui and Xiuhui doing nothing but chatting and laughing our asses off at all the randomest things.

I truly can't remember much of what I did in March. Was I jobless?!??! But no eh, I had tuition. What then? Damn! My memory is failing me badly. But I remember doing nothing very constructive for that month, because Dear kept nagging at me for being so free and partly also 'cause he was jealous of my freedom. Mwahahaha~!

Landed a part-time stint at Parc Lumiere as a showroom assistant in April. I still remember getting quite a few emails and MSN messages asking me about the availability of the units even though my job was just some insignificant assistant. Even though I only worked for 2 weeks, it was really fun, especially the first few busy and tiring days. Then the units sold out too damn quick and we got put out of the job which was actually supposed to last about a month or so. And I still continued to hang out with them Zone X peeps till the wee hours even though I had to report to work in the mornings. xD

May is a HUGE turning point in my life, because that's the point of time when I landed my current job at Interwell. I will never forget the very day that I got the call from the agent. It was my FIRST day of work at Robinson's for the pre-GSS period and during lunch time, I got a call from Diana, asking me to turn up for an interview at 11am the next day. Right after hanging up, I was so happy that I was literally jumping around. Until my right knee buckled under me and I couldn't stand up for quite a few minutes. And guess what? It happened right in the middle of Centrepoint's food court. I think it was a sprain, but a rather nasty one, because up till today, I'm still suffering the after effects. To cut a long story short, I got the job at Interwell, quit Robinson's and settled in to office life.

JUNE. My first month at a new job and I had to take leave for my appointment at KK and also for TKDJ's chalet. I remember having quite a hard time settling in, because there were just so many new things to learn, and I also had to adjust to waking up at 7am and sleeping by 12am. Something that I hadn't done since I graduated from Dunman. Crystal was very generous in teaching me all the ropes, but sometimes, I could feel her impatience and my self-confidence just plummeted down and down.

July rolled around damned fast and I got used to office lifestyle. Its like, all of a sudden, WHAT? I've been here for 2 months already?!?! And then there were the problems between Dear and I, and finally, the month concluded with the passing away of my paternal grandmother. I remember being at the funeral and hating all the fake-ness I was witnessing from my relatives. I still do. Hate the fake-ness, I mean.

Because of that, the first 2 weeks of August had me moving around in zombie mode. Damn shagged all the time, for no apparent reason, but Dear and I also made up. Took part in the 1st ever Taiko competition jointly organised by Arcadia and TKDJ, and also chiong-ed all 4 books of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. I know that certain post that I put up criticizing the way the competition was judged put some serious tear on the friendship between Yuu and me, but I strongly believe that I should stop being the friend whose always too timid to speak out. I no longer want to be the party who silently swallows all the unhappiness in the hopes that ignoring the problem will make it go away. Because things just don't work that way.

I had a stressful month in September, mainly because of our very unstable finances. Because of that, I kept venting my frustrations out on Dear (actually I still do lah, xD), who somehow managed to put up with all my nonsense. Haha.

Attended William's wedding dinner in October. Somehow everyone seemed to be getting married during that month because David & Vincent were both complaining over the number of ang paos they had to give that month. Haha. Went to Sentosa with some of the TKDJ peeps and burnt my face chao-ta. Dinner was some disastrous affair at Bounce; and I returned to office the next week to everyone asking about my face. So paiseh lah...

Last month-November, I turned 19. Nothing special to be happy or upset about. Its just another year. Peggy and Crystal got me book vouchers for my presents while Yuu and the rest were too busy with exams and their own stuffs to remember my birthday. Somehow, my relationship with her and TKDJ peeps just went downhill from there. But that aside, I had an entire week of peace when my family went off to Chiangmai to visit some relative's wedding dinner. I purposely wiggled out of that because I just didn't want to spend a week listening to my sister bragging to my relatives. Spent most of that one week at Dear's house and almost got addicted to waking up beside him each morning. Haha. Towards the end of the month, I got a new desktop and Dear also finally got his PS3~

In the blink of an eye, December is here and just like that, an entire year has gone past and in less than a week, it'll be the year of 2010! I'm not going to go into details of what I've been doing this past month because you can just scroll down and read the more recent entries.

To sum up 2009, there's been a lot of changes to my life. From "just some teenager working part-time in an arcade" to a full-time working adult. Okay fine. Maybe not that adult, but still~

Its hard to believe, really, that I've been with my company for 7 months already. It feels just like yesterday that I entered the office for the very first time. I know in the start William didn't like me very much because of some reason, but I'm glad that's over now. There are probably unspoken politics in the office; things that individuals know but will rather die than say them out loud,but I'm happy to say that the working relationship between me and my colleagues is at the very least, amicable.

Over the months, I've really learnt a lot of things, both work-related and outside of work. One of the most important things though, is that I now can truly say that I've managed to stop being so sensitive about how people feel towards me. I cannot make the whole world like me, but I can love myself, and by loving myself, I can make myself "un-touchable" by the unkind thoughts people think of me.

Another thing I wanna mention is that I'm actually kinda glad that Dear and I had that huge blowout way back in July. Because nowadays, I can actually feel that he loves me even more than he used to. Not trying to be mushy or something, but its true. From the way he gives in more regularly to me, to the way he's been very patient with me and my mood swings and my willfulness. ♥

I don't know what went wrong in the link between me and TKDJ. Maybe its was my problem, maybe it was theirs. But I'm not really that bothered to go in-depth because I'm really very tired of all this nonsense. No matter anyways, I've been visiting the forum very very seldom nowadays and I don't Taiko that much either. Mainly because the novelty has worn off, and also because I don't see the point in being so obsessed with it, like so many of the TKDJ peeps still are.

No I'm not saying all this because I'm angry or anything. I'm just making a statement, that's all. Ironically, I'd like to quote Yuu in that life is more than taiko; more than making it a must to be a Iluma every single week or die of Taiko withdrawal syndromes.

In about 3 days, the new year will come about, and everything of 2009 will be nothing but memories, be them good or bad. My resolutions for 2010 are simple: I just wanna stay happy, start having some savings, make a trip to Taiwan (changeable to other places depending on my mood), and have the year pass uneventfully. Hopefully when I'm doing my EOY for 2010, I'll still be at Interwell, my pay will be slightly higher, and I'll have completed my CAT. Sounds like a lot to ask for, but if you actually notice, all those are achievable. Except maybe for the uneventful part.

I can't control what's going to happen in the future, neither am I going to dwell on the unhappiness of the past. I have enough sweet memories to last me through my downs at present and I'm going to work hard, stay strong and create even better memories for 2010.

I probably won't be blogging again until after the first week of 2010 because I'll be spending the weekend at Dear's place. Happy New Year in advance to everyone and may all your dreams come true! =)

Last post of the year in my favourite colour~! HAHA! I've spent 2 hours on this post; I'm shagged and I want my bed! Goodnight 2009!~


. ' 11:03 AM Y
Back to work after such a long X'mas break. Slept like no tomorrow yesterday. Haha.

Pariss was yummy, but also saw a lot of kiasu behaviour. The moment the Chili Crab was served, there was this super long queue and people just kept heaping their plates to the max, uncaring of the fact that there are also other people wanting to taste the food as well. There was some Crocodile Meat Bak Kut Teh but no one seemed brave enough to try. Haha~ And for some reason, the drunken prawns were so very popular as well. I saw quite a lot of people piling their plates as though they've never eaten prawns before. Overall not too bad an experience, 'cause the food was pretty good except that the dessert sucked. I still prefer Grand Mercure. God, I can't get the taste of the Durian Paste out of my mind! =P

Been doing quite a lot of blog-hopping lately and it seems as though EVERYONE I know is doing hardcore partying and drinking on a frequent basis. I really don't understand what's so fun about getting high and wasted all the time, especially when its gonna destroy your health and make you look haggard years from now. For a great example, just take a look at Lindsay Lohan. Psh. I'm not taking digs at anyone okay, but I'm rather surprised that people like Dex who look so much like "Guai Kia" type can actually be so wild. Lol~ And duh... I'm not preaching or anything. I like alcohol too, just not THAT much.

Oh yeah, one more thing. For the past few months I've been reading all those bitchy status updates from my ex-poly mates groaning and moaning about how they can't wait for internship to end and each time I just wanna LAUGH at them. The whole point of an internship is for you gain experience in whatever field of study you're doing, but with the downside of a super meagre salary.

2 years ago, a lot of people laughed at me for dropping out of poly, but now I can laugh back at them because I'm gaining the same amount of experience as them, if not more, at like what? Twice their salary? Fine, you wanna also remind me that I won't get my CAT until NEXT YEAR, but that's because I've been taking my own sweet time, with an entire year of break in between.

And then I also wanna remind you that 4 years from now, I'm gonna graduate with my ACCA, including P1-P7, which is equivalent to a Master's. That on the same track as, if not faster than, everyone else in my year. Because if you calculate according to the usual track that people like to take, that's at least 3 years on a local university for a Bachelor's. Sure, its been pretty tough to work and study at the same time, but it just means I'm ahead of them in terms of work experience.

Read this and you wanna retort with something nasty? Look around the page. Do you realise there's no tagboard or any way to leave your stupid comments, unless you send me an email, which of course, I'm gonna delete? Yeah, hope you choke on that surge of frustration. *Evil grin*

Alright, I apologise for being on bitch-mode this morning. I'd like to reiterate that I'm not "shooting" any specific persons (if you FB people happen to read this); just being LOUD this morning. I think I'm still on the high of seeing Arsenal win 3-0 against Aston Villa in yesterday's match. Mwahahaha! Fabregas FTW!

Oh yay! Off to lunch!

Damn shit I haven't done my EOY yet. 3.5 more days left...


.Thursday, December 24, 2009 ' 10:51 AM Y
Will not be going to Pariss for dinner on Boxing Day.

Because we'll be going tomorrow instead~ Muahahaha!

Lunch today at Grand Mercure Roxy was fabulous! I LOVE the durian paste. Definitely going back there again someday.

Just came back from watching Sherlock Holmes and its a GREAT movie! Not as awesome as Avatar of course, but still wonderful. Unlike many other mystery genre movies, they actually bother to explain every single detail. And its funny without being lame. I like how they think of all those twists and turns; super duper small details that we don't notice until they are explained. Just my cup of tea. ^^

Off to Tudou. Update again on my experience at Pariss tomorrow!


.Wednesday, December 23, 2009 ' 2:32 PM Y
So totally sick of doing quizzes right now. I think I've done like, at least 30 since this morning. Wahaha!

So anyway, my paycheck's gonna be withheld because my BIG boss is still away in Australia and god knows when he'll be back. Which means no money for Christmas, and possibly New Year too. How fucking wonderful. BLEAHS.

A lot of things seem to be going wrong for Christmas this year. I hope this isn't a sign that next year's gonna be a bad one.

Off to drown my sorrows in Ribena......


.Monday, December 21, 2009 ' 3:49 PM Y
HI~ Its me again! Do you think I'm blogging way too often? I think so too!!!

For some weird reason, I'm just fucking happy. Over nothing. Either I'm going crazy or the Christmas-sy spirit is getting to me. Haha!

Will most probably be spending Christmas with my family, but Dear and I have agreed to go for buffet at Paris on Boxing Day, and then watch Alvin & the Chipmunks 2 after that. Nothing very special, I know, but I don't need very much to make me happy. There's supposed to be something else on the agenda, but I forgot what. xD

I'm off to doodle out the general plot of the storyline I have in my mind, but I highly doubt that it will result in anything. I'm not going to start writing it until the day that I'm 100% positive I will be able to complete it, so this is probably just to pass time. Ciao~


.Sunday, December 20, 2009 ' 1:12 AM Y
Avatar is truly AWESOME!!! I know I should probably stop gushing and telling the whole world about it, but I really can't refrain myself. The moment the movie ended, the whole cinema was applauding and I was telling myself that I'd totally wanna watch it again. Nevermind the fact that its FOURTEEN FREAKING DOLLARS for a ticket; I find it totally worth the money. Now Dear is laughing at me 'cause I'm the one who shrugged it off as some stupid alien movie in the first place. Trust me, its even better than Titanic. And watch it in 3D because its VERY different from 2D and because its just so goddamn awesome. xD

Anyway, we ended up not going for the Bookfest because it was rather late after the movie. I dragged Dear off to Wisma and Takashimaya and shopped till he was totally complaining. Wahaha~ Bought a really cute Pooh Bear and Eeyore stuffed toys and also got my present for our company's gift exchange ready. I think if any of the guys were to accidentally pick what I bought, they're gonna kill me. And I'm actually having second thoughts already. Haha.

Before I go off to continue watching Autumn In My Heart, I just wanna share something from Jodi Picoult's book: Vanishing Acts. I've always been attracted to stories with a little bit of fantasy in them, where the whole story seems so real yet so impossible. Except maybe for Lord of the Rings. For some effing reason, I just can't get past the first chapter of the book. But I digress:

"According to the Hopi, we sometimes no longer fit the world we've been given.

In the beginning, there was only darkness and Taiowa the sun spirit. He created the First World and filled it with creatures that lived in a cave deep in the earth. But they fought among themselves, so he sent Spider Grandmother down to prepare them for a change.

As Spider Grandmother led the creatures into the Second World, Taiowa changed them. They were no longer insects, but animals with fur, and webbed fingers, and tails. They were happy to have the space to roam free, but they didn't understand life any better than before.

Taiowa sent Spider Grandmother back to lead the way into the Third World. By now, the animals had transformed into people. They made villages, and plants corn. But it was cold in the Third World, and mostly dark. Spider Grandmother taught them to weave blankets to keep warm; she told the women to make clay pots to store water and food. But in the cold, the pots couldn't be baked. The corn wouldn't grow.

One day a hummingbird came to the people in the fields. He had been sent by Masauwu, Ruler of the Upper World, and Caretaker of the Place of the Dead. He brought with him fire, and he taught the people its secret.

With this new discovery, the people could harden their pots, and warm their fields and cook their food. For a while, they lived in peace. But sorcerers emerged, with medicine to hurt those they didn't like. Men gambled, instead of farming. Women grew wild, forgetting their babies, so that the fathers had to care for the children. People began to brag that there was no god, that they had created themselves.

Spider Grandmother returned. She told the people that those of good heart would leave this place, and the evil ones, behind. They did not know where to go, but they had heard footsteps overhead in the sky. So the chiefs and the medicine men took clay and shaped a swallow out of it, wrapped it in a bride's robe, and sang it to life.

The swallow flew toward the opening in the sky, but he was not strong enough to make it through. The medicine men decided to make a stronger bird, and they sang forth a dove. It flew through the opening and returned, saying, "On the other side, there is a land that spreads in all directions. But there is nothing alive up there."

Still, the chiefs and the medicine men had heard footsteps. They fashioned a catbird this time, and asked him to ask the One Who Made the Footsteps for permission to enter his land.

The catbird flew past the point where all the other birds had gone. He found sand, and mesas. He found ripe squash and blue corn and splitting melons. He found a single stone house, and its master, Masauwu. When he returned, he told the chiefs and the medicine men that Masauwu would allow them to come. they looked up, wondering how they would ever reach the hole in the sky.

They went off to find Chipmunk, the planter. Chipmunk planted a sunflower seed in the ground, and by the power of singing, the people made it grow. But it bent over with its own weight, and could not reach the hole.

Chipmunk planted a spruce, and then a pine, but neither grew tall enough. Finally, he planted a bamboo, and the people began to sing. Every time they stopped to catch their breath, the bamboo stopped growing and a notch formed. Finally, the bamboo passed through the hole in the sky.

Only the pure people were allowed into this Fourth World. Spider Grandmother went up the bamboo first, with her two warrior grandsons. As the people emerged, a mockingbird sorted them into Hopi and Navajo, Zuni and Pima, Ute and Supai, Sioux and Comanche and whites. The warrior grandsons took their buckskin ball and played their way across the earth, creating mountains and mesas. Spider Grandmother made a sun and a moon. Coyote tossed the leftover materials into the sky, to make the stars.

The Hopi will tell you that evil managed to sneak in up the bamboo, anyway. That the time of this Fourth World is almost done. Any day now, they say, we might find ourselves in a new one."

-Taken from Vanishing Acts, by Jodi Picoult

If you bothered to read that whole chunk of what I just typed-my wrists are still aching, by the way- you're probably wondering what the hell all that crap meant.

Basically, the whole book is about this woman named Delia who finds out that her father allegedly kidnapped her when she was a child, and brought her from Arizona to New Hampshire, took on a new identity and lived completely different lives for twenty over years, until one day when the police turns up at their doorstep. They go back to Arizona for the trial and Delia tries to pick up the memories of her past, of who she really was and basically tries to find herself.

I'm still in the middle of reading the book, so I don't know how it ends but I love it already. I've read about 6 books by Jodi Picoult now, and there isn't a single book that I don't love. All book lovers should seriously try reading any one of her titles!

With that, I'm really going to sign off. Its nearly 2am, and I haven't yet called Dear to let him know I've reached home. xD Goodnight everyone!


.Saturday, December 19, 2009 ' 1:04 PM Y
Why oh WHY did it have to rain???

Going to Bookfest again with Hubby later to pick up more stuff. I'm going broke, but I still wanna buy more books! xD

We've booked tickets to watch Avatar 3D at Lido later at 4pm and I really hope its nice. William was so highly recommending the movie and Lido's cinemas-apparently the best place to watch 3D movies, so we decided to give it a try. I love Lido's popcorn anyway! Keke!

I've got no idea whether its 'cause of the festive season or what, but I've been feeling pretty happy lately. Still trying to get round a lot of things and ignore them and the negative feelings I get. I know I keep saying that I'm gonna do my EOY evaluation but I keep putting it off. I promise myself I'll get it done before December 31st okay?

After this unbearably long week, it's gonna be Christmas next week! 3.5 days of work only! Haha. I finally got my stuff at Body Shop yesterday. One lip balm, one shower gel and a bottle of perfume. And I also bought the dvd for Autumn In My Heart from TS. I know its a really ancient show-I watched it when I was in Primary 4, but guess I'm just being nostalgic. I'm even listening to 5566's old songs! xD

Hoping to plan a little getaway during CNY next year. I can't celebrate this year because of my grandma's passing away. I suggested going for a holiday since I got a week's holiday during that period and my dad seemed to be seriously considering my sister's proposal of going to Australia, but if nothing comes out of that, I'm hoping to go Tioman with Dear. I know most people would think its a pretty boring place, and it is. There nothing to do except snorkelling, eating and perhaps fishing. Because the island is all surrounded by sea. But I like the laid-back and relaxing feel of the place. I think it's a perfectly wonderful place to rest and recharge your energy. And its not too expensive either. Haha. I'm saving up all that I can so as to finally be able to go Taiwan next year end. Now just to convince him... =P

Olay~! My mom is back with lunch!!! Off to eat and then prepare to go out. Ciao~!!


.Friday, December 11, 2009 ' 12:55 AM Y
The iPhone craze is getting so... crazy, that even Dear is tempted to get it. Me? No way. Read N-E-V-E-R. I have this obsession about not using what everyone is using, and this applies to a lot of things. Handphones, bags, clothes. What is fashion to all those people on the streets is just a whole lot of bullshit to me, because my theory is that if EVERYONE is using/wearing/doing the same thing, then its not unique anymore. Dear doesn't like this... obsession of mine, but I'm just like that. =P

Had nasi bryani at Ah Mei cafe (AMK Hub) for dinner again today, but I ended up giving half of my food to Hubby 'cause I was saving tummy space for dessert. I've been wanting to try out that new dessert (okay maybe not so new, but I've never been there yet, so its new to me!) at Level 2 and I finally got my wish today! Dear had the Chocolate Snow Ice while I tried the Mango Sago or whatever you call it. YUMMY!!! And the Durian Pastry was OMG! *Hearts*~!!!

I'm still using my lousy Sony Ericsson "don't-know-what-model" phone so no pictures. But I promise that when I get my phone, I'm definitely going there to eat and take pictures! In the meantime, you can read a review of the place here.

Going to drag Hubby to go X'mas shopping with me next weekend~ Muahahaha!! So many presents to buy and yet I still don't exactly know what I'm going to get. Heck, I don't even know whether I SHOULD be doing this. I'm gonna be so shagged this few weeks because my weekends are being eaten up by all sorts of activites. Looking forward to X'mas though. I hope our company's X'mas lunch will be fun and I'm still thinking of where to go for dinner with Dear on that day. Suggestions anyone???

Alright! Off to chat with Hubby for a while then get my beauty sleep. Nights all~!


.Tuesday, December 08, 2009 ' 10:50 AM Y
Been so tired these past few days. Had to keep worrying about my sister's business and stay up late nearly every night to help her pack the orders and post them out. Urgh! Seriously though, what's the fuck with Australians and Body Shop? I've sent out at least 50 Body Shop items and at least 98% are bought by Australians. And there's still more to come. What the bleeding hell!!!

Went down to Wisma Atria with my mom last Sunday to procure more Body Shop items. The Merry Cranberry Soap smells really nice!!! Its sweet and not too overpowering. I never thought there would be a day whereby I'd actually praise Body Shop stuff. I used to walk past and think the whole shop stinked. Lol~

Back to the topic though, I really hope my sister comes back from China soon. All this business stuff is eating into my social life! Not that I have a very active one in the first place lah, but still!!!

I'm going to do my end year self-evaluation soon. Okay fine, not exactly a self evaluation; more of a "What I've been doing for the entire 2009" kind of list. Something like what I did for last year. Re-reading through some of my past year entries to recall some of the stuff I did. xD

I'm so impatient waiting for VS to come out with new styles and hopefully, another free shipping promotion! I've already chosen the boots and dress that I'm going to order. Just waiting for better promotion deals! And this month's pay. Haha.

Still deciding where to go for this year's Christmas dinner! But Dear agreed that I could get my hair rebonded. *Loves!* Off to read those past entries. Mood today: SUPER HAPPY! xD


.Sunday, December 06, 2009 ' 12:54 AM Y
I'm sure by now almost the entire world knows about the whole "Tiger Woods had an affair" saga, thanks to the media. And you know how come SBS buses have TV Mobile and like to keep on showing Entertainment Tonight to erm... "entertain" the passengers?
So I was on 168 today, heading towards Causeway Point to meet Dear for dinner and movie, and ET was being shown on TVM again, and of course, they're talking about the whole Tiger Woods thing again. Blah blah blah, all the usual shit.
And then comes this part where they get this psychologist or some sort of shit expert to come and give her views on things like, "What should Tiger Woods say?", "What should Elin (who I presume is the wife) say?" and "Should they separate?"
Its like, HELLO? Its someone else's marriage. Albeit that someone being a golf-pro. But still! Its none of your fucking business! Who are you to come and yak shit about someone's marriage/affair like you know so well? That's just damned rude!
Okay lah fine. I know its not my business to get pissed at ET and that woman, but seriously? Hollywood is such a fucked up place. Wonder how the yakking woman would feel if someone came up to her and gave her bullshit about her marriage.

Anyways, we finally caught 2012 today after waiting for so damn long; what with being busy with work and waiting for the movie to come off the No Free List so that I could use my free ticket. Haha. It was a really nice movie, although highly exaggerated.
One thought that lingers in my mind though, is that if it were me, I think I'd rather die with the rest of the billions of people. Ever heard of survivor's guilt? There's this one part where that Adrian tries to plead with the other leaders to open the gate and let the other people in and he says "What are we going to tell our children? What will they tell their children?" Or something like that lah~ And then they all decide to open the gates.
Its touching, true. But seriously, what are they expecting to tell their children? "Oh we survived this huge catastrophe but about 5 billion other people or so died."? What nonsense.
And the really cute thing is, you know how in American movies they always write the U.S President's character to portray what they think of the real character? Now that Obama is the President, suddenly Mr U.S.P is a (black) loving man who would rather die with his fellow countrymen instead of a (white) selfish scaredy-cat who cowers behind his assistants. Guess we know who the scriptwriter voted for.

Oh and I have to say this! Dear and I had dinner at Pizza Hut and the service there was HORRIBLE. We got served with pizza even before our drinks and soup came. I had to ask the manager whether they'd gotten the wrong table. And their servers don't know service etiquette! Serve ice water immediately upon seating. When serving food or drinks, ladies first. Clear the empty plates/bowls once the customers are done with their food. They didn't do ANY of that!
I learned something amusing though. It seems that ever since I fell sick on Tuesday, my appetite has gotten alot smaller. I only managed abit of soup and about 2.5 small slices of pizza and I was totally full. So full that I started to feel unwell again and ended up vomitting. Lol~ I like the small appetite though. xD

Alright, gotta end here because I wanna squeeze in one episode of drama before I head off to bed. Meeting Hubby early tomorrow for breakfast and gym! Nights, and sorry for whole chunks of text!!



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-=*JiMMy LiN*=-
-=*LeO kU*=-
-=*ShOw LuO*=-
-=*KiNgOnE wAnG*=-
-=*KeLlY pOoN*=-
-=*RaInIe YaNg*=-
-=*RuBy LiN*=-

-=*JaCk NeO*=-
-=*LaO zHa BoR*=-
-=*Mc KiNg*=-
-=*KeNnY sIa*=-

Past AcQuainTanCes

Past Acquaintances

-=*ShYaNg LoNg*=-
-=*JaSmInE tAn*=-
-=*RuI cHeNg*=-
-=*JiAn WeI*=-
-=*JuN mInG*=-
-=*LiAnG hAo*=-
-=*JiAn XiOnG*=-
-=*XuE yInG*=-


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