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.Wednesday, December 31, 2008 ' 2:03 AM Y
ARGH!!! So fucking pissed at VPOST. Its already been one month and my order from VS still has NOT been delivered to me. What the fucking hell?!!! And if they dare to tell me that they lost my shipment, I am so going to SUE them.

And today, drama ensued at work. Apparently Mrs KYM FUCKING TAN wasn't happy that Christine and Hamidah didn't want to adjust the UFO toys for her yesterday. And in a fit of childish anger, she decided to exchange a redemption item worth 1645 tickets by tearing up ALL her tickets into individual pieces. That is 1645 tickets in one-by-one pieces. And for goodness' sake she is in her thirties!

And after a long long "chat" with our OM who happened to drop by today, she left in a huff and vowed "never to come back again", heading over to Virtualand with children and "nanny" in tow. Good riddance, we say. But we also know that she'll probably be back within the next couple of days. Just wait and see. And by the way, did I also mention that she was left speechless despite trying to argue with our OM? He told her "without any animosity" that he "can not force her to come here" and that if she felt that the toys were too hard to catch, then by all means "don't play that machine". OM 1 BITCH 0. OLAY!!!

Working the night shift on New Year's Day, but Dear and I have Friday off! Looking forward to going to Downtown East!!! And YES I start school next Monday! Sweet dreams tonight!


.Monday, December 29, 2008 ' 2:08 AM Y
I finally changed my blog song after so long. Haha. Its one of my favourite instrumental songs because whenever I listen to it, I just sink into a daydream of memories automatically. Few songs have that kind of power.

And while searching for it, I also found out that the actual lyrics have been penned for the song and was sung by Zhao Wei. Couldn't find the sung track, so I decided to upload the MV instead. I think "emo" people will love it, especially if they can understand and appreciate the lyrics. And yes, if you were wondering why the song is so familiar, its actually one of the background music from Huan Zhu Ge Ge. Hehs.



.Friday, December 26, 2008 ' 2:03 AM Y
Merry Xmas to everyone!!! Though its a little belated. Fine. Happy Boxing Day! ^^

Lovely day at work. Even though it was super busy. People just kept coming to top up and even at closing time the arcade was still full of people. Xiaohui and Dear even had to switch off the main power to get the people to scoot. Haha. Played abit of Taiko and Ripper Ribbit and it was close to 12 already. Super shocked luh!!! I ended up cabbing home from Yishun with midnight charge and every. Haha. But its okay! I'm feeling too happy to care. Cannot reveal why I'm so happy though. Shhh~ Keke.

Morning shift tomorrow. Cashier again, and working only with Joanne. Oh! Speaking of her!!! She's really cute lah! Gave each of us Xmas presents when we weren't expecting anything at all. Feel so guilty, having her spend money on us. I got a cute Miss Bunny mug and Dear and Xiaohui got a massage stick each. So the three of us decided to get something for her too. $30 worth of NTUC vouchers! So nice right? Can buy free groceries. Heh heh.

Anyways, just went blog-hopping. Cheers to Jinwen for having a wonderful Xmas outing, although I still can't stand your dear. Sorrie!!! And I hope I have the chance to see Chu Bin and his botak head before he books in again. LOL. And to you-know-who, I can only say, WAIT LONG LONG! Keke.


.Thursday, December 25, 2008 ' 1:00 AM Y
Finally watched IP Man today. I've been wanting to watch it ever since it came out but Dear was hesitant because we weren't really sure what the movie would be like.

And then SY sprang by Zone X yesterday to tell us that he had watched it with his friend and that it was nice. He then proceeded to snatch my dinner companion away although they did make it up later by accompanying me during MY dinner. Two grown men watching me slurp a bowl of udon. Hmmm...

Over dinner the two of them kept talking about going overseas together next year. Don't know to be envious or to be pissed off with them. Because I definitely won't be able to go!!! So sad. Spent the entire lazy morning shift today helping them to brainstorm for places to go. That's how slow business was today. Sales didn't even manage to hit 1k! But Dear told me some very interesting stuff indeed. LOL. Apparently some people have already long moved on with the past whereas others are still firmly stuck in their own pathetic world. How hilarious.

Somehow this year's Xmas doesn't feel very "christmasy". Totally NIL spirit of xmas. Dear and I walked around the entire AMK Hub and Northpoint looking for our Xmas dinner but either there were long queues or the menu weren't to our taste. Ended up busting over 20 bucks on McDonalds. Haha. Will be working tomorrow, but I'm still looking forward to the day. Hope I can earn enough tomorrow to buy another DS. I hope tons and tons of people come to AMK Hub's Zone X tomorrow! But please let the machines work properly. LOL.

Another piece of good news! If things go smoothly, I'll officially start my CAT by the 2nd of January 2009. And this time there shouldn't be any more stupid delays. All the relevant cheques and monies have been passed to me, although I still end up having to fork out about 56 pounds on my own. =.=" How come I'm not smart enough to ask for the full amount from my parents? No wonder Dear always shakes his head at me. Hehe.

Can't wait to finally start studying! All I have to do now is to decide between using my old passport photo or to take a new one. Haha. Hitting the books again after almost a year feels weird.

Somehow, in this one year, I've managed to change my entire attitude towards what education should be like, and to be even more sure of what I want for my future. In a sense, I'm still rushing and pressurising myself, even though Dear keeps telling me that I'm only 18 and that there's no rush. But to me, 18 feels old. As though time is running out. I'm hoping to get my ACCA and start on counseling courses within the next 4 years or so but the way things are going now, its as though my time is getting more and more limited. Oh, now I'm blabbing. Haha.

Still, I'm pleased with my achievements within this one year break and now I'm all fresh and ready to start studying again!

Last thing before I head off for bed: If you're interested in enriching yourself and understanding how the human mind works, try looking for this book called "Social Intelligence". I forgot the author's name, but I know you can find it at Times' under self-enrichment or something at only $28. I haven't actually read it, but Dear's managed to teach me quite a lot of stuff through that book and trust his judgement on good psychology books. Highly recommended!!!


.Monday, December 22, 2008 ' 2:53 AM Y
I totally overslept today!!! Was supposed to be at work at 9.30am and only woke up at 11.30. Pro or what? LOL. Luckily I didn't get much of a lecture. Neither did I get the sack. xD Slacked the day off with Jubeat and Mahjong. Some stupid idiot broke the Taiko drumsticks. Broke it and ran off. BLOODY COWARD.

Working on Xmas with Dear. What a way to spend the night. And I'm the cashier too. Sighs... Still we're working with Xiaohui so it should be quite fun.

So busy downloading games now. Because...

I bought my DS Lite today!!! Silver in colour, modified, and only $265!!! So giddy with HAPPINESS!!! Keke. And Dear says he might want to get one too. Please feel free to recommend any good games! Yea yea!!! Now to work towards our PS3!

Off to continue downloading. Hehs. Sorry for using so many exclamation marks, but hey! I'm happy!!!!!!! LOL.


.Saturday, December 20, 2008 ' 12:43 AM Y
Last week I didn't have any shit to blog about. Now there's so many happenings to share that I don't know where to start!

Its been pure bliss for the past two days. To go to sleep each night with Dear beside me and to see him first thing in the morning when I open my eyes. Sounds mushy, but its really wonderful a feeling. Hehs.

Anyway, work yesterday was horribly SHITTY thanks to this Malay bitch who didn't understand the meaning of manners. I mean, I'm just sitting there, doing my cashiering and all of a sudden she walks up to the counter and starts ranting at me because apparently the BSL had alot of "holes" and she couldn't scoop the sweets up. I very nicely told her that actually its easier to scoop at the "holes" because she can actually pick up more sweets that way and she was like, "So many "holes" how to scoop? You come and see lah!". On and on~ Can't she just admit that she doesn't know how to play the damn thing?! And if she wants us to refill the sweets can't she ask NICELY? Still so pissed off even up till now!

Luckily today was a whole lot better. Spent the entire morning drawing up forms, chatting with Dear and Joan, and basically just slacking all the way until afternoon when the crowd started coming in. The new guy who just joined us yesterday quit because he said his legs were aching after a day's work. Like, what the bloody fuck? What kind of lame excuse is that???

Watched The Day The Earth Stood Still and Yes Man on Wednesday and today respectively. The former was SO damn disappointing. No action at all!!! What the hell?!!! Fine. Its impressive that Reeves' Mandarin wasn't that bad but what happened to the ACTION? All of a sudden the greyish cloud of THINGS just vanishes like that? SO BLEEDING LAME!!!

Yes Man was so much more enjoyable. The audience was laughing the entire time throughout the movie, and that in itself more than makes up for the not so substantial plot. Basically the whole movie is talking about Jim Carrey being some loser who says no to everything, coops himself up and home and "emo-s", then attending this "talk" or something and then trying to change, so he finds himself saying yes to EVERYTHING. Things start looking up for awhile but go downhill again later into the movie. Pretty typical ending but very funny. I didn't waste my ten bucks after all.

By the way, today was the first time in months that I've watched any movie at GV and I have to say that compared to Cathay, the couple seats at GV SUCK big time. So bloody uncomfortable that they might as well NOT make couple seats. The thirsty bloodsuckers a.k.a the management team should really do something about improving quality of comfort in their cinemas. And more promotions of course. xD

Just some "advertising" for Zone X before I head off to watch my downloaded shows. This weekend, we're having a $20-for-$20 promotion which means you get a $20 free for every $20 (not including GST) that you top up. Quite worth it, especially if you're using just a normal card. Only SMIP people don't stand to benefit much, except that you don't have to show the SMIP vouchers. Haha. Available at all Zone X outlets!


.Monday, December 15, 2008 ' 1:45 AM Y
I wanted to blog. But then I couldn't think of anything interesting to blog about. In the end, I decided NOT to blog about anything. I'm turning into a Jill. I need entertainment!!!


.Thursday, December 11, 2008 ' 1:40 AM Y
I'm suddenly swamped by books to read, and not enough time to read them all. The Twilight series are too precious to lug around, and the Inkheart trilogy is too damn thick to even fit into my bag. And whenever I'm home, I'm either busy surfing the net or sleeping. I don't even know how to start because my sister lent Twilight to her friend, and I don't want to start on Inkheart yet because its as thick as Lord of the Rings and I have a feeling it'll take me months to finish reading. So in the meantime, I'm devouring the books that have been on my bookshelf for years, but looked boring to me all along. Suddenly they're very interesting. Haha.

Tuition again tomorrow. Somehow just can't find the time to go play mahjong at Jubilee!!! Lucky night shift tomorrow is with Christine and Sing Ying; people I can stand and get along with. Haha.

Good luck to Chu Bin who enlists tomorrow!!! See you and your botak head in two weeks. LOL!!


.Wednesday, December 10, 2008 ' 1:36 AM Y
The Office Party was quite enjoyable, although it got a little draggy towards the end. Very adult, with alot of swearing, and basically talking about office politics and such. The actors were okay, although not professional enough, I feel. Or maybe I just couldn't appreciate the play that well because I've not gone through all the office politics shit before. But on the whole, it was funny enough to be worth the ticket price. Haha.

I think Dear and I were the youngest among the entire audience. The damn woman at the door even asked me for my IC! Like what the hell! I can sneak into M18 movies a year before I become of age and yet I get checked for trying to watch a play that supposed to be NC16. Weird or what?

There's another play coming up at the SRT next month called Defending the Caveman, about the relationships between men and women, how they communicate and all that. And tickets are pretty cheap too! We're definitely gonna watch that. Its really a pity that none of our friends know how to appreciate such stuff, because I think it'd be really fun to go in a huge group.

Things at work still aren't looking up for me. I mean, there aren't any problems for me, but I honestly feel for Kat. Being sacked with such a lousy reason? Come on man!!! At least think of a better excuse! Was talking to Christine today and then suddenly had the though of going into sales. Haha. Just an impulse, although the idea kind of intrigued me. Hmmmm......

Have to make a trip down to Kaplan soon. Stupid bloody website's information darn confusing. And this time I'm starting my course even if I have to pay for the damn thing on my own. KNN!!!


.Monday, December 08, 2008 ' 2:49 AM Y
I don't know what possessed me to do so, but I just suscribed to MobTV for three whole months. I've never been a huge fan of Channel 8 dramas and it doesn't exactly bother me to have to miss a few episodes of shows that are deemed interesting, so I don't know why the sudden urge. Most likely, I suspect, because I desperately wanted the watch the 45th Anniversary gala show, which I missed a few weeks ago and can't seem to find on Youtube. LOL. $30, just for that reason. I must be going out of my mind.

And that's why I say that I definitely can't be trusted with a credit card. Even with almost-free rein on my sister's card, I've used up about $200 of credit space, let's not even mention how much worse it would get if I had my own.

Anyways! About MobTV. The download manager is really awesome. I finished downloading the three hour gala show in less than an hour and it take just about 15 minutes to load a one- hour show. And since yesterday after I signed up, I've been busy searching the entire site for shows that I'd like to watch. The bad thing about the system is that you CAN'T download entire shows at one go. You actually have to manually load them one episode by one episode. Tedious, especially for long dramas like The Little Nyonya. And I seem to be having problems streaming the media straight off the site. But on the whole, everything else is pretty much easy to use and all.

Tomorrow Dear and I will be heading to the DBS Arts Centre to watch The Office Party. Quite excited. I think that's the "suaku" feeling of doing something for the first time and looking forward to it. Saw Van when I went to collect our tickets today at TM, but didn't really chat since I was rushing off the AMK Hub.

My schedule for next week sucks, because I've only got tomorrow off, but of the 6 days that I work, 3 of them are with Dear. And that means either of us will be the cashier. Goody goody. Heh heh. Confirm can go and watch Snow White already!!!

Oh yea... I watched Bolt yesterday with Dear, Kat and Khin and the show was pretty nice. Touching, a little predictable, but very CUTE. Especially the start when they showed Bolt as a puppy. Oh my god I could melt!!! Hahas. Kbox for next week still not confirmed. No one's giving me confirmed replies!!! And Jinwen doesn't want to go. Double sians.

Oh well... I'm off to watch the shows that I've managed to download so far. Please feel to recommend any shows that you think are worth the time to download and watch. Mediacorp channels only!!!


.Friday, December 05, 2008 ' 1:38 AM Y
Today's the first time I've spent so little while shopping at the city. What a miracle.

Kat and I were just walking around Suntec and Marina Square like 2 aimless souls. Chatted lots about pre and post secondary school stuffs, had pretzels at Auntie Anne's and spent the rest of te time slacking at Mac, waiting for Khin to join us.

Dinner was Just Noodles, introduced to me by Kat and Khin. I liked the Teriyaki Chicken Ramen!!! Yum yum! And there's free flow of drinks and ice-cream. Gonna bring Dear over there some day to let him try0.

Went back to AMK Hub after that to wait for Dear to finish work. I'm getting so much better at Jubeat! Perfect combo for the first song, and almost perfect for the next two. Super happy!!! But still couldn't stand the stupid regulars for almost tipping the bloody machine over. Just for one small little keychain toy. Fuck you all. Khin's going to stay around tomorrow to "play around" with the regulars. Lol. There's going to be interesting "shows" to watch.


Almost everyone I know has watched Twilight online already!!! So dumb lah!!! Whatever happened to the cinema atmosphere??? Speaking of movies though, I thought Dear and I were hardcore movie junkies, but apparently Sing Ying upped one on us when she told us that she's watched practically all the movies that are in cinemas right now. *Utterly speechless* So now I've got someone to ask about nice and not-so-nice movies. Goody!!

Xmas shopping tomorrow after work. Keke. I'm turning into such a spendthrift~~


.Thursday, December 04, 2008 ' 2:31 AM Y
Dear and I will be attending the following play this coming Monday!!!!!!!


Its supposed to be a comedy and Dear and I suddenly had this whim to catch a play so we decided on this. Tickets are quite cheap lah; just $37.50 for students. Can't wait for Monday to come!!! Only thing is, we're going to have a hell of a time trying to locate the DBS Arts Centre. Anyone can give me easy directions???

Oh... And I wanna watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs too! Its directed by Hossan Leong and I like his works alot. He's a great comedian and I have a feeling that Snow White will be interesting.


So many events this month!!!

Going shopping with Kat tomorrow. Thinking of buying a new sling bag, but the practical part of my brain is telling me not to waste the money when I've got a perfectly useable bag that's still brand new. Haha.

Watching Bolt over the weekend with Kat and Khin and going out for Kbox with them some time next week. And there's Dalton's Xmas party on the 24th. AND there's bound to be other outings and events popping up as the days go by.


I'm back to tutoring the two kids at Hougang, even though a part of me is quite reluctant. But an additional $340 a month was simply too good to pass up. I will try to persevere over the next one year! Haha.

Finally after so long, money's no longer a huge headache, and Dear and I can give ourselves treats here and there. FINALLY. Sweet sweet December. If only there was winter and snow. I SO wanna go abroad!!!


.Tuesday, December 02, 2008 ' 1:58 AM Y
Till now I'm still highly impressed by how Glory manages to remain so cheery and upbeat despite being stuck in such a shitty job. 10 gruelling hours each day for 6 days a week, putting up with customers who are rude, threaten her with complaints ALL the time and treat her as a slave for just slightly over $400 a month. PATHETIC AMOUNT with so damn much to put up with. Hats off to her, honestly.

I wouldn't take up her job even if I was offered 4k a month, for goodness' sake. There's been countless of times when I wished very much that I could just tell the regulars to just fuck off. Just last Friday, the most recent saga, this super fucked-up young couple (regulars, of course) threatened to complain Glory to the MOM.

Apparently they thought that just because she's a foreign worker, they can just submit complaints against her just like that. STUPID RETARDS.

And the reason for the complaint? She was rude to them, and she didn't allow them to exchange toys from the BSL for toys from the Sesame, when they themselves knew that it wasn't allowed by company regulations. FUCKED UP PEOPLE. Oh, and they said they didn't like the way Glory and standing behind them, keeping an eye on them while they were playing the BSL machine.

What they omitted to mention was the fact that they kept banging the damned machine to make the sweets drop, just so they could save a few dollars. AND its not the first time they've done this. All of them fucking regulars do it, and its freaking irritating.

Based on just this incident alone, no amount of money could be worth taking up such a job. Not to mention the endless scoldings from the regulars (YES THEY ACTUALLY SCREAM AND SHOUT AT HER) just because she refused to shift the toys into an easy position for them to catch.

The best thing is, there's absolutely NO form of support from the boss, because apparently the Boss' policy is that the customers are ALWAYS right. KNNBCCB. I am so damn fucking glad that I'm but a part-timer; I can just leave if and when I want to.

Anyway, seems like tis' the season to be emo or something. Almost all the blogs I frequent have some sort of "emo" post or other, and even Jinwen has deleted her blog. And speaking of the latter, I haven't contacted her since I sms-ed to tell her about the cancellation of the zoo trip.

I know she's super upset, not just because of this, but also because of her colleagues at work, but after what I've been trying to do to get through to her, it doesn't seem to work. Maybe I'm not as good at this compared to Dear, but I do try my best! But its like, I don't know...

Darling, you keep saying you can't or you tried but its still the same, and you're still unhappy. Then turn the "cannot-s" into "can-s", and try even harder! Do you want to remain this unhappy for the rest for your 2 year contract with the company or do you want to give priority to your own happiness? TO HELL with the assholes who try to make life difficult for you. WHY keep considering how they feel when they don't give a shit about how YOU feel? And yet I don't know if all this is getting through to you. Or is it the way I try to drill the message into you wrong?

My turn to start going "emo". Better snap out of it real quick. By the way I order some stuff from VS and if I'm not wrong, the items should be arriving pretty soon. CAN'T WAIT!!! Super expensive though~ >.<>

Money money COME IN SOON~!!!

P.S Get a copy of this week's 8 Days if you can. There's this movie guide or something that lists all the upcoming movies from Jan-June '09. Seems like there's going to be quite alot of interesting movies coming up. Transformers 2 anyone? ^^




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