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.Monday, December 24, 2007 ' 11:07 PM Y
Haven't blogged for quite a few days. Haha. Don't know why, but recently, I've lost almost all my interest in the Internet. As in, while in the past I could spend hours surfing around the Net and not get bored, I can't find anything online that interests me nowadays. Going online becomes like a routine check: blog-hop, check mail, log in MSN to see who's online. After that there's nothing to do. Instead I've started reading like crazy again, devouring book after book like some literature-hungry monster. Weird huh? Haha.

Dined at Pizza Hut at Causeway Point tonight. I just LOVE Hawaiian pizza. Haha. Didn't do very much actually. Just ate and played Time Crisis 2 at the arcade, walked around and then went home. I wanna feast on pizza on New Year's Day!!!

Eh... will be watching I Am Legend tomorrow, so watch out for my review! ^^

Oh yea, before I forget: If you are a pizza lover or just a typical "kiasu" Singaporean, go to
Pizza Hut's website and sign up for their FREE membership. Provide all the correct details about yourself, especially your email, and you get an E-voucher that entitles you to redeem a FREE regular Hawaiian pizza. Please read the Terms and Conditions as well. Basically you have to order one normal pizza set before you can redeem the freebie, and you have to present your IC upon redemption. Oh. And you have to print out the voucher on your own. Haha. No printer=TOO BAD. =P

Its funny how when there are no job offers, things are so darn quiet that it feels as though the whole world is sleeping, but once 1 "lobang" comes in, others also stream in as well. The last week is not only the season for celebrating Christmas and looking forward to the New Year, its also the season for "kiasu" mommies to start looking for tutors for the darling children. And its also the season for us tutors to start having headaches because of all the scheduling to do. If nothing goes wrong, I end up with 5 students. But I'm no so lucky one lah. So I think sure will have some cock-ups. Haha. Still happy though, because finally things are picking up.

Hope they liked the Christmas gifts I got for them. And no, I'm not expecting anything in return. =)

I'm putting too much focus on working. More than is appropriate. To the extent that I think I'm more interested in working than studying. Die.

Okay fine. No more crapping. Good night.


.Wednesday, December 19, 2007 ' 2:40 AM Y
I've got so so so SO much to blog about today. First, I'd like to wish Zi Xiang a very Happy (belated) 20th Birthday, even though we can hardly be considered friends, but since I know him and I know that's its his birthday, it wouldn't be very polite of me to pretend not to know, right? Haha.

2ndly, I wanna congratulate my student Zhen Xiu for scoring a total of 7 points for her N Levels~! She's done even better than she herself expected. I can imagine how happy she and her mom is. Haha. And yea, she's now eligible to claim that Fish & Co treat I promised her. Keep it up for O Levels! Haha.

My plans for this week got a little screwed because Dear accidentally sprained his ankle while working yesterday, and it got so bad that he had to go to the doctor's today. So now I have to reschedule and squeeze certain plans together in an attempt to get everything done nicely. AND I haven't started studying yet. Pish.

I'll be making a trip down to the BookFest at Suntec City again because this time, I'm loaded with the responsibilty of securing assessment books for 2 of my students. Why travel all the way there? Because its cheaper, DUH. And also because I'm hoping to get my hands on this novel by Jodi Picoult. Its going to be one of my Xmas gifts this year. There are another 2 more to buy so I'm actually rushing against time, what with so much stuff to do.

I know its probably stupid of me to be getting gifts for those 3 selected people, but its just something I like to do, buying things for others. I mean, yea, we may have fallen out, but seriously if you ask me, I don't see the point of being angry and everything. Its just that I don't know what else there is to say between all of us because I don't know what they're thinking. I don't know how to describe this feeling of "peace"; its as though after awhile when all the drama wears off, you look back and feel as though you were watching a really bad movie. Everything is then back to normal, except for one tiny aspect that you can't do anything to change.

I once asked myself (or rather, my imaginary friend once asked me), whether it was wise of me that day to destroy the remaining bond that linked me to the rest of the circle. Of course, there were regrets and everything, but its better than to have others being caught in between such a meaningless debacle, isn't it? And besides, my intuition was telling me that they were way happier to be on the other side of the wall, just that they were too polite to say it.

It just me, I guess. The stubbornness doesn't stick on as firmly as it does on other people. Erm, you can pretend you didn't read a single word of the previous 2 paragraphs if you like. I mean, everyone loves to escape from reality every now and then, right?

I miss Pastamania~! I swear I'm gonna drag Dear to eat the Creamy Chicken some day. And I'll make him say that he loves it. Muahahaha~! I'm feeling a little over-happy today, mainly because of that one piece of good news from my student this afternoon. Oh, did I mention that I spent the entire afternoon curling up under the covers, much to the chagrin of Dear. Keke. Who asked him to wake me up at 6.30am (so damn freaking early can?!! I haven't woken up at that kind of timing in a year!) to tell me that I'd have to abandon my plans for the day to accompany him to the doctor's. Hmph!

I have to wake up early again later because I have to go to school because I couldn't go today because Dear needed me to be his crutch. Neh neh. Rush to school to return and borrow books, then rush to SengKang for Expressions appointment then can go Yishun and rest. Haha. Hmmm... maybe I should postpone my appointment to Friday. The staff there should be making voodoo replicas of me and sticking in all sorts of horrible pins and needles by now. I think I'm the one and only customer who changes appointment dates ALL THE TIME. Keke. Well... I'm a busy person you know. Hehe. =P

Before I go back to watching videos, I just wanna apologise for being crazy enough to blog almost everyday. Its just that there are many many thoughts that play merry-go-round in my mind every single day, and it helps to blog them down so that my brain doesn't burst. I'm serious. But I'll try to control myself and not blog so frequently. Hahas. TRY.

P.S. I miss the muffins and cinnabuns at the Amara Hotel too~! Where are you, Celeste?


.Monday, December 17, 2007 ' 4:51 AM Y
It is a sad day indeed when here you are, reading a book in which a mother is desperately trying to do all she can do save the life of her child, and in comes your own mother, who's all worked up for no reason at 4am, and tells you that she'd like nothing better to bludgeon to death right there and then. Its worse than sadness; its utter depression.


. ' 1:58 AM Y
It occurred to me that I forgot to do that promised review of Alvin and The Chipmunks. So now I have to review 2 movies instead of 1, because I watched The Warlords today at Marina Square.

First up: Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Very comedy, very funny, very cute. Of course, as the title says it all, the main focus of the whole movie are the 3 chipmunks, Alvin, Theodore and Simon. Very uber cute and everything, just that towards the end of the movie, its gets a little well... Over. You know how the most delicious, richest chocolates start to taste a little sickening when it gets too sweet? Yea, like that. Its cute to have 3 chipmunks singing in a cutesy voice and everything. Its something different, but it also gets sickening after awhile. Of course, the effects wear off the next day.

Okay! Sorry for digressing. The only thing likeable about the whole movie was the chipmunks. In all, there's nothing really much special about the movie, just that you're being entertained by 3 cute voices. That's all. Of course, you get your usual male and female lead who end up being together, but that part of the plot doesn't really get much exposure to the audience. If the movie got nominated for some movie awards or something, don't be surprised if its the chipmunks who get into any nominations and not the human leads.

Overall, its lighthearted enough a movie, but nothing substantial that makes you think or reflect or anything. You just walk out of the cinema after having a good laugh and go home for a good night's sleep. Full-stop. Nothing to savour, no after tastes. Catch it if you have nothing better to do and just wanna enjoy the day, but you wanna weigh your choices well, sacrificing this movie wouldn't be that much of a deal. Haha. 3 stars max. Out of 5.

Now for The Warlords:

Its not rated NC16 for nothing. I'm not justifying the rating, but there's enough bloodshed for OUR government to rate it that way. Please try to understand that they're just trying to protect the underaged ones from watching people's blood splash out from their throats or wherever they're stabbed. Please try to ignore the knowledge that the minors are being challenged to sneak their way in or are probably patient enough to wait until the VCD's out and get someone to buy it for them. You know, so that the economy can flourish better.

Anyway, back to the movie. For something fictional, its definitely a script worth getting nominated for an award. Although not on the same par as Lord of the Rings, this movie might just become one of the better ancient war movies produced in Asia so far. To summarize the whole plot in one sentence, its a story about brotherhood and betrayal between the 3 brothers portrayed by Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro, from eldest brother to youngest.

For a movie that's supposed to be solemn and dark, the cinema I was in happened to be full of laughter at all the unexpected scenes. They weren't supposed to be funny, but one person just started laughing and the rest dissolved as well. For most part of the movie, you'll be watching people at war, slashing at each other for lands, and in the midst, you get to witness the leadership of Jet Li's character, General Pang, and admire the respect they show for the 3 brothers, especially the 2 elder ones.

There are two ways to interpret the ending. You can see it as betrayal, or you can see it as sacrificing a brother for the imminent war that's going to rip apart another few thousands of civilian lives. It all depends on how you choose to see it. Don't expect fairytale endings where they lived happily after, but there's nothing to feel sad about either. Haha. Can't disclose the ending. 4.5 stars out of 5, because its definitely worth every cent of your ticket, unless you can't stand seeing so many people die.

I know I didn't do a very good job of reviewing this time round. My heart just wasn't in it. If you ignore the huge and super painful ulcer in my mouth, there's still the overwhelming load of projects that don't seem to be getting anywhere, as well as the need to do early revision for my academics because I'm sliding below average. And then there's that whirling machine that's supposed to be my brain. Its amazing how many thousands of different thoughts can be constantly streaming through your mind all at the same time. It just doesn't stop. Is it really a lack of sleep?

I'm getting bored of MapleStory. In fact, I'm getting bored of everything that's not work-related. I can go for days without touching my laptop, but there's nothing else better to do, so I blog and MSN everyday. 12 more hours before I start giving tuition again. I'm getting the jitters, because I haven't done this in close to 2 months and my brain might just be getting rusty.

Dear's thinking about majoring in Psychology. Don't see why that's so bad. Maybe he can be my shrink in future. Then I won't have to pay such exorbitant fees. Haha. Okay lah. I'll just go try and get some rest before my brain really bursts.

And really, if you have the time, go catch the above 2 movies in the cinemas, especially the latter. Adios!


.Sunday, December 16, 2007 ' 3:13 AM Y
You know the saying that "Love is blind"? Well, contrary to what most people think, it does not just refer to the ability to overlook the faults and flaws of the person you love, it also refers to the ability to ignore the messages people are trying to send to you, especially the negative ones.

What does it say when you're desperately trying to hook a guy and he does not respond? What does it mean when you confess your feelings to a girl and she gives you comments that literally make your balls shrink and cause you to have suicidal thoughts? And yet, the love just cannot be cut off.

I've read articles in magazines where men continue to love the women who were responsible for the loss of their manhoods. Does that show the greatness of love, or are these people just plain stupid?

Take a particular acquaintance of mine for example. She's been secretly in love with this guy for years. Alright, maybe not so secretly, since everyone who's got 2 eyes and a brain knows about her crush. At the start they used to text message each other every night, something that all couples do, although the thing is that they're not a couple. After awhile, the guy started to not respond to her messages. She started getting depressed and everything, but of out of a bid to seem more mature and grown-up, she tried telling herself that things were not as bleak as they seem. In short, she was peppering herself with false hopes. What made it worse was that her friends were too cruel to help her face the truth. So they added cherries on all that toppings of pepper.

On the other hand, there was this other guy also madly in love with her, willing to do anything just for her to spare a glance at him. Like her, he did not bother to hide his infatuation and openly declared his love and everything. It was the exact same situation as the one my acquaintance was in, except that it was a HE instead. Apparently she got so bothered by his continual declarations that she went up to him and told him to stop doing that because it pissed her off and gave her pressure. So he tried his best not to show his affections and sealed himself into another world where only his friends knew. But still somehow, she managed to find out and started confronting him again. Stupid right, since she was the one who went to pry into other people's affairs. But apparently, she couldn't see her own stupidity, especially since what she was doing exactly what she told the guy not to do.

So next time when people speak to you of being blinded by love, you know that there's another side of the story. Haha.

I apologise if the above story pricks your memory and causes you to link it with someone you know. The acquaintance of mine is simply an acquaintance of mine, and if you happen to think that its someone you know, well, stop thinking. Because its definitely not who you think it is.

For all you know, I could have been referring to myself, seeing that I've once been stuck in the exact same situation and been just as stupid as well. Luckily, my Prince Charming gave me a kiss and woke me up from my otherwise eternal slumber. But, as we all know, some people never wake up, even when King Charming resorts to using a plunger.

Today, after many months of absence, I finally graced the basketball court with my presence again. Haha. The difference is, I didn't speak a word to anyone except Dear because I didn't see the need to. Afterall, its probably best not to try and start a conversation that would probably turn awkward at the next second. The people there are supposed to belong in my past memories, so I cannot forcibly try to pretend otherwise. The day they're ready to emerge from my past into my present and future would be the day they tell me so. Which, I foresee, is quite impossible.

I was just looking through some of my possessions, including my birthday gifts from this year, and it struck me as to how ironic it was that the words written became the exact opposite of what happened. And just within days of receiving those written words. How "cute". Haha.

Work officially starts on Monday, and N Level results will also be released on Tuesday I think. Good luck to Zhen Xiu, my first and favourite student so far. I know I'm not supposed to have favourites but well, certain things can't be helped. Haha. I really hope she can pass her N Levels well, because that would really boost her self-confidence by ALOT.

Starting to pick up writing again. I've been unconsciously mapping out my story in my mind over the past few days and I like the ideas I have so far. The layout is quite different from all the books I've read so far, except in comics, so maybe its worth developing. Haha. Good Night~!


.Friday, December 14, 2007 ' 12:03 PM Y
My freaking laptop has crashed I think. The desktop simply won't start up. Heh. Perfect excuse for getting a new one. Haha. Just that I'm broke now. Which means next term I'm going to be lugging this super heavy Acer to school. Tempted to NOT bring laptop to school anymore, but BCA is computer-based. No laptop, might as well not take the lesson. Grrr...

Tuition officially starts next monday. Will probably be visiting the BookFest over the weekend. Lately I've been obsessing with a few things; Organisers, handphones, my business plans and starting my own library. I'm regretting the design and layout of my room; I've redrawn better plans and dreamt of better designs, but my parents are just going to nag and say that no, they are not going to the expense of tearing down the lovely, still-very-new furniture just because my tastes have changed. Bleahs.

I'm picking up writing again. Got a few ideas for stories up my sleeve. Of course, they probably won't ever amount to anything but ideas, but at least there's a chance of completion if I started. Sadly though, I lost my manuscript for my first ever story. The plot and everything's still in my mind, but it just feels different.

I spent the whole freaking day staying at home yesterday. Home as in my own house, not Dear's. Slept in through the day and finally woke up at 3pm, after constant nagging from my mom and after lunch-cum-dinner, I stayed in bed reading until evening. Super relaxing. Except of course, the nagging that never ceases. But then again, the world's not perfect. You can't everything the way you want it. What else could I do except plug my ears? Haha.

Went for abit of jogging downstairs at the park at night. Damn, the exercise stations are so freaking muddy, its like stepping into a pit of shit. Yuck! Got tired faster than the previous time yesterday; don't know why, just felt super breathless and a little giddy. Nehs.

I'm so sleepy now... I stayed up through night to read and only reluctantly went to bed at 6am because my dad came home and I'd surely get it from him if he saw that my bedroom light was still on. Phew.

Xmas this year is going to be just a simple and quiet affair. No celebrations or anything. Just dinner and a movie with Dear. Haha. Just nice I Am Legend opens on Christmas Day. If its available, we might just go watch Gold Class at Vivo just to enjoy that luxury. But a little expensive though. Would you splurge 60 bucks on a movie, no matter how good it is, when you can watch it for 6 times lesser the price at a normal cinema? Haha.

By the way, I saw on the news the other day, that to commemorate the 70th anniversary, there's going to be this Chinese film called Nanking, nanking (or something) that's going to be pretty major. Oo... Can't wait. Haha.

Looking back, I guess what I did that day was certainly the right thing. Nevermind that it tore out my flesh or rendered me deserted, at least now they didn't have to choose sides anymore. Its easier when you don't have to think of too many people isn't it? And ironically, what they wished for me did not happen. In fact, the exact opposite happens. Just goes to show-its bad enough if wishes don't come true. Its doomsday when the opposite of what you wish for comes true. Urgh. No more on that. Off to finish my reading. I'm still super sleepy though... =(

Watching Alvin and The Chipmunks later. Watch out for my review~!


.Thursday, December 13, 2007 ' 2:25 AM Y
Exams are finally over. I screwed up BLAW the worst. Haha. But can't dwell on that now, since its over. Holidays are starting, but I'm still stressed out over money matters. The bloody troubles just won't go away, and everytime I settle something, another crops up. Urgh~!

Planning to study through the holidays, but I really really need to start working soon. Can't stand idling like that; can't stand having no source of income. The next 2 months are going to be difficult to get pass.

Today was the first time I went out with my classmates. Pretty much enjoyed myself, just that I'm not as into shopping as they are. Haha. Lunched at Fish & Co at IMM, and then started walking around aimlessly. Actually had plans to catch a movie but some of them weren't very interested so our plans were cancelled. Went up to Daiso to shop. That place is like a Japanese hypermarket or something. Other than food items, the shop sells everything from gardening tools to clothes and cards and EVERYTHING. And the items are cheaply sold at only $2. Keke. But nothing caught my fancy though. In fact, I was super bored lah... Haha.

Don't have any holiday plans yet; Dear's leave may be cancelled, thanks to his dumb boss.

Feeling so bored and so stressed out right now. Just asked my mom for a loan; God, that feeling of asking your parents for money really sucks. Urgh!

That's it. I'm going off to bed. I really need to find some way to relieve all that stress. Pui.


.Tuesday, December 11, 2007 ' 10:17 PM Y
Well well... Another paper screwed up. My blinded eyes just couldn't spot that second "error" for the Bank Reconciliation question!!! But luckily I got the rest of the statements correct, so I won't get too many marks deducted I guess. Unlike Jang Chyuan who missed out a whole question worth 5 marks because he apparently did not see the question. He's blinder than a bat. Lol.

Tomorrow is the last paper-BLAW. And I have to wake up damn freaking early at 6.15am because we have to be in school by 8am. Actually didn't have to wake up so early one lor. Thanks to Mei Nee. IDIOT. Why can't she just go to school on her own? Like, how shameless can you get? Asking your EX-boyfriend's father to fetch you here and there everyday. For MORE THAN TWO bloody long years already okay? BITCH.

Oh well, can't get too affected. Tomorrow's the last paper. After that its HOLIDAY~!!! Haha. At least until 31st December. But lets enjoy what I can. Keke. Hopefully I can finally buy my DS this month, or at the very least, next month. Hehs. Happy happy~


. ' 2:50 AM Y
The stupidest thing to do on the day before a test paper is to stay up late into the night, reading stuff that is of no relation to the subject of the paper you're taking the next day, and then clocking in only 3 hours of sleep. Which is obviously insufficient. And I'm just that stupid. Haha.

MAEC today was a HUGE flop. I knew there was something wrong when I completed the paper way too fast. Sighs... Just hope I won't fail.

One down, two more to go. Tomorrow's FFA and here I am watching DVDs at such an unearthly hour. Haha. Luckily the paper's at 4pm tomorrow. More than sufficient time to prepare. I think. Haha.

Oh yea... In case anyone's interested, there's gonna be a Popular bookfest at Suntec Convention Halls 401-404 from 14th December to 23rd December, and there's going to be lots and lots and LOTS of books and stationery. Muahahahaha. And perhaps I should also use this chance to buy the assessment books for my students. Can save money. Hehs.

Life's settled back into monotone; I can't wait for Christmas, for the holidays, for work! Urgh!!! No more mood to blog. NIGHT!


.Sunday, December 09, 2007 ' 3:01 AM Y
Just finished watching the Golden Horse Awards 2007. The freaking show lasted about 4 and a half hours, not including the half hour news at 11pm. The three Singaporean films which got nominated for some awards didn't really score much.

Just Follow Law and 881 didn't bag any awards, although Home Song Stories got a few, including Best Female Lead. That's quite an achievement, even though the actress wasn't Singaporean. Haha. But still, getting nominated is an achievement by itself already, so I guess there's still something to be proud of.

The biggest winner was of course, Lust, Caution by Director Li An. It bagged quite a few huge awards like Best Newcomer, Best Costume Design, Best Director, Best Film of the Year and some other awards.

Jay Chou's Secrets didn't do too badly either, bagging Best Animation or something, Best Taiwan Film, Best Theme Song, and some other Best award. I think it was for the music. You know, that piano piece that allows the female lead to transport back and forth in time? Yea, that.

The only reason why I bothered sitting through 5 long hours(including the News) of such a boring and dry ceremony was because of the Singaporean nominations. Somehow, it gave me a sense of pride to see our local movies being nominated for such prestigous awards. And to be truthfully honest, the ceremony wasn't really that boring. At least the 3 hosts tried as much as they could to provide a little entertainment. Thank God for that.

I procrastinated again. Haven't studied for Common Test. I am SO dead. Need to go catch up on my sleep already. Tomorrow's gonna be Mugging Day. Can't wait for Thursday, because that's when MY holidays start. Good night~!


.Saturday, December 08, 2007 ' 1:19 AM Y
Anyone's been waiting for my updates? Haha.

I'm just going to do the promised review on Nanking and then go study. Common tests are coming in 2 days and I totally have not revised a single thing. I'm so in for it man... Haha.

Anyway, Nanking turned out to be more of a documentary. If anyone has watched Flags of Our Fathers and Letters of Iwo Jima, please be forewarned NOT to expect Nanking to be anything like the above two mentioned movies. If you're the kind who isn't in the least bit interested in history or tend to be easily bored by films that document historical facts, then don't bother spending your ticket money on this movie. By the way, its $10 per ticket regardless of weekday or weekend charges, but the seats are pretty comfortable. Haha.

For Your Info:
The Westerners who helped create the
Nanking Safety Zone were portrayed by other actors and all they did was to pretend they were the actual people and talk about the whole Nanking Massacre. Here and there, photographs and moving pictures(there were no such things as videos at that time), mostly taken by John Magee, and there were also interviews with actual survivors of the Nanking Massacre. There were people who had been Chinese soldiers during the war, rape victims of the Japanese soldiers and others who had lost loved ones during the N.M. There was this guy who reminisced about the time when the Japanese soldiers killed his mother and bayoneted his baby brother right in front of him, and he wept like anything.

The saddest thing is that even after
John Rabe(a Nazi), the person who set up the Nanking Safety Zone, managed to sneak the films out of Nanking into countries like the US where he gave speeches about the atrocities being committed by the Japanese soldiers, no one came forward to stop the Jap nor help the Nanking refugees. There are also other heroes and heroines such as Minnie Vautrin who was a saint to the people, especially the womenfolk. She helped the women to hide from the Japanese soldiers and did her best to prevent them from taking away the women to rape them. Years after the war, she committed suicide.

I probably shouldn't say more. I highly recommend the movie to people who love reading up on historical stuff(like me), because it really gives an insight about the whole Nanking Massacre and its something that you probably won't be able to find in any of your history textbooks. The funny thing was, during about three-quarters of the movie, some Japanese idiot shouted out "Stupid" in Japanese all of a sudden. Must have been one of those Japanese who can't accept reality. And strangely, even after the movie ended and the credits started rolling, there was about 30 seconds where no one moved and everyone just sat staring at the screen. It was as though we had just witnessed something tragic and needed time to let the truth sink in. Even after that, many people still remained in their seats for quite some time.

Note: Please do not take offense or think that I'm anti-Japanese or anything, because I'm really not. Its just that I feel that China doesn't have much reason to doctorate photos like those shown, and there are really solid-hard evidence that the acts of atrocities were indeed carried out by the Japanese soldiers, especially the Magee films.

Alright, I'm just gonna stop here for today, although I liked reviewing. Haha. You can click on the bold, coloured words that are hyperlinked to Wikipedia and read up more if you like.

Its like I'm suddenly addicted to reviewing movies or something. Right now, I've watched practically every movie that are on screens except for the R21 films and some others such as Fred Claus, The Kingdom and Hitman, of which I do not have very much interest. Haha.

Interesting movies that are scheduled to hit the cinemas soon (2007):
Mr Magorium's Emporium (PG, Comedy, English)

Alvin and the Chipmunks (G, Animation, Comedy, English)
The Warlords (G, Action, Mandarin)
Mission Sex Control (G, Comedy, Korean)
National Treasure: The Book Of Secrets (G, Action, English)
I Am Legend (G, Drama, English)
Carriers (G, Drama, English)
Vexille (G, Animation, Japanese)

You can also get more information here.

Oh and last thing before I log off: Please(as much as possible) give me comments on the reviews I've done so far. Thanks in advance. *Off the study*


.Friday, December 07, 2007 ' 1:38 AM Y
I'm so broke that I had to literally slaughter my piggy and empty it of ALL its contents. Which amounted to a meagre 100 bucks that has to last me until 27th of December. How pathetic is that? Urgh.

It is super annoying to be broke at the end of the year, because its the christmas shopping season and all the shops are pulling out all their stops to come up with products and stuff to tempt you till you go crazy. By the time my pockets are full again, all those great bargains are gone. And I'll have to wait another 6 months or so for the Great Singapore Sale. Dammit! (P.S. The new Dior necklace featured in one of the advertisement newsletters I received totally rocks!)

Apparently the most recent "news" in the blogosphere is about this "siao" guy who calls himself a pro-blogger and goes around asking people to provide sponsors for his wedding with another pro-blogger. They're so "pro" that their identities have be to protected and cannot be revealed.

Crap, even if you didn't ask me. Just because you get that extra few more hits on your blog does not mean you're a professional. Besides, since when did professionals degrade themselves to demanding others for favours? Shameless. What is the world coming to? Next we'll have celebrities forcing their fans to support them. Crap.

Don't ask me why I'm so worked up over something that isn't even of my concern. I just can't understand how come some people can so shamelessly do things like that and still act as though they're one step higher than others. To me, they're even worse than those beggars and buskers out on the streets. At least some of them perform or sell tissue paper or something. *Rolls eyes*

Alright. That felt immensely better. The constant stream of rain the past few days have been SUPER irritating. Especially when I'm wearing slippers. Because somehow, the dirty water on the floor just keeps getting splashed onto my bag, and I keep having to wipe it. Eww~! And its been so cold that I'm bathing with the heater on every night. On any other normal day I usually turn off the heater after awhile because the water gets way too hot that its not good for the skin nor the hair, but for the past week, I start shivering the moment I step out from under the shower.

Oh yea! Before I forget. Just wanna share some reviews on some of the new movies popping up on the huge screens. The 3 newest ones I've watched so far are: The Tattooist(NC16), 30 Days of Night(M18) and The Golden Compass(PG).

The Tattooist is basically some thriller about this American guy who does tattoos for others. The opening scene actually unfolds in Singapore where he supposedly uses his tattoos to try and cure people. Somewhere along the show, he steals this ancient tattooing tool from another tattooist, accidentally cuts himself, and nightmares start to haunt him. Soon after, he goes on to New Zealand I think, and continues tattooing others. But his customers end up dying tragically because some evil spirit is continuing to tattoo all over their whole body until they bleed and die horribly. Have I revealed too much? Haha. The movie is supposed to be scary, but its actually not THAT scary, even though its rated NC16.

30 Days of Night is a digustingly bloody film about vampires. The whole plot is set in Barrow, Alaska, where during the deepest of winter, the entire town experience zero sunshine for a whole 30 days. And this year their town gets attacked by vampires. What's worth watching is that its truly worth its rating of M18. There's alot of blood and the vampires aren't portrayed like those in Buffy and other shows with a few fangs here and there. In this movie, the vampires have whole sets of sharp teeth and the way they eat out their victims are just damn gross. Haha. I became squirmy towards the end of the movie because it was a little too disgusting. Hehs.

And last but not least, I just watched The Golden Compass on Wednesday and its simply fantastic! In case anyone still does not know, the movie was produced by the same company as the one that Lord of the Rings, but the storyline is entirely different; its actually adapted from a trilogy by Philip Pullman.

The story talks about different kinds of humans existing in different worlds and in this particular world, human's souls do not live in their bodies. These souls exists as daemons(pronounced demons) in the form of different animals that stick closely to the humans. These daemons and the humans experience the same emotions and everything. Eg. if the daemon gets hit, the human will feel the pain as well. And vice versa.

Nicole Kidman plays the evil officer and there's Sam Elliot as a hot-air balloon pilot, Eva Green as a beautiful witch and of course, Lyra the main lead, played by Dakota Blue Richards. She's cute in her own way, and her acting is very natural, considering that half the time she has to communicate with computerised characters, such as her daemon and the polar bears(also known as ice bears). The Golden Compass is the first part of the trilogy and it actually leaves the audience craving for more.

If you have the time and are willing to spend, go catch the three movies mentioned above, especially TGC. Definitely worth the money.

I'll be watching Nanking tomorrow at VivoCity because the movie is only screened at Cinema Europa. It is based on the historical tragedy of the invasion of Nanking(capital of China at that time) by the Japanese soldiers during WWII in 1937. The episode is infamously known as "The Rape of Nanking" because the Japanese soldiers raped and massacred many inncocent Chinese. Note: This is a historical fact that is proven and recorded by many historians, and I myself have actually seen the book entitled The Rape of Nanking, even though I have not read it. Till today, many people in Japan refuse to admit to the atrocities committed by the Japanese soldiers during WWII and some even attempt to cover up their mistakes by making all sorts of excuses.

In the movie, a small group of Western expatriates band together to save 250,000 lives. And its true too. I specially read up on the Nanking Massacre from Wikipedia-->

I'm not too sure whether its fictional or not. Haha. But anyway, I'll be watching the movie tomorrow so lookout for my review, which will probably be up by night time or so. Kudos till then~!

P.S. I really never meant for this entry to turn out so long. *Sheepish grin*

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.Wednesday, December 05, 2007 ' 12:13 PM Y
Maintaining 1 blog is never an easy task; don't even talk about having 3.

How come there is still no development of the script for LMS project? I thought we already delegated the different scenes to each other?

When will BMGT come to an end? Surprisingly, I actually enjoy doing all that research because I know that it will one day benefit my own business. Haha.

What happened to the interviews and surveys for IAC? I don't wanna repeat the module next year. I hate that project the MOST of all.

What are we supposed to do for BLAW again? And when's FFA due again?

I can't wait for the February holidays to arrive. That's when all this stress will finally end. Ironically though, I'm not actually overworking, just overworrying about deadlines and submissions and what-nots.

I keep brooding over something I shouldn't and I'm indecisive about whether to disclose that certain something. Lets just keep it under wraps for now.

Just finished ranking my IS module preferences. Dammit, because I wanna take all 4 modules. Please, oh please, remind me to sign up for the language Enhancement programme next year. I'm willing to give up 2 precious hours a week just to learn a new language. Only I haven't actually decided between French, Spanish, German and Japanese.

Sometimes I really wonder why life has so many choices. Not that I'm complaining. But in some situations, the overwhelming number of choices causes too much indecisions and indirectly, regrets.

Compiling a few lists for the year of 2008, namely my Goals and Targets, overall Shopping List, and some other stupid stuff. Haha. I also discovered that I've recently developed a fetish for planners, although why, I seriously don't know. Afterall, the maximum I can use will be 2. One for my own personal life, and one for work.

And I also realised that my resume seems pathetically empty and dry. I need to get more substantial work experience like banks and such. That's why I've also decided to go work in a bank or something during the next 2 month break.

How can one possibly handle so much? Yet I'm anticipating my workload with glee. If only I could treat my studies with such fervour, My God... I'd probably be one of the top scholars. Sadly though, I don't apply that much interest.

My horoscope says that 2008 will be a career year for me, and that I'll be focusing alot on my work. Seemingly accurate, even though I don't have a real career. And its also true that I'm rushing to earn money for the sake of having money rather than for promotions or any other benefits. Haha. I just hope my studies don't suffer too much.

Alright and that's the amount of brain crap I managed to generate today. A surprisingly large amount in a short period of about twenty minutes, and knowing that no one's gonna read it. Oh well. Lesson starts super late (at 3pm) tomorrow, so I'm off to indulge in my favourite pasttime of curling up under the covers with a good book. Might even find it in me to get up and do abit of studying later. Haha. Good night!


.Sunday, December 02, 2007 ' 4:08 AM Y
I finally made my choice and I've got to live with it. No one to party at Kbox with me anymore; no one to date for shopping anymore; no one to share my smiles and my tears. Happiness or sadness is no longer of any business to anyone.
I will not be blogging so often anymore. Small updates here and there, but nothing insightful, unless I feel like writing.

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