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.Monday, May 28, 2007 ' 10:35 AM Y
I started a "new" game yesterday. Its called Pirate King Online and is super duper similar to Ragnarok online. There are many different classes available and the graphics aren't too bad. The characters are pretty cute too! Dear was the one who introduced me to the game. Haha. There's this other Romance of the Three Kingdoms thingy too, but we haven't tried it yet. I think I'm more used to Maple because I don't realy fare well in 3D games. Simply because I suck at mapreading and I don't have a proper sense of direction. Haha.

UPDATE: I've made a new friend by the name of Gabrylo(not sure whether is his real name. Hahas.) thanks to Cindy. Hehe. By the way, if you guys still don't know, he's the guy from Seletar Camp that I've been talking to on my tagboard. I started talking to him only because I suspected he might be from the same camp as Dear (my clue was the roti prata he mentioned on his blog. HAHAs.). Now I officially have a new friend. Happy!

By the way, did you guys know that Mr Brown used to be from Seletar Camp too? I just discovered it today when I visited his blog. o.O!


.Saturday, May 26, 2007 ' 3:08 AM Y
I saw Shahrul (IKEA workmate) on the bus today while I was on my way home from Dear's house! Quite surprised and happy. Don't ask me why. Just felt that way. I almost didn't recognise him because his hair was way different from when we were working together in IKEA. Just went over to his blog and read about his problems with his girlfriend. Apparently the girl's mother wants her to rethink her relationship with Shah, and has even gone to the extreme of making her see him less often. Haha. Made me think of my own mother. I think she's 1000 times worse. So super naggy and unreasonable. Sometimes I wish she weren't my mother. But other times I love her because she's still my mother. Hahas. I'm not totally 100% unfillial okay...


Today was a pretty short day. MIEC lecture was the 1st lesson of the day. Didn't really pay much attention (regrets, regrets) because I was watching My Girl on my laptop. *Sheepish grin* Thanks to my sister lah. She's the one who got me hooked on the show. Now I'm gushing over the 2 handsome male leads again. Don't worry though. Its just a temporary thing. Hehe. After lecture was the tutorial for MIEC. Today I super hardworking. Took down all the notes and points that the tutor mentioned. EXCEPT for one question that I missed out. Because I FELL ASLEEP. I seriously didn't mean to. It's like, one moment I was just resting my head on my arms and the next moment, Regina's shaking me and saying, "Eh Debbie! You sleep very long liao leh!" Yup, those were her exact words. Gosh! I didn't even realised that I'd fallen asleep!!!

I skipped INFA lecture today. Because I find it pointless to attend the lesson. I never listen anyway. Neither do most of my other classmates. Add on the fact that I do have POA background- I'm not trying to brag about how good I am at accounts, but the lecture is really that boring. The whole gang of us-Gary, Shawn, Sean, Cindy, Shu Hua, Jun, Haseena, Regina and me- jammed up Vins Enterprise (the photocopying shop at Block 73) because we were photocopying notes from each other. Me and Regina, being the 2 kiasus, photocopied the whole stack while the rest only copied a few papers here and there. Hehe. After that Shu Hua and Haseena went off to do their CIP project while the rest of us went to Canteen 1 for lunch. I was cheated of my money again lah!!! I thought the bowl of dessert Gary bought looked quite appealing so I decided to buy one too. And then I thought of eating longans. So I bought one bowl of "longan water". The 1st bowl of dessert (something-honeydew melon-something) tasted so damn bland I felt like I was eating plain ice. =.=" And the "longan water" was basically the same too. Except there were 6 small little pathetic longans inside the bowl. FYI, I paid 70 cents for that. Imagine paying 10 cents for one small bloody longan. Nabeh! I swear I will never buy (cold) desserts in NP ever again man. Once bitten twice shy. Twice bitten forever shy. Makino theory. Haha.

Headed off for the library after that. Played a game of Crazy Taxi then started watching My Girl again (I brought the whole box to school with me. =P). I stayed on even after the rest of them went off for INFA lecture because I was waiting for dear's dad to drive me back to Yishun. Haha. My friends all say that I'm very big-shot to ask him to drive me. Haha. I don't know how to defend myself lah. All I can say is at least I'm not BHB enough to ask other people's daddy to drive me around. Even if he used to be your ex-boyfriend's dad. Totally unexcusable hor. Especially when you guys have broken up for almost 2 years already and you're still asking Daddy Teo to chauffeur you around EVERYDAY. At least I have the decency to get to school on my own, except when I'm running VERY late. Duh... I got to calm down. Don't want to get worked up because I'm feeling pretty happy today. Keke.

I guess this will be all for today. 3am already and I'm still not asleep. Tomorrow got work somemore. And I have to make time to pass Vanessa her 2 vcds. Need to sleep lah. *Yawns* Oh ya, last thing before I turn off the computer: I'm happy to say that my blog has finally reached 500 hits. It was a long and tedious journey for my blog, but thanks to everyone who bothered to drop by and thanks again for those who tagged. Special love to my darlings from TA02. You guys rock man!


.Thursday, May 24, 2007 ' 2:20 PM Y
I'm enjoying my orange-flavoured lollipop now. Yummy! Hahas. I'm the last one to finish eating. All the others who bought with me-Sean, Shawn and Regina- finished the lolly long ago. Haha. Its BCOMM again, the most boring lesson in the whole galaxy. I seriously don't understand why is it that in every school, there will be one particular lesson that feels like torture to the students. Haha. Toughen us up also no need to extreme one. Hehe.


Been having some connection problems ever since just now. Luckily I finally solved it. Or else I'd still rotting "*pissedfully". Haha. Next Saturday marks the start of our test week. Have to get down to mugging soon. Or be prepared to repeat all my subjects again. That is, except INFA. But then I'm hoping to get acceptable grades. Haha. At least a B? No failures please...


This month dear and I will be playing our page again. Because I got 2 weeks holidays in the middle of June then can stay up late to train. Hahas. My priest is just 2 levels away from 100 so we're thinking of buying the 24 hour 2x one day and try to level that darling. Haha. National Day will be here in about 2 months or so. Dear's going to be so busy lending his stores left, right, centre. Urgh! Hate to see him so stressed lah. There's sure to be alot of crazy problems cropping up one. And that stupid Chris. I hope he get charged. I'm not black-hearted okay. Its just that he's so crazy and useless! Imagine sleeping away in the office while everyone is working so hard, carrying this and that. And then he just give the excuse "Oh. I don't have strength to carry." Never even bother about his own store. Now that dear and his friends are no longer going to help him cover his ass, let's see how long he can continue sleeping away. *Pissed off face*

Thank you Chris for letting me vent my crabbiness on you! Haha. But I still think you're a huge asshole slacker.


I feel so much better! Haha. I'm going off to do some blog-hopping. I have read almost all the posts on Kennysia. Now I'm going through Xiaxue. Just to read some of her older posts. Haha. I know its a waste of time. But at least that's more entertaining than listening to the BCOMM teacher. =.="


. ' 4:10 AM Y
I'm blogging at such unearthly hours. Haha. Dear would kill me. But I was so busy surfing around the net that I forgot the time. And now, its no point sleeping because I'd have to wake up in about 2 hours. If I sleep now, I'll surely oversleep. Listening to the MrBrown show podcasts now. I downloaded a few of them. Hahas. I'm really crazy lahs... Because today(Thursday already lah) is going to be super long day for me. Lessons from 9 to 5 and then I'll be working at Suntec again. Argh...

Sometimes I think I'm too kind-hearted for my own good. Why? Because actually today I'm NOT supposed to have any schedule. But then Liezel asked me and I was like "They really short-handed arh? Okay lorhs..." So now I'm stuck with having to rush off to work after school. Tiring. But all that for money. I can finally have some money to buy some material luxuries next month! And I missed the chance to be able to dress nicely. =( For the past two weeks, its been jeans and T-shirt for me almost everyday. Because that is how often I have been working. Slogging my guts out just to have some extra money to spend. TIRING!!! But I suppose its going to be worth it when I receive my paycheck next month... =)!


Nana and I had a super long chat on the train that day. Haha. I think we actually sorted out quite a lot of the feelings and other stuffs over that twenty minutes or so. And we actually bitched about other stuff too. Haha. Just abit of gossip okays?


Anyone remembers my story Strength of Love? I LOST MY HARD COPY OF THE 6 CHAPTERS I PAINSTAKINGLY WROTE OUT!!! F***! I can't find it anywhere in my room. And no, my room has been tidied already. So its not in a mess. So darn upset! My first "masterpiece" yet it got lost! Hais... Maybe one day I'll sit down and finish my story. MAYBE. I'm not trying to give excuses but I really don't have the time now. What with juggling studying and working, I got to leave some free time for myself and dear dear right? Not to mention the numerous projects that will continue to come up. Anyways, by the time I finally find time to continue writing, I'd have matured a lot more than now. Then I'd be able to improve on it more. I'm lucky I still have the 1st few chapters in my computer. I'd never be able to start right from scratch. Haha... I'm blabbling again...

Okay lahs... I'm going off to find a few games to entertain me until 6.30am. Haha. 2 more hours! I think I might end up sleeping......


.Monday, May 21, 2007 ' 10:28 AM Y
For the rest of my life I will never be able to understand what is wrong with negative commentators. Is it that hard for you to just hit the 'X' button at the top right hand side of the screen if you found out that whatever you've read is not to your liking? Do your hands really have to be itchy and start typing super duper negative feedback that is definitely unwelcome? Yea sure, the comment box is there for people to comment. But if you really hate that blog so much then why do you still make the effort to comment? In real life, do you guys actually go up to everyone whom you dislike and start picking at fight? Now that would be pathetic. Hahas.

Curious why I'm venting about negative commentators when actually they haven't yet appeared on my blog? Hahas. Its actually just my 2 cents lah. Because for the past few days I've been blog-hopping around my usual haunts (Kennysia, Xiaxue, LZB, and a few others linked here and there) and I've seen quite alot of freaking bad comments about their entries. Especially the saga about Kenny posting pictures of the accident. I know that many people may think that it was wrong of him to post the pictures and stuff like that, but seriously, do they seriously think that they have the power to stop him from posting whatever he wants on his blog? I actually took the time to read ALL of the comments and I find that the more readers comment, the more they stray from the "main topic" of the whole entry. Haha. Maybe its just me lah. Hahs.
Don't know why NP suddenly organising so many activities. There's the iDare camp where we get to go to Kota Tinggi in Malaysia for 4 days and 3 nights. I think its some kind of leadership camp. Haha. Then got the newspaper collection thingy in July. On the 14th. Haha. So far I managed to "psycho" Regina, Jun, Cindy, Shu Hua, Haseena, Rui Shan and Roselyn into going to the newspaper collection thingy. Haha. We'll be collecting at Ang Mo Kio ( AMK residents BEWARE!!! Lols) Then after that some of us will be going to Kbox. Trying to get the guys to join us for Kbox too, since they too lazy to go collect newspaper. Heartless people. Haha. Oh, and Shu Hua just told me that the school is organising a Pirates of the Carribean movie marathon on 11 June or something. I WANT TO GO!!! Hahas. My classmates all say how come I got so much lobang one. Keke. I just want to try everything lah. Don't want to restrict myself so much. Enjoy life! Now that's the new me. Hahas.
Elvis is organising a class chalet for June. Quite a lot of people not staying over. Some only stay on BBQ night. So I'm still wondering whether I should stay over. Hahas. Jun they all not staying. Only got Cindy and Rui Shan. Hmmm... Must consider carefully. Haha. I too high already lah. Keep asking people whether want to go this go that go everything. Keke. I'm like that one lahs. My new philosophy: Try everything you have the chance to try in life. That's the true meaning of living life to its fullest. Haha. That doesn't really sound like me right? But nope. You're not reading the writing of an imposter. So don't worry. I'm SANE.
I need to go to the Helpdesk to install the Microsoft Office and Dreamweaver 8 program in my laptop. Everytime lessons I cannot use. So frustrating... Hais. I'm going to pay attention to lesson. Haha. Today working at Suntec City Mall. Feeling bored......


.Thursday, May 17, 2007 ' 4:09 PM Y
I'm really crazy. During classes, I'm always playing games and not paying attention. Then after that I worry that I don't understand the lesson. Haha. Guess that's the part of me that hasn't changed since secondary school. I really need to go to the Helpdesk at Blk 72 and get my Microsoft Office done up so that next time I can take notes in BCOMM also... Haha. And get my sister to load up the printer ink. Then can print notes.

Feeling a little dazed now. Stared at the laptop for too long. I think my eyesight is getting worse. For the past few days, I find that things and words I look get take a few seconds to focus. But I'm still not using my glasses. They're just so darn uncomfortable! =( Haha I think I'm really not cut out for glasses. Everytime I put them on I feel very uncomfortable. I know its a waste of money to make them, yet not wear them. But its like the monthly thingy for girls what. Its a necessity to buy pads but that doesn't mean you have to literally enjoy using them right? Haha. What a crude comparision. Heehee.

Went to read Kenny's blog again today. I'm so envious of his mountain climbing experience. I want to try climbing too! Especially the scenery. The pictures he took were wonderful, but I think that to really know how it feels like to enjoy the scenery at the top of a mountain, one has to climb up there personally. Sadly, the only mountain I've ever climbed was Mount Sorak in Korea. AND I never made it to the peak. Haha. I'd like to go back there again. It was fun climbing. Especially in winter. The air is moist and although you're wearing 4 layers of clothes, you feel very comfortable. And I remember they sold potato balls at the bottom. Yummy! Haha. Okay I'm crapping. But the point is, I want to go mountain climbing too! Not Bukit Timah Hill lah please. But then not Mount Everest either. Haha. Maybe next time. But must ask people organise. Or else I'll be too lazy one. Hee.

I think by now anyone reading this post will know that I'm actually just blogging for the sake of blogging. That explains the enormous amount of crap. Lol. My eyes are actually feel pretty uncomfortable. But cannot sleep lehs... Hais... Next time have to refrain from focusing too long on the laptop screen. Argh!


.Monday, May 14, 2007 ' 11:53 PM Y
I positively swear that this afternoon I already uploaded my tagboard using Regina's laptop. But just now when i came to read my blog I couldn't see my tagboard. Zzz. So I uploaded it again. Right now on my browser I only see one tagboard. If anyone sees double, tag and tell me okays? Thanks people. Haha.


. ' 1:12 PM Y
Its become a habit for me to blog during lessons. First thing I do after I sit down in class is to on the laptop and start blogging away. I don't know why suddenly I'm so obsessed with blogging, but I like that I can express myself in words without having to literally write them down. Haha. In short, I'm just too lazy to write lah. LOL.

Anyway, yea. I've read QR's blog. Hee. Funny right? Read each other's blog, then reply on our own blogs instead of talking to each other. Haha. I guess what she has said is partly true. That yes we've drifted so far from each other that it almost like 2 complete strangers looking at each other and saying "Have I seen you somewhere before?" And that's all that remains between us. I don't know how to explain all this. Maybe its really as she says, that we've chosen different paths so we grow further apart. But doesn't that just contrast the shallowness of our friendship? I don't know lah. I can express myself in writing, but not in speech. So yea, you could call me a coward. Because I hide behind words. Because by doing that I don't have to be there and face the other party's reactions.

For her: I don't know what to say to you either. I admit that I find some of the things you do not to my liking. But I do my best to ignore. Its not that I don't care anymore. I don't know how to explain. But just to put it simply, if I no longer took you as a friend, I don't think I'd be bothered to drop by your blog everyday. Even if there are no updates. Even though I don't tag. We're both having fun in school with our own group of friends. Maybe its precisely because of this that we've forgotten each other. I don't like seeing you so wild, because it makes me feel like I don't know you anymore. Haha. It feels so foolish. There're so many differences between us yet we're still trying desperately to find back our memories. For me, its that way. I know very well that its almost totally impossible for things to go back to how it was, but does that mean its the end?

I once told BC that now we're on different islands. I'm alone on one, and you guys on another. You're still in the same school. You guys can meet up more often. I remember once when QR said on Maple that NP sucks. Haha. Don't ask me why I had the sudden urge to defend the school that I hadn't even started attending then, I just did. I was stung by the insensitivity of that sentence lah. I chose TP as my first choice for two reasons. One, it was nearer to my house. Two, all the people I had ever known as my best friends were there. I didn't want to have to start totally anew. But fate chose NP for me. So don't rub it in. But then I didn't bother arguing my case, because I would sound like a whining kid.

Why am I saying all that now? I don't know either. Maybe there's just that old part of me still trying to convince myself that one day, things might just get better. MAYBE. Just MAYBE. Haha. I'm so pathetic aint I?


.Friday, May 11, 2007 ' 1:15 AM Y
Apparently Obviously there has been some gossip about my blog again. Because emotionalism.blogspot.com served a very rare guest today. One who NEVER visits the website except when there's gossip. So you know how I know lah. Haha. And he came to ask me for the link somemore. Joker. Haha. Next time try to minimise the obviousness (is there such a word?) lah people.

I was damn crazy last night. Instead of sleeping after hanging up with Dear, I went to organise my cupboard. Because my room was really messy. Then while clearing my room, I found the drawers and cupboards to be too sticky and dusty. So I went to get a pail of water and a rag and tah-dah! Spring cleaning! At 1 am in the morning. Lol. To prevent me from sweating, I turned on both the air-conditioning and the fan. Crazy right? But I'm happy. Because now my room is tidier, neater and very much cleaner.

While clearing my room I actually found quite alot of things. Brought back a huge wave of memories. All the drama that happened in the past 4 years of my secondary school life... Haha. I found the seashell windchime that QR gave me in Sec 1. It was the first ever birthday present from her. No space to hang, so all along I kept it in my bedside table drawer. And our first neoprint also. Haha. The super duper toot picture. Okay lah. Cannot write to emo. Later people going to complain that my blog too wordy again. Just that I realised that all of us change so very much that I think we've forgotten the closeness of the "group". We have our own barriers against each other now. Hais... whatever lah. Don't wanna think and think and make myself confused again.

I think I'll go redo my tagboard. I'll try to have it up by this weekend. TRY only. Heehee. No promises. But just check back within the next couple of days lah. Won't die one. =D *Waves* Bye bye!


.Thursday, May 10, 2007 ' 2:22 PM Y
I'm blogging in BCOMM again lah. Haha. The lesson is really boring. This week the tutor is talking about writing. Haha. To quote Shawn "Like we all fail our English lor..." I totally agree. Haha. The whole class I think only 20% listening. The rest only copy the notes from the slides for the sake of copying. Haha. I never even download the slides. Keke. Later ask Shawn email them to me. LOLs.

Finally today I don't have to work. Can rest. Tomorrow got HopNite. But I really really don't feel like going. I know I already paid 10 bucks. But I have a strong feeling that I won't really enjoy myself that much. Later discuss with dear dear then say bahs. Today went to Alumni Clubhouse for lunch again. The Chicken Teriyaki was pretty sucky, but I finished it anyway. Hungry mah. Keke.

Regina complaining liao lah... "Where's your tagboard har?!" Sorry I really didn't have time mah. Somemore my home connection got problems. Hee. Soon lah SOON. Hehe. I'm feeling pretty happy today. Good sign. Heehee. I think maybe the past few days too stressed up already. Everyday after school have to rush to work. Can't even join my classmates in the library... Hais... I like being independent. But I'm starting to feel the burden. I don't want to grow up so fast! But I have to lah. Because I don't like being treated as a child. So conflicting right?

TA02! Find one day we go storm Fish & Co okay?! Haha. I so bad. But then they also not that good to me what. Heehee. Just now while slacking at the underpass with Regina, Shawn, Shu Hua and Sean, they call me big shot. Because I asked Dear to ask his daddy help me buy dinner. =.=" Like that very big shot meh?!!! Still okay what. They liked the Fish & Co mints I brought for them! And they liked the cute fishy. Haha. Okay lah. I'm just typing crap here now. I go play game first. Ta-ta all!!

P/S Regina still hasn't sent me the formal wear pictures!!!


.Tuesday, May 08, 2007 ' 11:20 AM Y
Yesterday Regina paid me a really touching compliment. She said that while watching the slide thingy and listening to the song on my blog at the same time, she almost cried. Because its like, very touching. Haha. Thanks for the nice comment. I think she's the only person so far who has ever said anything like that to me. I'll be organising the TA02 class chalet in conjunction with the guild chalet. Haha. Let me organise okays? I promise it'll be fun. Keke.

For the guild BBQ on Friday, I do agree with QR that it was a success. But only to a small extent. Yes, there was food, there was drinks and there was people. But overall, I don't think any of us really enjoyed ourselves. I mean, as the main organisers, QR and Water should have at least tried to ensure that everyone enjoyed themselves. I know that it doesn't mean we have to stay in one group just because we came out in a group. But in a way, we're your guests. In a way, we were invited and we paid for the BBQ. So I don't think it was nice of you guys to run off and leave us sitting there, feeding the mosquitoes. I don't what the others think, but I really feel that it is the organisers' responsibility to ensure that their "guests" do not feel bored or anything. Because seriously, there was nothing to do after eating. (Speaking of eating, Dear and I ended up polishing off like 90% of the otahs. Imagine paying $14 to eat a whole shitload of otahs and a few chicken wings. =.=") Lucky I brought cards. Otherwise what were the rest of us to do? Sit and stare at each other meh?

I'm not trying to be a bitch lah. Some of you guys are probably going to say that its past so I shouldn't bring it up anymore. But then what if next time the same things happen? Must learn from mistakes mah... =P I'm just trying to say that if you wanna organise something, then make sure that you take responsibilty for your guests and any cock-ups that happen. If you say you're busy with school, then might as well ask others to organise right? Look at it this way lah. If next time your boss ask you to organise event for the company and you have other work to clear up, are you going to tell your boss that you're not free? Its the same theory lah. I'm sorry. I know by posting this I'm going to offend quite a lot of people. Namely QR. Then BC, SK, and ZH will run over and say "Yah lah. Fuck that Debbie for saying this kind of things. She think she very good meh?!" Haha. But like Elvis say, "You got balls hor?" Lols. I have 2. On my chest. Hehs. So yes. I dare to say and I will say what I want to on my blog. I can only apologise if what I say is not taste for another person. In theory we are friends. In feeling, how much of our friendship is left? And it because of this that I'm starting to voice my doubts and opinions loud and clear. I'm not declaring war. I'm just being straightforward and saying what I think. Its my freedom. To quote Spiderman 3, "everyone always has a choice to choose what he wants". Don't always blame me for starting trouble because I never forced anyone to come and read what I post. Ok ok. Don't say liao. Or else people gonna scold me again.

This past few days, I've started having doubts about myself again. Its as though the old depressed me is trying to resurface. Its making me confused. Maybe its the stress of working and studying. My social life is suffering. But the worst thing is, I'm still penniless. No matter how much I work, its never enough to cover my expenses. I only earn like $300 a month. Minus away concession and laptop, I only have $130 left. Its pathetic lah. Hais... All of a sudden, there is the feeling to want to crawl into some dark place and hide myself away. Something like shutting down. The conflict within me is that I don't want to shut down. So I keep searching for things to do that will cheer me up. My friends are helping alot. I know Regina is quite concerned. But I really don't know how to tell them what I'm feeling. Because right from the first day they knew me, I've been quite hyper and cheerful. They've never seen the old me. So I don't think they'll understand. I'm sorry guys. You're great. Its just my own problems. I'm not trying to act emo lah (si Elvis). Its really how I'm feeling now. I'm trying to stop myself lah. Haha. I like the new me. The more cheerful and outgoing one. I want to maintain it that way. My scars serve as a reminder to me. History CANNOT repeat itself.

Okay lah. Save the drama. I've been blogging throughout the whole INFA tutorial. Haha. The teacher must hate me alot. Or maybe she think I'm very pro. Heh heh. I think I'm going to put up my tagboard again. I know I didn't garner my 10 votes. But at the insistence of Regina and Shawn, I'll put it up for a few weeks and see how the "response" is like. Haha. But I have to work on the colour scheme first.

I must pia my INFA liao. Elvis say that if I can AD for my exam he treat me to a meal. Haha. His wallet die liao. Keke. Not I haolian hor. Now INFA is only double entry and ledger accounts. Last time Sec 3 I never study POA also can get A1. Now I pia. He cham. MuaHAHA. Hees. I'll be stopping here today. Later ask Regina send me the formal wear pictures then I post them up. =)!

I'm happy to announce that my blog counter is finally close to hitting 350. FINALLY. Haha. But I'm happy can? Heesh.


.Sunday, May 06, 2007 ' 9:30 PM Y
Finally finished my assignment for CIP. Haha. As usual, I procrastinated till almost the last minute before rushing it out. Luckily it wasn't anything major. Haha. Finally can slack a little. Today was pretty boring. Worked till 3pm then came to Dear's house. Watched a little TV, then started on my project. Something is wrong with my sister's laptop again I think. There are some problems starting up and the Internet cannot be accessed. So sian.

I've recently taken an interest in blogging and reading other people blogs. Not just those of friends and people around me, but also more popular blogs such as Kennysia and Xiaxue. Just 2 examples la. There are alot more that I do visit quite frequently. What attracts me there is their way of blogging. Quite interesting really. Their humor and frankness is quite refreshing from the normal blogs that just "report" about their daily lives. Such as mine. I think what makes the content interesting is the use of pictures. Lots of them. Haha. I'm just guessing lah. But that also means that they spend hours on blogging. For awhile, I did let myself hope that someday, my blog would become as interesting as theirs too. But nah... That's hopeless. Pun intended (if any). Haha. I know the content for today's entry is pretty boring but well... I'm bored! And the charity show on Channel 8 right now isn't exactly VERY interesting. I just want to watch Tank and Angela Chang. Heh heh.

I watched Spiderman 3 at Lido yesterday. With Water and Ben. Her supervisor gave her 4 free tickets and she invited Gray and I. Wasn't that super nice of her? The ironical thing is, I didn't really watch the first two prequels. But at least I understood the story. I love the visual effects and graphic designing of all the props as well the start of the movie where they show the cast names and all. I don't know what that part is called(credits??) but I loved the effects. So much that at one point I even commented to Dear people interested in this sort of visual effects stuff should really further their studies overseas. Haha. I'm not unpatriotic okays?! Overall the show was superb. Just that the interuptions of crying babies was quite unpleasant. Also abit too draggy. The whole movie was about 2.5 hours and the ending was a little too "luo suo". Haha. I'm SO critical. But I still recommend that show to everyone out there.

Next on my list of 'Movies to watch" would be:
Bridge to Terabithia - I read the book and I liked it
28 Weeks Later - Dear says the prequel 28 Days Later was nice
Next - the trailer interested me, but I think the movie will be confusing
Full Of It - Its a COMEDY! Haha
Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End - I don't know what's the obsession with filming trilogies, but I have to admit that they're really nice to watch.
Shrek 3 - Another trilogy. But its going to be funny. Haha

That's about it for now. Maybe a couple more to add on when I see the trailers or read their reviews. I'll try to post reviews of each of the movies I watch. Look out for them! Ii'm going home already! Haha.

P/S. The poll for the tagboard seems so hopeless. Now I really regret posting that up. It only helps in insulting my blog. Sighs... I'm so disappointed...


.Thursday, May 03, 2007 ' 3:45 PM Y
I've just completed an activity that left me hot, breathless and smiling away crazily. I'm still trembling, and I hope my performance wasn't all that bad. Okay lah. Don't think dirty. I've just finished my first ever class presentation here in NP. I was so nervous that I could practically feel myself trembling. Haha. And I totally have no recollection of the stuff I said. I mean, I still have the notes and all, but I can't remember how I presented my points. Well. Its all over. Haha. But I'm still suffering the side effects of over-nervousness. For a moment I almost felt like crying. So siao of me right? I'm not emo lah. I just tend to be so so so very nervous that I become too emotional. But that lasts only for a few seconds. Now that my presentation is over, I really feel alot alot better.

Today's the first time I'm wearing formal wear to school, or anywhere else for that matter. My friends say I look like a teacher. !!! I want to be an accountant! Haha. But I think I look really weird in formal wear. Like over-mature or something. And my shoes didn't exactly compliment my outfit. No choice lah. I'm poor. So I can't afford proper formal shoes. All I have are a pair of white sandals with a bit of heels which I also use for everyday wear. I'll get Nana to take a picture of me later and post it up next time. *Sighs*... Payday is next thursday. I need money!!! Lots and lots of it. But then again, who doesn't? Haha. No lah. I just need to buy a few formal outfits and shoes. Afterall, poly life is going to have its share of presentations and I've got to have a few different outfits on hand right? Right now I don't even have any proper shirts. The one I'm wearing now actually belongs to my sister. Isn't that pathetic? Haha. I now have the chance and excuse to go shopping. But the thing is, I don't have the cash. Lets hope this month's pay will be a little higher.

Dear is going to split the monthly instalment for the laptop with me. $35 each. But instead of passing me the cash, he's going to treat me to 3 movies every month. Haha. If don't have movie to watch then keep the money for next time. Or use it to buy other stuff. Heh heh. But seriously. I need a new wardrobe. I need alot alot alot of stuff. But I don't have the money. I'm stressed. Seriously stressed. I don't show it, but deep inside, I hate having to worry about my finances every month. I hate having too little money, even to the point where I can barely afford luxuries. I know all these can actually help me to become more independent in future. But I hate the burden of it. How come other people don't have to undergo that sort of suffering? And yet, ironically, I want to be independent. I want to tell the whole world that I don't have to take money from my parents. Man... that's what "conflict" really means. Okay lah. I think I'm really still suffering the side-effects of the presentation, such that I'm confusing even myself. Haha. Sorry readers! Okay. Sorry. There are no readers. Sad. But just for the sake of myself, I'm going to post a super cute picture below just to make your heart melt. Enjoy!

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.Wednesday, May 02, 2007 ' 10:48 PM Y
Okay this is gonna be short and simple. Who wants my tagboard back up? Please vote. If I can manage to get around 10 (sounds more realistic lah) "Yes" then it goes back up. Vote once only hor.

Should I put up my tagboard again?
Don't know, don't care
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.Tuesday, May 01, 2007 ' 2:35 AM Y
I want a PSP.

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This is the one I want. Haha. Ok lah. Actually I was thinking of getting the PINK one. But the PSP will be shared between Dear and me. Can you imagine a guy like him holding a PINK PSP? No right? So we agreed on the white one instead. Walked around Tampines Mall today asking about the prices. I initially wanted to get a Nintendo DS, but Dear managed to "persuade" me out of it. Here are some snatches of our conversations:

Me: I want to buy Nintendo DS leh.
Dear: For what?!
Me: Play Pokemon lor. See? Got new one leh. DIAMOND version somemore.
Dear: You want to spend $200 plus just to play Pokemon?!!
Me: No what. Can play other games. *spots Cake Mania* SEE? Got this also! Then got Harvest Moon, got um, um, um... Alot lah!
Dear: Then you might as well get PSP. Can download game somemore.
Me: But PSP no Pokemon leh! =(
Dear: Play other game lor. Its more worth it lah...
Me(spots a PSP version of Mahjong): Okay lor...

Haha. That's about it. A little exaggerated I admit. But I didn't invent or take out any content. I swear. He hasn't really agreed to letting me buy the Mahjong game. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Keke.

Anyway, Shawn just sent me the class photos. One whole album. But this is my favourite:

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Know why? Because I look nicest in this one. Haha. I'm SO vain. But its okay. Its my right as a girl. This is actually the scaled down version. The original one looks much nicer. I'll be uploading it onto the slideshow so look out for it too k? Anyways, Nana and I finally got to taking a photo with Shawn. Yup. Just the 3 of us. And here it is:

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Okay I know I look really weird in this picture but its just the camera angle ok... Haha.

I think most of you can see that I'm starting to add more pictures and stuff to my entries. Yup. I'm really trying. From now onwards I'm going to try and put a few pictures in every entry so that its not such a headache to read. Thanks Shawn. For the complaint. Haha. So next time you won't have any excuse NOT to read my blog. Especially when I post your handsome face here.

I really high liao. Haha. Its time to sleep lah. Or else tomorrow no energy for school again. Its our second lesson for Hip Hop! I'm expecting to be totally tired out by the exercises. Update again tomorrow or something okays?



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