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.Wednesday, March 28, 2007 ' 3:16 PM Y
I just got back from Ngee Ann Poly. Feeling quite shagged. Not because I did anything tiring, but because of the long MRT ride I had to endure. After boarding the train from Jurong East for what felt like 10 minutes or so, I had only reached Choa Chu Kang. 3 stops. Then after reaching Yishun still had to wait 812 because it was raining. Missed the first bus so had to wait for the next one. BORINGGGG...

The main reason I went down all the way to NP was for my laptop. Finally all the procedures for the hire purchase is completed. Hurray!!! I'm going to have my very own laptop! Muahaha. FINALLY! WOOTX!!!! So happy la... Its the first time I'm able to really own anything that belongs only to me (don't count secondary school textbooks la!). And what I'm proudest of is that I'm going to be paying for it myself. The total price after upgrading is $2121, which means I'll paying approximately $70 (interest included) each month over 3 years. Its quite a heavy burden, but I guess I'll just have to work harder ba... The thing is: My parents don't know about this laptop. So I can't use it openly in front of them. BUT. I can use my sister's laptop. Haha. Which sort of means that I have 2 laptops. Maybe you guys are going to scold me for wasting money, but what you don't understand is the feeling of being a garbage can. The feeling that everytime you want to have something, your parents dump your elder sibling's unwanted stuff on you. Books, handphones, laptop. It really sucks la. Either everything is shared, or else whatever you're using is what someone doesn't want. I know that I should be considered fortunate to even have all these things, but now that I'm offered the chance to own something I can call my own, of course I'm taking it. Even if its a waste, then let me waste my own money. No regrets.

Anyway, thanks to Vanessa, I'm now suddenly hooked onto Huan Zhu Ge Ge. My Fair Princess or Pearl Princess as people call it. I'm currently watching the 3rd series and I'm considering collect all 3 series. Really very nice. Especially the soundtrack for the 3rd series. And Leo Ku is so SHUAI la...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

See what I mean? Hehe. And look at my current desktop wallpaper:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I mean. Gray's desktop wallpaper. Keke. Girls. Doing something like this is a great way to remind your boyfriends that they do have rivals. Lol.

** I'm now on the search for the soundtrack. Anyone know where I can find???


.Wednesday, March 21, 2007 ' 6:49 PM Y
Hurray!!! I finally managed to upload music onto my blog. Keke. Credit does come from SQ though, since I found the link from his blog. Big thank you to him! Haha. As anyone with two eyes(or four, if you're short-sighted) can see, the song I chose is "Can't Fight The Moonlight" by Leanne Rimes. DON'T ask me why I chose that song. Because I just like it. I know the song is almost ancient already but to me, as long as its nice, as long as I like it, who cares how old it is. Heh. I have to admit though. I'm a mountain mushroom (sua ku??) when it comes to English songs. "Can't Fight The Moonlight" was introduced to me just last week by my hubby. Before that I didn't even know what it sounded like. Totally no impression. Haha.

Anyway I decided to NOT appeal for TP anymore. I'll just go ahead and stay in NP. Although I'm still pretty miffed about the distance I have to travel everyday. ZZZ...... At least I get a laptop. That's some compensation I guess. QR, if you need to move to Harbourfront because you're going to Sentosa next semester then does that mean I need to move to Clementi??? OH NO!!! Haha. I suppose I will need to do some last minute shopping before i start school, just to get stuff like stationary, a planner, notebooks, and such. Who wants to volunteer to accompany me???


.Tuesday, March 20, 2007 ' 8:44 PM Y
I know that QR isn't all too happy that I'm training another Page like her. But I stand firm in the belief that I haven't done anything wrong. I really hope this won't affect our friendship.


.Monday, March 19, 2007 ' 3:15 AM Y
Recently there has been much spamming on QR's tagboard by some dumbass by the name of *Zack. He is of the opinion that the pictures that QR posted of herself are "seriously damn ugly". Many people have expressed strong support for his extermination from this planet but unfortunately, miracles do not happen as often as we'd like them to. Being kind people, we can do naught but try our best to encourage him to jump off the nearest high-rise building.

He also boasts a great command of the English language while mis-spelling the word "comprehEnd" as "comprehAnd". Maybe his dictionary was published in the 1700s. That should explain the printing errors. Wait a minute. Did they even have dictionaries back then? I know. I think I've found the perfect explanation. I'm sure that everyone has heard of the saying that guys think using their dicks instead of their brains. Ever wondered where that saying came from? Well. Apparently Zack's ancestors were perfect models of such "dickey" people, which is probably why Zack has such a serious mental problem. His ancestors also probably invented the dicKtionary. The one and only copy that has ever seen light on this planet, and which is now being possessed by Zack. Or maybe it is the other way round. Head over to QR's blog and look at some of the tagboard posts written by this guy and you will know how childish he actually is. Not to mention other wonderful qualities such as "dumb", "loser" as well as many others that are unfit to be given a mention on MY blog. As such, since we normally determine brain size with the amount of IQ a person has(E.g. Wah lao you so stupid!!! Your brain the size of a pea is it?!!"), I used the same theory on Zack and arrived at the conclusion that Zack MAY NOT have a dick at all.

Hold on. Before all fellow females jump up in protest thinking that I have insulted them, please let me explain. By exposing Zack's dickless state, I am merely banishing him into an entirely new category of the human race. That is, IF he can be considered human. But. We'll let that pass. There are many categories of humans who exist on this Earth: Males, females, Shemales, as well as what we often refer to as "Ah Guas". However, as Zack obviously does not fit into any of those categories, we are forced to either label him as an Alien, or as a new human species. A one and only kind that does not possess any form of private parts at all. As such, all the waste that are produced in his peashell of a body spews out of Zack's mouth. A gruesome thought, but nevertheless, facts are unavoidable.

Oh I really do so very much hope that Zack turns up at my blog too. Extra motivation for me to update and additional entertainment for my beloved readers. As well as a chance to pit my English language skills against Zack. After all, an A1 English isn't obtained just by sitting there and staring at the television. No way. Let me teach all of you 'O' Level students out there how to obtain a distinction in your English language: Watch out for losers who boast about their command of the language and show them who's boss. Not only do you get the chance to polish up your English, you also do the world a favour bby exterminating such scum from the face of Earth. Maybe United Nations might even award you for your efforts to protect the environment.

*Name was self appointed by the loser himself.

I sincerely apologise to all readers who came across this entry and were taken aback by some of the crude words I was forced to use. Please pardon me for you see, I simply could not come up with any better alternatives.


.Monday, March 12, 2007 ' 12:21 AM Y
Haha I skipped work today. Faked a bad headache and rested at home. Its not a complete lie. I did have a headache. Only it was Friday night. My whole head was pounding from the moment I stepped out of Ikea all the way until I reached home and settled down to rest. And it wasn't just a normal headache. It was like the kind of aching you get when you've drunk too much liquor. Not very nice at all.

Okay. Enough about headaches. Here's what I skipped work for:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Wait a minute. Before you start thinking how stupid I am to give up $60 just to watch a lousy movie, let me justify my actions. Firstly, this movie is rated 4.5 stars by newspapers and movie critics. Secondly, this movie is also rated 10/10 by Yours Truly. To give a brief summary, this is a story about how 300 Spartan men, led by their King, fought for their freedom against thousands of Persian soldiers. Though highly outnumbered, they refused to submit to the Persian ruler. Instead, they chose to fight and to die for their country. Its not just some boring ancient war show. I personally feel that this is even better than Lord of the Rings. And if you watch at Cathay cinemas, you pay only half price for the second ticket (on weekends only). Cool huh? The only thing is, this show is M18. Why? Because in the first part of the movie, they show the King and the Queen making love. You can see the breasts and them moving like that like that. Don't know how to describe la. Haha. And in the later part during the battles they actually show the heads rolling off the beheaded men. Abit disgusting but I'm mature people like me can take it. =P What? I'm not thick-skinned okay? Its rated "Mature" what. And I got in. So that means I'm mature right? See? I'm just stating facts!

And so to conclude, this show has definitely made it to the very top of my "Highly Recommended Movies" list. I strongly suggest everyone to watch it. If you don't like it, you seriously have no taste for movies man... But remember though. 300 is only for MATURE people(like me)! ^.^!


.Saturday, March 10, 2007 ' 5:15 PM Y
Haha guess where I'm blogging from? IKEA Alexandra!! Haha. I'm actually supposed to be working la, but since its not very busy and there's internet access here, I might as well make the best out of my free time right? Lol. My job is actually quite simple la. Just pump the balloons and give them to the kids. And I'm getting paid $6 an hour. Easy money huh? Keke. But its also quite tiring because I've got to work all the way until 8pm. So boring. But its fun to see the kids smile at you when you give them a balloon. Some of their smiles are just so sweet!!! Heh heh.

In case anyone is wondering how come there's a computer around, let me explain. Those who have read the newspapers would most likely have come across an IKEA ad about this kids club called Smales. Its pronounced as "smalls" and its for kids from 4-10 years old. Once they sign up, they get a miniature passport that has their details and photo in it, and everytime they visit IKEA they can get a sticker worth $0.50, as well as a discounted kids meal and a free drink. The maximum amount of stickers they can collect in a year is $10 and they can use these Smalish dollars to exchange for items such as the little hearts, also called Famnigs. Cute huh? Its even cuter to see the kids having their photos taken. Some of them are just plain kawaii-neh! Haha. Okay so back to main topic. This computer here is actually for registering their details and taking their photos before saving it into the system. And since there're no customers right now, I took the liberty of using it to umm... update my blog. Haha. Its better than just sitting there and staring into empty space right? Haha. But now I have to go. Or else if someone finds out... I'm going to be so so dead. Update again soon. Heh heh...


.Friday, March 09, 2007 ' 1:25 AM Y
My blog has been left to rot again. Call it laziness or a boring life, but I just can't find anything to blog about actually. And I don't actually enjoy the idea of boring readers with equally boring entries. Anyway... As anyone with eyes can see, I have changed my blog template again. This time I left out my likes and dislikes because of two factors. Firstly, there wasn't enough space. Secondly, I don't think anyone would actually go and read it. So if lets say you're really so very interested in what I like or dislike, just tag or email me ya?

Now to move on to real blog content. The past month or so has been pretty much the same routine for me. Work, maple, sleep. Over and over again. Most of you probably know that I'm working at Fish & Co now. But here's what you don't know. I do NOT enjoy myself working there. I mean, the interaction with the customers and all is fine. Its even fun sometimes. But its my colleagues that make me feel kinda rejected. I'm pretty certain its not me this time. Its as though they've got something against newcomers or what. The kind of attitude they show doesn't exactly make it easy for me to warm up to them. I find me telling myself that hey, its for the money, so just bear with it woman! Pretty stupid huh? I suppose maybe I'm just not cut out for this sort of jobs. I don't like having to smile at customers when deep down I'm just can't find anything to smile about. It becomes like I've pasted my smile on or something. Fake. Like a hypocrite. I very very very much prefer working at Ikea.

On a happier note though, I must brag that I've watched almost every interesting movie that has hit the screens so far. The more backdated ones I've forgotten, but here's to name (and rate) a few more recent ones: Letters from Iwo Jima (9/10), Ghost Rider (7/10), Norbit (7/10), Just Follow Law (8/10) and Hannibal Rising (7/10). I admit I've become much of a movie addict. The atmosphere in the cinema is alot more different and enjoyable than what any home theatre can offer. No please don't go, "Wah db... u so rich ar?" I really think that 7 bucks for a movie(on weekdays) is actually quite afforable. No one is asking to go everyday. Once a week or so is enough to let you enjoy quite a number of good movies. Its not like you don't get pocket money like me. =P

Anyway, I don't think I need to elaborate much on O Level results. Those who deserve to know already know. Those who don't know, too bad. However, as for postings, I've been posted to Ngee Ann Polytechnic's Accountancy course, but I appealed to TP for Accounting and Finance. Don't ask me why. I'm too lazy to bother explaining. Haha. Appeal results come out on 13 March. I'll update again then.

My stomach is feeling so uncomfortable. I don't know how to describe the feeling. Weird? Maybe. I think I'll just stop here for today. Oh, and before I end, I'd just like to mention that I've started reading Kennysia.com recently and I must admit his entries are quite funny. Sarcastic, but if you have a great sense of humor, you'd most likely laugh your ass off. HAHA.



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