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.Tuesday, September 30, 2008 ' 1:42 AM Y
I understand Singapore is a very small city with not enough entertainment. Which is why people gladly spend tens of dollars trying to scoop satchets of candy to win the jackpot-normally a soft toy or some lame prize that would probably cost you half the price or less at Mini Toons or elsewhere.

All that, I can understand. And I'm perfectly fine with it. After all, its not my money.

What I CANNOT understand is why so many people like to crowd around and watch me-or any of the other staff for that matter-refill the goddamed sweets.

Its my job and I'm resigned to it, especially when Glory, our promoter, isn't around. But I DO NOT appreciate having so many pairs of eyes observing me, like any moment I'm going to pocket one teeny weeny candy, which I actually do lah. But that's another subject.

Thing is, I get people of all ages watching me do the refills like its some showcase performance, and its pretty annoying. Its as though having a bunch of kids surrounding me, hoping and hoping that Big Sister will suddenly turn around and offer them a sweet. Or maybe two. Or three.

And today Mr "Uncle" Sam tried to tell me off for patching up the "holes" in the machine. The old pervert. It wasn't even him playing; just three random teenage girls, and he was "helping" them. Everytime young females sit at the machine, he'll be somewhere nearby offering "help".


Even after 2 months at work, I still can't stand the regulars. Every single one of them. They're all those typical aunties and uncles who rush for all sorts of petty gains and give Singaporeans a bad name. And imagine having to be in contact with such people nearly everyday.

Luckily the positives of working there outweigh the negatives.

I know all that was a pretty lame excuse to rant about my day, but these are honestly some of the thoughts that go through my mind during work. Before, I never understood how idiotic humans could be, but now I do. As for the regulars who keep complaining about this and that, all I can say is that the staff actually can't wait for the day that they STOP coming. Bless us all, we need a break from their whining and their fucking attitudes.

One hard-earned off day tomorrow. Let's see: Lunch at Nebo, gym, mahjong, and back to work on Wednesday. Life is fun. I can see why my whole being is screaming to get back at my books. Oh, did I forget to mention queueing for a long long time at OCBC to cash out Dear's cheque. The silver lining? MONEY~!!!

Why am I not 21 yet?!!

Even $100 is alot to me at this moment. Honestly, the government should consider giving out the bonuses to teenagers as well, seeing that we're the ones who spend alot of unnecessary money on unnecessary stuff, thus allowing them to earn that extra bit of money through taxes. We also play our part for the economy okay!

Sighs... Money is never enough. How I wish I could also be like the typical teenagers who sit at home, study a little, party alot, and receive big fat allowances from my parents. Such wistful dreams. Heh heh. Dear is going to lecture me again.

Off to calculate my pay. The most wonderful time of the month, second only to that particular moment when I press the 'Account Balance' button at the ATM machine and TADAH!!! $$$! Sweet dreams tonight~!


.Thursday, September 25, 2008 ' 4:30 PM Y
Lazybones is still blogging at home!!! I'm actually supposed to be at AMK Hub by now, but well, long story. And sorry to Dear but after 2 years surely you know by now that I'm super grouchy when I wake up. xD


I can't believe another month has gone by so quickly. Its like, I've just gotten my pay and suddenly DUH! I'm getting my second pay! And each month, my debts will get lesser and lesser until FINALLY, I'll only have to pay for my lappy and gym membership. And THEN I can afford my very own DS and Dear can buy his PS3 and Xbox 360. Can't wait to play Wangan Midnight on PS3. Tomorrow surely IS getting better and better.

I've decided against getting a new lappy because its suffocating enough managing ONE loan. I don't want another for now. So I'm just gonna reformat this junkie I'm using now and save the money for better things. Ooh... My manicure, spa, massage, hair treatment... And the list goes on. Nice dreams~!


Finally convinced Dear to get his own Debit card, and I'm in the process of reapplying for mine. Again, another long story. Haha.

Double happiness~! Because we don't have to head down to UE Square anymore this Friday. Going to E!Hub~!!! Because Miss Mountain Mushroom (me) hasn't been there in MONTHS. Curious to see what the revamped place looks like.

And after "participating" in this business venture of my sister's, I've realised that I'm really not cut out for doing business. Small little ventures, yes, but BIG ones, NO. I'll just stick to accounting and psychology.

~Rushing off to work~!!!~


.Tuesday, September 23, 2008 ' 11:39 PM Y
After such a long long time of not planning any major outings, just organising a Kbox session for 3 people was a huge headache. Glad that I've got all the details worked out. Jinwen, please don't back out k?

The more I get to know JW, the more I realise how much like her I was in the past. And I honestly can't believe how much I've managed to change over 2 years, and how goddamned bloody patient Dear has been with me. I think if I was in his position, I would have given up long long ago. So now I must persevere; learn to control my temper, remain patient and not flare up so easily. Sorry to JW that I sounded pretty pissed off today, but I think you know the reason why lah.

I'm happy to see from your blog that you actually thought about what I told you today, but I really hope you can actually DO something about it. Regarding army boy and T., you have to make up your mind soon, because its no point dragging and dragging and making yourself miserable. And even you can be together with T., there's no harm being friends right? Its not going to be the end of the world. As for his character, he just IS like this. Not just to you, but to everyone. So why should it bother you? If you think its a tedious process then just let yourself relax!

Anyway, I'm just going to end off with yet another video Dear recommended to me.

For all Final Fantasy fans:

ஜLost in darkest blue
Endless labyrinths weaving though
Will you stagger on, with no star to light your way?
Share with me your tears
All your troubles and deepest fears
I remember when you chased all my shadows away

ஜWon't you take my hand?
Come away with me from this land
Let me give to you all that you have given to me
Fly horizon bound
Find the moon behind darkening clouds
Even far apart, know our souls together will be

ஜWhen the storm draws nigh
Dreams will shatter before your eyes
Know that you're not alone
When the battle starts
I will comfort your restless heart
You'll know that you are home

ஜWhen your stars stop shining
Endless vines around you winding
Know that you're not alone
I will give my all
So your tears will no longer fall
Down, down on sorrow's stone

ஜLook into my eyes
All eternity you will find
In this fragile heart, know that you will always belong
Shout into the night
Show the darkness that you will fight
Hopeless you may feel, but inside I know you are strong

ஜKeep me in your heart
So we'll never be far apart
Let the bonds of love break these chains imprisoning you
Always you will findShadows lingering close behind
Lift your spirits now, We shall be together soon

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmbgCBZ86z4
All lyrics and voice by katethegreat19.

Yes she wrote and SANG the damned thing. Good right? There's more of such of her videos. Look them up yourself if you're interested. Haha.


.Friday, September 19, 2008 ' 1:20 AM Y
I got into a super duper pissed off mood again. And all because of MT. Lol. Fucking retarded, but I just got pissed off at myself for not being able to play the Manual Transmission properly. As Dear says, I probably should learn to control my anger more effectively. Point noted.

Sorry to Jinwen for keeping you in all that suspense regarded Mr.T and that other guy, but that other guy is just too big of a loser to be good enough for you. Don't feel that you have to accept him just because he's nice to you. Oh, and would you mind if I asked Mr.T along to Kbox the next time? I asked, and he says yes, he sings. 7th Oct was fine initially but the idiot kena NS checkup. Zzz... Anyway, update me luh. I've got quite alot of things to tell you and it just isn't convenient with that other guy around. No offense, but I JUST DON'T LIKE HIM. Haha. Paiseh...

By the way, I know I procrastinated again with regards to the spooky videos I promised, so I'm posting them up NOW, at the risk of my peaceful sleep tonight. Haha. I'd advise everyone to watch it either with the lights fully on, or during the day when imaginations don't run wild that easily.

Before that though, let me address that regarding QR's most recent content, yes I know who she's referring to. But since she can't be open enough to speak her mind,let's play her game too; A little birdie told me that he/she probably doesn't care about whatever activities the "gang" has planned, but its a real pity they couldn't be considerate enough to involve all of their "friends". He/she still wants to wish QR happy 19th birthday, even though he/she initially wanted to drop an sms on the day itself instead. But that would be way too undeserving for her now. And while jealousy can be a lethal weapon, the victims almost always end up to be the weapon wielders. Harsh though these words may be, but hey! I'm only conveying a message on behalf of "someone else". I'm completely blameless okay. But if he/she dies, I most likely will die with her lah.

And that's it. Enjoy the video(s) and prepare to be scared. The embedding for parts 2 and 3 were disabled but I shall link them for you convenience.

Oh yea, remember to turn on your speakers or plug in your headphones-whichever you prefer. ^^


Part Two...

And finally, Part Three.


.Wednesday, September 17, 2008 ' 3:35 AM Y
For a lack of better things to blog about, please pardon my random ramblings. I initially wanted to upload some interesting videos regarding the supernatural, but since its really dark, let's leave that to the morning when I feel more secure with Mr Sun shining into my room. Haha.

Work has horribly slack the past few days. Today's morning shift almost made me fall asleep on my feet! But I'm uber happy that many of the regulars went for their chalet and didn't turn up to irritate us. Double cheers!

Yesterday was the first time since I started work, that I finished up my counter duties super duper fast. Thanks to Terry for helping and Hamidah for letting us play Maximum Tune until 11.25 even though she was tired. Haha. Even Christine was acting normal again today. G-R-E-A-T!

Dear and I finally get to work the same shift on Thursday. Plus, its the night shift, which means we get to play Maximum Tune again after work. WAHOO~!!!

Mad ramblings aside; as I mentioned, there are some interesting videos that I would like to share- not now, but tomorrow. Credit to Dear for showing me the videos yesterday.

These videos are by this guy on Youtube by the username of AndrosEnigmaX. I don't know if anyone already knows about him, but alot of the videos uploaded by him are really awesome. If you can't stand the suspense, you can check out his uploads here.

And that's it then. Off to bed. I'll try to upload the spooky videos before I go out later (since its already considered morning).

P.S. The annual Singapore Hits Awards is here again. For some reason, I still have the urge to buy a ticket even though last year's experience was fucking horrible. Maybe its a good thing I don't have enough money. Let's see what they have to showcase this year, and then I'll know whether I should go again next year or not.


.Monday, September 15, 2008 ' 12:57 AM Y
I finally got to go singing on Tuesday~!!! Big thank you to Jinwen and Jane for the awesome company.

Work yesterday was a huge bitch. Christine was in super duper PMS mood, and took it out on me and Jinwen. Even Glory looked pretty deadbeat towards the end. I don't know what was the freaking problem with C, but as far as I'm concerned, she had no fucking right to take her unhappiness out on us, not when we didn't do a single fucking thing to her.

I mean, its perfectly normal that when one person is having his/her break, the other two will be left to handle the duties, right? And since Jinwen was the cashier, that would mean that C would just have to run the "outside" stuff on her own. And being a full-timer with a whole year of experience, surely by now C should have been used to such scenarios. How the fuck could she still have lost her temper like that? Nabeh. It totally spoiled my mood for the entire day lah. Even JW got pissed off in the end.

And therefore, we decided to treat ourselves to popcorn. Haha. Cathay is just beside Zone X, so we asked one of the regular customers to buy for us. Heh heh. C didn't look too happy, but who cares? She can wallow in her PMS mood swings but that doesn't mean we have to do the same. I'm still VERY pissed off at her even now, and I have to keep telling myself that it isn't worth it to get all worked up because of her. Urgh~!

And now my bloody sister is trying her goddamned hardest to piss me off again. Zzzz...

On a happier note though, Dear and I gave ourselves a very much deserved treat at Chicago Steakhouse today. As before, the food was wonderful and the Oreo sundae made me very happy. I really don't understand how that place can be so empty. Doesn't word about good food spread? Or does that only apply to coffeeshops?

Not in much of a mood to continue blogging. Time for bed~


.Saturday, September 06, 2008 ' 6:21 PM Y
Back from a day at work. Tired~ Good thing I have the day off tomorrow. Wahahaha. Finally can get to play Maximum Tune again. Addictions suck, but I can't resist.

Its surprisingly how few movies are opening this week when its the holidays. Watched Boys Over Flowers on Thursday with Dear, who had to be forcefully persuaded into watching the show. Haha.

At close to 2 hours long, the movie's pretty good actually. Funny and entertaining enough not to bore the audience. Story wise, its just another love story, and the only reason I watched it was because I'm a fan of Meteor Garden. I know the Japanese version differs greatly from the Taiwan drama, but to me, its not that much of a difference lah. At the end of the day, its still this love thingy between Makino and Domyoji. 3.5 stars for the movie, and weekday tickets recommendable.

"Older" movies that are worth watching include Wall-E and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the latter which is M18 for a reason. I must admit that I'm very surprised that the show wasn't rated R21, because it contained alot more nudity and sexual scenes than most M18 movies in the past.

Disappointingly, there're not many interesting movies opening within the next few weeks. In fact, I might even not want to watch anything until the 25th this month, when Painted Skin (another horror show) opens. High School Musical fans would probably look forward to next month, because the 3rd instalment opens then.

This is going to be one whole boring month.

Yesterday was officially our 2nd year together. No celebrations due to work, but perhaps a nice treat for the both of us tomorrow, especially since pay is in. Still gotta scrimp a little, but I think we both deserve a treat. Which is better? Jap or Western? Haha.

I'm now at Dear's house. Still waiting for him to reach home so we can eat dinner. Damn hungry~!!! And sleepy too. In fact, I think I'm going to take a nap after a game of Risk. Haha. Till later~.


.Thursday, September 04, 2008 ' 5:40 AM Y
Its amazing how quickly I'm able to make friends nowadays. First Jinwen, and now Jane. Gone are the painfully shy days or the period of time when I distanced myself from any stranger who dared invade my "territory".

We're not really that close, but its really easy to talk to the two of them and we had a really great time on Tuesday. 440 tickets, 1 whole bunch of redeemed items and a hell of a camwhoring time. Its the first time I've ever camwhored in full public and not even cared. And I even spent the whole bus trip from AMK to Bedok chatting with Jane even though I'd only known her for a few hours.

Photos~! Its been a while since I added pictures to my entries.


From left to right: Jane, me, and Jinwen

Our "loot" from playing

Jane and goofy doofy Jinwen

Jinwen's unsuccessful attempt at trying to be funny.

Success! In case you don't get it, note the "Wet Floor" signage behind her.

And THIS (circled in black) is what she was trying to "imitate".

Now trying to imitate the "black guy" falling down. Super unsuccessful.

Jane hitting Jinwen. That plastic thing is a result of a blown-up plastic bag that is supposed to be for wet umbrellas. Again, Jinwen's "handiwork".

In the toilet, in the toilet~ La la la la lalala~~ Lol

Me and JW.

And last but not least, camwhoring outside my house.

I so wanna go for double-eyelid surgery~! (Inner voice:" VAINPOT~!")

Continuing on, yesterday, all of a sudden I was very chatty during work and kept talking to Andy and Christine. Mostly bitching about the fucked up customers. But still... That's way better than not talking at all, isn't it? Oh! And I played Midnight Tune for the 1st time after work! Its quite fun lah. I won my very first Ghost Battle!!! Wahahaha. Now I'm kinda addicted, but I think its gonna be pretty embarrassing playing when there are people around 'cause I'm really noob. I don't even know how to play manual! I think my future driving instructor might commit suicide. Oops. Irrelevant. Haha.

Back to the original topic. I'm just really glad that I've become more open to people now. No matter what or whose influence it is, I'm eternally grateful. Now I just have to master the art of not letting irritating fucking assholes get to me.

Anyway, Jinwen, Jane and I were just talking about karaoke-ing yesterday and today, Jinwen was already going around asking when and if whoever was free, just to fix up a specific time and date. Efficient. Haha. And somehow, she reminded me of my past self.

I used to be just as enthusiastic too; planning outings, celebrations, parties, etc. I used to think it was fun to organise such "events" until the day I realised that all these things were never appreciated. Not to mention how hard it is to get everyone to cooperate. I just got sick of it; like, who cares?

I don't know whether its a good or a bad thing, but I hope Jinwen never loses this enthusiasm and cheerfulness of hers. Or if she does, then hopefully not for the reasons I did.


.Tuesday, September 02, 2008 ' 2:07 AM Y
For the first time in my entire life, I actually hate school holidays.

It is so freaking at work that I can't even properly taste what I'm eating for dinner. And poor Christine went without food for the entire day from morning till night. Superwoman!

I had only 1 meal today too. =( But that's only because I only woke up at 2pm and didn't have time to eat because I had to rush off to work. So my bad. =D

I'm rewatching the whole Huan Zhu Ge Ge series again. LOL. Very "no-life" I know, but its the only series so far that never ever bores me despite having watched it hundreds of times.

Pay is coming in this week~!!! Happiness. I'm going to play that big candy machine to get my hands on that cute cute hamster. Wahahaha. Its a pact I made with Jinwen. She wants one too.

By the way, Jinwen is a new friend I made at work, and she's a really great person to hang out with. Uncalculative, open, easy-going. A little too loud and chatty though. Haha. But its okay with me lah. Looking forward to tomorrow. Morning shift, but Jinwen's coming to find me so we're going to have another blast of a time. Hooray~!

And that's the end of today's update. Gotta go sleep already. Dream of money~!!! Lols.



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