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.Monday, January 29, 2007 ' 6:15 PM Y
Really... What a day... Meiyi and Benjamin asked me to accompany them to go around looking for jobs, and since I was free I thought, why not? So today, we met up at around 10.30, had brunch and Macdonalds and then headed off to Orchard.

We were supposed to go the Goodwood Park Hotel for the interview, but we were early we went to Far East Plaza to roam around for a bit la... Then we saw Limin working there and oh my god she really looks chio la... But her outfit was kinda funny. Nice, but not really the "working" kind.

Okay. Fast forward to the so-called "interview". We went to the concierge and told the receptionist that we were there for the interview and they directed us to the Human Resource department, so the three of us followed the porter all the way to the office. Meiyi was at the front la, so when we reached the door labelled "Human Resource", she was the one who knocked and pushed the door open. One look at the woman's face and we all knew. No hope LAH. And indeed. The woman was like "Students? No no. No students. We want permanent." What else could we do but close the door and walk off? Man... That's not an interview okay. And then I thought then maybe we could go home or something, but NOOOO... Meiyi's persistent. So she goes, lets go around the hotels and ask if they're hiring. =.=" Okay fine. We took bus No.36 all the way from Orchard to Suntec and started scouring the area for hotels. Zzz... First we tried the Pan Pacific Hotel. Man I tell you the staff entrance is totally hard to find. There's no signs or whatsoever and all you have is the staff telling you to turn here and there. Like... ZZZ. We had to spend like twenty minutes just to find that office. And when we got there, we had to wait for the security to call the HR and tell whoever it was on the line that, "There are 3 persons here looking for a job." Sorry. Below 18. Bye bye. Yea, that's what happened. We didn't even get to see the HR Manager's face. Pish... You'd think that the average person will go, "How about we try for other kinds of jobs?" Guess what? We trapsized across the road to Marina Mandarin or something. Forgot the spelling. Well, at least there we struck it lucky. We actually had a real interview with a real face. Woots!!! The guy told us to wait for a call, but at least, got abit of hope right? By then I was ready to go home for a nap, but Meiyi had to drag us to The Oriental. Lucky they say "Interviews are only on Tuesdays after 3pm''. Tomorrow I not free. Keke. ^.^!

I know I sound so lazy but seriously, its no fun to suddenly walk into some 5-star posh hotel and say "Hey I'm looking for a job." At PPH, we overheard the porters saying things like "Looking for job la... Can't find the staff entrance lor... Haha." Ouch. But hey... who cares? Sometimes you just have to be thick-skinned in situations like that. And now, here I am, blogging away comfortably at home. Meiyi and Ben later still going for the Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu (Hana Kimi) autograph session. I'm not going. Haha. Just don't feel like it lor... Hehe...

This is seriously the first time I'm blogging so crappily about my life. Guess I'm just TOO bored or something. When I logged in to Blogger just now and saw that I had only a total of 40 posts so far, I was like, OH MY GOD. I mean, I created this blog one or two years ago and I have so little posts?!?!?!? Man... Blogger must hate people like me. But since I don't blog about crappy things anymore, I guess that's acceptable. Not forgetting that I was totally out of the blogging world for about half a year. Yea. That explains it all. Right... Haha...

To SQ. I know you think we're all bullying you or something like that. You think its unfair. You ask us to put ourselves in your shoe. Have you tried doing the same? For me, this is really how I feel. Its not like we're treating you as an invisible person, but seriously. I don't know what to say to you. And no one's taking YOUR player away. Firstly, they're not YOUR players. They're different individuals with their own minds. They can actually choose when they want to leave. And its not as though they do it EVERY single Saturday. So why kick up such a huge fuss? We wanna go party. So we go. Why do you have to suddenly kick up such a huge ruckus just because of one small incident. If you notice, no one else was really very much bothered. They go down for soccer every week because they like the sport. Its a hobby; a form of enjoyment. They are totally free to pursue other commitments and hobbies. So who are you to call them yours? Since when have you ever admitted you're wrong? Are you saying that this time you're the one in the right? Male chauvinist. By rebutting you, I'm not only including myself in your "them", but I'm also standing up and defending "them". By rebutting, it doesn't mean I care. It means you seriously pissed me off with all that crap talk man. And go ahead. Try and lash out at me. After all, you and I both know that when it comes to a war of words, you will never gain the upper hand.

Darn. I just spoiled my happy entry. AHHHH!!!


.Thursday, January 25, 2007 ' 10:00 PM Y
Okay. Today's main topic for this entry requires me to summon all my energy and passion for writing as well as the extensive vocabulary that has been drilled into me after 4 years of English lessons (secondary school level). But first, to sidetrack a little, please accept my sincere apologies for this delay in updating. VIPs from Thailand have invaded my home and as the only daughter (cum maid) available, there were certain duties to carry out. Minor things (such as serving the drinks and listening to the adults gossip), but nevertheless, time-consuming. And I just completed that super long survey some NTU person tagged at QR's blog. I think they must be very "eng" to be able to create such a long survey. DRAG...

With that, let us finally proceed to the main argument of this blog entry; Why are there immature dictators who like to act like they are of the utmost importance to society when in fact, society would do much better without, ahem, PEOPLE like them. Apologies for having to use such a shallow word, but since this is open to public eyes, I have to be merciful. I'd like to clarify that any comments regarding this argument is purely yours truly's very personal opinions. Please do not bother to counter-argue. You'd just be wasting your very precious time. SO. Let's start.

Okay, the story goes that I recently read on one of my MSN contact's nickname, asking somebody to cease appearing in a certain place. Since I very well knew where that "certain place" happens to be, I can therefore be very certain in telling that "IT" is a public place. Which means that any Tom, Dick or Harry is free to make their presence there. Although it has not been confirmed who exactly that "somebody" is, but readers, be assured that it at least refers to a close acquaintance of mine, if not your truly. Okay. Simple translation. It either refers to me or my friends. Understand? Now, lets carry on. Upon reading that statement, I was, naturally, incensed that anyone could be so egoistic enough to demand another individual to stop patronising a public place. I mean, since its supposed to be a public place, doesn't it mean that anyone and everyone can go there? So who are you to try and dictate who can or cannot be present at that place? I understand that Mr. Ego feels very uncomfortable at seeing that particular individual, but wouldn't it just solve the problem if Mr. Ego just stopped appearing at that place? To make my point clearer, let me give an example. If I were to hate the guts of Mr. A so much that I can't bear the sight of him, I'd go out of my way to make sure that our paths don't cross; instead of going up to him and saying "Hey, please don't come here anymore. You're not welcome." For goodness sake, any intellectual, or even anyone with a fraction of a human brain understands that one cannot simply stop another from visiting places that are deemed available to the public. Besides, just because you, Mr. Ego feels that Person A isn't welcome there does not mean that others feel the exact same way. Please stop trying to enforce your opinions on others. Get a LIFE, since you obviously don't have one, judging from the way you keep trying to interfere with others' lives.

And now I have come to a closure to my argument. Please note that no names have been mentioned at all. To those of you who automatically know who I'm actually referring to. Brilliant! And since there have been no mention of any named individual, lets see if anyone is stupid enough to come up with any strong rebuttals. I mean, are you trying to admit you're Mr. Ego? Please don't let me laugh until I fall off my chair. Before I sign off, let me again remind all readers that any comments regarding this argument is purely yours truly's very personal opinions. Please DO NOT bother to counter-argue. You'd just be wasting your very precious time. Thank you and have a nice day.


.Tuesday, January 16, 2007 ' 11:33 PM Y
Why the fucking hell can't parents get their own lives and STOP messing around with their kids' lives? Or maybe its just my set of parents? Like, here I am just playing on the computer for awhile and suddenly my dad comes home, looks at me, and starts nagging and nagging and nagging. As though I just committed a heinous crime or something. Hallo??? Can't I ever get a moment of peace at home? Every single day someone has to nag at me about something, no matter what it is. And that's probably the reason why I hate staying at home so much. No matter what I do, they can always find something to grumble about. And then they complain if I hang out with friends all the time. So what else am I supposed to do huh? Lucky I told a little lie. Or else I'd most probably still be stuck in that tiny prison. *Cold shudder* I seriously don't understand what they have about me playing computer games. Admittedly I do play everyday, but I don't think thats anything very wrong. I mean, take now for instance. I don't have studies, and I just supposedly have a job. So playing everyday doesn't really interefere with anything right? And who says that once you get a job you have to STOP playing computer games huh? Get PAP to tell me that. Then MAYBE I'll stop. At the very least, I'm not someone who spends 24/7 of my time on the computer. I'm not the kind who does nothing but face the computer everyday, only getting up for meals or to sleep. I mean, hey... I'm a 16 year old teenager with lots of free time on my hand. If I can't slack around at home, can't go out often, can't do this and can't do that, I might as well just go back to secondary school. At least I had much more freedom. And a stable income too. Not alot, but at least enough to get by.

This is so damned ridiculous la... Like... It fucking gets on the nerves when every single day you reach home to find someone nagging at you the moment you step inside the door. Freaking irritating. Like a mosquito buzzing beside your ear. I don't care if I sound like some spoilt and rebellious kid. I still maintain that I haven't done anything wrong. A teenager's got to have a life no matter what. If I can't do anything that can allow me to enjoy myself then what's the point of living? Seriously. The both of them are demented. Or maybe they just need to stop trying to interefere with every single tiny thing that I do. Or my sister even. I mean, which 20 year old likes having a mother who calls her every night and screams at her to come home? I can just see myself, 5 years from now, getting so pissed off and frustrated that I'm just going to move out. No kidding. Besides, I wouldn't want to get cancer from all the cigarette smoke floating about. Its health hazardous.


.Monday, January 15, 2007 ' 9:39 AM Y
Haha... Real sorry that I haven't been updating for so long again... Keke... Was quite busy with the guild blog and all... By the way... We'll be having our second guild outing this wednesday... Guys... I'm setting it at Woodlands, Causeway Point for real. Actually I also don't know what I wanna blog about... Like... I've been slacking around pretty much and nothing interesting has happened lately... Quite bored actually... And still snooping around for a job... AND waiting for Ben to be finally free to go for that Starhub thingy... Ben ar... you better don't tuar me last min again hor... I think that Louis give up on us already ba... Keke... Anywayx... when u guys free? Go for mahjong again... Muahaha... K la... I'm really crapping le... I'm gonna g back to my reading before I end up spamming my own blog... Lolx...



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