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.Sunday, July 26, 2009 ' 4:55 PM Y
Aha! Haven't updated this space for an entire month! So many things have happened that I'm really lazy to go into details. LOL. Basicially I broke up with Gray, settled down very well into my new job, got addicted to fan fiction on winglin.net, and alot of other minor stuffs. Haha. Its funny how 2 days ago I was planning on what to update my blog with, and I actually thought of alot of stuff to blog about, but now that I'm actually blogging, I've got brain block again. BLEAH~

The breakup... well, there's nothing to talk about, is there? Feelings come and go, relationships start and end. Maybe one day we might get together again; maybe not. I'm leaving it to fate. xD

As for my new job... I'm happy to say that for most of the stuff, I know how to handle already. POs in and out, DOs and Invoices in and out, and all the miscellaneous administrative stuff. But sometimes still feel that the lady boss doesn't really like me. And then I ask myself: Should I care, or should I not care? Its never nice to have the feeling that someone dislikes you, but its also too beneath me if you ask me to humble myself and kiss her toes; or that kinda thing. Tempted to just leave things be, but there's always a BUT. Haha.

Been totally obsessed with reading fanfics on winglin.net for the past half a week. Its not your typical anime fanfic; the authors write their own original stories and cast their favourite actors/actresses from Chinese showbiz. And I'm zero-ing in on those with Alec Su, Jerry Yan and Barbie Hsu. Haha. Some of the writing is really terrible because the English standard is just HORRIBLE. But some write very well. Here's one of my recommendations: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/crjnb8.

I've been doing so much reading lately that I'm almost turning into a bookworm. And recently I realised that if I have meals without having something to read at the same time, I feel weird. Haha~

And something else for me to be happy about: Taiko 12 is out!!!!!! xD

Yuu and I were at Arcadia from their opening time, way till 11.30pm. That's like, 12 hours spent in an arcade, emptying all our tokens into 1 machine the entire time. Well, except for some spent on Pocky and Beatmania. Haha. I FC-ed Gear up!!! That's like, the first time I FC such "higher standard" songs. Heck, I can't even FC Seasons of Asia luh~! Keke.

The whole day, no one managed to get near the machine except for Taiko Dojo members, with me and Yuu the "constant guardians". Haha. Mind you, I'm not proud that I spent so much money on such frivolous stuffs, but taiko-ing is one of my major "entertainment interests", so to me, its all worth it. Besides, I only pumped $20 into the machine whereas Yuu spent $70. =P Looking forward to the next taiko session. ^^!

Next sunday, I'll be attending my "uncle's" wedding dinner. Another excuse to go re-manicure my nails! They're so long now that I could gauge out someone's eyes easily. Not that I would do such a thing lah! =P

Before I sign off, I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to people like Sky, Yuu, Yue and certain other individuals who were there beside me during the entire time where I was having so much trouble adapting to the breakup and the new job at the same time. Thanks for listening to me nag on and on about my problems, for counselling me and telling me comfort words, for cheering me up with crap jokes and most of all, for just being there for me to lean on. Love you guys man!!! Keke.

And with that, I'm off to reading my fanfics again. Homecooked dinner + interesting story to read = Yummy Heaven. HAHA!



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