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.Monday, February 23, 2009 ' 12:33 AM Y
Top 10 things to do:

1. Update my resume.

2. Get a new job.

3. Trim off my nails. Typing has become a chore, and I can't SMS properly on phones that have keypads.

4. Check out promotion at Zone X White Sands

5. Reschedule meeting with Kat

6. Rebond my hair.

7. Re-order my stuff on Amazon

8. Book tickets for Defending The Caveman. Before that, dig out the ticket stubs for The Office Party. 15% discount~!!!

9. Book Auntie Xiu Yu and company for mahjong again next Saturday night. To Dear: I am NOT addicted okay? Its just cheap entertainment to pass an otherwise boring Saturday night.

10. Re-watch Pink Panther 2 with Yuu. Eh, the show's DAMN funny okay???


.Thursday, February 19, 2009 ' 2:32 AM Y


演唱:明道 + 许孟哲









































他们在我心上 他们各自流浪

他们在我身旁 我在他们心上


.Monday, February 16, 2009 ' 3:01 AM Y
Finally found the energy to blog~ Haha.

I saw alot of stupid idiots on Valentine's Day!!! My cousin included. Why? Because all around were guys splurging UNNECESSARILY on their girlfriends. Don't call me unromantic or dull or jealous okay, because I figure that LOVE doesn't mean spending hundreds on dollars on one bloody soft toy. If that's what it takes to see her smile, then she's not worth your time.

There were a few guys who kept exchanging coins with me just to catch the soft toys. I think each of them spent about $100 at LEAST just on the toy. EH, that's not including dinner, and whatever other shit they bought for their gal okay. I can't imagine blowing one month's pay on a Valentine's Day celebration.

Besides, wouldn't you rather save up the money for your future than blast it all on some insignificant items? I know I would. Like that I can expect a Tiffany ring when I get married what. xDDD I am going to force Dear to read this.

Overall though, a freaking busy day. The customers came in WAVES okay. No kidding. They don't come one by one or anything. First you get alot of people queuing up, then a 5-10min break with NO ONE at all, and then another queue forms. And it remained that way all the till after midnight. Good for me though, keke. So good, in fact, that I almost wish that everyday was Valentine's Day. Don't ask me why, 'cause I can't say. xP

Dear and I get the day off tomorrow!!! But I got to go to school at night, because its the last lesson and mock exam, so I can't afford to miss that. Lucky I checked my timetable. Haha. I've been missing the last 4 lessons. So bad. xD

My sister's flying off to China on her own tomorrow and won't be back till 1.5 weeks later. Imagine that. 10 days of peace. Woohoo~! Promised her to go for some beauty expo with her friend, though I don't know why I agreed. I'm so kind. xD

Speaking of which, Dear and I decided to postpone our one week break because with Xiaohui on leave, there won't be enough people to work if we decide to go on leave too. See how kind we are. So instead of the last week of Feb, we'll be resting on the 1st week of March instead. And if Joanne wants to KP us, we're not gonna care.

Work's getting so boring. In the past there was Chu Bin, Jinwen, Terry and Kat to clown around with; now its just me, Dear and Xiaohui who's a full-timer and has certain rules to adhere to. ZZZ. Going job-hunting with Yuu~ Please wish me luck!


.Thursday, February 12, 2009 ' 2:20 AM Y
I finally logged in to Facebook after so very long. And its only because Yuu asked me to support TaikoDojo's newly opened Facebook group. Have done my part and its time to go back to being MIA. Hahas.

Took the opportunity to surf around, and I can't believe how I used to be addicted to it. Sorry to all you hardcore Facebook addicts out there, but I think Facebook is really "bo liao". xD


I am pissed off and excited at the same time because my sister's credit card company somehow did not allow my order at BOTH Amazon and Barnes & Noble to go through, so now I probably have to re-order everything. But I'm still looking forward to receiving my stuff. And Dear's waiting impatiently for his game to arrive too. LOL.

A long time ago, Dear told me "Wii is so lame! For kids one lah!". Now he's the one who can wait to get one because he wants to play Super Mario. And they say girls are hard to understand. =.=

So anyway, we'll be getting one tomorrow from the shop near his house. And I get to choose the very first game! Wahahaha! Our Valentine's Day gift for each other. xDDDD Looking forward to playing Taiko on Wii. FC for Seasons of Asia!!!! *Ahem* Excuse me. ^^

Now to psycho Dear into NOT buying Street Fighter IV until we get the PS3...


Been skipping lessons four times straight in the past two weeks. Its the revision period and I'm just too lazy to sit through 3 hours of stuff that I'm learning for the 3rd time in my life, so the decision to "pon" wasn't a hard one to make. Sorry to Shernny though, 'cause she had to sit through 4 lonely lessons. xP See you in Paper 5 next term! Hahas.

Finally received my ACCA registration confirmation. Can finally go take my exam for Paper 1, but before that, I have to cough out $205 for the exam itself AND the CAT membership. Money money money. BOO.

Everywhere I go, signs of recession are starting to seep into my "sheltered" life. The company wants to save costs; so badly that it pisses me off. The prata at Ah Mei Cafe has shrunk by 50% (not exaggerating!!!) and the chicken rice stall has upped its prices, albeit by only ten cents. Worse, the uncle charged me for the hardboiled egg that did NOT come with my rice. That'd 60 bloody cents!

What? Recession=every cent counts. BOO!

Will be busy with work and play for the rest of this week. Which means, no blogging, unless I feel up to it. Hahas. Going to the airport next week to send Glory off. Till then~! (Mayhaps-xP)


.Tuesday, February 10, 2009 ' 1:46 AM Y
Finally watched Inkheart today; the movie opened like, ages ago. Anyway, only one word to describe the movie: disappointing.

I specially read the book before watching the movie just so I could relate and understand it better, but other than the main plot and characters, NOTHING in the movie followed the book. The entire movie progressed WAY too fast and they changed the entire ending just so it'd be a happy one. What an utter load of crap. Wasted my ticket and popcorn money. URGH!


Tuition money coming in tomorrow. Happy~!!! How random. LOL.


.Tuesday, February 03, 2009 ' 3:26 AM Y
Back to the boring routine of work and school~ Back to "emo" season for some people~

I purposely didn't want to go to 3rd Aunt's house yesterday. Instead, I spent the entire night playing mahjong with Auntie Xiu Yu and Auntie Jess and her husband. Won $3! Haha. We played super small odds: 10 cents per tai. xD

Its not as fun without Auntie Lilian like on Saturday night but still okay lahs. Haha. Auntie XY's house is super duper well-stocked man~! Snacks, drinks, food; Like they say, its a perfect hideout for wartime. Confirm won't die of hunger. Keke.

This week's schedule for work is super relaxed~ 3 off days! Most probably will be heading to Auntie XY's house again on Saturday for mahjong. LOL.

Anyways, something ridiculous happened yesterday between the regular customers. Mega bitch KYM called the police regarding some "misunderstanding" that happened last Saturday between her and Auntie Jess. Long story, but in the end, its all because of a pacifier and a group of useless bastards who allow themselves to be used by some scheming bitch to spread lies and rumors.

Its pathetic how stupid guys nowadays can be; letting themselves be used by girls who are with them just to show off or for money and expensive gifts, listening to their crap and tolerating their bullshit - girls who basically disgrace the rest of the female population who are not like that. Worse still, its not as though KYM is some beautiful woman. She's a 30+ year old auntie with 2 kids and NO FIGURE. Fucking OMG luh~!!! Too angry to say any more.

I've been learning to control my temper and emotions. Dear always says I'm too reckless, that I always flare up do things without thinking, only to regret them later. How true. That's why now I keep telling myself to tolerate and CONTROL. I can so hear Dear going "No its not about tolerating!!! Its about understanding the situation so that you don't get affected at all." Okay. I'll start with learning how to tolerate first okay? xD

Only at 18-going-on-19 am I starting to understand the fact that its more fulfilling to live life smiling happily at the smallest of things than to get upset over every single thing. There's always two sides to a situation and you can choose to smile or cry over it. Its all in the way you analyse and accept the situation. Something so fundamental that should be understood by everyone but sadly, isn't.

Enough with the serious stuff. I've got better things to do. Haha. Bought the DVD for Fated to Love You a few days ago and am watching it now. So touching~! *Teary-eyed* Off to continue watching! Dear's gonna nag at me again tomorrow, but that's tomorrow's problem. KEKE.



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