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.Friday, June 29, 2012 ' 5:15 PM Y
I haven't been a regular blogger since years back, mainly because I'm mostly too lazy to do proper updates. But the recent saga with City Harvest Church really takes the cake. 

THIS is what happened: http://app1.mcys.gov.sg/PressRoom/InquiryfoundmisconductandmismanagementinCHC.aspx

All you CHC hardcore followers... This case isn't about you being Christians, nor is it about churches. Its about embezzlement; about breaking the law. The public is enraged even though its not our money because its against our princples. That donations are meant to help the poor and needy, not to fund your ridiculously high-end lifestyles. NOT to fund your multi-million landed properties in and out of Singapore. Even if you wanna argue that you were a willing victim, too bad. The law still stands. I mean, look at the case of the sex scandals. You honestly think the girl didn't what she was doing when she fucked so many men? But the men were still charged, regardless of what anyone said. 

I don't want to go into how shitty Sun's "music" is, or how totally irrelevant it is to spreading God's message. My one and only point is that this whole thing didn't happen because Kong is a Christian. It happened because he has been suspected to be doing illegal stuff. And the law cannot ignore that just because he happens to be an ultra charismatic pastor with thousands of loyal and devout followers. Blind or not.Letting him off the hook just because you claim to be a willing victim will set a precedent for many other future conmen to openly scam people of their hard-earned money through honeyed words. From MY point of view, Kong is no different from those heartless fellows who con aunties and uncles out of their heart-earned money. The only contrast is that Kong brainwashed his victims deep enough to make them still believe in him even AFTER the scam was exposed. Actually, that's even scarier, because it brings up the question of: Are you followers of Kong of followers of God?

 I'm not a Christian. In fact, I'm not a devout follower of any particular religion, although I do pray to Kuan Yin and "Tian Gong" sometimes because of my family's religious beliefs. But I'd think that the idea of worship is general, if not the same, across all religions. Meaning that you pray to/worship a holy figure and not a human being. Seeing you CHC hardcore followers getting your heckles up because Kong is being investigated for his alleged crimes, its as though he's your God. 

I have nothing personal against Kong, but I still hope he gets duly punished, for betraying the people who placed their faith and trust in him, and also for being such an asshole who uses other people's money for to fund a luxurious lifestyle for himself and his wife, then deny it and try to spin stupid stories. 

If there really is a God, I'm sure He would also agree that those who have sinned need to be punished.


.Wednesday, June 06, 2012 ' 1:53 PM Y
Wow. So the last time I blogged was slightly more than a year ago. Talk about procrastination. Believe me. Many times I honestly wanted to blog, but somehow, just never got around to actually doing it. 

One year. Many things have happened, many things have changed. I've switched jobs (yes, again). Don't really want to go much into details, but I guess for now, even though I'm not truly happy about this current job, I'm sticking to it because I need to accumulate the experience. 

Recently, because of what started out as a freelance "business venture", I've lost someone whom used to be a friend. To be honest with myself, I still can't come to terms with it, because there are just too many things to put down, to leave behind, and I truly don't think I can fully do that. At least not now. But there comes a point in time where enough is enough, and even the most tolerant saint reaches his/her limits. I've never been a very tolerant person, but I must say, I have definitely stretched my limits this time. A lot. 

I don't want to delve into the issue of who was right or who was wrong, because I've always believed that in situations like these, there are no wrongs. Because no one will admit to any faults. Suffice to say that our work styles have always been very different, even since way back then. But I am no longer that green girl taking her baby steps into the working world, too scared to speak against things I do not agree with. I may not be very experienced, but I've been out long enough to know what works and what doesn't; when I have to stand up for myself and when to back down. Gone are the days when I would have swallowed my displeasure and obediently taken orders from others, no matter how ridiculous they were. There are some things I chose to forgive, but it doesn't mean that I have forgotten. 

Perhaps it was my naivety that made me think that things would work out; that perhaps we would be able to set aside our differences, or even try to resolve them as we went along. Clearly I was wrong. After much struggle, I finally decided to call it quits. I thought things would get better from there, but somehow it went downhill, till today when we are at that final full stop. 

Its not the first time that I've had to let go of a close friend. Many years back, I chose to walk away from an entire group of my closest friends because I was disappointed that they refused to listen to both sides of the story. At that time, anger muted my sorrow, and when the anger finally abated, the pain had also lessened. This time, I'm just plain disappointed and sad that things had to end this way. I'm angry too, not because of what happened during, but because of what happened after. I think its petty to resort to such "indirect" ways of trying to show yourself as a victim, and I refuse to degrade myself to that level.

Time heals all wounds, and perhaps ours can be healed over the years. But, just as a broken vase can never be returned to its original state, I know I have to move on from now. Thank you though, for the memories over the years. I won't erase them just like that.



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