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.Wednesday, October 31, 2007 ' 11:45 AM Y
10 more freaking days to my birthday!!! Haha. I'm super excited lah! Not because its my birthday itself, but because I'm going to Kbox! For so many many hours. I like! Haha.

Having BLAW lecture now. Something on contract cases or whatever. Another 38 lecturer. Lol. I finally set up my LMS blog. Or rather, I was so very lazy I simply deleted all the (3) posts from my story blog and changed the link and ta-dah! LMS blog done up very nicely! Haha.

Despite having slept for 6 hours, I'm still feeling quite sleepy. My body needs that much sleep. Haha.

There's something I wanted to blog about. But all of a sudden I can't remember what it was. Shit amnesia. Too happy until my brain got damaged. Haha.

Very much looking forward to tomorrow, because its the start of a 4-day long break. Which means that I have no tuition after school. Finally~! Haha. Its been really tiring over the past 2 weeks lah. I'm rushing off for tuition practically everyday, even though sometimes it isn't that much of a rush. Still, nothing beats having some time to myself right? Like tomorrow for example. I can skip BLAW lecture because I'm sitting in today, so I can go home at 1pm tomorrow. Anyone wants to go shopping?

Friday, I might be going to do my hair. Maybe a treatment or something to soften it. Should I trim the ends? Make it less frizzy? Urgh... Decisions.

Still have not exchanged textbooks with Estella. Die. Haha. I need the textbooks to read and do my tutorial. This semester, I'm going to be as guai as I can possibly try to be. Keke.

Oh yea, I'm off to Reflexive to continue downloading games. I downloaded quite alot yesterday, like Wedding Dash, Burger Island, Turbo Pizza and so on. Haha. They're games like Diner Dash lah. Quite fun to play. Currently in the midst of playing Flower Shop Big City Break. I'm supposedly the owner of some flower shop on some island and I make a living by selling flowers to different people. Quite fun, but sometimes I get impatient because the character moves too slow. Haha.

Off to download. Blog again soon. ^^


.Monday, October 29, 2007 ' 1:42 AM Y
Another long post today. Feeling a little "emo" right now. Haha. SoRrY~

First up, let's talk about the Singapore Hit Awards 2007. It was a huge freaking disappointment lah. BC can testify to that. The celebrities who turned up were SO FEW. There was Angela Chang, Farenheit, 方大同, 庭竹, Tank, Evan Yo,
李吉汉, Chen Weilian, and Shi Xin Hui. Stephanie Sun was there too, but late. Haha. That's ALL. And throughout the night, most of the awards went to these people. The only 2 parties who managed to bag any award without being present were S.H.E and Jay Chou. Oh. And JJ Lin. The rest almost didn't exist.

And of course, there being so few celebs present, all the performances were by them. I don't know lah. It feels a little pathetic that, here you are holding an awards ceremony but the celebs who turn up number so pitifully. The nominees for the different awards were also that limited. You see the same faces over and over again. Sien lor.

As for the FANS. Oh my freaking god. I know its important to have all those screaming idiots in the place, but seriously, someone should BAN the bloody signboards. You can scream all you want, but please, DITCH THE STUPID CARDBOARD NAMES CAN ANOT. 1st, to be honest, they are not all that BEE-YOU-TEE-FOOL (pronounce beautiful), neither are they that impressive. 2nd, they are a HUGE annoyance to fellow Singaporeans who have paid the SAME amount of money that YOU have paid to watch the whole ceremony. Thank you very much, but I DO NOT appreciate having a squarish piece of SHIT blocking my view for 80% of the whole show.

I have nothing against showing your support, love, or whatever shit for your favourite idols, because undoubtedly, I am an absolute idiot when it comes to MY idols too. But tolong tolong lah, spare a thought for other people okay? The Farenheit fans were the weirdest. Whenever both Farenheit and S.H.E happen to be in the running for the same award, the fans would be screaming "FARENHEIT!!!!!!!!!!!" like screaming for their ah gong like that. But then too bad. S.H.E gets the award and ALSO they scream as though they've won $1 million. A little boy sitting in front of me even commented "They not Farenheit fans meh?" LOL.

There were these 2 girls sitting behind Dear and I, who were screaming for Farenheit throughout the WHOLE ceremony. And towards the 3rd quarter of the show, I think they were going hoarse or something, because instead of screaming, they started whimpering instead. Nabeh. The 4 hotties cannot hear them, but WE have to suffer and listen to their pathetic mewing. Lord help me.

Overall, the whole ceremony wasn't really that entertaining at all. I mean, unless you're one of the crazy fans, you probably feel bored, especially towards the end. Haha. Oh yea, and I want to mention. There was this part where they invited
苏永康 to sing on stage (oh yea, forgot to mention he was one of the guests as well), but I misheard it as 苏有朋. Haha. See? I have my idiotic moments too. So for one moment I was happily surprised but when 苏永康 came out, I was like, ''Chey..." Haha. So bad right?

Okay lah. Enough about the music awards. Basically it wasn't as entertaining as I expected lah. Movin' on... Haha.

I don't understand what is it with me that I continue to get so bothered about stuff that should not be of my concern. Its not my business, but I just don't why some people get all the great thing in life, such as affection, love, care and concern from just about anyone and everyone around them but still can't treasure that gift. I'm jealous, really, because its what I always seem to be lacking in. Its what I've never been able to do: to let most people around me treat me as more than just "someone-they-know". Maybe because I don't know how to butter up to them, but I'd like to comfort myself by believeing that these people just aren't worth my flattery.

Its not a case of sour grapes, but the parties directly concerned just aren't of that much importance to me. But the main point is that BOND. That affection and generous friendship that i hunger and crave for. Desperate, you call me. But no. Its just a trait of mine. To want to be able to bask in the love of many many friends. That's not wrong.

Don't ask me to act cute hor. Once in a while, to make people laugh, FINE. But to constantly pretend to be a sugarpie, *pukes*. I think the people around me will puke too. Haha. I'm not cut out for that.

All this emo-ness is making me sick. Urgh.

Finances aren't working out well!!! Shit it. But I'm still sticking firmly to my claim that I will treat the people who turn up in the afternoon for Kbox on my birthday. Its the only way I know, that will make people turn up. Hyuk hyuk. Pathetic. But don't worry lah. I'm sincere in treating. I swear. ^^

Actually had lots of other stuff to blog about. But I don't know how to put them into words without sounding like an attention-seeker. I've already said enough. Time to stop for today.


.Friday, October 26, 2007 ' 12:08 AM Y
I am SO addicted to blogging. I don't know why, but suddenly it seems like a daily routine to log in everyday and just blog about my day at school, at tuition and anything else under the sun.

I suppose this is also the reason why my blog always seems to be so boring; because my days are simply that boring as well. What to do? This is Singapore. How many interesting things can happen in a single schoolday? Life is that boring.

Anyways~! Today was the same old boring routine lah. Haha. I didn't sleep for the whole night again, so I arrived at school feeling pretty shagged. And the thing is, I reached school one whole freaking hour early because I thought there would be a traffic jam, so I told Uncle to come earlier. Dammit lah.

The thing about NP is that the school is really particular about saving electricity. The aircon comes on only about half an hour before your lesson is about to start and automatically switches off at 5pm everyday. So I had to sit in a classroom without any form of ventilation for 30 long minutes today. What a great way to start the day.

I downed 2 cans of coffee to sustain me through the morning. Haha. I think because of this, I'm needing more and more stronger coffee to be able to keep awake. Die. I cannot stand bitter coffee!!!

What made the whole freaking morning worse was the BCA tutor, who again, walked into the classroom with a "I-have-PMS" face. Can you imagine having to see that sort of face early in the morning at 9am? Shit lah.

And halfway through the 4 hours tutorial-cum-workshop session, I started feeling giddy. I think its the combination of 1. lack of sleep, 2. too much coffee on an empty stomach and 3. extreme hunger. It got so bad to the point that I couldn't concentrate on group discussion, because I was already very confused by what was going on. I couldn't find the strength to THINK. Haha. A hearty lunch of chicken bryani with fish cake cured that though. =D

BLAW lecture was after lunch. I really tried my best to stay awake and listen, but when she got to the second page of slides, I couldn't help it anymore. I started nodding off until the last page of slides or so. Haha. The reason why I woke up is because she was scolding someone for sleeping. Naturally, I guiltily thought she was screaming at me. Haha. Luckily it wasn't me. =P

After that had to head all the way down to Bedok for tuition. Finally got my pay today. Haha. Looking forward to the next few days because more money is going to roll in within the next week or so. Wahahaha. My happiest time of the month. Erm... did that statement sound weird? Hopefully not. Keke.

I'm fully aware that QR is helping me to plan the whole Kbox thing for my birthday and I just wanna say that I really appreciate the effort. And I also wanna apologise for coming up with such a ridiculous wish to celebrate so very expensively. Therefore, I have come up with a proposal. All those who are going from 2-7pm can get to sing for FREE. Um. Provided there are 5 people and below. Although abit disappointed that there are going to be so few people. Haha. Sorry. I'm the kind of person who loves crowds. Especially when it comes to my friends. But I can learn to be content with what I have. =) Oh. And a super BIG thank you to everyone who will be turning up that day.
I know I'm being way too over-excited. Its still about 2 weeks to the actual day, but I just can't wait! Haha. *Smiles and says sorry again*.
Okay lah. That's all I have to blog about for today. Sorry if I've bored anyone with my non-substantial posts.

I'm a happy girl.


.Thursday, October 25, 2007 ' 12:57 PM Y
I'm getting seriously pissed at the tutors of my school. Its the 3rd of the 2nd week of school and so far, 3 tutorials have been cancelled. 2 yesterday and 1 today. I have no complaints except for the making up part. Like, its not us who didn't turn up okay? WE are the ones who have paying to have our time wasted.

Take yesterday's BLAW tutorial for example. The lesson was supposed to start at 9am. So for me, who stays at the other end of Singapore, I have to wake up at 7 and get ready by about 8am. I didn't sleep the whole night because I was scared I would oversleep again. But when I reached the classroom at exactly 9am, the room was empty. Okay nevermind, I thought. Let's wait for a little while.

Over the next 15 minutes, all my classmates start turning up one by one, but still no sign of the tutor. 45 minutes later, one of the classmates called the office and finally found out that lesson had been cancelled. Just like that. They didn't even have the courtesy to POST the announcement in Mel. We ended sitting like idiots in the classroom, waiting tiredly for a tutor who was not going to turn up at all. Zzz...


Dear fell seriously ill yesterday. His fever was so high that the iced towels I put on his forehead lost their coolness without minutes. I think his temperature must have shot close to 40. Fat pig only know how to worry people. Haha. Around evening I decided to drag him to the private clinic near his house. The doctor was super generous. He took Dear's temperature and asked whether he needed an MC. And guess what? Dear got today and tomorrow off. Means in total he got 3 days MC. Haha. He's feeling alot better now though. His BIG appetitite also come back already. LOL.

Just some advice to QR here: I suppose things aren't going very smoothly in school, that's why you've come up with the notion of quitting school. But please, don't be silly enough to jeopardise your future just because of a bumpy road. If everyone gave up whenever they meet obstacles, there would be no successful people. Come on, do you really want to be a quitter? Why not find out the root of the problem and trying to tackle it? I think you're made of tougher stuff than what you keep portraying, really. You have my support lah. =)

I'm finally getting my pay tomorrow. I'm down to my last 10 bucks already. Haha. Just in time. This month's earning should be quite plentiful. Muahahaha. But I need to save lah. The next two months are going to be pretty rough.
Like I told QR, if everything works out well I can foot around 50% of the total bill at Kbox on my birthday. Because according to my estimation, if we really sing from 2-10pm, its going to work out to about 50 bucks per person. Which idiot would willing pay that freaking amount? Anyway, I'm also at fault for choosing such an expensive place to celebrate lah. Haha.
TA06 is turning out to be pretty estranged from each other. I'm still okay, because out of the 3 cliques, I'm good friends with one and ex-classmates with another. But I'm really hoping we will one day be more united like how TA02 used to be, before everyone started drifting apart. Haha. Up till today, I'm still feeling happy in school. Maybe its because I'm enjoying the business (read busy-ness) of my job, that's why class politics don't really matter to me at the moment.
Alright then~! Off to Tudou again. I'll probably blog again on Sunday, after the Singapore Hits Awards ceremony. Speaking of which, I haven't picked up the tickets!!! Better do it fast or we'll end up missing the show. Haha. So until then, just keep in missing me yea? ^^


.Tuesday, October 23, 2007 ' 1:31 AM Y
I just received another shock 30 seconds ago. Haha.

Contrary to what I portray to other people, I'm actually very very proud of my sister, for what she has achieved in her life so far to this date. I was just looking through her resume and I can't but be "wow-ed" by the super long list of work experiences for the past 4 years. Like, I can never achieve that okay? Neither can I accumulate $5k in my CPF account in that amount of time. In fact, I think my CPF is pitifully empty to this date, except for a few hundred bucks from Fish & Co. Haha. Okay. Back to the shocker. HAHA. My sister's G.P.A was so low~! *I can't stop snickering!* I'm not mean okay. Just that I didn't expect it to be so low. Lol. I won't disclose the actual point, but I can say that its below MY standards. So actually its average lah, just that it doesn't meet my standards. ^^

And she also officially changed her name from Jane to Janelle last year on MY birthday. Haha.

I missed my NSC appointment today. Haha. Okay lah. I overslept. Slept until 1pm then wake up. Hyuk hyuk. Which also means I missed FFA lecture without excuse.
Oh by the way, I want to mention something significant that I realised about myself over the past year or so.
Contrary to how nonchalant I normally act about my studies, I've realised that I actually care alot. Not because I'm a nerd or anything, but because I understand the need for the knowledge and information so as to succeed later in life.
I've realised that no matter how mischevious and wild I appeared to be in secondary school, I'm actually still that "guai-kia" who will religiously attend every lecture and tutorial punctually no matter how reluctant I am.
So at the end of the day, no matter how I've tried to stand out and be different, I'm actually just a very boring person. Haha. But being boring has its perks. At least I know that I have great ideas that may one day come true. *Gasp* I'm starting to know myself better!
I met another super nice cab driver today. Haha. That kind of fatherly figure kind. Get what I mean? And we were talking about studies and stuff all the way from Clementi down to Pasir Ris. He said I'm very smart~! Haha. Because I choose to major in Accountancy, which is an area of study that will benefit me very much in future, because jobs are aplenty and more stable. And also because ACCA is very very much cheaper than a university degree and the 2 are of equal status. Lol. Quite true isn't it? Its been a long time since someone heaped praise on me and its kind of nice, although it came from a stranger. Haha. Still, it did pretty make my day, since I was already in a huge rush and getting all stressed up about not being late for lesson. =D
I'm going to stop blogging here. But I really do have one word of advice for someone. I can't say who he/she is though.
Please start learning to treasure the people around you. I know you're a very stubborn character and you think that as long as you appear to be tough and strong, everything will be fine, but things don't work that way. Stop pretending to be such a tyrant because that is not who you are. Stop taking the things you have and the people around you for granted, because if not, you will be bound to lose them one day. Its time you woke up to your faults and start doing something about the major ones instead of just sitting there and pretend that you're too cool to care.
P.S Did I mention that I'm going to save up to buy the LG Prada phone? Determination is the keyword. This is going to be my goal for a new handphone from now on until a better model that interests me pops up. Maybe a Sony Ericsson Burberry or a Nokia Chanel? You never know. Haha.


.Monday, October 22, 2007 ' 3:30 AM Y
Today's entry might be a little long and VERY random, because I'm in pretty high spirits after talking to SL on Maple. Haha. Weird right? But somehow he sort of ended up counselling me. =.="

I was surprised to know that he has actually dropped by my blog before. o.O. A totally unexpected visitor. Haha.

Anyway, I've decided that I'm going to keep my birthday simple this year. I don't want to waste any time or effort into planning. What I want to do is just go to Kbox, get a room, and sing from 2pm to 10pm and enjoy the buffet. Anyone who's game enough can join me. If not, I don't mind going alone. I guess I just don't wanna have to do things like go around asking everyone if they're free and co-ordinating everything. For goodness sake. Its my day! I deserve to have things my way completely just for that once. I have the right to be spoiled. Haha.

*Munching on my mom's handmade choco-chipo muffins right now* YUMMY~! Keke. Got special ingredient one. Haha.

The next two weeks are going be SUPER hectic for me. The O levels clash with the primary school exams and I have to juggle my timetable and slot in timings for lessons for my 4 students. Take today for example. I'm talking about today as in Monday, since its past midnight. Its going to one hell of a nightmarish day. I've going to miss my second FFA lecture because I have an appointment at the NSC at 11am, and then I have to rush back to school by 2pm because I simply refuse to miss BMGT tutorial, which ends at 4. AND THEN I have to "chiong" down to Pasir Ris to tutor my new O level student. Haha. This guy last minute look for POA tutor. Like, 2 more week to O levels! Dots...

So if for the next few weeks I'm very stressed up and bad tempered, please understand that I'm just not having enough time to relax. =) But actually I'm happy just at the thought of all the money that will be rolling in soon. I'm close to broke now. Haha. To the extent that I have to ask my mother for money because I really don't have enough to pay for my NSC bill tomorrow. Sorry mommy~!

Okay lah. Got to go off already. Last thing though. Do NOT go and watch Superbad (M18). Its a damn freaking lame movie that has no substance, no content and is basically just a load of shit. Dear and I wasted 19 bucks today.


.Thursday, October 18, 2007 ' 12:20 PM Y
Urgh! Late for tutorial. Overslept again. Haha. Still have not successfully kicked the habit of sleeping at ghostly hours. But at least there's an improvement. Haha.

For some weird reason, my whole body feels really sore. As though there are bruises all over. My back keeps aching and my arms feels as though I've been over-exercising them. Need a massage badly. *Sobs sobs*

Kbox on Tuesday was fun. But still not enough. We only had 4 short hours. Sad. Haha. But at least it was cheap. The bill amounted to around 10 bucks per person. I still wanna go sing, but I don't think there will be another chance that soon. Hmmm... maybe on my birthday I'll book a room all the way from 2-6 and then from 6-10. Can sing 2 sessions and got buffet somemore. Wahahaha. Kbox will so love me for generating so much business for them. =P

The BCA tutor feels so bitchy one. Her facial expression looks so stony! I hate this sort of tutors. No fun at all. *Sians* Oh yeah... Just like what I did for last semester, I'm going to list out the modules I'm taking this semester and bracket the short-forms. The last 2 on the list will be IS modules.



Very much looking forward to doing BLAW. Have a feeling that its going to be quite interesting. See, I have a wide interest in many many things, and law is one of them. Of course, I wouldn't want to go in depth into studying law, but a little knowledge never hurts right?

Tomorrow lesson ends very early. But too bad I still have tuition. Haha. Sien. My student wants to slot in another lesson. I have to squeeze in another 1.5 hour again. So packed. So funny lah. My students having exam, I have to rush and worry and revise and panic with them. As though I'm taking the exam with them. Haha. I guess that's one of the disadvantages of teaching tuition, because while you're teaching, you end up studying as well. But then from another point of view, I'm also continuing to learn at the same time. And I do find that my E-maths has actually improved. Wow. Haha

Okay lah. I better go back to doing my assignment. If not, my groupmates are gonna get pissed at me for not staying focused. And then QR will nag at me too. Bleahs.


.Tuesday, October 16, 2007 ' 12:33 AM Y
Kbox session again tomorrow. Haha. I think I owe them an apology, especially QR, for they were practically dragged by me to go. Heh heh. Sorry lah... Its gonna be fun tomorrow. Heehee. Since when isn't singing fun? *Self-delusion*


I'm tired. Real freaking sleepy. But silly old me still does not allow myself to go and sleep. Weird huh?


Out of extreme boredom and an utter lack of things today, I made up my birthday wishlist during my very first lecture of the semester today. Rofl. Bad girl. First day back at school and I'm already not listening to lectures. Bleahs. =P

Makino's birthday wishlist 2007:
? Go sing until no voice at kbox
? New baggie~
? Music lesson vouchers
? A-cash cards
? New handphone/laptop
? Nintendo DS Lite
? Cash/Cheque

Actually to be honest, only the first 4 items are what I really want. I know lah, quite pathetic to ask for a-cash for birthday. And the rest of the items I added in are just daydreams lah. Haha. If you ask me, I don't really know what I want for my birthday either. I just want to be happy and be able to enjoy myself on that day without once having to feel sad or unhappy or whatever. But asking for material goods seem easier. Harsh.

Going shopping this Friday with my sister at DFS. Dear got duty, so take the chance to go out and walk walk. Haha. Out of sudden interest, I decided to drag my sister to Orchard to look at all the branded and unaffordable (to me) stuff, such as Burberry, Prada, Gucci... You know the works. What actually got me interested in these labels was when I was watching Love at Aegean Sea. The outfits that the male and female lead got to wear were simply stunning. Especially the ones on Cai Lin. Only one word to describe. Chio.
I just liked the design lah. Haha. Its something that you don't find in Giodano or G2000. Maybe that's also why you find price tags such as $2800 for one trenchcoat. Which I don't think I'd be stupid enough to buy even if I had the money. Who wears coats in Singapore? Die of heatstroke arh! But I still wanna go and take a look lor. *Die. I seem to be getting longer and longer-winded nowadays. Uh-oh.
Burberry purfume smells really nice. Even Dear agrees. Haha. I gave him a bottle the other day and he liked it alot. Haha. Although it was a free gift from my sister's purchase. Lol. =P Thing is, Dear liked it. That's good enough what.
Someone teach me a way to sew up my mouth painlessly after 6pm so that I don't keep snacking when I shouldn't. Fat fat~ =(
I think all the lack of sleep is getting to my brain. I can't think properly! Okay lah. Time to go and sleep. But before that, I'm just going to head to Tudou. One clip only. Promise. =D
P.S. Is it my imagination, but blogging seems just another form of talking to myself. Just that instead of saying the words out, I type and post them where others can read them. Thing is. Who reads? Haha. Demented.


.Monday, October 15, 2007 ' 2:09 AM Y
School starts today (its after 12mn). I'm actually looking forward to working hard this semester. Lectures and tutorials and workshops don't seem as dreadful as they seemed to be last sem. After this week things are going to start to accelerate again. When lessons start going on in full swing, I doubt I'll much time to enjoy myself outside of school anymore.

This semester, the school purposely designed the timetable in such a way that no matter which timetable you choose, your last lesson ends at around 4 or 5pm everyday. And to add on, I still have to give tuition lessons, which can now only be scheduled either on weekends or weekday nights. Not much time left to myself except the weekends already. Haha. Surprisingly though, I don't really mind that much.

In fact, I'm dreading the point of time when O levels end, because there goes another student, another source of income.

Sounds cruel right? As though I only treat my students as a some sort of money-making machines. But that life for you what. No matter how much you claim to enjoy your job, the money factor still plays a huge part. Don't talk about now, when most of us still think we're too young to think about money. How many people will actually to work for free just because they enjoy that job? Or rather, how many can afford to do that?

Oops. Sorry. Haha. I can't seem to help preaching about these sort of things every now and then. Heh. Sorry lor. That's all I can say. =P

Anyways, back to the original topic, once that other student of mine completes her O levels, I'm going to earning $220 lesser every month. And at this kind of time where everyone is taking a break from end-year exams, it isn't very likely for me to get a new student. Looks like I'll be eating grass for the next few month. Bleah.


I've decided that from now on I'm going to be more "bitchy" on my own blog. Not like Xiaxue lah, but just stop thinking about being sensitive to other people's feelings, or giving explanations about things I say which offend people. Thick-skinned abit. Haha.

Out of an utter lack of things to do, I decided to draw up a wishlist of gifts I would like to receive for my birthday this year. Very big hint already hor. But we'll leave that to the next entry because I'm rushing off to do something else. Um... still trying to decide whether I should continue watching 天龙八部 on my lappy or go finish up abit of reading. Hmmm...


.Friday, October 12, 2007 ' 12:27 PM Y
Finally finished watching Love at Aegean Sea (情定爱琴海) yesterday. I was quite surprised by the ending. For once, its not the kind of standardised Taiwan idol drama script, whereby the female and male lead live happily ever after, or like in Korean dramas where either one of them will die or contract some terminal disease or whatever crap. There is a kind of mix (shan't say much, since I know you guys probably aren't that interested anyway) between the Taiwanese kind of script and the Korean kind. And yea... I did cry at the ending lah. Lol. I always do when I watch TV serials or idol dramas. Stupid hor? But seriously, this is the first time I cry SO much at one stupid ending leh. Haha. Maybe also because I was too tired and still unwilling to go to sleep. Rofl.


SQ's gone and created a new blog for himself. I think it was done up by his girlfriend though. Haha. Its pretty new and there're only 2 entries for now. Ironically, the blogskin he's using now happens to be one that caught my eye while I was looking through the Blogskins website a few months ago. Lucky I didn't use that. Erm. No ill meaning okay? Please don't misinterpret my meanings and think that I'm trying to start another quarrel again. *Rolls eyes* Anyways, its good to see that he's finally "woken up" and stopped being no freaking negative all the time. I can't say much lah, since now we're like total strangers and all, but from the way he's writing and all, I can see that he's changed pretty much. Looks like this girlfriend of his is doing some good for him. Bless them. I've relinked him at the sidebar but if you like, you can still go to his old blog. He's posted his new link in HUGE FONTS over there. Haha.

I need to start ditching my nocturnal habits. I'm so active at night now that I think I'm almost turning into an owl. Just kidding. But seriously, I can't remember when was the last time I slept before 4am in the morning. Over the past few weeks, I've been sleeping at around 4 or 5 am and waking up at 1pm or so, except on days when I have stuff to do in the morning, such as tuition or meeting up with friends. MJ will probably say that its no biggie; he's been doing that for the past 3 or 4 years. But then its not supposed to be good for health isn't it? Actually, I'm only so worried because school is starting soon and I don't wanna be dozing off during lectures and tutorials anymore. Got quite a shock last semester by my super lousy results, so I'm really hoping to pay more attention and do better this coming semester.
Its funny how I've suddenly taken such a keen interest in my grades, since I never bothered about them in primary or secondary school. Except until O levels. Haha. I didn't study for PSLE, and throughout secondary school, I was always failing either this or that. F9s for core subjects such as Science, Maths and Humanities. Pro hor? Haha. Started getting scared only when I realised I had one month left to O level. Went to Mrs Lim everyday for Maths coaching. Why? Because I could just imagine what my mom would do to me if I didn't manage even to get into poly: "If you fail you O level, don't even come home arh! I won't let you go ITE one hor! Might as well don't study lah! Go work lah! Don't waste my precious money!" *I am not biased again ITE students. (Except those siao one who don't study and only make trouble for others)*
Looking forward to kBox on Tuesday. Hope it isn't cancelled.
I've made up my mind to be more frugal with my money. Won't be spending on unnecessary things anymore, except for a few treats every now and then. Laptop instalments are wearing me down, and concession doesn't come cheap. I hope they implement that shuttle bus plan from Tampines to NP. Please luh... Call me so early in the morning to ask me whether I'm in favour (of course in favour lah), then don't implement. How can? 2 years and 8 months more to go before I'm clear of debt. Dammit.


.Thursday, October 11, 2007 ' 7:25 AM Y
I lost my MP3 today. I mean, yesterday. Haha. I've gotten my timings and all mixed up again because I didn't sleep again. Feeling a little frustrated and angry over losing my Zen Neeon. It really wasn't my fault okay... It wasn't my carelessness or anything. It was just plain unluckiness. Suay arh. Another case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time I guess. Don't feel like going into details here. I just hopped over from my chinese blog. If anyone really wanna know what happened, either ask me directly or go and read all that muddle of chinese words.

My sister is giving me her iPod nano. Haha. She just bought it like, 1 month ago? And she's just giving it to me like that. Good huh? But I think I'll just use this until Creative comes up with some new product that catches my eye. Because seriously, I'm still not used to the configurations and loading of songs for the iPod. Haha. Noob lah. But I'm very lazy. I just prefer those drag and drop kind, where you can classify your music into different albums just by creating a new folder and all that. So much easier than having to sync using iTunes and everything. Lazy lazy me. Haha.

I really miss my MP3... Sighs... What I wouldn't give to have it back. But this kind of things... Once its gone, its gone forever. I don't believe in miracles. Feel like screaming out loud. Grrrr... Not much mood to blog anymore. And I think I won't be blogging very often for the time being. I've simply lost the motivation and the mood to blog. Very very bored right now. Sighs...


.Thursday, October 04, 2007 ' 2:03 AM Y
I finally set up my first Chinese blog! Haha. Its actually hosted by Sina, which is some China company or something. Not too sure. Haha. Initially wanted to try using Blogger, but I was too lazy to bother myself about doing the layout, so I decided to try Sina. The layout is a little "standard", as in everyone uses the same template, but it doesn't look half as bad, really. Yea. Besides, my favourite celebrities are also using Sina. =P

I haven't finished setting it up yet, because reading too many chinese words for a prolonged period of time makes my head ache. I'm still much more comfortable with English. Haha. Not to mention that my speed of reading chinese words is much slower. It took me close to 2 hours just to set up the basic stuff like the sidebar and all that. I wanted to add a music player, but for some stupid reason, the freaking player just wouldn't play the music! What the hell~! How can I have a blog without music? How can?!?!?!

I named my blog 雨中璇转 because I still remember that my K2 teacher once said that my chinese name sounded very nice. And those were the four words that she used to describe. And also because that phrase very nicely consists of my chinese name. Cool huh? Heh heh. Its still very plain and quite dull-looking, but I don't really care yet. Its just another venue for me to write, and not many people will actually go and read it so its okay.

Hope you guys can give me some comments about it. Don't really have to read the content lah, I know most of you hate reading chinese. Haha. I'm off to work on my chinese blog, so today's entry will be ending here. Goodnight!


.Wednesday, October 03, 2007 ' 12:00 AM Y
过了将近 17 年的生活,我今天才知道原来我在中国其实有亲戚,真是让我感到又惊讶又好奇。原本今天约了他们一起去吃饭的,但应为某些因素,所以最后还是取消了这顿晚餐,真是遗憾啊。


正打算开个中文博客, 以后如果又想用中文写博客的话,就可以到那里去写,你们觉得怎样呢?哈哈,记得给点意见哦!


………… 刚刚得到电话,中国来的亲戚现在要来我们家看看。 真无聊,现在什么鬼时间啦!=.="

好了啦,我也不在这里瞎扯一翻了, 免得你们读了不爽。以下是今天博客内容的英文翻译。哈哈,不好意思,等到你们读了这么远才告诉你们有翻译。^.^!

Haha. Sorry guys. Just suddenly had the mood to blog in Chinese. Actually, what I blogged about are all mundane stuff. Just basically alot of crap, since I'm still not that good at expressing myself in Chinese. Haha. Sorry if you guys had a headache trying to read the words. I think I'm going to start a Chinese blog. Keke. So that next time if I suddenly want to blog in Chinese again, I can head over there.

Anyway, today my mom told me that we actually have relatives from China. I was like, What the hell?! I mean, I've never even heard anyone mention about these people and suddenly they've flown in from Shenzhen?! Dots... We were supposed to have dinner todether tonight, but plans were cancelled due to something. But my dad just called to say that he's bringing those relatives to our house to visit. At this ungodly hour can?!! What? Midnight visit huh? Zzz. Irritated.

I'm off to do up my Chinese blog already. Will link it once I have it all ready, although I don't think anyone will actually go and read it lah. Lol.



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