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.Sunday, September 30, 2007 ' 12:32 PM Y
Finally went to Kbox today!!! Haha. Um... forgot to bring camera, so no pictures. People present were: me, QR, Van and Ben. Anyway, we were too busy singing to care about photo-taking. Lol. We sang for more than 5 hours straight, stopping only to eat, drink or go to the toilet. Crazy huh? The crazier thing is that, even after the person came to tell us "Last song", we still had a long list of songs that we wanted to sing. Haha. How many people do you know can sing for >5 hours and still want to sing more?

I seriously propose that next time we should book the room and sing from 2pm to 2am straight. Haha. P.S Kbox will be opening an outlet at Downtown East soon-which makes it even more convenient for us to go singing. Lol. Sorry lah. I'm a crazy fanatic when it comes to singing. Just like how all those soccer fans are. =D But then hor, the buffet package thingy is only at Marine Parade, Marina Square and Cineleisure Level 8. Hee. See how lah hor? ^^

Oh my god... I still wanna sing... Haha. Okay lah... Better stop before I get too high. But before I log off I just wanna say sorry to Regina. She's been calling me for the past 2-3 days but somehow I always end up missing her calls. Don't know whether is it "no-fate" or just coincidence. You see, my phone is always on silent mode except at night when I'm about to sleep, because that's when I set the alarm to wake me up the next day. Haha. So when people call, I sometimes end up not knowing about it until some few hours later. Heh... So sorry leh Regina... I know you've been trying damn hard to contact me. I got call you back hor!!! But you also never answer. Haha. Date me soon okay? Can always sms me one. Swear on my life I will reply. Haha.


Just logged off MSN. Now I finally understand why I never bother to log in anymore. Today, out of sudden interest, I logged in and inititated conversations with a few people. And what I got were a few slaps in the face. As in, you know, you're in those really bubbly and happy mood and the people you talk to are saying "So what? I don't give a damn. Just fuck out of my face."

Win already lor. What more can I say or do? Totally spoiled my gorgeous mood. In just 5 minutes okay! I was reduced from a happy-until-want-to-die kind of mood to a super-duper-angry-don't-fucking-mess-with-me kind of mood. Now if anyone asks me why I never sign into MSN anymore, I can safely tell them: because I have friends who are super ASSHOLES.

Of course, I'm not referring to all lah. Still got a few very nice and kind people that I know. Thank God for that. *Super pissed off now*


.Saturday, September 29, 2007 ' 7:31 PM Y
I've finally bought the tickets to this year's Singapore Hit Awards!!! Keke. Heart feeling abit painful; 200 bucks just flew away leh. Haha. But also quite excited. 'Cause I finally get to go. Lol.

Its pretty stupid lah, but I just wanna go out of curiosity. Don't ask me what I'm curious about; I don't know how to explain. Maybe its just the feeling of being there, as in... the whole atmosphere... You know? Haha. Nevermind.


I think I'm going to rebond my hair soon. Maybe one or two weeks from now. Considering going to the salon (forgot the name) at Compass Point. Quite expensive for long hair but they actually throw in a free treatment so its worth considering lah. Anyone know where to get a better deal? Wondering whether I should redye or get some highlights as well... Suggestions please... =D


Addicted to playing scrolls in Maple. Haha. Not very ambitious; just scrolling 60% scrolls. But yesterday I managed to scroll 2 quite-good crossbows. Muahahaha. So proud of myself. =P I still got lucky spot for scrolling okay... Hehe... Just crapping lah... Because I don't know what to blog about already. Very much looking forward to tomorrow. Lunching with QR, Ben and Van, and going Kbox too! Finally have the chance to go Kbox again. But too long never sing, voice abit rusty already. Hope I don't sound like a squawking chicken tomorrow. =S Waiting for time to slowly pass until tomorrow comes... Lol. Too bad I still have to teach tuition in the morning. Have to wake up so early!!! No choice lah... N levels start on Monday. Poor students. Haha.

Looking forward to going back to school too. Though its going to be a new class. Haha. Hope things turn out well. Hmm... Hungry... Off to eat bread le. Tata all~!


.Monday, September 24, 2007 ' 11:36 PM Y
Finally finished watching 绝代双娇. But somehow feel a little disappointed. Not because the show wasn't nice, but because its ended so fast. Haha. I know 40 episodes isn't really that short; I just can't believe that its ended so fast. Maybe its because I spent too much time rushing through the episodes bah... The story's really interesting though. But of course, what attracted me to watch the show in the first place are the two male leads. Keke.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

More than enough persuasion for me. Lol.
Next target drama would be Warriors of the Yang Clan I think. Haha. I'm basically head over heels addicted to these two hunks lah. ^^


.Sunday, September 23, 2007 ' 2:07 AM Y
Whee~! I'm so proud of myself for finally learning to be more tolerable, even of things I feel strongly about. I finally learnt how to hold my tongue and not make any comments even though deep inside, I feel like exploding and lashing out at everyone. I've finally managed to hide all that volcanic emotion from everyone.

I don't know why I'm choosing to hide myself. Maybe its because there're just too many thoughts whirling inside me. Maybe I'm just afraid that if I express myself too strongly, people are surely going to use all sorts of negative words against me. Therefore I choose to remain silent. But I must also clarify that by not saying anything, it does NOT mean that I'm just going to pretend it never happened.

Today, I learnt a valuable lesson. Or rather, I realised something that I should have understood long long ago. I can only blame my own stupidity for making assumptions where such things are concerned. I should have let go of the past as soon as I had the chance to, but I was too soft-hearted. I thought that even though everything's different now, that precious bit of relationship between us would never cease to exist. I was so wrong. Now I realise that. Abit too late huh? But still, I gotta try and make amends to myself.

I think I can safely say that other Dear and I, there is no other living thing on Earth that I can truely turn to now. Not even my family. This is not depression okay. This is just another harsh fact of life, where you just know it, even though others will tell you otherwise.

Once, in a long ago entry, I asked myself and everyone out there: What is the true meaning of friendship?

I still haven gotten my answer yet. Everytime I think I've derived the answer, I find out that I'm actually very wrong. Maybe its just because my thinking differs way too much from others. I suppose that I just can't help but keep on holding so very tightly to everything and everyone. It is also in times like these, when I make such realisations, that the urge to go far far away and hide from everyone becomes even stronger. I'm so cowardly, aren't I?

I really want to stop myself from caring so much about all those mundane things anymore. Thinking so much makes me stressed, and I just wanna relax. Please... I learnt my lesson already. So give me a break okay?! *Sighs* Now I'm really starting to sound depressed. Shit.


Dear, his parents and I brought Sheltie to the vet today. The poor piggy got himself sick with diarrhoea and a fever. He was supposed to get his vaccination today but the doctor said it was better not to because Sheltie's fever was quite high. Postponed to next week. But still had have an injection. The piggy so scared lah~! Lol. So big-sized but so timid. But it was pretty heart-wrenching to see him so scared. My god. That pair of eyes totally owned my heart can... They had to muzzle him because the doctor was afraid he might bite. And Sheltie struggled so hard to get rid of the muzzle that he was practically scratching out his nose. =( Luckily he's recovering quite fast. Just now before I left Dear's house, the fever was almost gone. Poor Sheltie. Fast recover okay? By the way Sheltie is a doggie hor... I just like to call him a piggy because he's very fat. Haha.

Today was the first time I've ever visited a vet's clinic. So different from a normal polyclinic. Haha. There was a guy with a super timid Shih Tzu. Very nice fur; white and chocolate brown. Naughty Sheltie kept trying to smell it (I don't know the gender) and it kept hiding under the chair. Lols. And then when they were about to go off, it simply refused to walk in front of Sheltie. We were sitting down and there was another Indian lady standing in front of us. The Shih Tzu ran to hide behind the Indian lady and wouldn't budge even when the owner kept tugging at its leash. So cute. Haha. End up the owner had to let go of the leash and then carry it up. Haha.

And there were so many many many other doggies. All so so heartwarmingly cute. I wanna get a Maltese~!!! Haha. Enough about doggies. I'm off to watch my drama serial again. Heehee.

Drats. Nowadays, blogging makes me feel like I'm talking to myself. =.="
P.S Do you guys like my blog's new song? Its sung by Jimmy Lin. Title is called
对望, which is also the opening theme song of the new Taiwan idol drama 放羊的星星. Hope you guys like it~! =)


.Friday, September 21, 2007 ' 1:30 AM Y
Happy birthday QR~! Sweet 18? Haha.

I agree with QR. One should never expect too much when it comes to special occasions. Because things always turn out to be different. But I'm greedy. This year for my birthday, I wanna go to Kbox to sing and eat~! Haha. You know they have that buffet-dinner-cum-karaoke-session thingy? Heh heh. I'm going to bully Dear into going with me. Muahahaha. If cannot the most I go myself loh. What? Who say KTV cannot sing along one? Hmph... Lol. Pretty high right now. For no particular reason though. =.="

I think I've been having too much free time these past few days. I tend to let my thoughts wander all over without any reins. To the point that I come up with super ridiculous ideas. Especially when I travel on the bus to my students' houses. Don't be surprised if one day you see me wearing earphones and staring blankly out the bus window. I just happen to be daydreaming again.

What do you guys think of me? Am I a very "fake" person? Am I really that kind of person who only cares about material comforts? People... You can give your most honest comments. Because for the past few days, I've been doing abit of "self-reflection". I keep asking myself, Why am I suddenly so interested in buying so many things? I mean, I didn't use to care much about my appearance, neither did I crave for branded goods. But recently, I seem to have developed a taste for wanting to buy these stuff. I haven really bought them lah. But the temptation is there. And I keep wanting to go to "higher-class" places like restaurants and all. Does that make me seem like those people who keep wanting to act rich? Is it really like that? I don't know lah.

I still retain some of my old ideas and thoughts. I don't complain about eating a plate of $2 chicken rice at coffeeshops, neither do I mind sweating all over my shirt just to eat a bowl of yummy noodles, but recently, I seem to keep wanting all those expensive stuff. I keep wondering, How nice would it be to lead an expensive lifestyle? Now you think I'm materialistic huh? But to my defence... Hey! I've only THOUGHT about it okay? Too bad I'm a free-thinker, so all those preaching about "Once you think, you will DO!!!" don't bother me. Keke. But then seriously lah... I wanna know... Do you guys think I'm materialistic? MEH???

Heehee. Actually right, I think I just wanna be different for awhile. Maybe I'm tired of my old self. I even thought of getting a new look. What do you think suits me? Don't ask me put make-up hor. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO LAH. Lol. Serious. Lipstick can lah. But things like eyeshadow and all... No thanks. Thinking to cutting double eyelids though. Hee... I mean, don't you think I look ugly with one eye slightly smaller than the other? Does this mean I'm a very "fake" person???

I really have this strong desire to be different. In terms of appearance and thinking bah. My character will always remain the same. Bitchy, stubborn and single-minded. But then all of sudden I wanna look good. I don't mean pretty lah. Because I know I lack that sort of pretty face. But I feel as though I should start learning to doll up and all. But then those who know the actual me might say I'm just putting on a mask. Is that really it? MEH???

Maybe its got to do with the fact that I've started earning a little more money lately. So that's why I keep wanting to spend money. IS IT?!?!?!?! But then if that's true, I'm also very ambitious lor. The money I earn confirm cannot support branded goods one. So how????!! SO conflicting!!!

Eh people. I'm seriously asking for your opinions leh!!! ^^


.Tuesday, September 18, 2007 ' 1:14 AM Y
I've always been known to think way too much about mundane matters. And that's what I've been doing for the past few days. It started a few days ago when I overheard my sister talking to her friend on the phone. She was feeling pretty depressed and needed a listening ear. And her friend was there for her, at like, 2am in the morning. It got me wondering; if the same thing happened to me and I felt like talking to me, who would I be able to call?

Couldn't think of anyone.

I suppose I'd probably end up talking to myself or my imaginary friend again. Something I've been doing for the past 9 years. Sounds pretty crazy right? But its become a habit that I'm unable to kick. Everytime and anytime of the day, as long as I'm alone, I'll start talking to the air as though there's really someone beside me. Haha. I know I've mentioned this on my blog before, so pardon the "repeat".

I don't know how things got to this stage whereby I look at my list of friends and I find that the closeness we used to share is no longer there. I know I'm mostly to blame. Because I changed so much, that I unconciously started distancing myself from everyone. Because I became less tolerant of their faults that I couldn't help wondering why they just didn't seem to grow up. It sounds as though I'm sketching a beautiful illustration about myself; I guess in a way I did, to myself. No, I did not look down on or despise anyone; I just wondered how come I've been able to change so much in terms of my way of thinking whereas some of them still remain so childish and so stubborn. I know I'm not superior to anybody, but to me, some things are about common sense. About maturity and responsibility. Yea yea, I'm not perfect, but as least I can say that I'm not as naive as one year ago. I still daydream about the impossible; I still harbour romantic dreams, but at least when I know when to come back and face reality.

Last Saturday while waiting for Dear at the soccer court, QR and I started chatting mundane stuff. I told her that I have plans to stay in Taiwan for around half a year or so after graduating from NP, and she said I was crazy. Maybe I am. Haha. But really, its what I wanna do. Even if I can't go after poly, I will go after university. And if by then I happen to be single (touchwood!), I might even stay overseas for 1 year. All by myself. "For what?!" QR asked.

I don't know. I suppose I just want to experience something different. To meet new and different people who are, at the same time, so similar to us. To find out how adaptable I am to changes around me. And more. And I wanna do that all on my own.

Actually, its an idea that has been taking root since 1 or 2 years ago. But after I started working and studying at NP, the thought got pushed to the back of my mind until just a few days ago. NO lah. I'm not feeling depressed. Its just an urge to try something different. Maybe its also because I feel too bored and stifled in Singapore. That's why I wanna break free and go somewhere else. I chose Taiwan because its the most similar to Singapore, but also different at the same time. And also because there's lots of good food and shopping to do! Haha. Not advertising for Taiwan hor. Hong Kong also not bad. But I don't speak Cantonese and their English sound super funny. Keke. So for now Taiwan is my best choice. P.S: Europe is too expensive; China is too big. I don't speak Chinese with a twirling tongue. =D

Okay lah. Enough with all that crap talk. Actually got more to blog about, but my 绝代双娇 load finish already. So I'm off to watch it on Tudou again. Haha. By the way, Dear has agreed to go to the Singapore Hit Awards with me this year. FINALLY! Been wanting to go for YEARS! Anyone interested to go with us? (Spare the crap about lightbulbs and gooseberries. If you wanna go just COME lah!) In case you don't know, its going to be held on the 27th of October. At the Singapore Indoor Stadium I think. Do tag me if you're interested in going so we can go together okay? Nighties!


.Sunday, September 16, 2007 ' 2:39 AM Y
I'm such a nice sister. I've spent the past 1 hour or so doing up my sister's blogshop, uploading pictures of the products, and squinting my eyes at all the HTML. All this while having a splitting headache.

I'm not exaggerating okay. Its becoming so bad that I'm even having trouble blogging right now because my eyes can't focus clearly. Don't know why my head is aching so badly but its making me feel really unwell. ARGH~!

Going to sleep soon, although its still early (for me). Really can't take the pain anymore. But before that let me finish doing up the blogshop first. If everything works out well, I'll be presenting to you my "masterpiece" by the end of next week. For those who are eager for a quick preview, you guys can head over
HERE to take a look at what I've done up so far. I'd really appreciate any comments or suggestions for improvement. Please also pardon some of the incomplete stuff because I haven't finished fine-tuning everything yet. Thanks in advance~! =)


.Thursday, September 13, 2007 ' 4:37 PM Y
I slept only 3 hours today. Pretty shagged. Had to drag myself out of bed to go to school and return some long overdue books. Haha. The current outstanding fine stands at $6.70. Lol. Quite a record, considering that I've only been in NP for like, half a year?

I don't know whether its just today, but it was creepy to enter the school and find it empty. Totally silent. I reached school at around 10am, and the first thought when I got out of the car was "Am I the only student here???". The whole place felt more like some outdoor nature place where its all peaceful and quiet, than a school campus.

After returning the books, I headed the the 3rd floor to watch some Tudou clips (again, haha). The same feeling that the whole library consisted only of me. I don't know to descrive that feeling. Its like, on one hand I'm enjoying the serene peacefulness, while on the other hand, it feels so boring and weird to be in school all alone.

I haven't talked to anyone since 10am this morning. Except to place my order at Pastamania for "dunch". New term for dinner plus lunch. Haha.

Gotta head to tuition in about half an hour's time. Zzz... Feeling pretty sien right now. You know, that kind of mood where you just wanna roam around aimlessly and do nothing? Yea. That's the kind of mood I'm in right now. Haha. Probably a result of rotting too much for the whole day.

In fact, I'm sunk so deep that I've also lost my mood for continuing to blog. So that's about it all for today's post. Pardon me for the randomness. ^^


.Tuesday, September 11, 2007 ' 4:28 AM Y
I've been pretty crazy lately. For the past three nights, not including today, I've been staying up all the way until about 7 plus, close to 8am in the morning, watching videos on Tudou. Its a website that's similar to Youtube, just that it features all the chinese videos. Lots and lots of chinese dramas, funny clips, and even full versions of Taiwan and China variety shows. Yeah. And I got hooked onto the website lah. Haha. I've been busy looking at all those "programmes" featuring Alec Su, Ruby Lin and Jimmy Lin. *Sheepish look* I admit I'm really crazy.

Its been a long long time since I've been that crazy over any celebrity. T'was like, 2 or 3 years ago, when I was raving mad about 5566. Since then, its just been short periods of time when I find myself enamoured over this hottie or that beautie. Until now. I don't know why the sudden addiction either. But then to defend myself, some of the clips were really funny. To the point where I'm stuffing my face into my bolster to keep from laughing out loud. Alright. Better stop making myself sound even more like a "flower idiot". =P

Anyways, Dear accompanied me to the National Skin Centre (NSC) today. Finally did something about my spotty limbs. Haha. My appointment was at 2.30pm, so my waiting call number was 1430. Its the way they generate call numbers (according to Dear lah). Waited for almost an hour before it was finally my turn. The doctors are really geniuses. Absolutely different from those doctors at those government polyclinics. At the NSC, the doctors don't try to poke you with ice-cream sticks or listen to your heartbeat or whatever shit. They simply LOOK at you. I suppose this is why people always use the term "see doctor". Okay. That was lame. So anyway, my consulting doctor just looked at my legs and arms and asked me some questions and, ta-dah! I'm done~! Payment for consultation alone was $32+. Subsidised rate, because I was referred to the NSC from Yishun Polyclinic. After that had to go collect medication- basically just some anti-itch tablets, cream and moisturizer for my dry skin. Cost around $8+. Which means in total, I spent more than $40 just to get the doctor to look at my 2 legs and give me some cream. FYI, if I weren't a referred patient, I'd probably end up paying $80++. SUPER EXPENSIVE CAN!!!

Haha. Fine lah. I'm going to cut a long story short. Starting to feel sleepy. Haven't slept much these few days. Dinner was Sakae at Causeway Point, then watched Naraka19 at the Cathay cinema there. Movie wasn't too bad lah. Quite like the plot, just that 1. it REALLY wasn't scary AT ALL, and 2. some parts were confusing and didn't make sense. Haha. But overall still acceptable. At least Dear and I didn't walk out of the theatre with a =.=" expression. Lol. And now, I'm going to get ready to go to bed. Haha. Haven't slept in my own bed for 3 long days, even though I've been in my room. Unbelieveable huh? =D


.Thursday, September 06, 2007 ' 2:41 AM Y
Just finished doing up the skin for my sister's soon-to-come blogshop. Haha. She's following the current trend of selling stuff on blogs, and I'm just helping her out here and there sometimes. =)

Anyway, Dear and I celebrated our 1st year anniversary together today. Hard to believe that we've been together for one year already. Well actually, its more than that. But officially, its that long lah. Haha. I still remember telling him that we shouldn't be together, because I was afraid of what everyone was going to think of me. Luckily everything worked out. ^^ Wasn't much of a celebration anyway.

Spent the whole morning sleeping, then asked Dear's daddy to drive us down to Plaza Singapura. Actually wanted to go for lunch buffet at Sakae Sushi opposite P.S but then the greeter said only got teatime buffet at 3. So went off to Cathay and P.S in search of movies to watch, but couldn't find any suitable movie timings. Dear complained of extreme hunger so we decided not to wait until 3pm and went to scour the whole of Plaza Singapura for food. Wanted to try Manhattan Fish Market, but Dear said he don't like the fishy smell. Swensens and Cafe Cartel didn't sound too appealing either. Lol. Ended up heading to AMK Hub for Fish & Co. Keke. Dear is officially hooked on the New York Fish & Chips there. Oh yea. Speaking of Fish & Co, I saw that there's a new lunch menu thingy while I was AMK Hub. I don't know whether the rest of the outlets are using that same lunch menu (haven't worked for weeks), but I think its better than the old one. A main course ala carte now costs lesser. Around 9 bucks or so. And if you order it with a full portion of garden salad, its only $11.90. Of course, there are other stuff lah. But I can't possible list everything right???

Anyways, lunch was New York fish&chips for Dear and a prawn fettucini for me. Kekes. Oh. And a garden salad. I can't believe actually ATE the damned salad and found it delicious. Mind you. Garden salad means only veggies. Totally NOTHING ELSE. Except the dressing lah. Its not like other salads where you get tuna or smoked salmon. Its the first time in my whole life I've ever eaten raw veggies without feeling disgusted okay... =D

Headed off to the cinema to watch Secret after lunch. Haha. I KNOW its an "old" movie already. We actually didn't intend to watch Secret. Its just that there were no other shows we were interested in, and we've already watched shows like Ratatouille (sp?), Evan Almighty and 1408. Basically, all the "good" shows, we've watched. To be honest, I'm glad we went ahead and watched that movie. Although there wasn't very much dialogue (compared to other movies), the plot was really original. Maybe some people will think its pretty lame that playing a piano piece can transport someone through time, but still, how many of us have ever thought of that? And the female lead was rather pretty too. Like her smile. Lol. Most of all, I like the piano-playing parts of the movie. Makes me envious. Since I don't even know what is F major or D major or whatever shit. Haha. Ironic isn't it? I like music. But I don't know very much about music. =.="

Moving on~! Headed back to Dear's house after the movie. Dinner was pretty late, and just bread with tuna because we were pretty full from lunch. Haha. Then accompanied Dear for awhile. *Sighs* On the way back to Yishun today, he got a call from camp. Apparently something's cropped up with the paperwork. AGAIN. His boss keeps claiming that he hasn't handed in one more set of paperwork but Dear is sure that he HAS passed it to his boss. Or something like that. Zzz... Totally spoiled the rest of the day lah, because Dear was so stressed until he didn't say much. =( Hate to see him so stressed up all the time. Even on his off days he must get dozens calls at 7 in the morning from camp asking about this and that operation or something. And its not the first time, that when we go out, he suddenly gets a phone call about work that leaves him all moody and stressed up again. Hais... Poor thing. Compared to him, I'm slacking like nobody's business. Haha. Since each tuition lesson lasts only about 1.5 or 2 hours, I usually have more than 90% of the day free to myself, except on days when I'm teaching 2 students in the same day. I'm wondering whether I'm slacking TOO much.

Feel so guilty. Like, I could be earning so much more if I discipline myself abit more and chiong tuition and work at Fish & Co at the same time. But I'm too lazy. Luckily Dear doesn't mind. Keke. But still...... Sometimes feel so guilty for slacking. Its been a long time since I've slacked so much. Haha. Okay lah. I've blogged too much today. Sorry for the crap. Keke.

P.S Why can some people continue to sit and home and waste their time shaking their hairy legs when their family is still struggling to support them? Wastrels~!


.Monday, September 03, 2007 ' 2:52 AM Y
My body's still aching from that huge tumble yesterday. I practically flew down the steps on the double-decker bus. From top to bottom. Headfirst. OUCH. Humiliation and a huge scare. Its the closest I've come, to losing one's memory. Didn't forget every single thing lah, but its like, after that fall, I managed to climb back up the steps and sit down. After that, I don't know whether it was unconsiousness or did I just fall asleep, but the next thing I remember, I'm sort of waking up on the bus. With an empty mind. I'm like, what am I doing on the bus? I fumbled for my handphone and started calling and calling Dear. I knew he was supposed to be at the "soccer court", but I couldn't remember what day it was until I checked my phone's calendar. And now I've realised how horrible it is to wake up and find that you can't remember mundane stuff like that. Its really scary. Totally freaked me out can... I don't even remember how I found my way to the basketball court. There's a blank there with only the sign 286. Did I happen to look up and see the sign or what? I really don't know. Neither do I know why I ended up crying in front of everyone. To me, its like, I was walking towards the shelter and then suddenly I crying onto QR's shoulder. At night I asked Dear what happened while I was walking to the shelter and he just said "You came and started crying." =.=! Thanks for the helpful answer (heavy sacarsm).

I think I freaked them out too much, that's why they insisted on dragging me to the clinic. I tell you, that 24 hour clinic at 201 is a complete fake. The doctor is a bitch who couldn't even bother to sit down and talk to me properly. As though she had 100 patients waiting to consult her. =.=" And she even had the cheek to charge us $34 for ONE STUPID FREAKING BLOODY REFERRAL LETTER. Nabeh. I read the "letter". She couldn't even describe properly what had happened to me after that fall. Might as well I write the letter myself right? $34 for 1 piece of useless paper okay?! She might as well just cut off my flesh. If I'd known earlier I would have studied harder and opened my own clinic. Then sit and wait for dumbos like me to fall off the bus steps. 1 dumbo 1 piece of paper $34. 10 dumbos $340 okay?! I buy one whole box of nice nice letter writing paper standby~! GRRRRRRRR... My money...................................

Still pissed off at the doctor lah. Sorry for the rambling. My right side of body feels as though its been whacked from top to bottom. I can't crane my neck too much because it hurts. I can't rest on my hip because it hurts. And I can't rub my arm because there's a HUGE abrasion there and it HURTS~! Dammit. Feel like screaming at someone. Or something. Even though I screamed my top off at my mom yesterday. Hey. Don't blame me okay. She's the one who told me to stop pretending when I said my head was aching. And then still have the cheek to deny it afterward. And when I blew my top, she and my sister just dismissed me as being crazy again. Hello? This kind of family? Thanks but no thanks. I don't need them. Psh.

Anyway, was feeling much better today. Went to watch 1408 with Dear. The show wasn't TOO bad lah. Let's see. There wasn't a REAL climax; the ending sucked BIG TIME; on the whole, the movie wasn't scary. Not too bad right? By the way I'm trying to be sacarstic. Heck lah. I spent the third quarter preparing to cover my eyes because I thought the scary part was going to come. Waited... rotted... Peeked through my fingers... And still nothing. Double =.=" Totally disappointing. I haven't read the book, but if Stephen King writes like that, I'm never going to read his books again. On a second thought though, I highly suspect that it was just the movie. Because I've watched a few other movies adapted from King's books and they're simply fantastic. Stupid whoever who made the movie that way. Spoiler. *Makes ugly faces at invisible culprit*

Okay lah. Enough crapping. My new diet plan starts tomorrow. Please. Wish me luck. Unless you wish me to remain as a big fat OAF. =(


.Sunday, September 02, 2007 ' 2:46 AM Y

One of my favourite Youtube clips. Like it so much that I must have watched it at least 10 ten times and I'm still not sick of it. Trust me. Its really funny. Enjoy~! =)



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