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.Wednesday, June 24, 2009 ' 12:33 PM Y
Argh! Haven't updated for so long!

Some random tidbits before I go for lunch:

Boss and Lady Boss "on leave". HURRAY! Haha.

TKDJ chalet 90% organised. Abit more food to buy and we're all set!

HUGE thank you to Sky and Yuu for accompanying me yesterday and giving so much valuable advice and counsel, especially Sky, who took 22 back to Tampines with me and had to walk home alone. >.<>

Yuu still owes me Kbox!

Yue owes me Marche!

I feel so loved man. Everyone is offering to treat me. My turn soon. LOL. *Selected people only.* Haha!

I've found a new kind of happiness, even though I still hate certain shameless people who really deserve to die.

And last but not least, I'm hungrily waiting for lunch!!! Didn't manage to eat breakfast, except for a cup of Milo and I'm starving now. T.T

That's all till the next post! xDDDD

P.S. I've sms-ed too much!!!!


.Friday, June 05, 2009 ' 12:39 PM Y
Ah SHAT! Almost made a grave mistake just now. Thanks Nic, for calling and telling me. xD

So envious of my boss and lady boss. Their chemistry and everything screams their status loud and clear. Hopefully one day Dear and I will be like that too. *Wistful smile*


.Wednesday, June 03, 2009 ' 12:02 PM Y
This is my 3rd week at Interwell. And right now, I'm all alone in the office!!! LOL. Everyone's out either doing sales or on service and the lady boss and my other colleague went to the bank. Keke. So far everything's been working out fine. I like the working environment, I'm okay with my boss and colleagues and I'm adapting well to my job scope. There's just so much to learn!

Went to the gym yesterday with Dear after so many months, and now my arms are aching like hell. After one year of using a private gym, we're so not used to the public one that we couldn't follow our usual routine properly. And the treadmills are totally crowded man~

Suddenly I have so many places that I wanna go to, but just not enough time. Going out after work is a chore and weekends pass so damn fast that the weeks just whiz past like time has been doubly speeded up or something. I still miss the free old days where I could spend every single day with Dear or with Yuu and the rest, but I don't dread going to work anymore. ^^

I suddenly feel like I've mellowed alot over the past weeks. Not that tense, not that restless, not so easily worked-up nowadays. Even though I've been putting in lesser hours of sleep than before. But I realise that I like the feeling of waking up early. Of being able to experience a full day. Now if only I could force myself to wake up just as early on weekends, everything would be PERFECT. Haha.

Off to browse the forum~ Now hungrily waiting for lunch. xD I hope today isn't going to be too busy.



.Monday, June 01, 2009 ' 11:33 AM Y
Blogging from work!!! Hahas! I definitely like this job. Now that I'm starting to learn the ropes well, I 'm free to surf the Net, chat on MSN and whatever else I want everyday, since I clear my work normally around 11am.

Thanks very much to Crystal for teaching me so much stuff and for being so patient with me. Sometimes she looks so fierce and scary but she's actually very nice~!!!


So many things' been happening these past few weeks that its enough to drive one suicidal. Not that I am lah.

Went to O Bar with Yue, Yuu and XH last Saturday and it was fun! Laugh and laugh and laugh. Just felt bad for Lisa. And surprisingly, Heineken tastes quite nice. And since Yuu couldn't drink, Yue was having a mocktail and XH didn't like the taste of beer, I ended up drinking majority of it. Mwahahaha~ Sang a little bit using their lousy microphones and had to sit through some woman who sang WAY off-key and without analog. Some people honestly have way too much self-confidence. LOL.

Lunchtime soon~ Back to news-reading for now. ^^

P.S I wanna go check out the da Vinci exhibit at the Science Centre~!!!!
P.P.S Shilin Mee Sua for lunch. Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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