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.Saturday, February 27, 2010 ' 12:13 AM Y
Lots of updates, but all minor tidbits. I'm so used to the Facebook status thingy that I find myself thinking in short sentences. Lol~

Going through a pretty down period these few days. Not that kind of period lah. Just very frustrated at myself for suddenly becoming so muddle-headed. Somehow, I keep losing, misplacing and forgetting things. Its like, almost everyday, there's bound to be one incident. So far, I have: lost 2 ez-link cards in 1 week (power right?), forgotten to bring my credit card out even after drilling my memory to remember, left my iPod on the marble countertop and have to double back home to get it, forgot to bring my wallet out and didn't realise it until I reached office, forgotten to bring my office keys, and blah blah blah. In fact, the whole list is so long that in the middle of typing, I actually forgot what I wanted to type and had to stare and the screen while trying to recall. Dementia at 20? Pathetic right?

I've got no idea whether its because I was so unused to not working for an entire week after so many months that my brains turned mushy and affected my memory bank, or whether there's something wrong with my head, but its effing frustrating. Especially since I used to pride myself on my "quite-good" memory. At this rate, I won't be surprised if one day I wake up to find that I've forgotten who I am. Need to exercise my brain!!!

Long day of lesson tomorrow. From 10am to 5pm with only one hour of break. Wonder if NTUC income will count in these extra hours of catch-up classes. My entire March schedule is filled with lessons, even my weekends. Just when Dear finally won't be so busy with work. Urgh~!

Hoping to squeeze in a short holiday to Genting within the next 2 months and aiming for Hongkong end year. Keke. I know I keep talking about going overseas but nothing ever comes out of it, and that's because our budget is simply too tight for such huge expenses. Hopefully things will get better this year. =)

Going shopping for clothes again tomorrow, and also to get some stuff from Body Shop with my Sis. For some reason, now I'm totally hooked on Body Shop stuff. I don't use them much, but I like the smells. Have I mentioned that I used to HATE the smells? Yup, I have.

The Japanese Cherry Blossom series is my absolute favourite! Wonder if they have hand cream for that series. So busy checking out the body gel that I forgot about hand cream. xD

By the way, my Sis is selling Body Shop products at really cheap prices so if you're interested, send me an e-mail or something. I can't say how she does it, but some of the stuff she's selling is really way lower than what you get in the shops.

Alright then. Off to continue watching Hi! My Sweetheart. xD


.Friday, February 19, 2010 ' 4:46 AM Y
TIME is truly such a scary thing. Last Friday I was still in the office and so excited about the upcoming break and today, its Friday morning. YES! One week flew past just like that. I did NOTHING on my agenda. I thought I had a whole week to slowly put in some revision for my CAT but I haven't even touched my books. And because of that, I'm getting scared and so I'll be a good girl today and go for lesson. In fact, one of my Goals of the Month for March is to NOT skip any lessons. LOL.

I've been telling the people around me that this week feels as though its unreal. You know, like as though I've missed a whole week of my life even though I'm still living it. I mean, after 9 months of stepping into the office for 5 days a week-except for public holidays, which even then were only 1 or 2 days, suddenly a whole week of not even going near Ubi area feels like, IS THIS A DREAM?

Okay lah fine. We did drive near my office area on the first day of CNY, but that was only because my grandfather's place is nearby.

And speaking of CNY, this year was really pretty slack. The whole family basically nua-ed at home until like, close to dinner time before going to my grandfather's place and then after that, my 8th aunt's place at Punggol. On the second day, I went down to Yishun to meet Dear because he complained that he was dying of boredom, and we watched 72 Tenants of Prosperity. Its a really good comedy and the cast is really WOW. Too bad Kevin Cheng appeared for only like what? 5 seconds? Seriously... Why did he even bother taking the time out to act in the movie?!?!?! =.="

Spent the evening part of Day 2 at my 5th aunt's house and Day 3 at home because my relatives came over. And SHIT I totally can't remember what I did for the first part of Day 3. I know I went out and met Dear, but I can't recall what we did. Haha. Amnesia is setting in~ Or is it dementia?

Oops... I remember now. We went to buy my planner at Century Square and basically just walked around the two malls for 2 hours. Heh heh. Oh, don't laugh at me for buying my planner when February is already gonna end soon. I wanted to buy it since last year, but I was broke at that time and kept putting it off until now. Unluckily, Lovely Land doesn't have the smaller size one anymore and I ended up getting the big one. Cost me $28. Hello Kitty design some more. LOL. Because it was either that or Kiki & Lala. ...... AHEM.

Um... No I didn't purposely leave out Reunion Dinner Day. I'm still trying to forget the horrible part of the day. The part where we had reunion "I-don't-know-what-meal" at Dear's house. I know its probably not Dear's fault, but just thinking about it makes me so indignant with anger that I just wanna lash out at him.

To cut a long story short, I had to eat with someone whom I did not want to see. Someone who, in my opinion, has got no relation or any sort of contribution to their family. And the worse part is, Dear and I had to wait for that big shot for 2 fucking hours, whereby a 2pm lunch turned into a 4pm "drink-some-soup-and-rush-off" session for me, because I had to rush to my grandfather's house for dinner.

I really don't know who to pinpoint the blame on, but I'm just steaming with anger every time I think about it. And NO I don't think its a matter of me being jealous or ungenerous, because its not Dear I'm angry at. I just think that 1. its very disrespectful to me and 2. if you're going to have to make us wait, at least let me know in advance. Not wake up from our nap and go WTF?! Its nearly 4pm and his parents are not back, then suddenly the main door opens and there's this 3rd voice. Can't be Sheltie right?!

I guess precisely because I can't direct my anger at his parents, at her or at Dear himself, that why all the frustration is building up and making me very "pek chek". I don't know. All I can say is, if this were to happen to you, how would you feel? Tell me how understanding you can be if it happens for the 2nd year in a row. And that doesn't even include the other stuffs outside CNY.

Good thing I'm meeting Simin and Xiaohui for Kbox on Saturday. Let off all that steam through the mike and maybe add in a huge bitching session over kopitiam beer after that. =P

And yeah well, right now I really oughta go to sleep. Its nearing my mom's wake up time. Crazy or what huh? I can't even start to imagine how I'm going to re-adapt to office hours next week. Hate my lousy bio-clock. HATE! Good night morning.

P.S. Sorry my entry started with such a neutral tone yet ended so angrily. Still trying to calm down. Haha. xD


.Wednesday, February 10, 2010 ' 4:43 PM Y
My mom finally finished baking the pineapple tarts~!!! YumZ~

Brought a box to the office today and a box for Crystal. Don't think my colleagues liked them much though. Makes me kinda regret even bothering to bring. But oh well. You don't learn until you try it once right?

Been feeling a little down this past few days. I'm not whining! Its just that my mood hasn't been all that good. Don't know why either. I was so looking forward to the CNY break but now that its coming near, I kinda dread it. Supposedly we won't be celebrating this year; supposedly no house visits no nothing. But you know how sometimes its SUPPOSED to be but ends up another way? I don't exactly relish sitting through a week of mindless gossip, of putting up with the fake smiles, of the prying eyes and questions. I just want to stay home and be left alone, and I hope I can.


.Friday, February 05, 2010 ' 10:17 AM Y
I finally collected my order from O.N & Piperlime yesterday! The queue at the Singapore Post Centre was frickin' long and their customer service sucked like hell, but I'm just happy because everything fit beautifully. And with this order, I have a whole muthafookin' load of clothes for CNY this year!

What I've bought so far:

3 pairs of jeans
1 pair of work pants
2 dresses
1 skirt
1 pair of boots
1 pair of ballet flats
and 3 tops bought for me by my Mommy~

Still planning to get a few more tops and one or two belts to go with my dresses.

And you know, the most ironic thing is that I can't even celebrate CNY this year! Lol~ Because my grandmother's D.O.D hasn't reached a year. Or something like that. So no ang paos this year. =(

However, I've already planned my next order. Just waiting for money to be stable and I'll put in the order, which will probably come up close to SGD$400. Keke~ Don't know whether Dear will KP me or not~ T.T! If only I could go down to U.S to buy instead... xD~

By the way, this order I just received was shipped through VPost and DAMN its expensive! I had to pay $75 for the shipping and that was after discount. What the bloody fuck right?! Guess next time I better go through Borderlinx again...

Sorry for rambling on and on about my clothes... On to a new topic!

I've been wondering whether I should revamp my blog layout. I love my current layout, and its the best I've come across/used so far, because of its simple theme, but having used the same layout for so long feels a little boring. And yet, its not easy to find another layout that I'd love as much as this current one. 矛盾 ah~!

Looking forward to CNY so that I can use the one week's break to recharge my energy. Not going overseas or anywhere else for that matter. Perhaps some meet-ups with Dear and that's all. The rest of the days shall be spent SLEEPING. 4.5 more work days to go~!


.Monday, February 01, 2010 ' 12:10 AM Y
Just a short update before I go to bed; weekends pass so damn fast that I don't even feel like I've rested enough! =P

Kbox-ed with Gabby, Elle, and QR & gang yesterday. I think its been almost 2 years since I've seen the latter, and it was super weird mixing them with Gabby and Elle, especially since I'd never seen G before yesterday and had only met Elle once before. Haha~ My singing sucked so bad that my confidence dropped another level. But overall, it was fun. Didn't expect Gabby to be so hyper. LOL.

Dinner at Empire State (Iluma) was pretty yummy, but I don't think its something that will keep me going back for more. After dinner, we went to explore Mushroom and I coincidentally bumped into Yuu standing at the Customer Service counter complaining to Eloise about the Bounce incident. Apparently she's not satisfied with their response, and apparently their second visit to Bounce ended up with the same kind of unhappiness. Seriously? I think they should just close down the damn bloody restaurant and be done with it.

Anyway, exchanged some of my tickets for a cushion and a soft toy and then Taiko-ed the rest of the night with Yuu. Haven't played so much for a long time, and my Taiko skills have deteriorated like hell. Suddenly Dear's bachi feels too heavy and my wrists hurt after playing too much.

Somehow I managed to psycho Yuu to go to that Thai disco where ZH works at, 'cuz QR & the rest wanted to go visit him at work. Dear was quite angry at me, because he doesn't like me to go to such places. And honestly speaking, that was my first and last time ever stepping into such places. The "BOM BOM BOM" music made my head throb and combined with the effects of the alcohol, I got damn sleepy. I gotta say though, the Martell was nice.

Reached home at 3am, and I had to wash my hair because it was stinking from all that cigarette smoke. URGH! I frickin' HATE smokers!!! The cold water helped to clear my head a little, but I still KO-ed the moment I fell into bed. I guess that clubbing's really not my thing. Not the kind of world I'd fit into. I haven't yet been to major places like Zouk and all, and I wouldn't mind visiting them once to see how the places are like, but definitely NO hardcore partying for me. I think I prefer Seven for its quieter atmosphere even though its NOT supposed to be quiet. xD

Oh oh oh! Not forgetting to mention that I found out that Van actually worked for Schneider just awhile back while Water is currently working for ABB. FYI, Schneider is our "supplier" while ABB is Schneider's rival. What an amazing coincidence~! LOL~

Today was a relatively mild day compared to yesterday. Dear and I spent the whole day at home watching Pokemon (XD!!) and napping the afternoon away. And he finally agreed to buy something for me next month. MUAHAHAHA~! He makes me feel bad for pestering him all the time, but I don't care. I've got his promise and I'm gonna hold him to it. xD!!

I apologise for the long and boring update, even I thought to keep it short. Well, I'm signing off now. Doing some reading before I turn in for the night.
Sweet dreams world~! =)



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