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.Wednesday, January 28, 2009 ' 11:15 PM Y
The first three days of Chinese New Year are finally over. No more visiting, having to put on fake smiles, hold fake conversations etc. For those who are lucky enough to have caring relatives, good for you. For me, all that chatting, laughing, eating together just seems like a farce because its only during these 3 days of the year that you see such things happening. During the other 362 days or so, we all just try to pretend that we're relative-less.

As usual, my sister made herself the centre of attention and for that I'm grateful. It just means that I'm left alone to my DS and my new storybook. While I still have to fend off some standard questions like "So are you working or studying" and blah blah, I'm left in peace most of the time.

And I also found out how easy it is to read their thoughts. Because its the same "smug" expression I see everytime I tell them that I'm studying in a private school. I can practically see the words forming in their brain. "Haha so stupid. My son/daughter's cleverer than you, because he/she is studying in a government school, not like you." Or "Haha, too stupid to get into government polytechnic."

But its okay lah really. I didn't really bother explaining much since we only see each other once a year so its not like I really give a damn what they think. But for people to be shallow enough not to know what ACCA is, it really speaks alot luh. Hor, 3rd Aunt? I'm especially pissed at you because I know your son ain't no genius and I know your dirty secrets too. HAHA.

Sorry for washing dirty linen in public but you know how sometimes certain relatives just make you feel like punching them in the face and then chasing them out of your house? Yeah. Its that kind of feeling. But on the whole I'm pretty alright with the rest of them. Except the my 7th Aunt. But I don't like to talk about stingy bitches, so bah. Only Dear's gonna know. Haha.

And I'm also looking forward to 2 years later where I'll be able to officially introduce Dear to my parents and everyone else. Afterall, I'll be 21. True freedom~! And then the ageing process truly begins. =(

By the way, if you're a passionate reader like me, try reading Jodi Picoult. =)


.Wednesday, January 21, 2009 ' 11:04 PM Y
Dear and I went to the wave pool today!!!! Hahas. Haven't been there in like, 3 years? Even though we went in the morning and left before the afternoon sun came out, my face still got slightly burnt. Now I have a "red" face to go with CNY outfits. Boo. And my manicure got slightly ruined! Bleahs... Not very obvious, but still... I only got my nails done yesterday luh!!! Still wanna go swimming next time though. xD

Brunched at Jurong Point, then shopped around for huggables. There was this shop selling cute disney bolsters and I wanted to get the Dale bolsters but the picture of Dale looks so fake! Now have to go hunting for huggables again. Hahas. Went back to Yishun after that and then we decided to go for foot massage. 40 minutes for $28. Still reasonable lah. Its really quite painful luh! But super relaxing at the same time. I like! Haha.

Watched Love Matters at GV and its disappointing how bland Jack Neo's new movie turned out to be. Boring, with few funny bits; draggy and doesn't seem to be expressing the whole message of the movie very well. I have a feeling that this CNY's box office topspot will belong to The Wedding Game instead.

Anyways, my second shipment from VS arrived today!!!!!!! I only made payment on Monday and its here already. Not bad, even though I still hate VPOST for tripling the original weight of the shipment and causing the shipping charges to skyrocket. Feel so ripped-off. So anyway now I have way too many new clothes that I still don't know what to wear for CNY. And this year I'm going bury myself in my DS so that I can avoid all sorts of stupid questions and small talk. Just looking forward to the red packets. Haha. *Ka-ching!*

And payday is coming soon! Happiee!!! Off to blog-hop then watch VCD!

P.S If you ever get a chance, try GV Gold Class. The seats are so superbly comfortable its like bringing your own sofa into the cinema. S-H-I-O-K! $28 only!


.Wednesday, January 14, 2009 ' 1:39 AM Y
A long rant for today's entry: (Copied and pasted from the forum where I originally posted, so please pardon the substandard English. I use more informal language in the forum. xD)

Firstly, today morning while on my way to work, these 2 stupid girls spoiled my mood by choosing to take the lift from the 1st to the 2nd floor of AMK Hub. =.="

Secondly, someone told me that some regular customer actually complained that Grayson and I adjusted the UFO toys for "our friends" so that they could catch the toys easily. Just to clarify: The 2 of us don't have friends who catch the damned toys. Heck. Our friends don't even come down to AMK Hub that often.

Thirdly: the same someone told me that our supervisor is considering take away our privilege (read: ONE AND ONLY privilege) as a part-timer to game for free after work at night. This, I have to RANT on.

When we work the night shift, we supposedly knock off at 11pm. So technically speaking, we have until 11.30pm to play. But stupid customers who refuse to leave, eat into our time, which often leaves us about 15 mins or so. And even then, we have to see the full-timers' mood. If whoever is the full-timer on nite shift is in good mood, then congrats! If not, too bad.
FINE. I understand they might want to go home and rest. But still, its just a short while right? Its like displaying a product and promising customers a discount, but then when they get to the counter to pay, the cashier tells you, sorry she's in a bad mood so no discount today. Lydat one arh?!??!

In short, our "privilege" is determined by the mood of the full-timers. And NOW it might be taken away completely. Sorry for swearing but WTF! Then what is the whole point of the job, may I ask? No privileges, no incentives, NOTHING. And speaking of incentives, its the same thing. They say, hit the sales target and you get a bonus. Last October we surpassed the sales target by ALOT. Until now, we got NOTHING. I AM ANGRY!!!!

P.S Yuu. when can we go job-hunting? Lols.


.Saturday, January 10, 2009 ' 1:07 AM Y
Whee!!! Its a superbly wonderful day!!! Poor Dear has been sick for the whole week, so he decided to take MC today. Were supposed to meet Yuu at 2 at Downtown East to play Taiko, but came out of the polyclinic at like, 10+am? Haha. So much time to waste away!!!

We took the shuttle bus from the MRT Station at Tampines to Courts to look for my new laptop. Heehee! I think I'm going to take the Vaio after all. Still abit hesitant but I know if I don't decide soon Dear is going to kill me. xD Shuttled to Pasir Ris after that and played abit of arcade at White Sands. The entire mall is getting from lonely to deserted. For some weird reason, it just isn't attracting the crowds! So pathetic.

Lunch was at Fish & Co Express at Downtown East. The food wasn't that great, especially the fish and chips. I understand that this is supposed to be a fastfood version of Fish & Co, but surely there are standards??? Disappointing.

Went up to the Zone X at E!Hub and finally met up with Yuu! Hahas. The 3 of us Taiko-ed all the way from 2 to 5pm virtually non-stop. Played BSL from B just to get the bloody cactus for my mommy. $20!!! Heart so pain! But Yuu's hammy was even more expensive. LOL. $35, thanks to the lousy machine with the lousy checker.

Got stuck watching Dear and Yuu play Jubeat, even though they were already complaining of hunger. Haha. I'm so sick of Jubeat! Don't ask me why, but the thought of playing the game doesn't really appeal to me anymore. So weird~

Dinner-ed at BBQ Chicken. The restaurant super duper sucks! I will never EVER visit the place again. The servings were so damn small that I doubt anyone can actually feel full by eating just the main dish. But the whole mound of mashed potatoes will eventually feel you up. Haha. Feel so cheated of my money. The bill came up to a whopping $20 per person, for 3 palm-sized (my palm lah!) pieces of satay-tasting chicken, 2 KFC-looking drumsticks and soup and dessert. Not really worth the money. I'd rather have eaten McDonalds. =.=

Went back to Zone X again after dinner and continued Taiko-ing! Haha. My arms ache so much right now and my palms are sore from gripping the bachi. But I had so much whopping fun!!! And my oni skills improved again! Who knows, maybe one day I can also FC songs like Kagekiyo. LOL. Taiko-ed all the way from after dinner till 11.30pm. Saw CK and his gf too!

It sounds weird that spending one whole day and so much money on one single drum game and bring so much happiness, but its really true! I finally understand the meaning of being passionate about an interest; of being motivated to do your best even when your entire body may be protesting. Its tiring, but at the end of the day, its a wonderful feeling.

I also learnt today, that I should stop dwelling on things that are over. There's no use crying over spilt milk; since I was the one who spilled the bloody milk, then I'll have to be the one to mop it up. No point staring at the mess and hoping that it will evaporate, right? So no matter what happens now, I'm going to tell myself to be brave and face the consequences. ^^ And from this I shall learn to be good and not spill any more milk. Haha. Doesn't make any sense? That's my problem-o! I promised Dear that I would try to change and now I really really really will try my very hardest. I'm also scared already luh. Heehee.

And right now while I'm happily blogging away, my 2nd VS shipment is on its way to my VPOST address in Oregon. I know I swore not to ship through VPOST again, but this time its different. Because its free shipping to the address in Oregon. So I only have to pay what Vpost charges me, which is a hell lot cheaper than what VS would have charged. If my shipment arrives on time, I'm done with my CNY clothes. Just one pair of shoes to go. Heh heh. Happiness really combats all negativity.

Now if only someone would tell me what the FUCK happened to Marley and Me. I'm the talking about the movie, which was supposed to have opened in cinemas YESTERDAY, but for no reason at all, it was taken OFF all the lists of movies. No sign of it under Showing Now nor Coming Soon. I WANT TO WATCH THE DAMNED MOVIE!!! Just screen it already lah! *Huff*


.Wednesday, January 07, 2009 ' 2:34 AM Y
Had my first and second day of night-class yesterday and today respectively. It feels weird to be classmates with a whole bunch of working adults, some old enough to be my aunties. I'm even possibly the youngest in my class. There's no ice-breaking or bonding nonsense; straight into the lessons. The lecturer's quite humourous and appears to know his stuff, though he talks a little funny. If everything goes according to plan, I should complete the CAT course in about 18 months or 1.5 years. Maybe even slightly earlier. Hurray!

The lecturer also told the class that the international passing rate for ACCA is a pathetic 29%. High standards... So now my aim to complete the ACCA course in 2 years may be a little hard to achieve. Hmmm... When the hell can I start my Dip. in Counselling??!??

Enough of the boring stuff for now.

My VS shipment finally arrived yesterday!!! And now I'm trying to persuade Dear in to letting me put in another order. But I promise not to get addicted to online shopping okay? xD

And this time I don't think I want to send the shipment through VPOST. Because the one that I received yesterday arrived more than one long fucking month AFTER I put in my order. And its the fault of VPOST because the order from VS arrived in Singapore about 2 weeks after ordering, but VPOST took another 3 long weeks to send it to me. So fucking pissed!

But I was super happy yesterday. Because I got my Fairprice Plus card and PIN, I started school, and I FINALLY received the damned shipment. 3 happy things in one day! *Huge smile*

And tomorrow Dear and I are going to play more Taiko in the morning. Yoohoo! Have to work at night, but oh well... There's money to look forward to at the end of the month. Happy happy start to 2009. Lots of shopping to do though. But that's another thing to be happy about, right? Heh heh...


.Saturday, January 03, 2009 ' 2:14 AM Y
Whee!!! Happy Day!!!


In case you're wondering what I'm being so happy about, its just taiko. Heh hehs.

Been addicted to it for quite a few months now, but it got worse recently, thanks to Dear and Yuu. LOL. Now I even have my very own bachi (drumsticks) and I can finally pass some Oni songs. Yea yea yea yea!!!

Wonderful day today, even though I made Dear angry by waking up late again. Heh hehs... Slept all the way until 1pm, and then cabbed to Downtown East to meet Dear, who by the way, also cabbed down from Yishun luh. =.=" The two of us have been spending WAY too much on cab fares recently. Need to start kicking our lazy habit~ xD

So anyways, we spent about one or two hours Taiko-ing at Downtown. S-H-I-O-K! Its good exercise and it trains strong arms. Haha. I played some of the ticket machines but at the end of the day I still prefer AMK Hub's Ripper Ribbit. Hehe. Go Go Ball was fun, but a little dumb. And expensive too.

Went back to AMK Hub after that and taiko-ed again. LOL. Initially we didn't want to play, but surprisingly there was no one at the machine so we just started playing again. And it was there that I finally PASSED the goddamn song! So super happy now lah!

Steamboat dinner with Dear and his family, then went to his house to slack. I haven't seen Sheltie for weeks!!! We were discussing getting another lappy and I'm going to drag him down to Funan ASAP! Probably next week.

And I'm getting myself a manicure and hair treatment. =)

School starts on Monday. I can feel butterflies in my tummy whenever I think of the "first day of school". New environment to get used to again. I still get nervous at this sort of things......


.Thursday, January 01, 2009 ' 2:39 AM Y
A bland New Year's Eve and a bland New Year's Day. But life couldn't be more perfect, except for the fact that I'm having a frigging headache trying to fit my hougang student into my growingly hectic schedule. I'm doing well enough to forgo that extra $300, so what the hell was I thinking when I said yes to the mother?!?!? No wonder Dear continues to shake his head at me.

Many people are summing up their 2008 memories in their blog posts, but I've already done that way back last month, so I'm through with that chore. Haha. Its nice relieving memories though. Passed by Dunman yesterday night and I was surprised to see such a huge transformation of the school building. Yeah, it was to be expected, but still, its like with the demolition of the old building, my past at the school was also wiped out just like that. A tinge of sadness, but life goes on. Hahas.

Oh yes! Thanks to everyone who sent me a new year message, and Happy New Year to everyone else whom I didn't sms, which includes quite a few people. An extra HNY hug to darling Angie and Jinwen as well. ^^

As Christine was saying, time really flies. In a blink, Dear and I have been working at Zone X for close to half a year. In a flash, I've matured much and my personality has undergone an almost 180 degree change. I'm happily looking forward to 2009!

P.S. Did I also mention that MRS KYM FUCKING TAN, who so loudly boasted just yesterday that she'd never ever set foot into our arcade, graced us with her presence today? We're so fucking "honoured" to be able to serve Her Thickskinned-ness. I hope she drops dead tomorrow.



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