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.Monday, April 27, 2009 ' 1:39 AM Y
Olay~! Another off day tomorrow!!! Been sleeping at all sorts of odd hours this week. My bio-clock is probably super haywire now. Slacked at AMK Mac with XH, Yuu, Dear and CC all the way until 6am. Super shagged, since I had to go work at 11. Managed to clock in about 4 hours of sleep and went to work feeling like a zombie.

Indefinite off until Freddy calls me or until this coming weekend, whichever happens first. And then its off to Robinsons.

Please pardon me for all that ranting in the last part of my previous post. Tiredness does terrible things to "gloominise" one's mood. Even though its just an exact echo of my opinion and thoughts.

I forgot to mention a pleasant surprise at work yesterday, and that was that I saw my "uncle" at the Parc Lumiere showflat~! Haha. His mom and my aunt was there too. He bought a 5-rooom unit there with his wife at $477k. And when I commented that it was expensive, my aunt was like, "No its cheap already lah." O.O So freaking rich. *Envious*

Life feels so different after just 1 week of working at PL. Maybe its the change of environment, or maybe its the office hours, but my daily routine has been totally changed. Quite enjoyable though, except that I don't get to see Dear everyday anymore. =( Random tidbit: 4 months plus to our 3rd anniversary~!!! Lol.

Planning for TKDJ chalet is so damn tiring. Now I know why people don't like to do such things. Because people just can't co-operate on such things. Its not that difficult to give a simple yes or no, especially since it falls on a weekend. And then there's the problem of payment. *Yawn*

Time to go back to sleep AGAIN. Expect this blog to rot for some time. I just don't know what to update about~!


.Saturday, April 25, 2009 ' 3:09 AM Y
Been some time since I last blogged.

The job at Parc Lumiere really drains all the energy out of me every single day. For some reason, I've become the unofficial IC of the backend office, along with Shalynn and the two of us are in "constant demand" by the agents, by the options counter people, by the frontdesk receptionists, by the directors, by EVERYONE. I really don't know whether to be honoured or to feel unlucky...

After clocking in 5 full shifts and 1 half shift including 12 and 13 hour shifts last Saturday and Sunday respectively, I finally got my off day today. Or technically speaking, yesterday. On thursday after work, I travelled all the way down to AMK Hub simply because I had the urge to taiko and ended spending the entire day with Dear, Yuu and XH there. Reached home yesterday morning 5am. Funnily, my mom didn't scream at me. Phew. xD Woke up at 1pm, lunched and bitched about my relatives with my mom and sis and then went down to Yishun to accompany Dear to dye his hair.

Let me sidetrack a little here: Jean Yip is a company that CHEATS THEIR CUSTOMERS' MONEY~!!! And its not slander okay. Before we went in, we asked them how much it would cost to cut and dye and the person quoted us $68. Already abit expensive, but I persuaded Dear to just go ahead with it. The person was very nice and polite; good service and everything. The works. He even very nicely did some hair spa thingy for Dear, saying that it's good for the scalp and will protect the hair. ALL THE WHILE NOT SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT ADDITIONAL COSTS INVOLVED. Then when we went to pay, we were billed a whopping $108. WHAT THE BLOODY FUCK. How can they just charge us WITHOUT TELLING US? Its not about the money, its about the principle. Seriously. WHAT THE NBCB IS THIS MAN?!??!?! SO DAMN PISSED OFF.

Anyway, after that Dear and I met up with Yuu, had dinner at Ishi Mura and then headed off to DTE to taiko and ended up staying at the arcade till midnight. Was feeling a little frustrated because I couldn't win at computer mahjong and then my taiko-ing somehow sucked more than normal. Went for supper at McDonalds after that, all the while disturbing Sky, who was there working the night shift. Lol. I think the manager looked quite pissed with us but we didn't give a damn. xD

Back to work tomorrow. Half of me looks forward to going back while the other half can't wait for the next break. LOL.

And speaking about work, I simply have to rant about my childish colleagues. 20 year old polytechnic graduates and going about looking for jobs together. I mean, I've got no problem with that, but you really don't have to stick together like super glue lah. That's what PRIMARY SCHOOL kids do okay? Its like, simple things like asking them whether they want to work the next day also have to wait for them to call and sms for half the day before they can finally give a definite answer. WTF. And that day during work, they just disappeared for close to half an hour and Shalynn and I had to cover their asses when the bosses asked us where they were. Irresponsibility. I hate people like that.

As time passes, I'm getting to see society and the humans in it much more clearly than I used to. What was once a sheltered world full of beautiful flowers has become an ugly garden with thorns hidden in the flowers. I don't know to be sad that the world is actually like this, or to be glad that I am able to distinguish the thorns and protect myself.
I still don't understand how people can be so fake, but I have started to understand why people do it. There are still many many things about society and its inhabitants that I do not understand; things I won't care to elaborate in case I offend others, but seriously, sometimes things that are common sense to me just doesn't seem to be the case for others. Is it because they are too sheltered in their world, or is it because they just have not grown up in their minds?


.Tuesday, April 14, 2009 ' 2:46 AM Y
So I got this job as a showroom usher at some to-be-built HDB condominium at Simei and today was the "2nd interview" where actually all they did was show us around our stations and brief us on our various duties. Its a 3-week stint that starts this coming Saturday, but that's not what I wanna blog about, because I've already mentioned some of this in my previous post.

During the "tour" around the entire showroom area, we were taken to the 2 sample units, a 4 room unit and a 5 room unit.

The moment I entered the 4room unit, I started imagining myself staying in a place like that.

The moment I entered the 5 room unit, I was totally sold. S-O-L-D. Maybe it was the way they arranged the "furniture", or maybe it was the way they presented the entire outlook with the lighting and everything, but I LOVED it.

Its like a dream come true: cosy living room, with balcony big enough for BBQs and mahjong tables, bomb shelter that can be transformed into a cutesy study room and bedrooms that are exactly like the kind I want. Except, of course, no walk-in wardrobes. xD

The units are exactly like condo units, just that you don't have to pay for monthly facilities that you hardly use. In fact, there aren't any swimming pools or such, because it isn't really a condo. It just looks like one. Complex huh?

Nevermind that the living room and kitchen/dining room area can fit into MY living room, or that the rooms are like 20% smaller than my current house, or that the toilet is too small to fit in a bathtub. With Singapore being so small, what can you expect man? And its PERFECT for couples. Cosy, not too big, not too small, and trendy looking. I TOTALLY WANT TO BUY A UNIT TOO!!! =(

And guess what? It comes with a really nice sounding name too. Parc Lumiere. Sounds so dreamy~

And yea lah, I'm probably dreaming lah, but still~ Its something girls dream of all the time, right?

Hopefully when the time comes for Dear and I to start looking around for apartments, HDB still has got such projects. And it would be even more wonderful for the space area to be big enough for bathtubs and walk-in wardrobes. That would be a dream come true man... xD

Now to wait until Saturday when the price list will be mounted onto the wall, and then get a huge shock of my life.

I'm guessing about $300k and up for a 5 room unit. Any takers?

P.S On another note... the size of houses in Singapore have shrunk so much from the time our parents bought our houses that it makes me wonder how big the flats will be in about 8 years' time.

P.P.S I just calculated. If Dear and I save up $100 every month starting next year, by the end of 7 years, we'll have only close to $17k in our bank accounts. HOW TO BUY HOUSE WITH THAT KIND OF MONEY?!?!?!?!


.Saturday, April 11, 2009 ' 2:08 AM Y
Starting work next week at Simei next week as some showroom usher. 3 weeks only though. xD New clothes and shoes to buy tomorrow~

Watched Knowing with Dear at Northpoint today. Pretty disappointed by the ending. Too much "Jesus Christ" involved.

To those who don't yet know, Knowing is about this little girl, Lucinda, back in 1959 who could predict the future because certain "people" were whispering them to her. Her idea of planting a time capsule at her school for fifty years catches the principal's fancy, and while her classmates are drawing pictures for their future peers, she's busy scribbling down the dates that major catastrophes will happen over the next fifty years, right down to the last day-October 19th 2009, supposedly Earth's Doomsday.

Fast forward to present day and John (Nicholas Cage) is a widower with a son in elementary school, not-so-coincidentally the exact same elementary school as Lucinda, and not-so-coincidentally gets the "letter" scribbled with numbers that was buried in the time capsule along with her classmates' drawings.

So the story progresses and John not-so-coincidentally finds out that those numbers are actually dates of major disasters that happened around the world, in chronological order. He tries to convince his friend to help him, but is taken for some loony-bin so proceeds on his own and ends up witnessing 2 tragedies that leave him feeling ? I don't know whether to interpret his expressions as helpless or frightened. xD Anyway, Doomsday is finally almost here, and this is the part where it suddenly gets all "christiany". I'm not gonna do any spoilers here, but this is definitely just another case of a good movie spoiled by a shit ending. 3.5 stars.

Of course, it isn't as bad as movies like The Day The Earth Stood Still- had to google to get the movie title correct. Shows how bad it was- but its does spoil things for non-Christians like me. Especially the very last scene. Clue: go watch the movie and compare the last scene to that of the Adam and Eve in the whatever-garden with that tree in the Bible. There's a tree in the Bible right? Don't really remember, seeing as I've never read a Bible before. Lol.

This post isn't meant to be religiously-offensive or anything; just the musings of a non-Christian. Overall, its still a nice movie to catch, and the kid's acting is pretty excellent as well. Worth a weekend ticket at $8/$10.

Shopping tomorrow-YAY~!!! Wish Xiaohui could accompany me though... Oh well. Goodnight.


.Tuesday, April 07, 2009 ' 7:22 AM Y
So bored that I spent 1 hour doing Facebook quizzes.

2 more interviews later today; hope I get the temporary Robinsons' job.

Watched Love by myself yesterday while waiting for Dear to knock off. Its the 1st time I've ever watched a movie alone, and its kinda weird. The movie wasn't too bad, but there were parts that I found to be too boring. Lucky Dear didn't come with me, or I'd never get any peace from him. LOL.

Also watched Handsome Suit on Saturday night and it was pretty comedic. Quite predictable though, and it wasn't just us. The rest of the audience could be heard making their own "predictions". Overall okay lah, but not really a huge loss if you don't manage to catch the show. Looking forward to Know1ng and 17 Again.

Long day today~ I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to survive without sleep but I guess I've just got to hang on. No movie today. No shopping today. I'm dragging Dear home after the Robinsons' interview to SLEEP. Oh and he still owes me massage. Good good~

Can I like, speed up time? 'Cuz I'm feeling really sleepy now.

P.S I still have no idea what to get for Dear's birthday. He says he doesn't want anything fancy or too expensive; headache. What do you get a guy who's already content with whatever he has now???


.Thursday, April 02, 2009 ' 9:19 PM Y
Rotting my ass off at Dear's house. LOL. His parents have gone overseas and won't be back till Saturday. Which leaves ME to take care of Sheltie. =.="

Watching 老王同學會 now. Some new taiwan "idol" drama, with the main cast all older stars. But pretty hilarious luh. Lazy to type out the synopsis; you can go check it out on Drama Wiki.

Been sending out way too many resumes, and now I'm getting calls every other day.

Interview with Dreamworks Advertising tomorrow. Was supposed to be today but...... Not particularly eager for the job, but... just go and check out what its like luh~ And and and!!! I'm supposed to bring my certs but I can't find them!!! I'm really horrible lah... Keke. I think I need to ask MOE for another copy of my O Level certificate. Its been lost for ages, but I didn't bother to get a replacement because 1. It costs $10 and 2. So far I haven't been needing it for any job hunts. Need it now though. =(

Back to 老王 and his adventures. Update about Kangxi exhibition soon.

P.S. The new Taiwan movie is out in cinemas already!! Titled Love, its actually 4 short stories by 4 different directors who showcase their different views on what they think true love is about. Pretty interesting, and with an impressive cast of all the pretty actresses and handsome actors. Pictures tonight!!!


.Wednesday, April 01, 2009 ' 3:44 AM Y
Argh~!!! I'm so bored right now I wanna scream!!! Its really weird you know. When you're working, all you think of is your lost freedom. Now that I'm jobless, all that extra time feels way too much.

Speaking of jobs, I skipped out on a job interview today because I couldn't find the address. Apparently there are many many blocks in Shun Li Industrial Park, and the person who sms-ed me didn't bother to tell me which block, which floor or which company. And I didn't think to ask. Silly old me. Worst thing is, I accidentally mass-deleted all my sms-es. Back to the job hunt~

And muddle-headed me messed up my lesson schedule. Which means I've missed ANOTHER 2 lessons, all the while thinking I'm on schedule. Something is seriously wrong with me man~

Finally going for the Kangxi exhibit tomorrow. Busy agenda, so I better no oversleep again. After exhibit, Dear and I will be meeting Ice at Bugis to get new bachis. AGAIN. Like seriously, its like we're obsessed with finding the perfect pair of bachis before we die. Still wondering whether to stroll down to the arcade and throw some shit in the bitch's face. Such a tempting idea...

I realise that even today, there are still ALOT of stuff regarding human psychology that I cannot understand. I don't know whether its my brain being stubborn or whether I just can't see the "light", but things that come naturally to Dear takes me ages to figure out. Right now I'm still at the "how-to-read-whether-people-are-being-real-or-fake" part. Out of 100 questions that I have, Dear's managed to answer about half, but I keep on coming up with more questions.

Sorry for that random tidbit, but all these things just keep weighing on me. I tell Dear that I've got this timeline set for myself and I'm very strict with myself regarding the TL, and he says I'm too tensed up. Idiot. In a way, FINE, I'm tense because I don't want to risk any possibility of failure in this aspect of my life, but its not a bad thing to know what you want for your future right???

Okay, its nearing 5am in the morning already. Bedtime. On a relatively unrelated note: I L-O-V-E my hair~!!! So soft, all thanks to the new conditioner I'm using. *hearts* Okies gnites!!!



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