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.Thursday, November 27, 2008 ' 1:52 AM Y
Quarantine opens in all cinemas tomorrow. Catch it if you missed Rec, because the latter was a damn good show and Quarantine is an exact remake, with just one or two major differences, so its gonna be good too. And you can save on popcorn, because you'll be too busy covering your eyes and anticipating the next scary scene to be popping any food into your mouth.


After 18 years of life, I finally understood how respected and admired responsible people are.

2 days ago, the whole bunch of keys for the ticket game machines went missing. I don't know how the whole bunch of more than 10 keys jsut disappeared, but apparently it dropped into the rubbish bin or something, and we accidentally thew it away.

Naturally, Christine and I, who were the 2 people were super worried about it, especially C, since she was the full-timer and everything.

Yesterday was my day off and so I didn't go to AMK Hub at all. Today when I went to work, the first person I saw was Poh Meng (the technician). And the first thing he said to me was, "How? The keys are gone. Do you know you were the last to handle to keys? How?"

Later in the day when Joanne came, she told me "Next time be careful with the service keys. Do you know you were the last to handle the keys?"

OH MAN! Thanks so much for the vote of trust.

Apparently, if the CCTV is accurate, I AM the last to touch the keys. And I SHOULD be the one to bear responsibility for them getting lost. But you know how sometimes you feel very wronged, because you know it honestly wasn't your own damn fault? Yes, that's exactly how I feel.

Its not a matter of pushing responsibilty, because it really isn't anyone's fault. Although Joanne didn't really make a huge fuss or anything, I didn't like the way she and Poh Meng said it, as though I intentionally lost the keys or something.

HOWEVER, Christine was the very first to speak up and say " No lah, its my fault really. I was the one who packed the rubbish bags. I'll take responsibility for any consequences."

At that very moment, my respect for her soared high.

How many people can be willing to stand up and say such a thing. Being a full-timer, she has very much more to lose than me if the company decides to pursue the matter seriously. And she could have easily stood back and pushed everything to me since I'm supposedly the last to touch the keys. And I wouldn't have any case to fight against, since all evidence would be pointing towards me.

But NO. She took all the responsibility upon herself. And I'm guilty of not offering to share it. Good thing is, I don't think anything will happen at all. But if anyone has to leave the job, I'd do it willingly. Swear it on my life.

I really think being able to stand up and claim responsibility like Christine did is really something worth respecting. How many people can honestly claim responsibility for their own mistakes, let alone do so for something that ISN'T their fault? I know I couldn't do that, not 100%, and that explains why I admire her so much.

If that day I had been working with Hamidah, I think I would have been prepared to get sacked by now. The pathetic woman can't even face up to her own mistakes; always making all sorts of stupid mistakes and then getting all pissed off and black-faced when Joanne lectures her.

I mean, come on! You screwed up, yet you're unhappy about getting scolded? What did you expect? A pat on the back and a "Try harder next time?" Not to mention the fact that its always someone else's fault in her POV. So all the numerous complaints against her were because the customers were unreasonable? I can hardly think so.

At 43 and being a mother of two grown children, if she hasn't learnt the meaning of responsibility, then she's been a failure all her life.

Between Christine and Hamidah, who would you choose as your role model? If today Christine was very poorly educated but very responsible and Hamidah was highy-educated and just as highly irresponsible, who would you think of as the successful person?

Perhaps one day I too, will be able to stand up straight and face responsibility as it is, instead of shunning from it. I really hope I can be like that.


.Tuesday, November 25, 2008 ' 2:29 AM Y
I ranted myself hoarse today. Poor Kat's probably having sore ears; Dear as well. But I'm still fucking pissed off with the whole system at work. The new implements SUCK big time and are totally dished out UNFAIRLY. How come some people only have to do slack housekeeping like topping up the game cards while other people end up cleaning ALL the dirtiest machines in the whole arcade.

And not for the first time either.

What the BLOODY FUCK, you tell me. Ever since the JEC people were posted here and staff numbers rocketed to an all time high since the time we joined the company, the part-timers have been treated like fucking dirt. Come on man... when there was a shortage of staff, it was us part-timers who willingly put in the extra hours to help clear all the shitloads of work. And now we're getting dumped aside without even any hint of credit???

NOTHING can ease that feeling of frustration unless the entire system changes. Which is close to impossible.

Most people would likely tell me to quit and look for another job, and yes, of course I've thought of it many times before. But sometimes, its hard to let go just like that. I mean... for the past 4 months I've been happy in this job. I've looked forward to working everyday, and even though the regulars continued to be annoying, I learnt to deal with them. And now suddenly everything just totally changed. In fact, the ONLY thing left to cheer up my working days is the interaction with SOME of the regulars.

To quit or not to quit? Dilemma~

Kat asked me to consider doing retail sales, but I've never actually tried retail before. A little hesitant to enter unfamiliar territory. Hahas. At the very worse, I'll just go back to teaching tuition.

Funny how seeing all those angry words appear on the screen actually made me feel ALOT better. Like I took the frustration out of me and splattered it all onto the computer. Hahas.

Zoo trip has been cancelled, thanks to me. Sorry peepos!!! And don't worry Angie. You will still have willing company even after your dustbin enters NS. LOL.

12 more days to payday~!!! Dear says I can get my DS if I want to, but I think I'll just wait and see. In the meantime, I'll just content myself with DDR and getting my hair pampered. Hehs. Nighties~!


.Friday, November 21, 2008 ' 11:55 PM Y
Am I getting oversensitive again or what? Or was it the way she phrased that one line that made me think way too much? I don't know. Still swamped by insecurities occasionally and it pisses me off, because despite being able to preach all those theories to Jinwen, I still can't fully administer them onto myself. Sure, no one's perfect, but this is way below what I demand of myself. URGH!!!

Just signed up for a Xanga account. And lost interest the very minute my account application went through. So crazy right?!!! I think my brain was simply too lazy to try and figure out the workings of the entire site. It definitely looked complicated.

Thoroughly engrossed with The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough. I don't know how I could ever have thought it boring, because it isn't, even with the steamy sex like Nora Roberts or Stephanie Laurens. LOL. For the first time, I'm reading a book that isn't set in America or England or Scotland. The Thorn Birds is set first in New Zealand, and then Australia, as the characters of the book migrate across half the world (or is it? I don't know, because I failed Geography. xD) to settle in an entirely new world. Too lazy to do a review on the book, so borrow it or something if you're interested. Hahas.

Off to watch the latest episode of Miss No Good and do some catching up on Woody Sambo. My off day tomorrow!!! Like, FINALLY. Can't wait for next Tuesday too! Love the entire Kbox gang, except Terry who won't give me a straight out answer. GAY!


. ' 1:57 AM Y
There really IS a bright side to everything~!

After the meeting on yesterday, most of the bitter feelings are gone, or should I say... They've been replaced by smug indifference. I'm officially leaving all servicing of the Maximum Tune machines to the full-timers and Joanne. Whoever came up with the brilliant idea of removing the keys... too bad. I'm definitely not humbling myself to ask you for the keys. And since Maximum Tune is always cocking up, it just means more work for them and lesser for me.

Still fucking pissed with H; at her attitude, her lack of responsibilty and initiative and her penchant for talking lots of bullshit. If she were a man in olden times, she'd have been shot long before she reached the ripe old age of 43. And good riddance it'd be too.

Going to the Zoo and Night Safari next Tuesday with Dear and the Kbox gang. Woohoo~!!! Been wanting to go for very very long. I think one day they're going to hate me though, 'cause I'm always asking them to go out and spend quite alot of money in the process. Haha. Sorry peepos!

Oh yea~! Finally got our Xbox360 yesterday, and we're getting the DDR on Saturday. Haha. SOMEONE is so green with envy that I have the day off on Saturday and he has to work. No soccer for him, wahahaha!!!

Off to do some reading before sleeping. I absolutely hate morning shifts, simply because I hate waking up at 8am in the morning. I don't think I'd ever be able to handle an office job if I didn't have Dear as my personal alarm clock. LOL.


.Wednesday, November 19, 2008 ' 1:36 AM Y
Its really funny how two people can be getting along so well one day and then suddenly feel like total strangers the next day. And all thanks to some two-faced bitch who can't keep her nose out of affairs that do not concern her. As if its not enough for H to shoot nonsense from her mouth, she has to sneak and tell tales on others, all the while trying to act as though she's still high and mighty when everyone knows she is NOTHING. People like that should have been struck dead a long long time ago. Apparently the gods that so many people believe in aren't doing their job properly. Anywhere that I can summit a petition to eliminate such fucktards?

Just at the exact same time when I wanted to work more because I didn't mind putting in extra hours into a job that made me happy, things like that have to happen. All of a sudden the thought of going to work only makes my steps feel heavier and the idea of getting an MC more appealing by the day.

There's some mysterious meeting tomorrow early in the morning at 9am. Is this fate or something? I'm NEVER in my best of moods in the early mornings and suddenly there's this meeting. Its gonna be an interesting day tomorrow...

Happier to say though, that finances have been picking up a lot better and expected. And now comes the dilemma of which to buy first? Xbox360 or PS3? Oh~! And I saw DDR3 for Xbox360 going for only $79 inclusive of the freaking mat!!! No need to buy Wii anymore! xD

Isn't it wonderful that I'm learning to look on the bright side of things?


.Sunday, November 16, 2008 ' 4:14 AM Y
Okay, I know its really late and I'm supposed to be resting my aching head and all, but its my day off tomorrow and I BADLY NEED TO RANT.

For some effing reason, work today was fucking busy. And its always such a "coincidence" that the most fucking, retarded bitches appear.

First, let's start with Bitch No.1. Let's call her B1 for short.

I've gotta explain that at Zone X, the playing of games work in 3 different ways. There's the usual games by cards, the UFO catchers by $1 coins, and the Love and Berry etc. by 50cents coins.

So anyway, B1 came up to me at the counter and says "I want change." (Obama's supporter eh?)

I asked her what kind of change she wanted, and she just repeated "I want change." Wtf x1.

I politely told her that some on the games operated on the Tapz card while others operated on coins, and asked her what she'd like to play.

She told me, "Oh. The kiddy games." FINE.

Since she was with a little girl, I was afraid that she'd want to play the L/B machine and that would need coins. On the OTHER hand, there were also the ticket machines that would require her purchase the Tapz card.

Therefore I repeated myself, asking her what she wanted to play. And she told me again, "The kiddy games." Wtf x2.

To avoid any misunderstandings, I told her nicely, "Why not take a walk around inside to what you'd like to play?" And off she goes, I carry on serving the other customers.

About 5 minutes or so later, she comes back to the counter and says she'd like the card. FINE. Then she started her rant.

"You're a staff here and you don't know how the games work?!! You have to make me walk one whole round inside for nothing you know? Why couldn't you have just told me that I need the card?" Blah blah blah. Wtf x3

Now if you've been reading attentively, you should know that I had already explained the whole "payment" system to her right from the start. I tried to tell her exactly that and she was like, "Oh no you didn't." And continued ranting about how I had made her walk an extra mile for nothing. Wtf x4

Honestly people, how big can an arcade get? FINE. Some people have porcelain legs that can't do too much walking. FINE!

She then went on to say that I was very rude (!!!!!), and that she was going to lodge a complaint against me. I told her, "Go ahead." WHAT THE FUCK!

In my whole entire working life (alright, its only 2 years, but STILL!!!), I have never been rude to any customer unless they gave me fucked up attitudes. And even then, I restrained myself. In this case, however, I know that I was definitely NOT rude to her.

I don't know what the HELL is wrong with her; maybe her family just told her she was adopted, or maybe she just needed to get a good fuck, but people like her shouldn't be hanging around entertainment establishments, where the whole point of being there is to have FUN. She definitely didn't look like she was enjoying herself...

On to Bitch No.2, henceforth coined B2.

Again, let me explain that for the Tapz card system, it works in such a way that the minimum purchase is $5.35 with only a $3.35 value inside. The card itself costs 2 bucks and is non-refundable. Subsequent top-ups are also charged with a 7% GST, but is added into the top-up value.

So anyway, B2 came up to me about a few minutes after I had come back from my dinner break and said she wanted to top-up $10 and handed me exactly that amount. I nicely told her that she had to pay an additional 70cents for GST and she went, "But I already paid just now what!" (when she bought the card). "Anyway how come got GST? Last time don't have what, how come now I must pay?"

I told her it was company policy that everytime she wanted to top up the card she'd have to pay the GST amount as well and she looked damn pissed off with me. FINE.

Alot of customers do that. Somehow, they just cannot seem to understand that they are being charged the GST by the company, not ME. I don't own the company, and neither does my father, so it isn't my fault that they're being charged that extra amount. Its not the first time people have complained about it so I'm used to it by now. Its not as if I can do anything about it anyway.

Off she went leaving me feeling like stabbing the scissors into some protruding part of her body.

Awhile later she came back and topped up another 2 dollars, paying the 10cents GST with a lot of eye-rolling and soft mutterings under her breath.

Later on, she comes out AGAIN. This time there's a queue at the counter, but she just comes up to me, hands me the card and starts ranting.

"You know what? I think you can just throw the card away. I spent $22 and now I can't even refund the damned card. And half of your machines are spoiled." Blah blah blah, on she goes.

Now in the first place, when people purchase new cards, we the staff always make it a point to tell them that the card if NOT refundable. If you don't like what you hear, you can refuse to purchase the card. So if you say okay and buy the card, it means you understand the terms and you ACCEPT them. THEN WHY THE HELL WAS SHE STILL COMPLAINING ABOUT IT?

Secondly, its fucking stupid of her to throw the card away. Because it simply means you just threw 2 dollars away. If she had to grumble and moan about a few cents, then she certainly was "generous" enough to give away 2 whole bucks. WOW.

Third and last, it is not my fucking fault that the company operates this way. Feel free to write in and complain. Call the press, write to the President, complain to PAP, but DON'T FUCKING TAKE IT OUT ON ME YOU BITCH!

Maybe her husband just called to say he wanted a divorce or maybe she found out she had AIDS or something.

That is TWO fucking retard bitches in one single day okay... No surprise that both were women. Men almost never do these sort of things, except for those pussy bastards that have virtually non-existent penises.

Bitches like that disgrace the entire population of females and should be shot to death on the spot. I call out to the entire world of parents and guys to stop spoiling your kids, your girlfriends and all other females as well.

STOP giving in to them as though they're the queen; STOP hanging on their every word and spending wads of cash on some stupid toy just because they say they like it (Note: they like the toy, NOT YOU.) It is because of all these things that so many girls nowadays have the "princess mentality" and simply assume that the world belongs to them and throw bitch fits whenever things don't go their way.

I am female, but I am ANTI feminists. Thanks you to feminist ancestors who fought for the rights for girls to study and alot of other stuff, but FUCK YOU modern feminist idiots who use "equal rights" as an excuse to demand all sorts of bullshit.

How is it equal if its always the guy paying for the girl? How is it equal if a girl just has to whimper and act retarded to get the guy to move the world for her, but if a male does that, he's automatically labeled gay? There's a whole long list of "How-can-its" but I'm sure you get the gist.

Sometimes I'm almost ashamed to be a female.

But then again I'm also proud that I'm not like the majority. Used to be, but not anymore. Its little wonder that people always say that its more difficult for girls to be successful? How to be, when your world has not space for consideration of others?

And no offense to any religion, but if there is a God, and He created mankind, then why oh why did he create such retarded behaviour in womankind? Did He run out of "materials" or did he forget to check the expiry date?


.Friday, November 14, 2008 ' 1:46 AM Y
Its a little scary how suddenly Dear and I have become on such good terms with Chu Bin, Terry, Jinwen and Angie. Its like, all of a sudden we're hanging out together alot, chatting alot and basically just doing quite alot of stuffs together. Or maybe I'm just reading too much into it. Hahas.

Anyways, hung out at AMK Hub for the whole day today. Entertained myself with "free" games all the way until Jinwen came. Accompanied her for dinner, then the 2 of us started getting high. Its been a long time since I've played like such a little kid. Or rather, like those noisy secondary school teenage girls. Lol. A little embarrassing, but... who cares?! xD

Somehow ended up having supper with Dear, the Kbox gang minus Terry, and some other girl who is supposedly either Chu Bin or Angie's sister. And I absolutely disliked that girl alot. Her Bitch Radar was on to full power and so I turned on my Radar Shield too. Haha. Sounds like Power Rangers or something.

Back to work tomorrow. Morning shift. S-I-A-N. Watching Madagascar next Tuesday with Dear and the Kbox gang~ Whee~!! Popcorn~ xD

Oh and before I forget, a late thank you to Ben, Bc and Van for remembering my birthday and bothering to text me a birthday message. Thanks a lot~ ^^


.Wednesday, November 12, 2008 ' 1:14 AM Y
A really huge thank you to Terry, Jinwen, Chu Bin and Angie, for going to all that trouble just to surprise me today. And sorry to Jinwen for being so pissed, but the idea of being PS-ed right at the very last minute was really very disappointing.

I'm not very good at expressing myself in words when it comes to this sort of things, but I'm truly touched. And what makes everything even more lovely is the fact that we've only known each other for such a short period of time.

To be honest, when Jinwen told me that she couldn't make it today, I was a little disbelieving, suspecting that maybe she just wanted to surprise me. But a part of me refused to accept that possibility, because given that we've only known each other for such a short time, there was really no obligation for her or any of the others to do anything like that. And I didn't even tell her that it was my birthday. But they still managed to make me the happiest birthday girl ever.

Its such a pity that the day had to end so freaking fast. We sang for less than 3 hours only okay~ But surprisingly I didn't feel as though it wasn't enough. In fact, it was just right. After Kbox, we waited for Dear to join us and then literally strolled around Marina Square.

There's this new shop there with uber cool interior design and another with lots of weird and funky furniture and we spent quite abit of time looking around. In the second shop was this really huge beanbag pillow that was wonderfully comfortable. I so want to get that~!

Initially wanted to go bowling, but its so expensive there!!! $4.30 per game, and we were like, what the fuck?! Decided to catch a movie instead, and decided on the 9.05pm show for Rec. Pizza-ed for dinner, and then the rest went to play pool for a bit while Dear and I went searching for an ATM. Hahas. The pool at Marina Square is also very expensive lor~! $12 per hour. Can you believe it????

Anyways, Rec was quite nice. Its like the Spanish version of the upcoming movie Quarantine (opens 27 Nov). Or should I say that its the other way round? The latter is actually a remake of the former. Whichever version you decide to catch, its a nice storyline. I have no effing idea how the English version will turn out, but if the crew did a good job, then it should be something worth your ticket money. The ending was too abrupt though, but I guess you can't get everything that perfect.

All in all... I really really enjoyed myself alot today. Just can't stop saying thanks to Jinwen. On a side note though, I think she and Terry would make quite a cute couple. Haha. They're probably going to kill me over this statement, but its true! The entire day they were having fun bickering and smacking each other, exactly like a couple. Perhaps...... Haha.

P.S Jinwen, sorry to say this but I still think that Albert guy is a loser. This kind of boyfriend seriously no future one luh~


.Monday, November 10, 2008 ' 1:25 AM Y
Happy 18th birthday to ME~ Hahas.

And before anyone starts asking, NO I am not considering taking my driver's license just yet. For what? I don't envision driving any time in the near future; public transport is perfectly fine by me. For now, at least. =)

One day I hope to achieve the level of "enlightenment" that Dear has achieved. Even now, I still tend to hold on and expect too much of friendships. Even after all those "lessons" drilled into me, I still forget every now and then. Damn SIAN lah.

Why is it that in every single friendship between females, there must be some sort of politics? Why can't friendship just be simple; why can't two individuals just give and take, and understand that we all have our lives, need our space? Why is it so hard to perform a simple favour that costs you absolutely nothing at all? Why do relationships between two similar species have to be so very complicated?

Up till now, I still cannot fully understand the answers to these questions. I still cannot fully accept the truth that human relationships are more about advantages and benefits than for the simple feeling. Maybe for that reason, I want to delve deeper into psychology. To learn, to understand, and hopefully to finally accept.

Anyways~ Kbox this Tuesday. And pizza for dinner. Haha. I can feel my wallet cringing already. But I'm really looking very much forward to the day. Just hope things don't screw up yet again. People always say Sweet Sixteen, but I think, for me 18 is sweeter.

Determined to remain happy and positive~ Off to cheer myself with another episode of Miss No Good. HAHA.


.Thursday, November 06, 2008 ' 1:24 AM Y
A little late, but still a huge cheer for Obama as he officially becomes the next President of the United States. OLAY~!!!

And credit to McCain for a gracious defeat, despite resorting to such underhanded means of campaigning, and arming himself with a brainless VP. Russia is so NOT close to Alaska. =.="

No doubt all eyes are now on Obama to see if he keeps to his words, and delivers his promises. Something that Bush, obviously, didn't do very well.


Kbox date is all set for next Tuesday at Marina Square. And a pizza treat for all my wonderful colleagues at Zone X. And Aunty SL said she will cook Bubur Hitam for me on Friday~! >.<

Just a little over a month to go before we enter 2009. Guess time really flies.

In January, I was still stressing myself up with projects to rush, kids to tuition and conflicts to settle.

In February, I struggled with my exams, looking forward to nothing else except for the 2-month break I'd soon be enjoying.

In March, I finally had a break, but tuition assignments continued to weigh me down. Even now, I still don't know what I was working so hard for. Money, I guess.

In April, results came. I failed BCOMM, and scored badly for my other subjects. GPA went down to less than 2.0, and I dreaded the next semester of school more than anything else. But just one day before school was due to start, I dropped out. I see this period of time as the turning point in my life.

In May, I did nothing much but tuition. Life was mundane, but at least I wasn't so stressed up anymore.

In June, I decided on Kaplan to be the provider of my CAT and ACCA qualifications, and set myself to enrol for the July intake. Lost my voice and endured a sore throat for nearly two weeks.

In July, I postponed my enrolment on my own accord, so as to start off on a lighter footing. Tuition assignments dwindled until I was left only with 2 students.

In August, I dropped my remaining 2 students and started working at Zone X. There, I met Jinwen, Terry and lots of other wonderful people. For the first time in my life, I had no trouble fitting in, and work was as fun as play. I also signed up for a $150/month membership at Fitness First.

In September, I officially let go of every single tie-down to my unhappy past, embraced new friends and finally understood the meaning of true happiness. My enrolment was once again, delayed, but this time, not by my will.

In October, I cleared off all my outstanding debts and my wallet finally started to feel heavier than it ever has. Its also my third month at Zone X and I enjoy my work more than ever; so much that I even request to put in more hours.

This month, I turn 18, and I will be spending the day with Dear, finally without having to worry about our monies. I understand now, that friendship does not mean being together for years on end. Its about meeting new people and constantly forging new bonds. Its about not holding on too tightly and to know who your true friends are.

Next month, Dear and I will be attending his army friend's Christmas party at East Coast, and I will prepare for my enrolment at last.

The year is fast coming to an end. To some, my life seems to have gone down into the slums. From being normal, with a place in a government polytechnic in popular course, to dropping out of school and taking up a job that pays less than what I used to earn as a tutor.

But you know what? At the end of the day, at least I know that I am not some aimless teenager living life as society dictates. I am not some spineless creature who lives off my parents or a spoiled brat who thinks that the world revolves around me. The many many different kinds of people I come across everyday continues to amaze me.

I'm proud that I have not lost sight of my dreams and goals for my future, that I'm constantly growing and learning new stuff everyday. I'm in bliss because I have the perfect boyfriend, and I'm happy because I've learned how to love and accept myself for who I am.

I've matured and grown wiser, no longer emotional or stuck in my own depressed world. Life's journey is still long, but I look forward to all the ups and downs that will come, because they will make me stronger than I am now. Bring them on!!!


.Sunday, November 02, 2008 ' 1:43 AM Y
I was so engrossed in my game of mahjong that I almost missed the last bus from AMK to Tampines. =D

Why is it that almost everytime, just when I'm about to go Kbox, I have to come down with flu??? To try my very hardest to get rid of that irritating "full-of-dust" feeling in my nose, I went all out to get Panadol Flu Max at $7.50.

Yes~! Three-quarts of a ten for one freaking packet of flu medicine. Not guaranteed effective somemore. I also can't believe I actually shelled out that much for panadol~! A little dumb, really.

Speaking of Kbox, its becoming like a monthly thing. Okay, that sounds a little-*ahem*-weird, but you get what I mean. For the past two months, I've been initiating Kbox outings every payday, and next Tuesday is the 3rd time. Haha. Thanks to everyone for "giving me face", especially Jinwen. =) Special mention to Terry as well--I still see him everyday, but now he keeps bugging me for free Maximum Tune credits. =.="

Listening the S.H.E's new album right now. Not very impressive this time round. Its like their choice of songs are getting from bad to worse or something. From alot of nice tracks to just one or two. Or maybe its just my ears. Lol.

Payday in 6 days~! Off to play Risk. =X



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