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.Tuesday, January 16, 2007 ' 11:33 PM Y
Why the fucking hell can't parents get their own lives and STOP messing around with their kids' lives? Or maybe its just my set of parents? Like, here I am just playing on the computer for awhile and suddenly my dad comes home, looks at me, and starts nagging and nagging and nagging. As though I just committed a heinous crime or something. Hallo??? Can't I ever get a moment of peace at home? Every single day someone has to nag at me about something, no matter what it is. And that's probably the reason why I hate staying at home so much. No matter what I do, they can always find something to grumble about. And then they complain if I hang out with friends all the time. So what else am I supposed to do huh? Lucky I told a little lie. Or else I'd most probably still be stuck in that tiny prison. *Cold shudder* I seriously don't understand what they have about me playing computer games. Admittedly I do play everyday, but I don't think thats anything very wrong. I mean, take now for instance. I don't have studies, and I just supposedly have a job. So playing everyday doesn't really interefere with anything right? And who says that once you get a job you have to STOP playing computer games huh? Get PAP to tell me that. Then MAYBE I'll stop. At the very least, I'm not someone who spends 24/7 of my time on the computer. I'm not the kind who does nothing but face the computer everyday, only getting up for meals or to sleep. I mean, hey... I'm a 16 year old teenager with lots of free time on my hand. If I can't slack around at home, can't go out often, can't do this and can't do that, I might as well just go back to secondary school. At least I had much more freedom. And a stable income too. Not alot, but at least enough to get by.

This is so damned ridiculous la... Like... It fucking gets on the nerves when every single day you reach home to find someone nagging at you the moment you step inside the door. Freaking irritating. Like a mosquito buzzing beside your ear. I don't care if I sound like some spoilt and rebellious kid. I still maintain that I haven't done anything wrong. A teenager's got to have a life no matter what. If I can't do anything that can allow me to enjoy myself then what's the point of living? Seriously. The both of them are demented. Or maybe they just need to stop trying to interefere with every single tiny thing that I do. Or my sister even. I mean, which 20 year old likes having a mother who calls her every night and screams at her to come home? I can just see myself, 5 years from now, getting so pissed off and frustrated that I'm just going to move out. No kidding. Besides, I wouldn't want to get cancer from all the cigarette smoke floating about. Its health hazardous.



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