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.Tuesday, February 06, 2007 ' 11:43 PM Y
Sorry that I always take so long to update but blogging isn't exactly a favourite activity of mine. I only blog when I have something to get off my chest. Speaking of which. The previous matter, or whatever you guys choose to call it, has long been dropped. Although I am still very pissed that some people apparently jumped to conclusions that I'd be petty enough to persue the matter after a truce had been called. Not to mention the fact that the unhappy people involved couldn't have approached me instead of going to an "outstander". Whatever. Forget it.

Just to do a brief summary of the past few days or weeks or how ever long that I haven't updated. Nothing interesting really. Just a few mahjong sessions last Friday and today with Van and Ben. From like... after school until around 8 plus 9. And a movie on Saturday. We watched The Illusionist. That is a 5-star show. I like it for the twist at the end. Definitely worth every cent of what we spent on the ticket. Its a little bit like The Prestige but the plot is different. Instead of two magicians trying to vie with each other to be the best, The Illusionist is about this magician and a duchess, both whom are childhood loves but were separated. They meet again after many many years and fall in love again. Blah blah blah. Sound boring right? But trust me. Its super interesting. Especially the ending. Beats all the scriptwriters who came up with those lousy endings for their so called horror movies. Haha. Last of all, there was an interview at Fish & Co. So boring right? But oh well... What to do? UOB asked me to go for an interview today. I was honoured. I really was, but I still rejected the interview. Because I know that they'll just tell me that they want someone more permanent. And I don't fit into that criteria. Since I'll most probably be going to poly after I get my results.

Oh yes. Results. This Friday. I'd be lying if I said that I'm totally calm and collected. Bullshit. The thought of getting that slip of paper sends my nerves spiralling into a dozen different directions. BUT. I'm prepared for the worse. Touchwood, but I know where my standards are so I don't ask for too much. As long as I can pass every single subject I'm very happy le. As for my parents and what they want. They can go adopt another daughter or son and pin their sky high expectations on them for all I care. All along its always been what they want and what they say. I think this time its my turn to have a say in what I want for my own future. Either they agree or they give in. Oh gosh... I sound so rebellious... But I really feel that way right now. There was a short period of time when I even felt that it would be okay if I failed my O Levels. But I really do care. Not for anyone, but for myself. At the very worst I'll just support myself through private education. At the end of the day I still get the same kind of education, so what difference does it make whether I go to poly or whether I go private. I can enrol in the best courses and still fail everything if I don't work hard, right?

I know that day during THAT phone call with BC he actually reprimanded me to go and really get a job and all that, instead of slacking around. Okay I admit he has a point. But yes I am looking for one. Maybe I haven't tried my best before, but now I am serious about getting a job. However I'd like to defend myself with the point that I haven't taken a single cent from my parents -unless you count the 5 bucks I borrowed from my mom- ever since the Ikea job. Which is like, 3 months? And that's alot, considering the fact that I currently have totally no source of income. But anyways, don't worry your ass off mister. I'll get a job even if I have to go to KFC like Van. Haha.

Okay I have to end this now. For no apparent reason, my internet has suddenly decided that it would like to lag and lag so I better post this up before it decides to hang itself and make me retype this whole thing. Lols...



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