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.Monday, March 19, 2007 ' 3:15 AM Y
Recently there has been much spamming on QR's tagboard by some dumbass by the name of *Zack. He is of the opinion that the pictures that QR posted of herself are "seriously damn ugly". Many people have expressed strong support for his extermination from this planet but unfortunately, miracles do not happen as often as we'd like them to. Being kind people, we can do naught but try our best to encourage him to jump off the nearest high-rise building.

He also boasts a great command of the English language while mis-spelling the word "comprehEnd" as "comprehAnd". Maybe his dictionary was published in the 1700s. That should explain the printing errors. Wait a minute. Did they even have dictionaries back then? I know. I think I've found the perfect explanation. I'm sure that everyone has heard of the saying that guys think using their dicks instead of their brains. Ever wondered where that saying came from? Well. Apparently Zack's ancestors were perfect models of such "dickey" people, which is probably why Zack has such a serious mental problem. His ancestors also probably invented the dicKtionary. The one and only copy that has ever seen light on this planet, and which is now being possessed by Zack. Or maybe it is the other way round. Head over to QR's blog and look at some of the tagboard posts written by this guy and you will know how childish he actually is. Not to mention other wonderful qualities such as "dumb", "loser" as well as many others that are unfit to be given a mention on MY blog. As such, since we normally determine brain size with the amount of IQ a person has(E.g. Wah lao you so stupid!!! Your brain the size of a pea is it?!!"), I used the same theory on Zack and arrived at the conclusion that Zack MAY NOT have a dick at all.

Hold on. Before all fellow females jump up in protest thinking that I have insulted them, please let me explain. By exposing Zack's dickless state, I am merely banishing him into an entirely new category of the human race. That is, IF he can be considered human. But. We'll let that pass. There are many categories of humans who exist on this Earth: Males, females, Shemales, as well as what we often refer to as "Ah Guas". However, as Zack obviously does not fit into any of those categories, we are forced to either label him as an Alien, or as a new human species. A one and only kind that does not possess any form of private parts at all. As such, all the waste that are produced in his peashell of a body spews out of Zack's mouth. A gruesome thought, but nevertheless, facts are unavoidable.

Oh I really do so very much hope that Zack turns up at my blog too. Extra motivation for me to update and additional entertainment for my beloved readers. As well as a chance to pit my English language skills against Zack. After all, an A1 English isn't obtained just by sitting there and staring at the television. No way. Let me teach all of you 'O' Level students out there how to obtain a distinction in your English language: Watch out for losers who boast about their command of the language and show them who's boss. Not only do you get the chance to polish up your English, you also do the world a favour bby exterminating such scum from the face of Earth. Maybe United Nations might even award you for your efforts to protect the environment.

*Name was self appointed by the loser himself.

I sincerely apologise to all readers who came across this entry and were taken aback by some of the crude words I was forced to use. Please pardon me for you see, I simply could not come up with any better alternatives.



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