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.Monday, March 12, 2007 ' 12:21 AM Y
Haha I skipped work today. Faked a bad headache and rested at home. Its not a complete lie. I did have a headache. Only it was Friday night. My whole head was pounding from the moment I stepped out of Ikea all the way until I reached home and settled down to rest. And it wasn't just a normal headache. It was like the kind of aching you get when you've drunk too much liquor. Not very nice at all.

Okay. Enough about headaches. Here's what I skipped work for:

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Wait a minute. Before you start thinking how stupid I am to give up $60 just to watch a lousy movie, let me justify my actions. Firstly, this movie is rated 4.5 stars by newspapers and movie critics. Secondly, this movie is also rated 10/10 by Yours Truly. To give a brief summary, this is a story about how 300 Spartan men, led by their King, fought for their freedom against thousands of Persian soldiers. Though highly outnumbered, they refused to submit to the Persian ruler. Instead, they chose to fight and to die for their country. Its not just some boring ancient war show. I personally feel that this is even better than Lord of the Rings. And if you watch at Cathay cinemas, you pay only half price for the second ticket (on weekends only). Cool huh? The only thing is, this show is M18. Why? Because in the first part of the movie, they show the King and the Queen making love. You can see the breasts and them moving like that like that. Don't know how to describe la. Haha. And in the later part during the battles they actually show the heads rolling off the beheaded men. Abit disgusting but I'm mature people like me can take it. =P What? I'm not thick-skinned okay? Its rated "Mature" what. And I got in. So that means I'm mature right? See? I'm just stating facts!

And so to conclude, this show has definitely made it to the very top of my "Highly Recommended Movies" list. I strongly suggest everyone to watch it. If you don't like it, you seriously have no taste for movies man... But remember though. 300 is only for MATURE people(like me)! ^.^!



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