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.Monday, April 30, 2007 ' 1:52 PM Y
This is going to be such a busy busy week. I've got to work today, tomorrow, Wednesday, as well as Saturday and Sunday. 5 days. That's alot you know... Haha. I'm trying to push off schedule for Wednesday, because I have some kind of orientation for NP Ambassadors and I think Nana's going to kill me if I "pang seh" her again. Keke. But then again, if the managers really don't let me off, I don't have a choice either... Haix. So troublesome. Anyways... Friday is going to be a long day. My last lecture ends at 6pm and I've got HopNite at 7pm. Haha. Then after that I'll be rushing off for BBQ with some of our guild members. Phew... Rush here rush there. Haha. I guess its that way when one has to juggle studies with work. Stress~ I still have 3 projects due. Supposed to be working of at least one of them now, but here I am blogging away happily. Lol.

I'm having lots and lots of fun in school. Haha. The whole TA02-excet Roslinda who had to go off- went over to SIM for lunch just now. The food was AWFUL. Nana, me, Ruishan and Tarin tried the Jap food. None of us could finish our Bento set. I think I'd very much rather pay an extra 40 cents for Tori-Q. =.=" After lunch we went to the Life Sciences block to take our class photo. Not everyone was in it though. Hasinah, Shu Hua, and Roslinda went off already. Haha. But the whole process of photo-taking was long and tedious. Thanks to Elvis, whose camera couldn't stand without the suport of an eraser. Haha. There were quite alot of blooper shots before we finally got one that satisfied all of us. I'll be waiting for the "cameramen" to send me the photo(s). Haha.

I'm in the library again now. Blogging. Haha. Everyone is doing something. But NO ONE is doing the project. Except for Cindy. Haha. I'm procrastinating as usual. But I really should get down to doing my projects. Now that I'm juggling work and studies, free time is quite a luxury. Shouldn't neglect important stuff. LOL. I'm actually lecturing myself! I high liao lah. Haha. Anyways, I visited Evelyn's blog during BSTA tutorial today and saw the slideshow thing that she posted. Super nice lah! Therefore, I decided to create one of my own too. I'll be posting it on the side bar I think. Or at least someplace where it will stay permanent. Watch out for it kies? Hehe.

I'm in a huge dilemma over what to wear for HopNite. Its a half-formal affair, so I suppose I'll be wearing something like what I'm wearing today (spaghetti top with black jeans). I hope that's a suitable outfit. Haha. Then can wear to BBQ as well. Don't have to change again. Sheesh. I'm so lazy lah. Haha.

Nana promised me to accompany me to GV on wednesday morning to look for a job! Haha. Please oh please let me be successful. I really don't think I can carry on at Fish & Co for much longer.

I just realised something. My blog entries are SO random. Its like, I'm jumping from one topic to another without any links in the middle. Keke. Don't get confused okies? I'm just feeling super duper happy. And super duper tired. Zzz. And Dear says that I'm very blur. Because everytime we talk on the phone and he suddenly change the subject I cannot catch on. Keke. I'm an odd ball lah. Keke. Ok lah. I better get down to work already. Or else be prepared to fail my first project of the semester. Keke. Faster complete my stuff then maybe can catch a short nap before I rush off for work. Haha. I'm THAT sleepy okays...



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