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.Thursday, April 19, 2007 ' 1:21 AM Y
Oh man... I have to wake up at 6am later and yet I'm still blogging. Haha. Lessons start at 9am. So I'll be meeting Regina at 7. Haha. She's SOOOO crazy about McDonald's breakfast. Tomorrow is only Business Communications. But have to go for lecture, tutorial and workshop. So will end at 5pm. Zzz... Luckily lecture is with Evelyn. Me and Regina are in the same class so we'll be together the whole day. MUST BRING LAPTOP!!!

I'm working on Friday and Saturday. Haha. Finally have abit of schedule. But it also means that I won't be able to go for the Adventure Seekers' BBQ. Sorry Regina and Estella. I think I finally know what's the problem with my job at Fish and Co. Don't know how to describe. Let's just say that I feel that Leigh is a little biased. I went down to Fish and Co today after to give my schedule. Haha. I had too much time on my hands, so instead of asking them to put down my schedule through the phone, I specially made a trip there. Settled my dinner there as well. Actually Ben was supposed to join me, but he said his mom don't allow. Zzz. Van and BC both can't make it for their own reasons so I ended up being alone. But surprisingly I didn't mind. Its been a really long time since I've been totally alone on my own. As in, walking around, travelling around, dining, and spending almost the whole day alone. I realised that I sort of missed that feeling. I'm not anti-social. Don't know how to explain.

Anyway, here's what I ate for dinner: a Seafood Platter for 1 and a Hot Fudge. Quite alot. But considering that I didn't eat much for the whole day, I guess I can forgive myself. The Hot Fudge was simply heaven. Warm chocolate muffin with a scoop of ice-cream. They even gave me a bigger scoop than normal. Haha. Today's staff on floor (for night shift) included Maggie, Corrine, Natasha, Yong Hui and Lizel, the manager in charge. My favourite manager. Haha. She's very kind, although a little blur. Haha. I only paid $5.80 for my meal because the other $20 was covered using airport dollars. Man... Don't I just LOVE those vouchers. I'm going to try to put in a few more days so that I can get the vouchers at the end of the month.

I'm starting to adapt to Poly life. The journey to school is long, but at least I have Regina to accompany me. And I just found out today that INFA lessons will be like retaking POA. Haha. I ended up teaching Regina abit of the POA concepts and the accounting equation on the MRT today. Can't wait to start doing accounting again. Its what I love and I will never ever regret my choice. I have the next 5 years of my life mapped out. I can't let myself do anything to disappoint myself. The best thing about NP is that 100% of the students get to go overseas at least once. I don't know if it applies for other schools, but to me, that's great news. But the catch is: Going overseas can mean as far as Australia or as near as Johor Bahru. =.=" If really end up going to JB for attachment then might as well don't go... Haha...

I think i'll be joining ice-skating as a main CCA. Outward Bounders and Aventure Seekers I will only attend when they have major camps and activites. Haha. I think the training is quite boring. And I finally get to learn Hip-Hop. Its now part of my lesson thanks to IS. Heh heh. Sports and Wellness is fun!!!

Last thing before I head off to bed. I've seriously decided to take off my tagboard. Its quite a useless thing sitting there. Makes my blog seem more lifeless than it already is. Haha. Starting tomorrow, that pink and purple box you see on the right side of the page will no longer exist. Carpe Diem tagboard. It was nice having you around! Haha.

*Dear dear finally going to see doctor about his knee this Sat. I hope its nothing serious. But then again, if the doctor says he cannot play soccer for a few months doesn't it mean he'll have more time for me? Heh heh. I'm so evil. But to be serious, I really hope its just a minor injury

**Looking forward to 10 May. Pay is coming~!



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