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.Saturday, April 21, 2007 ' 3:52 PM Y
Cut my hair today. Nothing fanciful. Just a little 3-inch trim and getting a shorter fringe. Going Somerset later to watch Nightmare Detective with the Sentosa gang. Haha. M18. Do I look 18? Lets hope we don't get caught.

Anyways, I'm officially on the hunt for a new job. Will be going down for an interview with some telemarketing company on Monday after lessons. Wonder whether Regina would be interested. Lessons start officially from Monday onwards. Tutorials, workshops, lectures...... So far I'm coping really well. Even better than Secondary School. Really. Credits to Regina, Evelyn, Shawn, Eudora, and Jacinth. Haha. Especially Regina. She's in almost all of the classes that I'm in so we move around together alot. Not to mention going to school and home together. Haha. Like a new best friend. But cannot leave out Evelyn and Estella and Dennis. Haha.

Yesterday we had a four hour break between MIEC and INFA lecture so Regina and I went to the clubhouse for lunch with Shawn and his friends. After that we went to the library to watch "The Little Princess". Next time have to book the bigger room when watching movie liao. The small space we were sitting at was designed for 3 people. That would be me, Regina and Jacinth. Then came Shawn. Following next was Eudora and Evelyn, who brought her two other friends. Imagine 8 people trying to cram themselves into a small corner that can only fit 3. What a tight fit. Haha. We managed to finish watching the movie just in time to rush down for INFA lecture. Haha. The lecturer looked quite boring at first, but I guess the lesson was okay. Quite a breeze, especially for me.

Haven touched MapleStory for the past two days. Because lessons start early on Thursdays and Fridays, resulting in me waking up at the unearthly hour of 6am. =.=" I had to work last night, and Dear's PC is having problems again. So for now he'll be using my Acer laptop while I use my sister's one, except for Wednesday nights because I need the Acer for my BCOMM lecture on Thursday.

Speaking of MapleStory, my page has finally reached level 66. 4 more levels to 4th job. But sad to say, from this month onwards, Dear and I willing be "chionging" our main characters instead. Level 100 here we come. Not one but TWO characters okay.... Next up will be his Chief Bandit. Then the page. Haha. QR also reaching 70 soon. Keep it up. Haha. I'm so crazy... Playing so many characters. I still have a level 21 female bowman. Going to chiong level on her soon. Haha. My aim: Reach level 70 in 2 months. Sure can one. Haha. Wish me luck!

-=[Modules I am taking this semester (1.1)]=-
* INFA - Introduction to Financial Accounting
* BCOMM - Business Communication
* MIEC - Microeconomics
* CIP - Computing and Information Processing
* BSTA - Business Statistics

This is just so that people reading my blog will not get confused by the short-forms I use to refer to my classes.



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