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.Thursday, April 12, 2007 ' 1:33 AM Y
I find it really amazing how jealousy can cause friendships to be destroyed easily. There have been many people who have walked away because they understood that because of that one person, the texture of their friendship has changed. But there are still people who continue to stay on. Is it because they really look up to that person as a leader? Or is it simply because they don't have their own minds, and have been lulled into a sense of security? Do they really believe that by staying on, they are safe because they have each other?

Don't ask me why I'm starting this topic. I just suddenly thought of all these because of one SMS. Its not up to me to disclose the content, but it just set me thinking. If even someone like him, so slack and always giving a "I-don't-give-a-damn" face, can make a statement so true that struck a chord through me, then why is it that so many others cannot understand the same logic? That so much trouble brews from one person's jealousy?

Its ironical how someone can be trying to act like a strong leader when deep down that person is just a coward who's afraid of facing himself and his own feelings. Someone who gets put down by the slightest setback. And yet people continue to let him "take the lead". Awww come on guys... surely you people can do better than this??? I'm so absolutely disgusted. Yet I have to admit that certain things happen without any understandable reasons.

Okay that much was probably crap since I don't think anyone really knows what I'm talking about, except for a selected few. Anyway... Just to do a little update on recent going-ons. Had my poly orientation these few days. Every morning have to wake up super early in the morning. Its quite stupid actually. Like today. The people ask us to meet at 8.15 when the program only started at 9.15. So we spent one bloody hour in the Convention Centre watching Tom and Jerry chase each other around. Hello?! Childcare Centre ar?!? Next up are lots and lots of boring speeches. I know its important stuff and all, but when you have to wake up at 6 and be forced to sit through all that talking, all you can think about is SLEEP. Somemore got aircon. Heard from Estella that one of the photographers actually took a picture of me sleeping away. Zzz... This kind of photos also nice to take... Too much film/memory space is it???

After that was games. Had alot alot of fun. Especially the first one. I forgot what its called but we're supposed to split into 2 groups. There's a so-called "screen" in the middle (two trash bags taped together), a pail of water, a "shield" and a chair on each side of the "screen". The game is simple. One person from each side sit on the chair, hold on to a cup of water and your "shield". On the count of 3, the stationmaster will pull down the screen. You look at the person sitting on the chair opposite you and if you scream his/her name first, you get to splash him with the water. Have to be fast, or else he can block. So no more fun. If you call the wrong name, the other person can just splash you. My group was quite hilarious la... Because towards the end of the game they just anyhow splash each other once the "screen" was pulled down. Joel was the worse. The stationmaster pull down the "screen", then he look at the other guy (I think it was Dennis) and scream "OH MY GOD!" Then he splash that guy. =.=" Didn't know his God had brown shoulder length hair. Haha.

The rest of the games were quite borderline. Not say boring, but just teamwork teamwork and more teamwork. Quite simple. I cheered so much that I'm starting to have a sore throat. Just recover from a flu and now a sore throat. GREAT. Tomorrow having cheer competition. Don't know why they bother to waste time and effort. Of course Babylon will win what. Common sense. =P Atlantis also not bad. But their cheer so boring. "We will win the war! We will win the war! We will win the war!~" Everytime repeat that one. Zzz. New lines from the SCs: "You can mop the floor! You can bang the wall!~" Two thumbs up for SCs. You guys rock man!

Anyway, I have to go to bed already. Although tomorrow don't have to meet so early but still have to make up for the lost hours of the past few days. Good night guys! ~Its gonna be a fun but tiring day tomorrow!~

P.S. My laptop has arrived!!! So chio man~ WOOOOOO~!



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