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.Friday, April 06, 2007 ' 3:03 PM Y
Pardon me for that sort of crude post earlier this morning. I just absolutely hate it when people misinterpret your words and try to make it seem as though you starting a fight. Like... PLEASE dude. Do I really have to do that? I mean, the kind of life you're leading now is already pathetic enough. I don't see the need to screw you further. I also have my sympathetic side one okay...

I guess that's just the problem with oversensitive assholes who cannot differentiate the kind of tone that has been used. Its okay. Really. Because these kind of people are the ones who get a kick out of blaming people for everything so that they look like a sad little victim of foulplay. Fuck you. These are also the kind of people who love to whine about everything and anything under the sun. Especially when their "girlfriends" are dumping them. Oooh... How sad. I'm practically sobbing my heart out. Right.

Someone needs to educate people on the way they manage their finances. I mean, if you're working a normal job and getting a decent salary then of course you can brag. But if you're working your ass off and only earning a meagre salary every month, then its an entirely different story. Bloody hell you try living on $300+ a month, paying for all your own expenses like me? But then again, for people who can slack their life away flirting with girls and going clubbing here and there on their parent's money, they probably don't understand. I really sympathise with their parents. I mean... how would you feel if you see your kid spending your hard-earned money like its just a piece of plain paper? Heartache~~~ Heart totally broken man... But I suppose some people just cannot stop for a moment to spare a thought for others. They only care about how they're in a bad mood, how their lives are going wrong. Hello. African kids out there still starving la... Do you see all of them sitting down and whining everyday about why they're so unlucky to be born so poor? Now that would be a pretty amazing sight. But no. We have pathetic bastards mourning over the loss of a girl who he barely knows.

True love? Please... Even true love also will have rocky steps. If you watched Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3, Ziwei also slapped Er Kang. Xiao Yan Zi and Yongqi almost break up. In the end also happy ending. I know that's just drama. But don't people always say "Ren Sheng Ru Xi, Xi Ru Ren Sheng"? It just basically means that life is full of drama. There are ups and there are downs. If the first step of a relationship already starts to have cracks, then its just not meant to be.

Okay okay lah... I need to stop and prepare to go to work already. Have to earn more money. If not I very scared my friends also will start saying that I "spoilder" because I "always have no money". Now that would be a sad day should it ever arrive. I seriously hope this sort of thing never happens to me. *Sends a prayer up to the heavens*.

By the way people. Sorry if you're upset that I start "shooting" certain people again. I just don't see the need to bottle up my anger. I'm fat enough already. I don't need all that extra "air" to make me even fatter. Although I wouldn't mind if it meant body slamming certain people and seeing their bones break.



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