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.Thursday, May 10, 2007 ' 2:22 PM Y
I'm blogging in BCOMM again lah. Haha. The lesson is really boring. This week the tutor is talking about writing. Haha. To quote Shawn "Like we all fail our English lor..." I totally agree. Haha. The whole class I think only 20% listening. The rest only copy the notes from the slides for the sake of copying. Haha. I never even download the slides. Keke. Later ask Shawn email them to me. LOLs.

Finally today I don't have to work. Can rest. Tomorrow got HopNite. But I really really don't feel like going. I know I already paid 10 bucks. But I have a strong feeling that I won't really enjoy myself that much. Later discuss with dear dear then say bahs. Today went to Alumni Clubhouse for lunch again. The Chicken Teriyaki was pretty sucky, but I finished it anyway. Hungry mah. Keke.

Regina complaining liao lah... "Where's your tagboard har?!" Sorry I really didn't have time mah. Somemore my home connection got problems. Hee. Soon lah SOON. Hehe. I'm feeling pretty happy today. Good sign. Heehee. I think maybe the past few days too stressed up already. Everyday after school have to rush to work. Can't even join my classmates in the library... Hais... I like being independent. But I'm starting to feel the burden. I don't want to grow up so fast! But I have to lah. Because I don't like being treated as a child. So conflicting right?

TA02! Find one day we go storm Fish & Co okay?! Haha. I so bad. But then they also not that good to me what. Heehee. Just now while slacking at the underpass with Regina, Shawn, Shu Hua and Sean, they call me big shot. Because I asked Dear to ask his daddy help me buy dinner. =.=" Like that very big shot meh?!!! Still okay what. They liked the Fish & Co mints I brought for them! And they liked the cute fishy. Haha. Okay lah. I'm just typing crap here now. I go play game first. Ta-ta all!!

P/S Regina still hasn't sent me the formal wear pictures!!!



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