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.Saturday, May 26, 2007 ' 3:08 AM Y
I saw Shahrul (IKEA workmate) on the bus today while I was on my way home from Dear's house! Quite surprised and happy. Don't ask me why. Just felt that way. I almost didn't recognise him because his hair was way different from when we were working together in IKEA. Just went over to his blog and read about his problems with his girlfriend. Apparently the girl's mother wants her to rethink her relationship with Shah, and has even gone to the extreme of making her see him less often. Haha. Made me think of my own mother. I think she's 1000 times worse. So super naggy and unreasonable. Sometimes I wish she weren't my mother. But other times I love her because she's still my mother. Hahas. I'm not totally 100% unfillial okay...


Today was a pretty short day. MIEC lecture was the 1st lesson of the day. Didn't really pay much attention (regrets, regrets) because I was watching My Girl on my laptop. *Sheepish grin* Thanks to my sister lah. She's the one who got me hooked on the show. Now I'm gushing over the 2 handsome male leads again. Don't worry though. Its just a temporary thing. Hehe. After lecture was the tutorial for MIEC. Today I super hardworking. Took down all the notes and points that the tutor mentioned. EXCEPT for one question that I missed out. Because I FELL ASLEEP. I seriously didn't mean to. It's like, one moment I was just resting my head on my arms and the next moment, Regina's shaking me and saying, "Eh Debbie! You sleep very long liao leh!" Yup, those were her exact words. Gosh! I didn't even realised that I'd fallen asleep!!!

I skipped INFA lecture today. Because I find it pointless to attend the lesson. I never listen anyway. Neither do most of my other classmates. Add on the fact that I do have POA background- I'm not trying to brag about how good I am at accounts, but the lecture is really that boring. The whole gang of us-Gary, Shawn, Sean, Cindy, Shu Hua, Jun, Haseena, Regina and me- jammed up Vins Enterprise (the photocopying shop at Block 73) because we were photocopying notes from each other. Me and Regina, being the 2 kiasus, photocopied the whole stack while the rest only copied a few papers here and there. Hehe. After that Shu Hua and Haseena went off to do their CIP project while the rest of us went to Canteen 1 for lunch. I was cheated of my money again lah!!! I thought the bowl of dessert Gary bought looked quite appealing so I decided to buy one too. And then I thought of eating longans. So I bought one bowl of "longan water". The 1st bowl of dessert (something-honeydew melon-something) tasted so damn bland I felt like I was eating plain ice. =.=" And the "longan water" was basically the same too. Except there were 6 small little pathetic longans inside the bowl. FYI, I paid 70 cents for that. Imagine paying 10 cents for one small bloody longan. Nabeh! I swear I will never buy (cold) desserts in NP ever again man. Once bitten twice shy. Twice bitten forever shy. Makino theory. Haha.

Headed off for the library after that. Played a game of Crazy Taxi then started watching My Girl again (I brought the whole box to school with me. =P). I stayed on even after the rest of them went off for INFA lecture because I was waiting for dear's dad to drive me back to Yishun. Haha. My friends all say that I'm very big-shot to ask him to drive me. Haha. I don't know how to defend myself lah. All I can say is at least I'm not BHB enough to ask other people's daddy to drive me around. Even if he used to be your ex-boyfriend's dad. Totally unexcusable hor. Especially when you guys have broken up for almost 2 years already and you're still asking Daddy Teo to chauffeur you around EVERYDAY. At least I have the decency to get to school on my own, except when I'm running VERY late. Duh... I got to calm down. Don't want to get worked up because I'm feeling pretty happy today. Keke.

I guess this will be all for today. 3am already and I'm still not asleep. Tomorrow got work somemore. And I have to make time to pass Vanessa her 2 vcds. Need to sleep lah. *Yawns* Oh ya, last thing before I turn off the computer: I'm happy to say that my blog has finally reached 500 hits. It was a long and tedious journey for my blog, but thanks to everyone who bothered to drop by and thanks again for those who tagged. Special love to my darlings from TA02. You guys rock man!



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