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.Thursday, May 17, 2007 ' 4:09 PM Y
I'm really crazy. During classes, I'm always playing games and not paying attention. Then after that I worry that I don't understand the lesson. Haha. Guess that's the part of me that hasn't changed since secondary school. I really need to go to the Helpdesk at Blk 72 and get my Microsoft Office done up so that next time I can take notes in BCOMM also... Haha. And get my sister to load up the printer ink. Then can print notes.

Feeling a little dazed now. Stared at the laptop for too long. I think my eyesight is getting worse. For the past few days, I find that things and words I look get take a few seconds to focus. But I'm still not using my glasses. They're just so darn uncomfortable! =( Haha I think I'm really not cut out for glasses. Everytime I put them on I feel very uncomfortable. I know its a waste of money to make them, yet not wear them. But its like the monthly thingy for girls what. Its a necessity to buy pads but that doesn't mean you have to literally enjoy using them right? Haha. What a crude comparision. Heehee.

Went to read Kenny's blog again today. I'm so envious of his mountain climbing experience. I want to try climbing too! Especially the scenery. The pictures he took were wonderful, but I think that to really know how it feels like to enjoy the scenery at the top of a mountain, one has to climb up there personally. Sadly, the only mountain I've ever climbed was Mount Sorak in Korea. AND I never made it to the peak. Haha. I'd like to go back there again. It was fun climbing. Especially in winter. The air is moist and although you're wearing 4 layers of clothes, you feel very comfortable. And I remember they sold potato balls at the bottom. Yummy! Haha. Okay I'm crapping. But the point is, I want to go mountain climbing too! Not Bukit Timah Hill lah please. But then not Mount Everest either. Haha. Maybe next time. But must ask people organise. Or else I'll be too lazy one. Hee.

I think by now anyone reading this post will know that I'm actually just blogging for the sake of blogging. That explains the enormous amount of crap. Lol. My eyes are actually feel pretty uncomfortable. But cannot sleep lehs... Hais... Next time have to refrain from focusing too long on the laptop screen. Argh!



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