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.Thursday, May 24, 2007 ' 2:20 PM Y
I'm enjoying my orange-flavoured lollipop now. Yummy! Hahas. I'm the last one to finish eating. All the others who bought with me-Sean, Shawn and Regina- finished the lolly long ago. Haha. Its BCOMM again, the most boring lesson in the whole galaxy. I seriously don't understand why is it that in every school, there will be one particular lesson that feels like torture to the students. Haha. Toughen us up also no need to extreme one. Hehe.


Been having some connection problems ever since just now. Luckily I finally solved it. Or else I'd still rotting "*pissedfully". Haha. Next Saturday marks the start of our test week. Have to get down to mugging soon. Or be prepared to repeat all my subjects again. That is, except INFA. But then I'm hoping to get acceptable grades. Haha. At least a B? No failures please...


This month dear and I will be playing our page again. Because I got 2 weeks holidays in the middle of June then can stay up late to train. Hahas. My priest is just 2 levels away from 100 so we're thinking of buying the 24 hour 2x one day and try to level that darling. Haha. National Day will be here in about 2 months or so. Dear's going to be so busy lending his stores left, right, centre. Urgh! Hate to see him so stressed lah. There's sure to be alot of crazy problems cropping up one. And that stupid Chris. I hope he get charged. I'm not black-hearted okay. Its just that he's so crazy and useless! Imagine sleeping away in the office while everyone is working so hard, carrying this and that. And then he just give the excuse "Oh. I don't have strength to carry." Never even bother about his own store. Now that dear and his friends are no longer going to help him cover his ass, let's see how long he can continue sleeping away. *Pissed off face*

Thank you Chris for letting me vent my crabbiness on you! Haha. But I still think you're a huge asshole slacker.


I feel so much better! Haha. I'm going off to do some blog-hopping. I have read almost all the posts on Kennysia. Now I'm going through Xiaxue. Just to read some of her older posts. Haha. I know its a waste of time. But at least that's more entertaining than listening to the BCOMM teacher. =.="



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