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.Monday, May 21, 2007 ' 10:28 AM Y
For the rest of my life I will never be able to understand what is wrong with negative commentators. Is it that hard for you to just hit the 'X' button at the top right hand side of the screen if you found out that whatever you've read is not to your liking? Do your hands really have to be itchy and start typing super duper negative feedback that is definitely unwelcome? Yea sure, the comment box is there for people to comment. But if you really hate that blog so much then why do you still make the effort to comment? In real life, do you guys actually go up to everyone whom you dislike and start picking at fight? Now that would be pathetic. Hahas.

Curious why I'm venting about negative commentators when actually they haven't yet appeared on my blog? Hahas. Its actually just my 2 cents lah. Because for the past few days I've been blog-hopping around my usual haunts (Kennysia, Xiaxue, LZB, and a few others linked here and there) and I've seen quite alot of freaking bad comments about their entries. Especially the saga about Kenny posting pictures of the accident. I know that many people may think that it was wrong of him to post the pictures and stuff like that, but seriously, do they seriously think that they have the power to stop him from posting whatever he wants on his blog? I actually took the time to read ALL of the comments and I find that the more readers comment, the more they stray from the "main topic" of the whole entry. Haha. Maybe its just me lah. Hahs.
Don't know why NP suddenly organising so many activities. There's the iDare camp where we get to go to Kota Tinggi in Malaysia for 4 days and 3 nights. I think its some kind of leadership camp. Haha. Then got the newspaper collection thingy in July. On the 14th. Haha. So far I managed to "psycho" Regina, Jun, Cindy, Shu Hua, Haseena, Rui Shan and Roselyn into going to the newspaper collection thingy. Haha. We'll be collecting at Ang Mo Kio ( AMK residents BEWARE!!! Lols) Then after that some of us will be going to Kbox. Trying to get the guys to join us for Kbox too, since they too lazy to go collect newspaper. Heartless people. Haha. Oh, and Shu Hua just told me that the school is organising a Pirates of the Carribean movie marathon on 11 June or something. I WANT TO GO!!! Hahas. My classmates all say how come I got so much lobang one. Keke. I just want to try everything lah. Don't want to restrict myself so much. Enjoy life! Now that's the new me. Hahas.
Elvis is organising a class chalet for June. Quite a lot of people not staying over. Some only stay on BBQ night. So I'm still wondering whether I should stay over. Hahas. Jun they all not staying. Only got Cindy and Rui Shan. Hmmm... Must consider carefully. Haha. I too high already lah. Keep asking people whether want to go this go that go everything. Keke. I'm like that one lahs. My new philosophy: Try everything you have the chance to try in life. That's the true meaning of living life to its fullest. Haha. That doesn't really sound like me right? But nope. You're not reading the writing of an imposter. So don't worry. I'm SANE.
I need to go to the Helpdesk to install the Microsoft Office and Dreamweaver 8 program in my laptop. Everytime lessons I cannot use. So frustrating... Hais. I'm going to pay attention to lesson. Haha. Today working at Suntec City Mall. Feeling bored......



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