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.Thursday, May 24, 2007 ' 4:10 AM Y
I'm blogging at such unearthly hours. Haha. Dear would kill me. But I was so busy surfing around the net that I forgot the time. And now, its no point sleeping because I'd have to wake up in about 2 hours. If I sleep now, I'll surely oversleep. Listening to the MrBrown show podcasts now. I downloaded a few of them. Hahas. I'm really crazy lahs... Because today(Thursday already lah) is going to be super long day for me. Lessons from 9 to 5 and then I'll be working at Suntec again. Argh...

Sometimes I think I'm too kind-hearted for my own good. Why? Because actually today I'm NOT supposed to have any schedule. But then Liezel asked me and I was like "They really short-handed arh? Okay lorhs..." So now I'm stuck with having to rush off to work after school. Tiring. But all that for money. I can finally have some money to buy some material luxuries next month! And I missed the chance to be able to dress nicely. =( For the past two weeks, its been jeans and T-shirt for me almost everyday. Because that is how often I have been working. Slogging my guts out just to have some extra money to spend. TIRING!!! But I suppose its going to be worth it when I receive my paycheck next month... =)!


Nana and I had a super long chat on the train that day. Haha. I think we actually sorted out quite a lot of the feelings and other stuffs over that twenty minutes or so. And we actually bitched about other stuff too. Haha. Just abit of gossip okays?


Anyone remembers my story Strength of Love? I LOST MY HARD COPY OF THE 6 CHAPTERS I PAINSTAKINGLY WROTE OUT!!! F***! I can't find it anywhere in my room. And no, my room has been tidied already. So its not in a mess. So darn upset! My first "masterpiece" yet it got lost! Hais... Maybe one day I'll sit down and finish my story. MAYBE. I'm not trying to give excuses but I really don't have the time now. What with juggling studying and working, I got to leave some free time for myself and dear dear right? Not to mention the numerous projects that will continue to come up. Anyways, by the time I finally find time to continue writing, I'd have matured a lot more than now. Then I'd be able to improve on it more. I'm lucky I still have the 1st few chapters in my computer. I'd never be able to start right from scratch. Haha... I'm blabbling again...

Okay lahs... I'm going off to find a few games to entertain me until 6.30am. Haha. 2 more hours! I think I might end up sleeping......



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