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.Monday, June 18, 2007 ' 1:55 AM Y
Been a few days since I blogged. Haha. Didn't really have the mood because something cropped up to stress me and Dear out again. But its over. For now. *Sighs* It never ends. And although I am not bound by any terms to help, I cannot possibly just sit there and do nothing either. Sometimes I really wonder why the world continues to hold such idiots and worthless assholes who do nothing but create burdens for their families. I know I'm being very bad, but there is really no other to way to put what I feel into words.


I recently finished a book by
Jodi Picoult titled My Sister's Keeper. [ Its a story about a girl named Anna who was a product of preimplantation genetic diagnosis-something like a genetically engineered baby. She was born for one purpose, and that was to help her sister, Kate, fight leukemia. Whenever Kate needs something to make her better, Anna is the one who donates it, because as a PGD baby, she was crafted specially for this purpose, and therefore is a perfect match for Kate. One day when Kate needs a kidney transplant and their parents automatically assume that Anna will donate her kidney to Kate, Anna decides that she has had enough and sues her parents for rights to her own body. ] The whole story is a little draggy but super touching. Especially the ending. I won't say what the ending is about, but I will admit that I cried pretty badly when I read till the end. Highly recommend that book. In fact, anyone interested can loan it from me. =)


Dinner was at Fish & Co @ Paragon today. Father's Day. So went for something different from usual. Surprisingly, my dad enjoyed the Seafood Platter. Didn't get to try the stingray though. Its something I've been wanting to try for quite some time. =( Oh well, maybe next time.

After dinner we went shopping around Orchard area. Went to John Little where my dad bought a few shirts and 2 pants. Haha. Total bill was about $250! Including one pair of my own pants. =D Went to Geylang for durian after that. Yummy! Very long never eat durian already. D24 somemore. Nice treat! Keke. After that headed down to Marina South to pick up my dad's regular customer. He owns the drinks and chicken rice stalls at a coffeeshop there, and my dad drives him home everyday after he closes his stalls. Anyway, found out the whole Marina South area will be turned into Botanic Gardens after around November this year. Which means that all the steamboat, bowling, pool and even that uncle's coffeeshop will not exist anymore. How sad. No more steamboat! T.T!!! Haha.


That's about all for today. Not really in the mood for blogging. Just updating for the sake of it. Haha. Will be doing some baking at QR's house on Wednesday so need to go and dig out the recipe for chocolate muffins. Look forward to some delicious news in 3 days time! Lols.



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