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.Thursday, June 07, 2007 ' 6:27 PM Y
Common test is finally over! I think I pretty much screwed up most of my papers, especially BSTA and CIP. I basically suck at Maths and I will never ever be able to remember definitions of the different hardware and software systems. So that's two screwed up papers. I think yesterday was one of my lousier days. The moment after my BSTA paper was collected I felt a million kilos heavier. So down that I didn't have any energy to speak. Simply put, I was damn SIAN. Its the exact same feeling I get during secondary school after every single Mathematics paper. And what made it worse was that for this CT, BSTA was an OPEN-BOOK TEST! Freaking gosh. If open-book test also cannot handle then how am I going to survive this semester? I don't want to fail any subjects. As for MIEC and INFA, I think I can at least scrape a pass.

I'm terribly disappointed and angry at myself about not being able to do well for INFA. I guess that's what overconfidence brings. Lesson learned. At least I'm still humble enough to admit that now. Still have time to work on it. Lets all pay attention in class together! Hahas.


Went to Bugis with Shu Hua and Regina today. Lunched at Fish & Co, where we ordered a Seafood Platter for 2, a Jungle Freeze and a Soup of the Day. Yummy! Then we complain this and complain that and ended up with extra fries and rice. LOLS! After that went over to BHG (formerly known as Seiyu) to shop for Regina's dress. She has a wedding dinner to attend next Saturday so she wanted to get something nice. Couldn't find anything satisfactory so we headed off to take neoprint! Haha. Been quite some time since I took neoprints so I quite enjoyed myself. I even had a solo photo shoot. Keke. I know. I'm VAIN. Cannot arh?!

Haha... I was actually just finding something to cheer myself up, 'cuz I was feeling pretty down again. Looking at all the nice nice clothes and knowing that they wouldn't ever fit me sort of brought out my inferiority complex. Not to mention the fact that I was shopping with two slim chio bus. Cold HARD reality. Ouch. Sorry to S.H and Regina for giving you guys such a "sian" face. Maybe next time kies? Haha. What made me feel even crappier were my aching feet. I've never been much of a hardcore shopper. A few hours of walking around is more than enough to make my feet start whining. Maybe I need more practise. Keke.


Pay is coming! Within the next three days I'll be another 400 bucks richer! Hehe. Yup! That's how much I worked last month. Almost slogged my guts out for that 400 plus bucks okay... I'm going to spend about $150 on a new MP3 player and then take out some to help dear with his bills. I like that plan =)!

S.H told me about some door-to-door survey thing. Target is to finish 42 surveys over 10 days and for each survey you earn 5 bucks. That's a whooping $210. Add that on to whatever I can earn from Fish & Co this month and I'll be having quite some money Lets hope I can get that job. Keke. I'm not a workaholic or desperate for money lah. I just want to have some savings. I bought the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" at Orchard yesterday and its actually quite a useful book. So far it teaches us readers that "rich people do not work for money. They make money work for them". Haha. I hope to be like that too. But I don't think now's the time. Let's see what happens when I finish the whole book. Maybe somewhere in the middle there will be some tips on how to manage money while schooling. Hehs. Oh yah. So far the book has also mentioned that it is important to learn about finance and how to manage it. Seems like accounting is more useful than it seems. ^.^!

And that's about it all for today's entry. Haha. I know I always end off my entries very awkwardly. That's because I don't know how to end "interestingly"! So pardon me please? Hee... Dear got held up in camp today so he'll be booking out late. Later going to meet him for dinner. But in the meantime, let's get some rest first. I'm tired(I woke up and 5.40 this morning okay!). Zzz... Hahas. Ta-ta all! =)



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