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.Wednesday, June 13, 2007 ' 11:58 PM Y
I've got alot of things to blog about!~

BEWARE: Long post ahead.

As everyone knows, Monday was the start of TA02's class chalet. And it was on that very same day that I fell sick. Damn suay right?! Let me narrate the whole story:

I woke up on Monday morning feeling pretty giddy. Went to the toilet and BLEAHS! Vomitted. Then, I went back to my bed to lie down, feeling very much better. 1 hour later, I woke up feeling giddy and again I vomitted. Eww right? Plus, I hadn't had breakfast yet, so the whole vomitting process was truly painful like hell okay. =(

Fast forward to the afternoon. I cabbed down to White Sands to meet up with Cindy, Gary, Shawn, Sean and Shu Hua. While walking out to the main road I was already feeling quite breathless already, but upon reaching there, I felt as though I was having an asthma attack can! And the thing is, I have NO HISTORY OF ASTHMA! Cindy was very kind to accompany me to the clinic at White Sands. We had to wait for quite long because the stupid doctor and his receptionist went out on a meal break and came back later than the 1.30 that they wrote. ZZZ (SCANDAL!!! Hahas)... Then I had to wait for another 2 patients before me. I felt really TERRIBLE man! Like going to faint like that. And Cindy even told me my face looked very pale. !!! Anyways, here's the doctor's diagnosis: Stomach flu. Or something like that lah. Haha. Total cost: $22 for 2 packs of tablets. Super expensive lor! =(

After that we cabbed up to Costa Sands Pasir Ris because I think we missed the shuttle bus. Met up with Elvis, Rui Shan, Tarin and Kenny there, then checked in and headed off to our chalet room (P06). Actually wanted to rest there, but didn't feel like sleeping. Haha. Gary started setting up his PS2 and we all sat around and ate the muffins that Gary's mom had made. I ate only about half before I puked again. YUCK! After felt so much so much better. Haha. I played mahjong with Rui Shan, Tarin and Elvis. Heh heh. Patient's luck. I won $7.20! Eh, that's alot okay, considering that we played at like 10 cents per "tai". Hahas. Oh yah. Had some fried bee hoon too.

Most embarrassing story of my life: I left the chalet at about 5 plus because I was gonna stay over at Dear's house. While cabbing down from the chalet, I actually puked in the cab! The driver even thought I was drunk okay! Damn malu can! Haha. Then had to change cab at downtown. Went down to Seletar to pick up dear, then went back to Yishun. Total cab fare was about $15 I think. Dear paid. =D The moment I reached Dear's house, I headed for bed and fell asleep. Total knock out. Woke up at about 8pm with a fever. =.=" Then watch about 15 minutes of Campus Superstar and then fell asleep again. Woke up again at 9.30, washed my face, took some Panadol, then went back to sleep again. Haha. I didn't eat dinner because I was afraid I'd vomit again.

Tuesday morning: Went for breakfast with Dear and family at about 6 plus (am). Had fishball noodles in soup. I didn't even manage to finish one-quarter. 1st time in my whole life I eat so little hor. After that went back to Dear's house. Sleep again. LOL. Woke up at 11 plus. NO MORE FEVER! Woots~!!! Dear even came back early to accompany me leh! So sweet right??? Thanks so much dear! Love you loads! Keke.

Anyways, I took 39 down to Pasir Ris to meet Regina and Jun. I missed my stop and had to walk a few extra metres to reach White Sands. Took the shuttle bus down to Costa Sands. The rest had already started preparing for BBQ. Overall the BBQ was pretty much a success. Haha. Jun left at about 7 plus, and Evalyn reached only at about 8 or 9 I think. After BBQ, we played a few rounds of Blackjack (I lost about $2!) then went to Cheers to get vodka and beer. Haha. I shared a peach Breezer with Regina, and bought a tub of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Yummy!!! Keke. Headed back to the chalet to put down the drinks before we went to the beach to play rocket. Camwhoring session there. Haha. Then went back to chalet at about 2am. Haha. Most of them drink until very high; they screamed and hooted all the way back. LOLS. Back at the chalet, we took turns bathing (some of them went to the swimming pool toilet to bathe) then Cindy slept while the rest of us slack around. Haha. Supper was cup noodles. Then bedtime! Keke. Cindy, Regina, Shu Hua and I slept throughout till about 9 plus. The rest managed to catch the sunrise! =( Sad that I didn't have the chance, but tired mahs. =D Anyways, checked out this morning and cabbed home. Had porridge for lunch, then took a little nap before I headed off for my first tutoring session (I'm the tutor lah!). Cabbed to my tutee's house. LOL.


That's about all for the past 3 days. Still feeling abit weird every now and then, but nothing major already. But my wallet's suffering pretty bad. Cabbing too much le. Keke. But I'm so used to it already! *sheepish look* Oh yah. I would like to take this chance to thank everyone from TA02 who showed loads and loads of care and concern when I was sick. Especially Cindy. Thank you so so so so much! =)!! Sorry for the being too overly detailed. Haha. Didn't know any way else to describe everything. Will try to post up photos asap k?



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