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.Friday, June 22, 2007 ' 4:09 AM Y
I don't know why but recently I've simply lost the "feel" for blogging. Or rather, the enthusiasm. Its as though I'm having mood swings. Haha. One moment feel like blogging, the next moment no mood. Pretty stupid lah. So don't blame me if one day this blog starts rotting again. Won't be much of a surprise. Heehee.


Anyway, watched Surf's Up with Van, Ben and Dear today at GV Yishun. The show's quite nice lah. Just that abit confusing at times. Pretty entertaining, and very nice storyline. One thing about cartoons is that although the animation stuff is there to entertain the kids, the storyline of the whole movie could teach adults one or two things about managing their life. Like in Surf's Up, what I "learnt" was that sometimes in life, you need to learn to take a lighter look at things around you. Sometimes, we just need to relax ourselves and enjoy life instead of competing non-stop for meaningless things. And more importantly, never give up just because of failures. Haha. Wow. I feel so enlightened. *Puke*. Keke.


Right now while I'm blogging away happily, Van and ZH are on the phone quarreling ducks and chickens about which part of Singapore Pasir Ris Park is in. East as in east-west, east-south, east-north or whatever lah. I also don't know why they want to argue about that lah. VERY meaningless right? =.=" Haha. In case you don't know, I'm conferencing with them on the phone now. Quite unfortunate of me right? Have to put up with two "bo liao" people arguing about this kind of things. LOL. If they read this, they're probably going to kill me. =D

Its been a long long time since we last conferenced. I remember years ago when we used to conference almost every night. And it wasn't just us 3 idiots arguing over crazy stuff. It was e 6 idiots talking about anything and everything under the sun. Lol. Sorry I call you guys idiots. Joke. But on a serious note, I do miss those days. Nowadays all sleep like pig. Want to arrange conference like trying to arrange meeting with the President or something. Zzz. Don't you just miss the good old days? *Sighs*


Hey guys! Find one day go night cycling want? My route of interest: Cycle to Bedok for supper, then go Pasir Ris Park feel the sea breeze, watch sunrise, then go Changi Village eat breakfast. Then home sweet home! Anyone interested? Lol. Okay lah. This post is so damn random. Its just because I'm just finding random stuff to blog about. Haha. Stupid huh? Guess I better go to sleep already. After I hang up the phone, that is.



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