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.Thursday, June 28, 2007 ' 1:48 AM Y
This is going to be a rather random post. Because I haven updated for days and quite alot of things have happened.

First, let's talk about last Saturday. Absent-mindeded me almost lost my wallet on the bus. I have totally no idea how I managed to leave it on the bus, but I just did. And for the whole day I was so damn jittery and upset. Because it would cost alot of time and effort to replace all my cards, especially my IC, Ez-link and student card. BUT! I'm a lucky darling. Because apparently someone living near my block found my wallet and returned it to my mom at home. I didn't even know about it until I called my sister to borrow money, thinking that I would have to replace all the lost cards. That was when she told me "Oh your wallet is at home!" I was really surprised man. Its like, it took the whole day for me to finally accept the fact that my wallet was probably lost forever, but I actually got it back! I'm really grateful to whoever that honest fella was. I don't know who you are or how to contact you, but thank you no matter what. If I were Christian, I'd pray for God to bless you forever. But I'm not. Haha. So all I can do is to thank you with all my heart. =)


Moving on, the last week of the holidays was pretty enjoyable (to me). I spent last Thursday, Saturday and Sunday hanging out with Van and Ben (and Gray also lah). And I finally learned to play pool last Sunday. I remember the last time ZH and Gray tried to teach me, I ended up losing my temper because I felt they were laughing at me. Pretty childish of me lah, but at that time my inferiority complex problem was still quite serious. So yea. Oversensitive. But last Sunday, I managed to put down my pride and not care about embarrassing myself. And I had fun! And I finally realised that I'm also able to sit back and not look at things so seriously all the time. Happy day! Keke.


School's started and I've gotten the results for my term tests. Did VERY badly. So bad that I'm ashamed to tell you guys about it. So for this term, I've decided to work harder at my studies. I only have 4 weeks or so to catch up with whatever I've missed, and to revise the new stuff that will be taught. Its going to be a little rushed, but I'm determined to do it no matter what. I'm also going to cut back on my part time job at Fish & Co, now that I'm doing part time tuition. Let's hope I get a few more assignments, then I can really shake off Fish & Co. Haha. Wish me luck!


Okay lahs. About time to end off. Really looking forward to this Friday. Will be going for the teatime buffet at Sakae with Van, Ben and Gray. Going to play pool after that. Can't wait! Haha. One last thing. Dear's down for NDP almost every Saturday starting this week. The people very stupid. Make them work till 1am but don't allow them to claim cab fare. What the hell right? But anyways, that also means that I'm going to have to spend Saturdays alone. Most probably will go study at airport. Anyone who wants to be my study date? Or just sit there and accompany me? Haha. Will try not to give in to temptation to go shopping or playing. So DON'T TEMPT ME! Maybe if conditions permit, I can lunch with Dear or something. Hopefully that's the case. We'll see how it goes bah. The most deliver lunch to him. Haha.

I got to go sleep already. Going for my school's gym orientation (finally) tomorrow at 11. Regina told me I have very obvious eyebags. Oh my freaking gosh lah. Yea. So need to regenerate or whatever you call it. Basically I just need sleep. Haha. Will try to update again asap. ^.^!



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