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.Saturday, July 28, 2007 ' 2:32 AM Y
My 100th post! And its going to be super random. Just the usual update about what's been going on lately. Which is pretty much nothing interesting lah. Haha. Monday's BSTA tutorial was okay, but didn't really listen. Just couldn't concentrate. And the shitty retest is just NEXT WEEK. Like, what the hell. The last time I checked Mel, I was like, "Wah. 2nd August. Still long leh. Can study." Then yesterday I suddenly looked at my planner and I almost hyperventilated when I realised that the retest is next week. Okay lah. Exaggerating. But really very very very very "jialat". Somewhere inside me, I'm already mentally preparing myself to retake the whole freaking module already. I hope I don't have to lah.

Tuesday was pretty short a day. INFA in the morning. Play game all the way. Haha. I LURVE my lappy can. Don't know what I'd do without it. Cannot survive INFA arh! Lol. I'm not arrogant or what lah, just that the way the tutor teach arh, really cannot digest one. I rather study on my own. Haha. After that while heading for CIP lecture we saw some Mediacorp crew filming just outside LT26. I only recognised Chew Chor Meng. And he looked DAMN NERD LAH! Uncle! Lol. Got a few other females, but all never see before. Keke. The funny thing is, they were still there at the exact same place 1 hour later when our lecture ended. And the camera was rolling. So the crew motion for us to walk past QUIETLY. Stupid lah. Don't want people make noise don't film there lah! =.="

Anyway, attended INFA lecture, so that I wouldn't have to go today. Then on the way home, saw them filming again. I was like, "They're still at it arh?! NP got nice scenery to film meh?!!" But anyway the scene was at the library staircase lah. The girl stand at the middle, then CCM stand at the bottom, then have to shout his lines to her. Looked pretty dumb. But I guess that's acting for you. And of all places they choose that staircase. I think they should be cleve enough to edit out the two funny banners hanging at the side... Headed down to Chai Chee to teach tuition after that. URGH. Grew a few more strands of white hair!

Let's fast foward to today lah. Haha.Wednesday and Thursday was BORING. Went for lessons, teach tuition, go home. Routine lah. Has anyone realised just how frigging cold it is today? The whole day I was bundled in my jacket lah! Really zip up all the way leh! Still can feel cold somemore. Crazy weather. RAIN WHOLE DAY OKAY! Lucky never bring lappy. Sure get wet one. Lessons ended at 1. I think I'm going to miss our MIEC tutor loads. She's really super nice lah. One of the nicest tutors and lecturers I've yet to meet in NP. Mr Phua also not bad. At first I thought he was that kind of heck care heck care tutor, but when he actually showed concern about my BSTA results I was quite touched. Anyway, went to the library to study after lessons. Booked a room from 1-5pm. Got me, Jun, Cindy, Tarin and Celeste. Jun using lappy all the way lah. Listening to songs. Then the other 4 of us gossiping about our boyfriends. Haha. Topic --> Guys and their weird connection with sports. As in, how they can be too tired to go out with us but if you ask them to play soccer or bball, they're suddenly full of energy. *Pouts*

Okay lah. I got to end here. I know this post is pretty crappy. But at least tag and tell me what you wanna read about lah. Haha. Oh yea. For your own amusement and entertainment: Anyone read
Xiaxue' blog post about Singapore 7 most digusting bloggers? Well, Steven Lim, who was at the top of the list, retaliated with this video in which he tried to insult Xiaxue.

http://www.xiaxue.blogspot.com. Also available at http//www.stevenlim.net

Hilarious eh?! Ugly face combined with LOUSY ENGLISH. I hate people who can't speak English properly, but still want to flaunt their language. PLEASE LAH!

Well, obviously Xiaxue isn't the only one who finds him disgusting. Somehow, someone "idolised" him so much hat they created this remix song especially for him:


Hope you guys had fun as I did laughing at him! LOL.

FYI: Steven Lim is the yellow underwear guy from Singapore Idol, and he calls himself the "most handsome man in Singapore". If that were true, I'd rather be a nun.



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