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.Thursday, July 05, 2007 ' 2:39 PM Y
I''m happy to announce that this blog has finally reached about 800 hits. Haha. Pretty pathetic. But at least it shows that there are people who read. Heh. Anyways, I'm blogging in class again. Using Celeste's lappy, because I absent-mindedly forgot to bring mine. Haha. Don't blame me for not paying attention. I don't think any one of you can stand English lessons either. Especially those where the teachers just use the powerpoint slides and then expect you to know everything. Plus, since when have I ever been good at listening to teachers? Lol.

Till today the class still hasn't replied me about the Escape tickets. By this Sunday if I don't use them, they'll be considered useless. I'm wondering whether it would be okay to go with my friends. Would it be like betraying my classmates? But then again, I really did ask them if they wanted to go. I know I was supposed to be the one to organise the outing, but I really don't how to squeeze everyone in when each of us have our own different schedules. Feeling quite undecided now...

On a happier note though, I've decided to go for this hair package thing at a hairdressing salon near Dear's house. Its a cut+colour+treatment thing for about $49. I asked the person and she said for my length, she'd charge about $64. I think that's considered pretty cheap, compared to other salon prices. I know I'm like a cheapo lah, but I'm on a really really tight budget mah... Besides, there are so many other things for me and Dear to worry about right now; I don't want to spend too much unneccesarily. Maybe next time when things have stabilised down, I'll considered going to Jean Yip to do rebonding. Haha. In the meantime, I really want Dear to have his PSP.

I'm having another BSTA test next Monday and I haven't studied lah. My worse subject. I have less than 5 days to study. And tomorrow I'm still going KTV at Chinatown with members of Spira. So naughty of me, but I just can't find the motivation to study... Hais...

Been feeling pretty down lately. With so many negative stuff going on around me, I wouldn't be surprised if I started being depressed all over again. I really hope that things will start picking up soon. AND. I think I'll try to get a second tutee ASAP. Then I can cut down on working at Fish and Co without worrying about insufficient money. Anyone who's interested in teaching tuition can ask me also. My agent still looking for tutors. Sadly, the assignments that she have don't suit my schedule. Alternatively, you guys can try http://www.hometutors.com.sg too. Haha. Speaking of which, I'm off to try and find some new assignments from there. LOL.



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