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.Saturday, July 21, 2007 ' 10:50 PM Y
There really is something wrong with either Blogger or my lappy. Can't open the "New Post" page properly sometimes. Urgh! Want to blog also cannot. Pissed off.
Anyway, I just had a BCOMM presentation, where each of us were supposed to present about one overseas destination place. I chose Barcelona. Haha. I'm pretty proud of my powerpoint, but my overall presentation wasn't really that great. MUST IMPROVE!!! Haha. The infuriating thing was that today is actually supposed to be a practise session for the presentation only. But I was misled into thinking that it's the real thing. THEN I WEAR UNTIL SO FORMAL LAH! Like, early in the morning I woke up and frantically started going my sister's wardrobe (I don't have any formal wear, whereas my sister's wardrobe is super extensive) looking for a nice-looking-enough shirt to wear. Found it too! Haha. This time I won't promise photos. Keke. Because I'm a lazy panda. =P


Haha. Above's entry should also have been posted very much earlier. Think is because I tried to blog in school, that's why got so many problems. Anyway, I'm at the MacDonald's at Tampines Mart now, trying to finish up our CIP project. Stupid Shawn don't want meet me and Regina. And then today started off SUPER BADLY can. First I had to cab down to Chai Chee to tuition my Primary 1 student. Do 5 short pages of Chinese need to take 1 hour. Exasperating. After that actually was supposed to meet Regina at airport for lunch and project, but I couldn't find the bus 24 bus-stop so ended up taking 17 back to the TPJC bus-stop to meet Regina then go together. Ended up waiting for her for HALF AN HOUR. Sit there and watch bus 34 drive off three times, all the while getting more and more pissed off. Zzz... Then finally she reached and we went to airport. Lunched at Fish & Co (very full!!!), then found out that the wireless connection there is under Starhub; need some stupid Hub id or Gee Id or whatever. Don't have lah. So came back to Tampines Mart. Now cannot open the file. I'm so pissed off that I feel like screaming at everyone can.

As for the Science Centre trip, I think I'll most likely be going on my own. Or maybe with Dear. If I try anymore to ask other people along, I think I'll never get to go. So sien. I really want to go for that exhibition. I'm really that interested.

I'm sorry if for most part of this entry I've been sounding so angry and spoiled and pissed off ad everything negative. You know, its just those kind of days when you feel that everything ain't going right and you're angry at the whole world. Teenage blues lah. Haha.

I think my school is DAMN COOL lah. For next semester we get to choose our own timetables. As in for ALL our classes. Yes, that means that our class will most probably be split, but still... At least we won't have to be stuck with all those crazy timings eg. Lessons that start at 1 in the afternoon and end at 5. The whole day cannot do anything else already. Stupid right? Now that we can choose our own time slots for lessons, at least we won't get stuck with so many wasteful hours in between. Then afternoon can go shopping. Or go home and sleep. Good right? Hehe. But it also depends on whether you're lucky enough to get the timetable you chose lah, because there are alot of other people vying with you also. Wish me luck! (Although that's still like, 2 months away, which is coincidentally, Dear and I's 1st year anniversary. Heehee.)

Last thing before I sign off. I'm serously tempted to get a PSP for myself too. Dear got his last week already. I tried some of the games. Almost vomitted blood over the Need for Speed Carbon or something. Yeah lah. I'm lousy can. Cannot control the car properly.


Entry continued 4 hours later...

Haha. This post is so divided into three parts lah. One part which should have been posted a few days ago but wasn't, another that I should have published just now but I didn't, and now this part. I'll cut it short. Haha. Regina and I managed to finish doing the project. For your information, I DID MY PART TOO OKAY? Grrr... Say until as though I never contribute anything. Then like that next time I do everything at home then send you lah, then no need meet. Since to you, that also means "doing his part". Whatever. =.=" Need to relax a little.

As I'm typing away, Dear is on his way home from Marina. He's down for NDP today and the next 2 more Saturdays to come. Sien. Lucky I got IKEA lobang. Or else I'll be rotting until I stink can. Anyway, just now went to Tampines Mall with my mom. Bought 2 new shirts (formal wear) from G2000. Very nice one! But one of them very transparent. Haha. Which also means I have the excuse to shop for new tank top/spaghetti top to wear underneath that shirt. Keke. After that, came home already. I know lah, very stupid. Go out to buy 2 shirts then come back, but I didn't have any mood for shopping. Napped for awhile after reachin home, then bathed and sat down to finish blogging. BORING day right? *Sighs* At least tomorrow finally can see Dear again. Haha. Happy!~



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