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.Monday, July 09, 2007 ' 3:15 PM Y
I've got a BSTA test later. Super dreading it. Its worse than taking Emaths paper, because its so much more complicated. And I'm sure you guys know how much I absolutely hate all that mathematical and formula stuff. Its 2.51 now. Test starts at 5. Approximately 2 hours left. I'm so freaking jittery lah! Can't concentrate properly. Hais... WHY DO WE ALWAYS HAVE TO STUDY THIS SORT OF FREAKING SHIT LAH! I want to cry already. =(

Anyways, I pretty enjoyed myself yesterday at Escape, just that at the end of the day, I had a minor headache. Didn't dare to play Cadbury Inverter and Yakult (a.k.a superman). I turn gidd super easily. The last time I went to Escape with my primary school friends and I tried the Yakult ride, I was so giddy for the rest of the day that I didn't play anything else except for Blaster Boat. The one in a pool or something and you get to blast each other with jets of water. Haha. That's ho ultra-sensitive my head is. The Pirate Ship was down for maintainance. Stupid lah. No Panasonic, no Pirate Ship, no more fun. Except for the Wet n' Wild, there wasn't much else interesting. Even the haunted house was a flop. I think they should seriously revamp Escape Theme Park. Maybe expand the place and put in bigger and more interesting rides. Otherwise, I wouldn't be surprised if it closes down sooner or later. Dinner was MacDonald's, then headed off to Tampines Mall to slack. Bought a new deodorant spray (Adidas' Tropical Passion for me, Blue Challenge for Dear) and 2 pairs of new socks. All paid for by Dear. Keke. I'm sorry I had to spend so much of his money, but payday isn't here yet and I'm broke already. =(

Friday was OK lah. Haha. Waited for 3 freaking hours to meet up with Van to go some KTV club at Chinatown. I'm too kind for my own good man... =P Anyway, the place was cheap. Haha. As in the price lah! LOL. $10 per person, sing from 2pm-7pm. With free flow of drinks and a free bowl of soup each. Where else can you find such a great bargain? Definitely not KBox. They charge way too much for way too little. Yes, their song lists may be very updated, but I don't think their service is satisfactory enough, based on the past few experiences at Marina Square. EH. City area okay. That's not the kind of service one expects at city areas where tourists are milling around. If you think I'm trying to be a bitch, find one day, go to the Kbox branch at Marina Square and find out for yourself. First, they take 3 hours just to get your order for your drinks. Then, they take another 1 hour or so to get a waiter to take your order for your second round of drinks. And then they kick you out before your time is up. I mean like, we booked the room from 2-7, yet they can kick us out at around 6.30. CRUDE. And its not just that once.

Okay. Enough complaining, although that did take my mind off the test. Just for awhile though. I'm back to worrying about it again. *Sighs*. I don't ask for anything. Just as long as I can pass the bloody thing, I'm a happy girl.

I'm trying to cancel my schedule on Saturday. Planning to go for steamboat at Marina South with Dear, Van, Ben and maybe QR and her boyfriend. Gotta see whether I can get a replacement first. Suddenly have a craving for Marina Steamboat. Yummy... Haha. Most likely it is going to be one of the last times that we eat steamboat there. *Sighs*

Fine fine. Signing off. I know I write too much at one go. Haha. Pardon me for the long lapses in updating, but recently I've been pretty busy enjoying myself and thrashing out my schoolwork. Procrastination is my name. I've got to lean to kick that goddamned habit.

-Feeling a little sad today-



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