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.Thursday, July 12, 2007 ' 12:15 PM Y
I'm so sleepy and tired. Stayed up chatting with Dear until about 4am this morning. Haha. And was almost late for school. Had to take cab (shared with Regina) all the way from Tampines to Clementi. Cost us about $19 bucks in total.

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I still haven't studied for my BCOMM test later. Hais... BSTA lecture today went pretty well. At least I listened. But I really have to buck up already. I seriously don't want to have to retake the whole module next semester. I'd die. So now I have to really mug like I'm taking O levels all over again. Freak man...

Anyway, I got another tutee! Haha. A Primary 1 girl, whom I'm supposed to teach English, Maths and Chinese to. Lessons are 3 times per week at 1.5 hours each lesson. The mother will pay me $120 after every 8 lessons. Now I can officially cut down on working at Fish & Co. FINALLY. Heh heh.

Plans for this Saturday are as follows: Ten Tons in the morning with TA02 darlings (tentative), then steamboat dinner at Marina South. Wanted to ask QR to come as well, but she's not free. Sunday I have tuition lesson with my Sec 4N girl before I'm free. Feel like playing pool. Keke.

Dear will be getting his PSP soon. Keke. And I'm really happy because I know that he'll be happy. *Blessed smile* And then I can play too. LOL. I think if I can get a good bargain, I may buy the Nintendo DS. Then I can play Pokemon! HAHA. I really want to play okay. I completed the Sapphire version on PC, using lots of cheats like infinite rare candies and master balls. Haha. I'm such a cheaterbug. =P

I'm planning for a trip to the Singapore Science Centre(SSC). Haha. Because while taking 74 to meet Dear at AMK Hub yesterday, there was this commercial on TV Mobile advertising this exhibition about the inventions of China over the past 7000 years. Or something like that lah. So yeah. It got me interested. Some useful information I found at the SSC's website:

Information about the exhibition : Click here

There's ths package where you can explore the science centre, visit the China exhibit and watch a 40 minute IMAX movie for just $14! And if you're a "Civil Service Club, HomeTeamNS, PWS, SAF, SAFRA and NTUC card holder", you can enjoy a 10% discount off Science Centre admission and 40min IMAX Movies. COOL! And each card presented can discount up to 5 people's tickets. Haha.

Opening hours: Click here

Are you persuaded to go? =D



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